Hello my dear friends and followers. Yummo here with my very first follow forever. I thought of making one when I reached 1k followers but I couldn’t so here I am after 16 months and 10k followers with my first ff. I reached 10k on 19th August which was my birthday :D I discovered Kpop in December 2013 and made this blog in March 2014 so I could see my babies more and fangirl over them. This place is my home now, I’ve made so many friends I never thought I would ever have. It was really hard to run this blog, being a full time working mom of a very active 2 years old, it wasn’t easy but you guys have been with me all this time, giving me strength and supporting me. Thank you so much for appreciating my work and guiding me with help. I never knew what photoshop was before this blog but I learned how to edit and so many of you helped me. It means a lot to me. It means the world to me when you guys like my edits and complimets me. Thank you for giving me a chance to fangirl with you guys over our boys (exo). Thank you so much.  OMG I’m talking too much so I’m gonna end it here.

Dear followers : thank you so much for following me and liking my not-so-cool blog. You guys make my day :)

Dear blogs I follow : Every single blog i follow is amazing. Thank you for making my dash beautiful with all your posts, edits, graphics and funny posts :) Thank you for being my inspiration. All of you are my favorites ^^

Dear friends : I’m so sorry, I haven’t talked to many of you  in ages but I really love you all. I try my best to talk but life is busy. Thank you for being my friend and being amazing ^^ ily all ♥

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My baby girl who made me a mother.

Thank you everyone who wished Hayden a happy birthday! It means so much to us. 💕 Really hard to believe she’s already three.

This time three years ago (7:30pm) I was laying on the floor of my apartment still eating pizza crying to Jordan that I wasn’t ready to give birth. My contractions were already 3-5 minutes apart and my water had broken an hour prior. He put my pants on me and helped me to the car which was the worst car ride of my life. (Very typical movie scene). Checked into the hospital at 8pm at 7cm dilated within two hours I gave birth.

The last California Jackalope was adopted! His new family named him Mortimer :)

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My new baby ❤️💙💚💜💛 made by @leesmenagerie he’s my little stud ♥️ #jackalope #art #c4 #newbaby (at C4 - Central Coast Comic Con)

I made the hike to my LFS today to name a baby cat shark born there a few weeks ago for a chance to win a $50 gift card.
I picked the name “Finneaus”
I’m really excited, the drawing is tmro and I really hope I win. That’d be super.

Pringles are empowering for me because nothing feels better than getting near the end of a big can of Pringles and watching my friends burn with frustration as I offer them a chip but they can’t fit their fucking giant ass hands into the can and finally they understand that maybe, just maybe, they shouldn’t have made fun of my tiny baby hands that can easily fit into the Pringles can and nonchalantly pull out crisps for my eating pleasure, because they KNOW I’m not going to tip them out of the can for them, you just fucking sit there and deal with all the time you held shit above my head, look down at me eating my chips, LOOK DOWN IN SHAME.