Day 19: With their Child Unit

A comic about Vincent’s loneliness before Rae brought him along to join the army. He reads books a lot, and among them are collections of adventure stories that Rae had written for him~ (probably very badly written and about a thinly veiled version of herself as a hero lmao) But reading them sometimes makes him miss her a lot…

I actually didn’t intend to make this for the Fatesona challenge but then I realized it fit, so hey, why not! It’s been a while lol

Inspired by this video, which is a Thai commercial. It made me cry buckets haha

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YouTube: yutensol90

Thoughts: [Link] I absolutely love this video. Quality content 10/10 made me cry buckets and smile so hard ^.^ A moments video; pretty much every time Kookie has made heart eyes at Jimin (well every time caught on camera anyway). The love in Kookie’s eyes is so obvious. Thank you for compiling these moments together!

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Holy buckets Doc "Presence" made me cry??? Like actual tears are coming out of my eyes right now because your sense of emotional detail is so VIVID and TANGIBLE and. UGH. THANK YOU FOR WRITING BEAUTIFUL THINGS YOU'RE AMAZING

THANK YOU, I didn’t really love it when I finished it–Writing first person present is onerous at best, and when I’’m trying to write in haruka’s voice I have to be more clever with language than I generally am, and it’s harder. So it means a LOT that I hit the emotional tone I was going for. 


Happy 60th Birthday Brendan Gleeson! [b March 29th, 1955]