Ephemeral (1/1)

Summary: “Guess that’s what happens when literally everyone on Earth spends every second cockblocking us.”

Rated: M

Warnings: Smut, language

Words: ~4k

Notes:  Requested by @seethelovelyintheworld, a fic in which “every time they have sex, they both have orgasms right away.”  I finished this before the premiere, and I was gonna wait until tomorrow, but I have no patience whatsoever, and figure some smutty fluff is due after such angst.  So here you go!

It’s just on the cusp of midnight when Killian Jones finds himself walking down a quiet street in the center of town.  The nights are growing longer, the sun colder, stiff breezes wafting in from the sea. Though he’d be content to turn his collar up against the weather, and allow his blood to warm his fingertips, he wears a long shirt with a high neck beneath his vest at Emma’s request.  He’d also sunk his teeth into the thick, knitted wrist of a black glove, wriggling it down onto his fingers, and savoring the look on her face.  It had been admittedly far less alluring when –

“Where’d you get that glove?” she says, reaching out to skim the palm of her hand over his hip.  “And can I have the other one because oh my God, these are soft.”

“This glove lacks a partner, Swan, much like the hand it protects.”

“Then where – ”

He flushes, then, and covers with a kiss to the swell of her cheek.  “From Madame Lucas.”

– but all the same, he’d not left the house that morning without several promising kisses to her lips. 

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when you’re looking for shitposts but see untagged spoilers instead

i love how there are ppl who reply to my tags in their own tags when they reblog a post


Side: Despair #01 // Side: Future #10
“When did… we go wrong?”


× Day 7: Maji Love Revolutions - Crossover/AU


Honestly, I just really love Gorillaz, and I thought QUARTET NIGHT would fit their DEMON DAYS cover and Ai would look cute with Noodle’s outfit. Words by yours truly under the cut~

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i used that cute toonator site last night that @doodleboi mentioned and i made some other little simple animations to get a feel for it, and then did this one of @markiplier which i am v proud of!!  it took me like 2-3 hours rip me BUT!! it is good!! at least i think so for being a simple 14 frame animation :D and for being my first proper animation lol

maybe once i get better at animation i will be able to make a markiplier animated video >:3c maybe someday!!


Basically a playlist I scrambled together about Cas’ mental state in the last season(s) 

Bad Blood - Sleeping At Last
Forest Fires - Lauren Aquilina
Breathe Me - Sia
What If - Coldplay
Down - Jason Walker
Broken Toy - Keane 
Trouble - Coldplay
Irrelevant - Lauren Aquilina
Sorrow - Sleeping At Last
‘O Sister - City and Colour

I have such nice, amazing friends? And it’s more of an honor in itself that I can actually call them friends. They’re all talented in their own way.

Like @gillymcbilly can draw super well, I never knew, they’ve been with be for a long ass time. THAT ‘S WO WOW!! ! !!! And they’re amazing!!!

and I have @gummiesharks who is one of the sweetest, cutie pie ever?? they play music and draw really well. I always laugh at them when they say my art is “ver’ gude”. Cause it’s not, not as much as theirs, anyways.

@korolevskipedik, like??? pastel cutie that loves Barry and John so much?? and I love them more, but they gotta fight me?? cause I love them, we’re gonna own a big farm one day and own a bunch of chick chucks, it’ll be sICK

@sckzim, @ghoste-kid (and gummiesharks) MY CREW, I GOT SCKZIM TO TALK ABOUT OCS AND GOOD SHIT WITH AND GHOSTE TO JUST COMPLAIN ABOUT LIFE WITH AND THeir horrible time at con.. If only they all went to subway (long story, it’s hilarious though)

@captainkaltar, AKA one of the coolest eruri friends I have, ILY, Cap.. I can always talk to them and ramble about our new OCs together

@starryeyedalice, okay, listen, we haven’t even talked for that long but they are so sweet and tried to help me with my wrist, I love them. They’re so nice!! Like, idk much about them, but I do know I’ll have them around for a while

@radiojamming, MICHIGANDER BUDDY!!! and rea/per76 pal, we cry over Jack Morrison almost everyday

@equius, big sweetheart who compliments me and loves my art so much that it feels fake?? like, they just tell me I’m great and honestly, it’s boosted my confidence so much. I love them so dearly…

@seismogenic.. where do I begin!!! what a sweeTIE!!! REAL AONE TAKANOBU™️!!! They always know what to say, always there, like Batman… More like Emotional Support Batman

@trashpits, I haven’t talked to them in a while…… But I still love them and hope they’re doing well!!!!!! punk ghost with a golden face, they’ve given me so much, i’m not sure what to say, but happiness and help are two major pieces. :’)

@fugeoni666, aaaaAAA!!!! Fuge is adorable, sweet, and suuuuuuper talented. like, wow, cosplay and drawing.. they’re seriously sweeter than sugar itself and they always supply me with my faves haha

I’M MISSING A FEW, BUT THESE ARE THE ONES I CAN THINK OF THEIR URL STRAIGHT AWAY, I love all these guys and they’re so amazing omg