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Did you hear that YsbaddadenTheBrave was driven out of the fandom over death threats? :\

So I’m combining your asks together, because while they’re slightly different I don’t like cluttering up my dash with drama (and I’m pretty sure the “events” you’re talking about are the same thing).

To the first anon, regarding YsbaddenTheBrave: no, I didn’t know they were driven out of the Star Wars fandom over death threats (but I was just informed on the details). I don’t think we ever talked, and tbh I don’t know if they were following me (I’m pretty sure I wasn’t following them). The name sounds vaguely familiar, though.

To both of you (and to all my followers/lurkers): I know there’s drama going on with the antis right now. I know, as a few posts about the incident made it onto my dash last night. I also know the antis are reading the things I write, lurking all over my blog like fleas. I know they’re taking screenshots and reposting my posts to complain about me and my followers without confronting me directly (did you really think I wouldn’t notice, btw). I also know they’re trying to bait me through anon asks (try harder, I can tell you’re antis by the way that you talk). I know they’re being generally unpleasant, to everyone. I literally couldn’t care less.

I couldn’t care less what the antis think or how much they scream, because I curate like a pro (see: relatively drama-free dash). I also don’t have time to deal with minnows. I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ll say it again: the Star Wars fandom is massive. The Star Wars fandom is a lumbering, unstoppable behemoth – THE Juggernaut of pop culture – and antis are a specific subculture specific to tumblr. They are a FRACTION of the whole Star Wars fandom, at best, and they are utterly meaningless to The Collective Fans™ at large. Star Wars and Star Wars: The Fandom were around long before they arrived on the scene, and they will be around long after they leave it. These are people who saw the movie, and only the movie – who have no understanding of Star Wars EU or the history behind it – and decided that because Kylo was popular (outside of tumblr) they had to hate on him (and anything to do with him, including Reylo). These antis have no sway in the real world, or even in other online spaces, and to be honest the idea that these mewling scavengers are sending “death threats” is kind of laughable.

I mean that’s what they are, in every sense of the word. You guys know that, right? There’s a very, very good reason why these antis are trying to pick on you – why they’re targeting fans who just want to write a lil’ bit of Reylo smut – and that’s because they think you’re easy targets. That’s because they would literally lose this fight with anyone else in the Star Wars fandom, at large.

If the antis tried this shit with Reddit – or god forbid, 4chan – they’d be dragged so hard they would never, ever recover from it, and they know it. These antis are people who are powerless in real life. These are people who have no lives (see: nothing better to do with their time then hate on a ship no one cares about), and because they can’t hold their own weight online either, they go after people who are emotionally compromised. They go after people who can’t fight back. They’re bullies – really weak bullies – and scavengers don’t got the spine to go through with death threats. Like I’ve dealt with real predators before – people who can seriously do you harm – and if I thought the antis could, you can guarantee I’d be documenting EVERYTHING and turning it over to the police. But these people can’t. They’re meaningless, and you should ignore them.

Now I know not all of you can ignore these people as easily as I do. I get that, because my skin’s literally as thick as a shark’s, and I’ve been through the ringer before. It takes time to build up a resistance to things like these. But here are some Ohtze Guaranteed Steps to make your tumblr experience drama-free, for those of you who need it:

  • Turn off anon asks/reviews/submissions, both on here and on your fanfiction profile (if you’re on something like Scavengers are cowards, and 9-times-out-of-10 they will send their hate anonymously. They don’t have the guts to stand by their words. If you take away the power of their anonymity (which is the only power they have), most antis won’t try anything. If they do msg you off anon, you can block/report them.
  • Block people from your blog. As I always say, there’s intent – what you plan to put into your work – and then there’s reception TO that intent, and you have no control over the latter. So you can’t really control what people say or do after the fact. That said, if you’ve got anti’s lurking your blog, hijacking your posts and spewing general hate, you can block them from your tumblr, and I recommend doing so. Here, this is how to do it (sorry @little-scribblers-heart, I’m not blocking you but I’mma gonna use you as an example, because you’re the first one I recognize and you’re a champ).

Here is your activity feed: you can see who’s reblogged you, who’s liked one of your posts, who’s followed you, etc. On the far right side of each “note,” you’ll see a little icon next to the post (signifying what kind of post it is).

Mouse over that icon: an ‘x’ should appear. (scribbler is ALSO NOT into the breeding kink, folks: that was an anti-breeder post, so don’t go spamming her either).

Click on that ‘x,’ and this screen will pop up:

Voila. You have just blocked someone from commenting, following, or viewing your blog. Congratulations.

  • Curate your dashboard. Curate it like a pro, so you don’t have to search the actual tags (and see people posting hate). The way I curate (specific to Star Wars) is I follow a bunch of BNFs (Big Name Fandom creators), general content aggregators, and a couple randoms I find really cool (who have the potential to do a lot more). The rest of my dash is NOT devoted to Star Wars, and if people start posting too much drama, I cull them. Tailor your tumblr experience, people: you can do it. You don’t have to subject yourself to their hate. It’s not hard.
  • Finally: remember that the Star Wars fandom is much, much bigger than tumblr, and INFINITELY bigger than the “anti” phenomena, specifically. They have no power over Star Wars, and therefore have no power over you.

ANYWAYS. That’s my opinion on the recent drama, and tips for staying positive/getting on with life. Remember: it’s always dinosaur day in Ohtze land. I’ve got lots of em, and I’ll share my dinos with you, too.

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Breakfast brain fuel for my test today 👍 green smoothie overnight & oats topped with fruit and @purely_elizabeth granola. I made the oats last night and added the toppings this morning! One of my favorite breakfasts and it doesn’t take long to prepare in the morning if you’re short on time. I love how you can bring it with you places too haha.
In a jar add ½ cup rolled oats, ½ cup almond milk, 1 tsp chia seeds, and cinnamon. Mix everything together and leave in fridge overnight. In the morning add toppings and eat cold!
1 bottle @tastenirvana coconut water, handful spinach, 1 orange, 1 cup frozen pineapple, ½ cup frozen mango. Blend until smooth.

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February 9, 2016 //

Last night I made flash cards for my phonetics class because I had a quiz on vowels this morning. I was up a little later than I wanted to be to just to make them, but I had to be able to describe them and I was nervous, haha. The quiz ended up being easy and only on the front vowels. I got a 19/20. ✾꒡ .̮ ꒡✾  

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Hello, I am a white woman (not american) and I am Beyonce fan for 10 years. I am so happy about Formation. Do you thing it is wrong to feel good when I am listening Formation? Because the song about black people (I don't know much about american history but I know how white people treat them and sorry for my english) ı mean do you thing it is right? I wanna dance whenever even I can't 😂

I’m also a white woman, and I love Formation. I made a post about this last night. I think we have to realize and understand that the song is not specifically for us. I’ve taken it as an opportunity to educate myself; the song has caused so many articles to be written that I’ve read and learned from. I love what Formation stands for, and I WILL be dancing to it when I see Beyoncé in concert! But I’m not going to pretend that it relates to me, because it doesn’t. As long as you’re respectful of its meaning, I think it’s fine to dance and have fun especially if you’re at a concert :)


Playing around with my CAS background. (I miss my basic plain white one though) I made the first eyeshadow a year or so ago, the second one I made a last night when I was talking to @slitwristsstories​ && {oh god kill me I don’t know if you tumblr name is the same but if you see this hmu}.

The texture is different, its a scratchy texture but I like it.

Waige x Quintis

So I’m seeing all this comments about the lack of Waige in Fractured and I know it’s painful too wait for them to be together,believe in me I’m waiting since the first time they saw each other in the restaurant but can we appreciate the pairings last night? They worked together so well and made me think that the show it’s not just about ships,like I used to think. And who knows? Maybe with Toby and Happy together Walter and Paige will see that they can too. The producers alredy said that Waige is going to happen,we just have to wait.

Connor had broken the number one most absolute rule between him and Kiara: don’t bring anyone home when Nathan is there. He had promised Kiara after he adopted Nathan that he wouldn’t bring girls home in front of him. He had a slip up. After he and Kiara kissed, the only way he could make sense of it was to say it was nothing. He was tired and falling into old, really old, habits when he did it. So he continued sleeping around. They hadn’t really talked since the kiss, but Kiara was coming this morning to pick up Nathan for school. Connor was in his room with the cardio resident named Victoria he had been seeing. Mainly just sleeping with, but they had gotten coffee a few times. Last night he made a bad judgement call, bringing her home and sleeping with her when Nathan was in he other room. Nathan didn’t see or hear anything, and Connor made sure of it. All of the sudden it was seven thirty and the brunette was still laying beside him in the bed. “We have to be quiet, Kiara can’t hear you when she gets here.” He chuckled, pulling the girl’s body closer. A few minutes later he heard Kiara use her key to get in. Normally his door wasn’t shut, but this morning it was. “Shit, she’s here.” He said quietly, looking back to Victoria. The two of them couldn’t stop giggling, probably from being sleep deprived. “You can go out the back door if you hurry.” He heard Kiara calling his name, and he yelled that he’d be out in a minute, but before he knew it Kiara was opening his door. “Victoria, you should probably go.” He said quietly. His heart was racing, and he was scared to death for Kiara’s reaction, but he couldn’t take it back. @oh-heykiara

Oh yeah! Made these last night too - Vegan Peanut butter cups! 🙊🍫💟
Added some coconut cream to the peanut butter to make these super creamy! These are in my freezer at the moment.. not sure how long these will last, for any of you that know my postcode I guess I might be in for a visit! 💗💗💗 (Used @meridianfoods peanut butter because they’re the best!)
#veganpeanutbuttercups #peanutbuttercup #vegansofig #uhhhohhh

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Psssst you're fabulous. Your pick up lines are clever, your graphic design skills are top-notch, and your humor (even in the face of people being cruel to you!) is laudable. Thanks for always brightening my day with your witicisms!

NO U ofnjsrklgjnerlktgnjtr

you’re the sweetest person in the world I swear to 343

While we’re at it, I’ll go ahead and show everyone that mouse video I made you watch on Skype last night for the hell of it:

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with greek au octaven is it like super awkward at parties and stuff when they bump into eachother with clarke and lexa bc it's like oh hello haven't seen you in a while (even tho we made out last night) hope you have fun with your boyfriend (jk please don't love me instead)

im so sorry i didn’t see this til now

but p much honestly they have to pretend they don’t see each other on a regular basis and have to exchange pleasantries as if they’re not fucking on the nightly.

usually octavia is with lincoln as well so it’s like Hella awkward bc raven is glaring and also feels like crying at the same time so it’s all pretty yikes