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The whole reason I actually started writing the ‘Lost Paladins’ series and sharing it on fanfiction, and then Archive of Our Own, and then getting this Tumblr account was because of this: 

I wanted to share in something I love with people - real, live, people.

Your comments, your feedback, your messages, they all mean so much to me. It’s incredible to be able to share in this fun fandom with you guys - so please, just know that whenever you take the time to leave a comment, or a thought, you’ve made this author’s day. I went to bed exhausted last night after dealing with some medical run-around stuff (nothing life-threatening, basically my body just hates me and occasionally I have to manage a bunch of different stuff) BUT THEN I woke up to many, many wonderful comments waiting for me, and I cried because I was so happy. :-) :-) 

@zenthisoror @maychorian @teenage-mutant-angsty-zukos @havetoomanyfandoms @noisypaintersong I’m sorry, I tried to tag you all, but please know how much you guys have made my day. :-) I hope you have a great weekend - and just one more time: You. All. Rock. <3 

For all you who might not know already, here’s the link to the ‘Lost Paladins’ series:

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i love the la la land recast idea but i really think the male lead with the jazz obsession should be black yknow? who can we get

uh if this is re the “omg oscar isaac and janelle monae should have been the leads in la la land” post i made at 2 am last night right before falling asleep… i mean sure and i do get where you’re coming from but latin jazz is very much a real thing that developed alongside african-american jazz actually to the point that the two are inextricable in many places… i mean latin musical influences are integral to jazz?? latin jazz bars exist? i’m on mobile so i can’t hyperlink this but lol here is my historical and cultural justification for thinking oscar isaac would have been good in la la land instead of ryan gosling being like “ewww samba music is the worst”


OKAY so last night I made this rant about the current state of my piece of shit Dell laptop, and some financial shit here and there… I ALSO suggested to offer some hand-drawn portraits for FFXIV characters in order to start saving up for the parts to build a PC. I have like one example to offer for what I can do for some money, potato quality pic I know but I can’t help but ask: If I offer to do portraits for people in this sort of fashion; WITH the options of colour and/or no colour, would people want them?

I am doing literally whatever I can for money cause this is not just for FFXIV, if this craptop dies on me much sooner than it should I’m also screwed for school work… and university work is pretty demanding if you know what I mean…

I have yet to come up with a price range but I hope to open these up soon…

at work they made me close last night and open this morning. I am very tired. However that doesn’t excuse my brain for thinking the words “oppa naruto style”

Something’s Fishy (Jungkook x Reader) Part 8

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

Genre: Fluff, angst, au (A lot of appearance from other members too)

Description:Your policy of ‘i don’t know, i don’t care’ certainly benefited as you were hired to manage the popular group BTS on a mysterious trip of utmost secrecy. Unfortunately, what you discovered on accident was too great to be ignored. But the boys needed your help to solve their predicament and save their beloved maknae. Will you stick by your worth and help them or be a snitch and tell the world a terrible secret?

I was unsure if I should write more or stop where I did…but after some thought I think this one had a decent cliffhanger.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4 Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8

Your footsteps were much, much heavier than last night as you made your way back from your grandmother’s house. Occasionally, you would pound your fist on your curled shoulders, trying to ebb out some of the tiredness that settled there. You were deprived of sleep as well as you replayed the conversation you had with her all night long. Sighs would escape your lips as you regrettably lived up the unexpected argument, not knowing that that was the reason you were called. As you approached your house, you straightened up your back and tried to conjure a calm expression, since you knew that they would have woken up.

‘Good morning,’ you greeted as you entered.

The boys, who had huddled together on the sofa, immediately clamped down on the hushed conversation they were having. You stood quite confused as they tried to look as if nothing’s happened while doing a poor job at it. Jungkook was looking at you carefully, almost not making eye contact. You studied his face, worry immediately burgeoning in your heart as you saw signs of sleep deprivation on it, very much mirroring your own.

‘Good morning, Y/N,’ Hoseok waved at you enthusiastically, with a smile that seemed a little too bright. ‘Had a good time at your grandma’s?’

You nodded, not trusting yourself to answer. ‘Is everyone alright? You look like you have a problem.’

‘Problem?’ Jin scoffed, waving his arm. ‘Why would we have a problem? We were just having a nice talk about how much we- ouch!’ Jin hissed the last part out as Yoongi elbowed him at the side.

‘We’re fine,’ Yoongi looked at you seriously, as if trying very hard to be convincing.

You weren’t swayed, but decided to let it go. ‘Well, ok then. I…have something to tell you.’

Namjoon raised an eyebrow. ‘What is it?’

‘My grandmother,’ you pulled in a breath with difficulty. ‘is inviting you for tea time today at her house. She’s aware that she hasn’t been too hospitable as a host and wanted to make up for it.’

The others began cheering at the thought, Hoseok even did a little dance. The only exception seemed to be Jungkook, whose eyes still flitted here and there, biting his lip in nervousness. But then he regained his composure and faced you.

‘Y/N, I also have something to tell you,’ he began.

You cocked your head to the side. ‘About what?’

He flashed a look to his hyungs for support, and they all nodded to him. He cleared his throat and pushed on.

‘Actually I…I mean we, have a request,’ he clasped his hands together. ‘There’s this little cove off the shore from the city port. And, this might seem weird but, can you take us there tomorrow night? Preferably without anyone knowing.’

Your suspicions and curiosity were tweaked at the strange request. You were about to ask why when you saw the guarded look in his eyes, as if silently willing you not to ask. Just like that, your question died in your throat. You were all too familiar with that look, the look of someone not wanting to give out more than he should.

‘Sure,’ you agreed. ‘I think that can be arranged.’

His shoulders visibly relaxed. ‘Thank you, Y/N.’

You merely gave a forced smile, heading towards your bedroom to change. As you walked past him, you can’t help but feel the wall of unsaid words between the both of you.

You flopped down on your bed, groaning as your back sank into the worn mattress. Thankfully, your sister was gone. You didn’t need anyone to see how close you were to crying in that moment. But even alone, you fought to keep your tears in, knowing that you’ve exhausted yourself enough. Still, your mind refused to leave you in peace, and for the umpteenth time it conjured again the nasty incident you had to endure last night.

The call from your grandmother was unexpected, but not unusual. She lived alone ever since you and your sister began to pursue your respective careers. You had went there without much thought, walking in to your grandmother cleaning her ceremonial equipment. The strong smell of incense permeated the air, so you knew she just finished her nightly ritual. She didn’t look up as you entered, so you merely sat beside her, silently picking up the spare cleaning cloth and began mimicking her.

‘Have you eaten?’ she asked abruptly after a few minutes of silence.

‘Yes, with Intan,’ you answered.

‘And the boys?’

‘We ate together of course,’ you replied. ‘They liked my cooking.’

‘Well,’ she said as she arranged a pile of tiny brass cups. ‘At this rate I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the only thing they like.’

You paused your hands, feeling a sense of foreboding invading the air with the statement. ‘Ibu, what do you mean?’

She didn’t answer immediately, increasing the tension you felt under your skin. ‘It’s bad enough that you let seven men who we don’t know stay with two unmarried girls, you even go on midnight walks with them!’

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. ‘You spied on me?’

‘You should know better by now that there are eyes and ears watching and listening even if you think you’re alone,’ she looked at you straight in the eye. ‘You should have stayed here and be my successor. I thought you would understand the importance of continuing our family legacy, even if your sister doesn’t.’

You braced yourself at the age-old argument. ‘Ibu, I thought we’ve gone through this over and over again. I don’t believe in this…practice. It’s not practical anymore. Why should I sit in a small dark room, burning incense and chanting ridiculous spells when I can bring modernity to our people? We need to get out of this tradition. It’s not helping this village to move forward!’ You replied heatedly.

Your grandmother’s eyes turned hard, a sure sign that she was angry. ‘And did being in the outside world taught you to be rude to your elders? You have changed so much. You used to listen to what I say, but now you always seem to have other ideas and go against me.’

You held in your tongue, keeping your temper in check. Prolonging this argument is the last thing you wanted to do. ‘Why did you call me over, Ibu? You want me to do something?’ You changed the topic, hoping it would placate her.

‘Yes. I want you to finish whatever business you have with the boys and send them away. I told you that one of them is an evil spirit. He could bring bad omen to our village.’

That was it. That was the last straw. ‘Ibu, for the last time, there is no such thing as evil spirits!’ Your voice unintentionally got louder, spurred by emotions. ‘They paid me to help them here. What would they think if they knew someone called them something as ridiculous as an evil spirit?’

Your grandmother frowned at your outburst. ‘You don’t believe me now, but I know for sure. There is one with a wicked aura around him. I am telling you this to protect you. Do you know how I would feel if you were hurt? I don’t want you to have the same fate as your mother!’

Your eyes widened at how far your grandmother would go to win. ‘What happened to Mother wasn’t the fault of some spirit. It was because of me. She died trying to give birth to me!’ You were startled at the painful feeling in your chest. Your mother wasn’t a popular topic of discussion, and the fact that your grandmother brought her up in such a way made it feel like an iron-hot knife was stuck in your heart.

Your grandmother shook her head, clearly not finished. ‘She was bewitched. Lured out to sea in her late stage of pregnancy. Your father and I tried to stop her but she wouldn’t hear us at all. The storm almost drowned both your parents, if it was not for the rescue boat. But she went into early labor. You were born amidst all that chaos. Surely you can understand why I worry about you so much!’

‘No, I don’t understand. What happened to Mother happened to her. It was an accident, not some supernatural force. Besides,’ you held up your locket. ‘Father already gave me this for protection, if it worries you so much. So please Ibu, stop with this nonsense,’ you pleaded.

‘I will,’ you almost breathed a sigh of relief at her words, but she added. ‘If the boys are gone by the end of the week.’

Ibu!’ You exclaimed in frustration.

‘I want you to bring them over for tea tomorrow. I will prove to you that I’m right,’ she said with finality, and resolutely went back to dusting her precious belongings.

You shook your head with disbelief at her attitude. Not convinced that you can rein in your emotions, you disappeared into your old room, leaving your grandmother alone.

Jungkook silently watched your figure as you bustled in the kitchen. They had just came back from a trip to town for some grocery shopping, led by your sister instead after you excused yourself out of exhaustion. You were behaving intensely abnormal today, your face gaunt and uncheerful. He had tried to get the two of you alone, but after the intense discussion with his hyungs last night, that was practically impossible. They all believed him, of course, but the downside was that they never let him out of sight. Even during their trip, Jimin wouldn’t leave him alone even in the restroom.

He was highly against involving you in the plan, but his hyungs found you to be trustworthy and a crucial piece in helping them. They believed you weren’t the tattletale type, and even if he knew you were, he still felt uneasy for you to actually be involved in that aspect of his life. He didn’t want to overburden you with such knowledge. Unbeknownst to him, you had also faced your own predicament the same night. While you were up alone, he was verbally fighting with his hyungs, and after a while it was clearly a losing battle.

Shortly after the commotion he made, the others went over to their room, demanding to know what all the fuss was about. He quickly filled them in, as they listened with a mixture of horror and fascination. After he was done, they all stared at him, stunned.

‘So, what you’re saying is that, they’ll be waiting for you at the night of the full moon?’ Jin clarified.

‘Yeah,’ he nodded. ‘They sort of gave me a mental picture of the place. I’ll know when we get there.’

‘But we don’t know the way to the port. And won’t they be closed at night?’ Yoongi added.

‘Y/N,’ Namjoon blurted out, which caused Jungkook to whip his neck at the mention of your name. ‘She knows the way around best. She can help us.’

‘No,’ Jungkook quickly slammed the idea. ‘She can’t know about me, remember?’

‘She doesn’t have to,’ Taehyung said after a long yawn. ‘We’ll be there so we’ll take care not to let her know.’

‘Besides she’s not the asking type,’ Hoseok supported. ‘She barely asked anything about our lives other than the basics and what we offered. She’s cool that way.’

‘But you said the port will be closed. So it’s still useless right,’ Jungkook said, desperately trying to shift their attention away from you.

‘We don’t know that,’ Namjoon mused. ‘And she has a lot of connections so I’m sure she can cook up something. When’s the full moon anyway?’

Jimin whipped out his phone, and after a while declared, ‘Two nights from now. Wow, they said it will be especially bright this time. It must be really happening.’

‘I still don’t think we should involve her,’ Jungkook frowned.

‘Yah, at this rate we’ll think you have a crush on her or something,’ Jin chided. ‘Relax. We want to do this right. You do want to get better, don’t you?’

Jungkook only offered a weak smile, but inside his feelings were torn in two.

Evening rolled out faster than you thought. Throughout the whole day you felt your mood completely ruined, and as a result had barely spoke to Jungkook at all. Your grandmother’s words had apparently wormed into you, and you can’t help but wonder how she can come up with such thoughts. You knew she was still bitter over the loss of her daughter, your own mother, and had been blaming some evil force all this while. But your father had always said that it was meant to be, that her time had come. You found your father’s explanation easier to swallow.

‘Y/N, ready to go?’ Jimin appeared in front of you, shaking you out of your reverie.

‘Yeah,’ you smiled, hiding your true feelings. ‘Let’s go.’

Familiar smells filled the air as you and your small group arrived at your grandmother’s house. Your guests were practically drooling at the small feast spread onto the table. Jin, forever the food connoisseur, immediately went up to inspect the evening snacks, marveling at the spread.

‘Oh, is everyone here?’ Your grandmother appeared from the kitchen, holding a spatula in hand. Her grandmotherly demeanor now was so different from the one you had to deal with last night.

Ibu,’ you went and greeted her.

She accepted your greeting, acting as if nothing happened. ‘Serve your friends. I have a few more in the kitchen,’ she said before vanishing back inside.

You did as you were told, pouring them tea and explaining each snack. They were thoroughly enjoying themselves, talking amongst each other when your grandmother carried another plate full of snacks you’ve never seen before.

 ‘Are they delicious?’ She asked.

You translated the question for them, in which the vigorously nodded. You smiled in amusement at the sounds they were making as they enjoyed her cooking. You only hoped she would be pleased enough to warm up to them now.

‘Well, you have to try this. I learned how to make this recently, and haven’t had the chance to actually make them. Try them.’

You took one out of the plate before distributing the rest to the boys. It looked plain enough, a marshmallow sized dough. You bit into it, and a rich savory flavor flooded your mouth. Your eyes widened in amazement at the taste.

Ibu, this is amazing!’

She only smiled, watching as the plate get passed around. Finally, Jungkook got his share and after a few blows to cool it down, he popped it in his mouth. The others had similar reaction to yours, indicating with their hands to your grandmother how much they liked it. But you noticed Jungkook’s facial expression changed, and he thumped his chest a couple of times.

‘Jungkook-ah, what’s wrong. Stuck in your throat?’ Jimin asked.

Jungkook shook his head, but his face began contorting in apparent discomfort. Suddenly, he gasped, and a violent bout of coughing burst out of his chest. Jimin immediately caught him as he appeared to be falling from his seat. You quickly passed him a glass of plain water, but Jungkook swiped it away, crashing it into a million tiny pieces. His face turned bloodless, his lips tinged with a sickly blue sheen. The others immediately crowded around, trying to help. You spun towards your grandmother.

‘What have you done?’ You asked in a strangled whisper.

‘I have told you,’ she said. ‘So he’s the one.’

You were absolutely horrified and numbed, but at the sound of Jungkook in pain you quickly mobilized.

‘Quick, carry him!’ You ordered, in which Namjoon immediately tossed Jungkook behind his back, before all of you dashed towards your house.

Namjoon almost broke down the door as he rushed Jungkook to his bed. You were terribly frightened when you saw Jungkook was barely breathing, a harsh rasping sound scraping his throat. Taehyung and Jimin were furiously rummaging around in a bag, tossing out piles of clothes until they found a familiar white bottle. Hurrying over to Jungkook, they tried to get him to open up his mouth.

‘Come on, Kookie. Eat up,’ Jimin muttered, clearly trying to get himself together.

They managed to get it into him, and his coloring and breathing improved, although he didn’t regain consciousness. They were all standing around, the shock still wrapping itself around their bodies.

‘How could…it was so sudden,’ Jin stammered, not leaving his eyes off of Jungkook.

‘The food. There was something in the food,’ Yoongi growled.

‘But we all ate it and everyone was fine,’ Hoseok argued.

‘No. It wasn’t for us. Only Kookie was affected, remember?’

Suddenly, all six pairs of eyes were on you. The accumulated force was heavy enough to knock you off your feet, but you stood your ground. On seeing your unresponsiveness Namjoon rushed over to you, clamping his hands on your shoulders. His towered above you so high you were completely engulfed in his shadow.

‘What do you know?’ he asked, his deep voice menacing.

‘Nothing,’ you whispered. ‘He only told me he was sick.’

‘Namjoon, enough,’ Jin said, trying to pry him away from you. ‘Can’t you see she’s shocked as well?’

‘Then it’s her grandmother, then! Someone knows what Kookie is and decided it’s the best for everyone to finish him off,’ Namjoon yelled, his outrage causing veins to stretch against his skin.

Seeing the looks of his members in dismay, he decided to turn his anger back at you. His voice shook with fury as he pointed resolutely towards your heart, hence handing out the most unfair and terrible punishment on you:

‘If Jungkook dies…his blood will be on your hands.’



haha wow looks like victors story isnt really helping yuuri feel any better.. lets hope whoevers at the door has more luck!! tune in later for part 3!!

written by the amazingly funny @llyn-on-ice go check her blog out!!


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