This summer me, Lauren and Rich made some motivational photo-copy posters to put up around south east London (mainly peckham). we never got to fully stick them up and go through with it due to the cruel tides of fate. here are the ones I made more to come next summer!



I have made some new pictures. Again, it would be my great honor that you’d like to use them somewhere.

#SaveConstantine Campaign: Call in! NBC is taking a census of callers interested in ConstantineAccording to several feedback from Reddit and Twitter i.e. 1, 2, the new campaign about calling the head of NBC/Syfy directly is deadly important and is working quite well. And Daniel Cerone, the show runner and writer of Constantine confirms and encourages the fans to do so.

Robert Greenblatt (NBC) or Ted Azary (Syfy)
Tel.: 212-664-4444 & 818-777-1000
Email: &

Thanks very much!
Y tu papá también
Diego Luna quiere ser director de cine porque se considera mal actor y quiere mostrar su conciencia social. El mexicano desafía los tópicos
By Tom C. Avendaño, Inés P. Chávarri

I’m kinkshaming El Pais, not *nearly* enough of the article is about Diego Luna’s father to justify this headline