I am so giddy to announce that I have opened my own online store for my button sets and cosmetic/pencil pouches! yay!  I have put all of my kpop sets up, along with my Loki/Avengers/Sherlock sets. Also included are my 3 cosmetic bag designs, with more products to come soon~

For this week only, I am offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $10! Apply the code OPENINGSALE at check-out to enjoy the free shipping!

Any reblogs to help me advertise this will be greatly appreciated~~~ :D


I made SHINee 1.5" acrylic charms that are glossed and double sided!! They were really pricey to make but they turned out very very good so I’m super happy with them! I only have a super limited quantity of each right now since this was just a test run, so get them before I run out of them!

Buy these charms here: madebybing SHOP! Free sticker sheets are also included with orders of 2 charms or more :D