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You deserve it ! You are working so hard everyday , you are always on time with your videos and you always have fun ! It makes me happy when I see you happy and I cry when you cry , you helped so many people, you started at the bottom and went to the top,you are humble , you are even answering so many comments and reblogging so many fantastic fan art ! You deserve all this ! Thank you so much for everything you did for us :) 

Stay positive !

And greetings from germany ! This picture and animation took way too long ._. 

Speedpaint + Animation progress

Made with Gimp and Anime Studio 11 Debut

lotro + regions

The North Downs

“The North Downs is located between Bree-land, Evendim, and Angmar, at the northern end of the ancient North-South Road. For more than thousand years no king has ruled from Fornost and the common people have stood caught between the somewhat noble age in the west and the accursed Angmar in the north-east. Little is said about the North Downs but it has always been the realm of noble Men of Arnor. It is always mentioned lesser than Evendim and the darker contrast to Gondor, connected to the struggles with the nearby Angmar and its Witch-king. ”

Get to Work Scrub Recolors!

I wanted some more cute patterns for Quinn and it went a little farther than expected. 

NOT BG Compatible * You NEED Get to Work for these to show up *

  • 16 Patterns
  • 6 Scrub Pant colors to go with all designs
  • Female Only
  • Made with S4S and Gimp
  • Custom Thumbnails

TOU:  Do not claim as your own work, do not reupload, do not upload to pay sites.

Download: SFS | Mediafire


Recolors of @averagesimblr‘s Two Piece Maxi Dress

I have always loved this dress! Up until yesterday, I completely forgot who created it. Luckily, I found the creator and asked to recolor it! Thank you so much @averagesimblr for allowing me to add some of my personal favorite patterns to one of my favorite pieces of cc. Also, thank you for letting me share it! Thank you to @selaronosims for helping me with some issues as well!

( Sorry for the crappy preview )

*** You NEED the mesh, grab it HERE ***

  • Comes in 12 Patterns and/or 12 Assorted Colors
  • Made with S4S and Gimp
  • Custom Thumbnail

Download Patterns: SFS | Mediafire
Download Solids: SFS | Mediafire
Download Merged: SFS | Mediafire

There is a weird shadow in the picture, it is fixed now and won’t show up in CAS or on the sims :D