People have made measurement of religion solely based on the length of one’s beard. That based on the length of beard is the amount of Taqwa (God Fearing) and that shorter the beard the less is the Taqwa that person has. And if there is no beard there is no Taqwa and no Iman. This is wrong.
—  Habib Ali Al-Jifri

the difference between my first play through of fallout 4 that used a character built off the female cc and this run with a dude char is like… it’s the difference between wearing a cheap walmart shirt that doesn’t quite fit versus slipping into a tee that’s been tailor made for your measurements.

on outwards appearance there’s no real difference - to go with this shitty metaphor a shirt is still just a shirt - but playing with a woman character has this constant, subtle undercurrent of feeling like you don’t fit the narrative. switching over to a male character cut out all of that background radiation of You Are Playing This Wrong and it immediately became so much more enjoyable. the shirt fits.

which is pure wet horseshit because i play women characters in fallout, i always have since i played fo1 as a dumb teen, and never before have i been made to feel like that was somehow a substandard choice because the overall stories have never had this weird lowkey gendered divide before.

ugh. also holy shit i fucking hate raiders calling my character little girl and bitch, and the diamond city guards hitting on them. fuck OFF. you can add verisimilitude without resorting to getting your writing inspiration from a buzzfeed listicle of the Top Ten Things Jackasses On Construction Sites Yell At Women.


Hubble Characterizes the High-Velocity Smith Cloud

The first diagram shows the 100-million-year-long trajectory of the Smith Cloud as it arcs out of the plane of our Milky Way galaxy and then returns like a boomerang. Measurements made with the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope show that the cloud, because of its chemical composition, came out of a region near the edge of the galaxy’s disc of stars 70 million years ago. The cloud is now stretched into the shape of a comet by gravity and gas pressure. Following a ballistic path, the cloud will fall back into the disc and trigger new star formation 30 million years from now.

The infalling Smith Cloud does not emit light at wavelengths that the Hubble Space Telescope is sensitive to. The cloud can be seen in radio wavelengths. However, Hubble’s Cosmic Origins Spectrograph can measure how the light from distant background objects is affected as it passes through the cloud. These measurements yield clues to the chemical composition of the cloud. By using these intergalactic forensics, astronomers trace the cloud’s origin to the disc of our Milky Way. Combined ultraviolet and radio observations correlate to the cloud’s infall velocities, providing solid evidence that the spectral features link to the cloud’s dynamics.

Credit: NASA, ESA, and A. Feild (STScI)

a thing i love in act v of measure for measure is when the duke unmasks in front of the crowd and angelo falls to his knees in self-recrimination and is like i fucked up i fucked up i fucked up so bad, and what he says is,

O my dread lord,
I should be guiltier than my guiltiness,
To think I can be undiscernible,
When I perceive your grace, like power divine,
Hath look’d upon my passes. Then, good prince,
No longer session hold upon my shame,
But let my trial be mine own confession:
Immediate sentence then and sequent death
Is all the grace I beg.

like obviously i love him saying instantly “i fucked up please murder me” but i mean. the words. the words he says. listen to them. try them out. try to drag the meaning out of them. “i should be guiltier than my guiltiness to think i can be undiscernible” what. that doesn’t. it doesn’t signify. anything. i mean absolute hand to god i-am-fluent-in-this-language-and-can-confirm that is a sentence that sucks in meaning like a black hole or a john green tumblr quote. even in shakespearean english, absolutely in shakespearean english, that is a fifth grader with a thesaurus doing his worst. and we can be assured of that coming intentionally, that sense of babbling smart-words panic gibberish, because it is a character trait ingrained in the text that in times of distress the state’s favorite brainy son just speaks more and more indecipherably. absolutely affirmed. affirmed all the way to the end. like after completely refashioning himself against everything he knows suddenly he has no power and has to do a statecraft-morality oral exam in his old best subject in two seconds. and he’s shit at it. what a garbage set of sentences angelo. i know what you’re trying to say but start again and speak differently
Indiana kills LGB rights bill because it went too far -- and also not far enough -- in protecting LGBT people
David Long, president pro tem of Indiana's Senate, promised another attempt to extend nondiscrimination protections to LGBT Hoosiers next year.

In Indiana, a controversial bill that would have vaguely protected LGB people from discrimination died in the State Senate this week. 

Senate Bill 344 would have protected citizens from discrimination based on sexual orientation, but not gender identity, a factor that made it a flawed measure to begin with. Even without explicit protections for trans people, though, House Speaker Brian Bosma and Gov. Mike Pence said the bill “went too far in granting LGBT protections,” according to the Advocate. 

The bill as written would have added sexual orientation as a protected characteristic under state antidiscrimination law governing employment, housing, and public accommodations. It would have given religious organizations, businesses that provide wedding services, and small businesses an exemption to discriminate at will against LGBT and other customers who offend the operator’s religious sensibilities.

The most notable item missing from the measure was any form of protection for transgender people. Instead, the bill called for a study committee to be formed in the summer of 2016 to investigate whether there is such a thing as anti-transgender discrimination and what kind of legislation, if any, was needed.

Senate Minority Leader Tim Lanane told the Star Democrats were willing to compromise on transgender rights by leaving public accommodations out of the bill. But he told the paper that in its current form, without any transgender protections at all, the measure would not get support from Democrats.

It sends a strong, important message that some advocates held firm against a bill that deliberately left behind trans people as a means of compromise; that’s not something we should ever accept. That said, the conservative and religious outcry against simple human rights protections for anyone is disturbing. 


Sites of Stockholm no. 16 - Svenskt Tenn 

This gem in Stockholm is a place where interior dreams are fulfilled, it’s a playful wonderland of everything from jewelry, lamps, furniture and made to measure curtains and cushions amongst a great many things. Founded by Estrid Ericsson the colorful creations that embodies Svenskt Tenn has ensnared customers since 1924. Together with Josef Frank who joined the company in the mid 30′s they have created a fantasy world that still inspire people all over the world. Oh yeah and the tea salon is one of the best Sweden has to offer…