A so-so day turned into a good one today! I got my N + Leo keychains from @meltedicecubes !! Now I can take these little dudes with me wherever I go~ #vixx #madebybing


hehe I’ve experimented and made a new type of product, now available at my store and starting at Sakura-con this year!

These Haikyuu acrylic standees are 18cm/7″ tall, perfect for displaying on your desk (creeping on you doing work) :DDDD You can buy one for $12 or a pair for $20~~ 

(also fyi, the oikawa one is of an Oikawa cut-out tossed in the trash by Iwaizumi)

Also, i’m going to Japan this Friday (returning right before sakura-con) so any orders made from now until I return will be shipped out on April 8th!


My EXO Growl Metal Keychains are here and they were made very well!! I have designed and packaged them individually and will ship out all the preorders on Monday. :D

Preorders will continue until 11:59PM (PST) of 12/08 and all preorders will come with a 4"x6" vinyl (which means waterproof!) sticker sheet!  After preorders end, all keychains will be sold regularly and if there are any sticker sheets left, they will be sold separately as well (but with very limited quantities).

Preorder now! :D => CLICK  (And click on the photos for bigger images)


[PREORDER ONLY] EXO Flip Cover Folio Phone Case
Preorder ends March 18th 11:59PM PST.

I’ve wanted to make some for a while and now finally have a chance to make some for people who’d like to purchase one! :D

This is preorder only, which means I’ll only make as many cases as I get orders for during preorders and won’t be selling cases after the preorder period ends.  The manufacturer can only make these flip cases for iphone/samsung galaxy/samsung galaxy notes so that’s all the phone models I can make these for.



I made SHINee 1.5" acrylic charms that are glossed and double sided!! They were really pricey to make but they turned out very very good so I’m super happy with them! I only have a super limited quantity of each right now since this was just a test run, so get them before I run out of them!

Buy these charms here: madebybing SHOP! Free sticker sheets are also included with orders of 2 charms or more :D