FT 437


But seriously, what’s Makarov’s damage? Just disbanding the guild without giving his kids a proper reason? I know Tartaros gave the guild a rough time, but what’s the real reason for the disbandment?

Also, where’s Laxus and the Raijinshuu? I wanted them to be a part of the reunion too :(

The next chapter will have to do with them picking a new master. ngl I want it to be Laxus (because I’m hella biased), but if he doesn’t show up then who will it be? Looking forward to next week.

"Lesbian Request Denied" — OITNB S01E03 Meme.
  • "You sick fuck! Do that in the bathroom!"
  • "Bitch, don't be cutting, there's a line here!"
  • "She's talking to the Devil."
  • "I made my own. Couture."
  • "There's no point in playing shy, baby. You're home."
  • "I live in the present, not in the past."
  • "Did your feet swell when you went back to boys?"
  • "I can't waste my time with these silly bitches. I need a real woman!"
  • "I'd like to report an emergency."
  • "I threw my pie for you."
  • "I'm finally who I'm supposed to be. Do you understand? I can't go back."
  • "You look like Hannah Montana."
  • "Jesus. When is he gonna get his shit together?"
  • "My cock is hard, and I'm rubbing it against your ass."
  • "Okay, I'm just gonna go jerk off then. For the five-hundredth time today."
  • "I love your little boobs."
  • "I had to give it to a transsexual for a weave."
  • "I can't hang onto anything cock shaped."
  • "Lesbian request denied."
  • "I like that in a woman. What else do I need to know about you?"
  • "I'm not into people, I'm more into beans."
  • "I cannot be your wife."
  • "You've got the wrong girl."

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Cool little story…. This day last year, I flew to Las Vegas, played a show during our residency at the Cosmo, rented a car one way back to LA just in time to pick up my family, go to the hospital and bring Mila into this world. Hours later back to the airport, back to Vegas for a second show and finally back to LA to be with my baby….. Made it work and didn’t miss a thing… #MilaRose 05-24-2014 #ProudDada #Milas1stLuau 🐼

my “phantom troupe and a baby” post already made it back to my dash via someone who didn’t reblog it from me

i made that post last night


Finally finished some older doodles I had made of these guys! So here ya go, more doodles of the Hyperion dorks! (Many of these were inspired by this song)