I remember the days when i prayed for this to happen… *sniff sniff*

I used to daydream about them and try to picture the family that they will create together…

That daydreaming ultimately led to lots of fanfictions, forums and fanarts…

Now look at them…

I say now, “What more can i ask?” ❤️❤️❤️

I gave my friend some photographs and she printed them out. They look so beautiful once they complete their cycle ! Seeing them printed is definitely a different feeling . My babies!!!
She made my day 😍
From left to right
Maryland , SLP Mexico, NYC, Barcelona

first day of my new job i made cocktails for customers and bought some baby blue culottes lmfao

Hey baby short-shit ,
Its your gf ofcourse 😘. I just wanted to remind you how much of an amazing girlfriend you are, and that I love you so much. I’m so in love with you wifey I’m not even kidding. Everything you do for me is so perfect, you treat me well and you spoil the fuck out of me. Thank you for always sticking with me and never letting me go baby. I honestly don’t know what I did to deserve such an amazing woman like you babe. And for that I made a promise I will treat you like my queen at all times baby, I will carry all your stuff, I will open doors for you, I will take you out to a nice lunch, I will bring you breakfast when you’re sleeping, I will get you those nasty Mexican candy you like when you’re on your period, I will fix your money when you get paid, I will give you a massage when you’re stressing out or slept wrong, I will eat you out until you finish when you are sexually frustrated, anything you want baby I will do. I will give you the life you deserve baby, we will move out into a nice small apartment and it will just be you and I & a kitty. I want to spoil you, and give you everything and anything, it will only get better from here baby. I love you so fucking much. You’ve done so much for me I don’t know how I can ever repay you. I can’t wait until we have our lives together, until I get to wake up to you every morning and fall asleep naked with you. I can’t wait till we travel the world together, I cant wait going to Disneyland when we are old and wrinkly with our shirts full of Disney pins , it will only get better from here babe. Don’t ever get the idea that I don’t love you because that’s just stupid. You are the best girlfriend ever and I WILL marry you. Can’t wait till you wake up to this babe. Goodnight , I love you, see you soon baby I miss you.


make me choose → anon asked: Fili or Thorin                                                                                                                ↳ durinsuzbad​ asked: Charles Xavier or Thorin                                                                                 ↳ dvlarhyde asked: Thorin or Bilbo


the mianite crew / tiem reester

“so basically, tom wanted to be able to get the day back to the beginning, and so he put in - he was trying to type in skype chat ‘time reset’ - instead, he wrote ‘tiem reester.’”