Actually all my ex are very similar to Rika and i admit i drew near to them because of that. All of them had troubled lifes and troubled minds but my ignorance made me think i can be their guide to help them out. Our relationships were pretty toxic, i admit haha. My friend even asked me why i always attract negative people to my life but tbh i AM the one who invited them steping inside my world first…

So sorry my fellas, i could never hate Rika, especially in V’s route, when i saw her meltdowns, i was like wtf is this déja vu or i have already seen this too much; it gave me trauma so i had to paint this piece right away… Ụ _ Ụ 

okay so

i have had this idea in my archives for a while. its kinda rusty buuuuuut:

kidge salsa au.

Keith is an overworked college student and one night an old friend and mentor Shiro decides to take him with him and his girlfriend to a dance club that it turns out Shiro and Keith’s professors co-runs (professor slav is kind of an asshat but has a good soul, and loves himself a tango)


losen up with some of dat juice

anyway keith is an awkward loner until some girl bumps into him and he spills his drink on her

cue argument until girl is pulled away (boyfriend? keith puzzles over this) until theres an announcement that there are some professionals etc. showing everyone a bit of some thang

and pidge and lance take to the stage, do their thing, keith is still like that asshole made me spill my drink and then is like wow she’s good

(he doesn’t like lance)

anyway salsa night is done and he bumps into the girl again and Shiro’s there and is like wtf KATIE

and the girl is like noping the fuck out of there

and it turns out that shiro knew her brother, and was slotted to be a temp. guardian sort of after matt went MIA 

but she ran away and no one heard from her since (its turns out she’d been living with her best friend lance etc. they kinda are together? or they met after she ran away)

and then they leave and shit happens and it turns out lance gets arrested for something or is kicked out of this big competition he and katie were going to do

and katie is predictably upset

and shiro is like

Keith you said you did dance

and keith did ballroom dance but he somehow gets roped into it

cue angst and friends to lovers and arguments

and he finds out that katie’s dad died when she was young and hard home life, and matt went missing and her mom went crazy and

all katie really wants is to go to college

she is super smart, wants to build robots and work for nasa and would use the money from said big competition to pay the tuition because it turns out she applied early and BAM actually got in

so she just needs money

lotor is competing to, etc. etc.

and then romantic kiss scenes, forbidden attraction

hopefully happy ending


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Ok for once a Digger update because they made me spill my coffe by sitting at the end of a darkened hallway and shrieking at me in the dark when the lightening hit during a nasty little thunderstorm. Not cute screech or even banshee like Rei-Rei but full on "I'mbeingmurderedandyouwillbeto" screams shriek. Rei-Rei was chirring when we put Digger in time out so I'm 90% this is payback for treat refusal after the door incident... owls are little sh*ts, adorable but heart attack inducing... 🦉

Oh my God I would pee myself

Digger you’re such a dick lmao

My fellow mommy’s, I have a question for you…

Do you know your child’s scream? Whether it be from joy or hurt… or they are having a meltdown?

I experienced the latter this morning.

I was doing a spelling activity with my class when a blood curdling scream could be heard from the next hall over in the kindergarten wing. Somehow, I just knew… I rolled my eyes to the heavens and heaved a heavy sigh. I looked over at my assistant and asked her to take over for me.

When I entered my child’s classroom, the scene before me made me cringe. My 5 year old daughter was having an epic meltdown over crayons.


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I lost a bestfriend because him and his girlfriend (mostly her) made a rumor that made me lose my relationship and is it bad that I miss my ex best friend how do I cope?

Some friends are worth losing.

Start focusing on yourself and meet better people. 

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One time my daddy and i were throwing a party with a bunch of his daddy friends and i was getting annoyed and bratty so he tied me to the kitchen table and let any of his friends who wanted to fuck me. I think i had like 7/8 different loads of cum shot in me that night. My daddy made me blow him so he could cover my face in cum too. It was a fun night but i was super sore after

I’m officially jealous now. Holy crap. These are the kinds of asks I like people!

Best of Me

I used to disappointed many people. They have big expectation at me but I can’t be someone reliable for them. That made me hate my self so much.

I felt so guilty when I knew the fact that I’ve broken many people’s heart. I’ve broken their trust. And it even more hurt when I know that they never believe in me anymore.

I can’t go back to the past. I understand that everything has changed. I have to believe that now the past have become memories. I have to accept the fact that those people have gone. I’ll treasure them as one of my precious memory.

Now, I can accept that I can’t always be protagonist for everyone. Sometimes I can be antagonist and may break their heart.

Now, I’m proud to be my self. I can look at the sky freely and smile towards the clouds. I’m happy being me. I’m happy to be my self. And I’m happy knowing that I love my self.

I choose to be the best of me and give the best of me.


20 September 2017.

This live stream has made me reveal my true Harrie self to my roommates and I can’t give a shit less. I literally cried when he sang wymb, and one of them just goes, “it’s okay, he’s an amazing, attractive human with the voice of an angel. We understand.”

Pick someone who’s supportive, honestly.

My coworker made me put a cool foreign coin in the charity box even tho is fine to take them if you replace the money in the till and im PEEVED

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Hi idk you but i just wanna say you throwing your pride flag up on stage and harry picking it up and twirling around with it made me SOB my little bi heart couldn't take it and im still emotional about it and its been like an hour(?) since it happened. Thank you so much you are such a legend ily and i hope harry reaches out or something lmao

Imagine harry creeping on my stupid larry blog lmao bye. Thank you so much tho 💗