Neist Point Lighthouse, by MadebyVadim

I always been fascinated by lighthouses, the aura and the feel they give me. I wanted to capture this famous Isle of Skye’s lighthouse from a different vantage point, that it’s been typically photographed. We came to location just at the beginning of the golden hour and we been blessed with the great whether that day. We prepare our DJI Phantom 3 and fly around the gorgeous rocky peninsula a few times this was one vantage point I love the most.

Radial Repeat script {free}

Photoshop CS2+ JSX script for radially repeating content

Radial Repeat allows you to create interesting and complex radially-symmetrical patterns easily and quickly using small incremental edits.
This script was inspired by the interesting artwork created by aliceffekt, as well as an older “timelapse” recording of his process. the idea was, that it would be useful to provide a portable Photoshop script to automate the process of creating these patterns, with useful options to customize the process.

Credits: Amatecha


iOS 7 OCD App Icon Action {free}

The iOS 7 OCD app icon template is a free resource created to help you design better app icons for each specific icon size.

The Photoshop template is located in the “Working Files” folder. You can create your own documents or lay the grid over an existing document using the Photoshop actions within the “Actions” folder. All grid based values are based off of artwork from Apple in the “Research” folder.

Credits: Savvy apps