Love Conquers All (On Sherlock Season 4)

I’m currently re-watching Season 4, simply just to indulge myself, and mainly because I personally loved it. I thought I was done expressing everything I have to say about the matter in this post, but there has been an unending sh*t-storm still looming over S4 that has gone beyond what I had expected. Not to mention that things I’ve seen on Twitter earlier regarding the so-called Norbury movement.

I am not dismissing the fact that this season had its flaws, but there’s a significant meaning to it all that some people are dismissing because they’ve been blinded by their own illusions that I would want to highlight. For someone who had cried over and mulled over these episodes more than the past 3 seasons, this season gave my love for existentialism a baseline that tugged at the heart – the very reason why I wanted to talk about it.

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Just a brief explanation, existentialism is the belief that life has no meaning in general. To quote Moriarty, “Staying alive… So boring, isn’t it? It’s just… staying.” However, what I like about it is the idea that society or any other factor is not responsible for giving life it’s meaning – it is solely up to the individual to discover it on their own.

With that said, I think this is why this season resonated with me so much, and I find the chaos in some parts of the fandom frustrating, especially to the point that the writers are being attacked for this. So as usual, I have to say something about it. Because instead of writing articles for work, I’m thinking about Sherlock.

Anyway, I’m just gonna go ahead with my point.

The Six Thatchers : Horrors Of The Past

This may be my least favourite among the three, but the message of this episode is clearly simple: we all have horrors that will come and haunt us in the future – and how we face it all comes down to the path we choose. 

We live hundreds, and even thousands of roles throughout our lives. And we all have our past; things that we regret, hate, cringe at, miss, still believe in, etc. But whatever that past might be, what I got from TST is that you can never run from your past as it catches up to you, but it is one facet of your life does not completely define you.

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Death has been played with through the past seasons that it seemed all too mundane to us now, in terms of the context of the show. But S4 is here to correct this notion in Mary’s persona. With Mary saying that Mary Watson was the only life worth living, it showed that we get to choose which part of our lives we live out the most.

Same with John and his ‘cheating’. To be fair, I’m pissed at the fact that this was completely out of character. But when the series culminated, I understood why they have to do it. We saw what we wanted to see in these characters as they were presented to us – John was supposedly honourable, kind, and courageous, but what is this? Who is this new John? 

This is where I head to my next point. 

The Lying Detective : Being Alive And Human

This episode made me cry buckets, to be honest. And it is because this is all about changing what you know about these characters and seeing them all in a different light. 

Here we see a Sherlock not led by the mind but the heart, a John who was weak against temptation, a cheater, someone who looked jealous from having the spotlight all on the detective – it showed that no one is ultimately good and that someone’s facade is not who they entirely are. It shows that everyone has their ups and downs because that’s what humanity is about. It illustrated that everyone was capable of being angry, desperate, conceited, weak, lonely, alone, etc. It highlighted how these characters are broken – especially Sherlock – and how redemption can mean so much more to a person. 

We all have our flaws, our downfalls, our agonies; but who are we really, at our most vulnerable? And who are the people willing to believe in us even if we’ve shown them our true, and sometimes, faded colours?

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“Taking your own life. Interesting expression, taking it from who? Once it’s over, it’s not you who’ll miss it. Your own death is something that happens to everyone else. Your life is not your own, keep your hands off it.”

This is a plea. That shutting down and ending your life is and should never be the answer. This is one of the most beautiful pieces of dialogue I have ever heard, and it’s a very upfront message about warranting a value on your own life. And for people to threaten the writers of the show that they are the ones who caused the lives that are put in the line or the self-harm that will happen due to their distaste for TFP is devastating to me.

And yes, there have been people tweeting Mark and BBC that they are and will be responsible for these lives, which is just unfair.

The Final Problem : On Love And Redemption

I’ve seen people questioning why Benedict said ‘love conquers all’ in one interview before the season aired. There has also been statements that this season will be ‘groundbreaking’, which others failed to see why, leading to the claims that the showrunners are queerbaiting.

Now, every single show, every single actor, not just in Sherlock, but basically everywhere, is being put in the microscope because they need to identify with something, and that they need to represent a cause — which I get! I advocate for this! But, just when the world is being careful about mixing up their characters or when they are inserting a gay character just because now, society is demanding them to, Sherlock had already presented that years before (note that some TV shows only became more open to having gay characters around late 2014, early 2015-ish onwards because people are becoming more vocal about it as inspired by those bold enough to make a first move, e.g. Glee). 

Here, we have an openly gay character (which is still another topic of debate but I stand by it when I say Irene used the term gay loosely), had openly gay actors play brilliant and unstereotypical roles, and for God’s sake, Mark Gatiss is a gay man who is behind this brilliant show, and  that’s the very reason they passed it off as normal. They didn’t do it in a way that we always have to be reminded that the character is gay, that there has to be a sex scene just to prove that they’re gay… it’s just there – again, as one facet of the characters. Sex, as something that has been explicitly expressed in the show, isn’t the only thing that defines a character or their relationships with someone else, and I appreciated that. They had a story to tell – the story of these characters as a whole and not just one side of them. 

And personally, I did see why they made their claims as indicated by my chosen title. When this season ended, Sherlock who claimed to have never been attuned to his emotions, had his eyes open and had embraced that he was also human, flawed, and is capable to love IN ALL FORMS. 

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He learned to value his life because of what happened to Mary, he had admitted that he also succumbs to his impulses with Irene Adler (texting or beyond that, depends on what you want to believe), he fully realised that he would never ever want to hurt and make Molly feel like she’s being used by him because she’s his friend, he was able to extend a more human side of himself to John more than he did before, he finally understood and accepted Mycroft’s intentions and actions which I think mended their relationship significantly (this one hits me to the core so much), and lastly, he discovered that if he was left in the air in isolation, he might have ended up like Eurus, which is why he never wanted to make her feel alone again. 

To me, it is groundbreaking because it left that cliche of someone running off into the sunset in the end and it’s all butterflies and rainbows. They wrapped it up with the characters still broken, but living through it day by day because someone chose to love, accept, and help them heal despite their flaws. 

It is what it is, they keep on saying, because that’s how life is. It can be unbearable and it can most certainly be shit, but in the end, whether you ship Johnlock, Adlock, Sherlolly, Sheriarty, Mollstrade, Mystrade, etc., if we all let love – self-love, romantic love, familial love, platonic love – all kinds of love in our lives, it will help us conquer all, within and beyond this show. 

arcticvisitor  asked:

Heh, thanks for getting back so quickly. Personally, I'm a fan of Style, Crenny (I cannot find any decent fic for this wth, perhaps I'm not looking hard enough?), Staig, Bendy, and K2. Big fan of angst. And yeah, love the blog - I've been lowkey stalking it since last night, not to be weird.

Oooh some lovely choices my friend. (Thank you for the compliment again, not weird!) The original ask for this was asking for fic recommendations, and I replied that one away so I could grab what pairings they were into. Also the lack of Crenny content is a complete tragedy and I’m hoping to directly change that by writing more of it someday, haha. This got lengthy, sorry!

Fanfiction Recommendations (A Short Few)

Splendid by SaucyMongoose. (Crenny)

This writer has a very unique grip on language that I adore. The whole fic gave me a feeling that I want to call whimsical, like I was floating through a breeze of words. It’s incomplete as of now, but well worth the read so far. The writer hasn’t put out too much as of now but I imagine the quality of their work must resonate throughout their repertoire. It’s such a pretty use of language, almost like poetry. 

Painted in Shrouds by Courtanie (K2)

I’ve been in love with Courtanie’s writing from day one, and this is the first fic I read of hers. It really sucked me in, and I felt like I was reading a particularly good book rather than fanfiction. It had an excellent, driven plot, with a really compelling story. I’m also a sucker for Kysterion, admittedly. My other recommendations from the same writer would be Ok, Cupid It Isn’t Funny Anymore (a really lovely K2 one-shot) and if you’re interested in a whole lotta whump and Kyle-suffering, Seven Candles. Not for the faint of heart, but it has angst covered and then some. If I’m being honest, even though I haven’t been able to sit down and read every one of her works, I’ve yet to find one I didn’t love. Seriously consider her if you haven’t already.

Put Our Pistols Down by scarlettshazam (Style)

There are a ton of Style fics out there that are worth recommending, but I don’t see this one very often and it deserves some stage time. Scarlettshazam as a whole has a great handle on all things ranging from bizarre to downright horrible (in a good way), but they’ve got a ton of great angst content besides this fic. They’re not afraid to write the gritty details of reality as it hits their characters, and it packs a punch. This one is one of my favorites because it paints a very unique picture- the setting isn’t cookie-cutter South Park, even if some themes remain. There’s something about the way their words flow that always hooks me in and does a great job of keeping me captivated and invested in the plot. Also worth a read is The Game Of Life (angsty K2) and a lot of their one-shots are awesome. Specifically, Too Old To Dream (Style) made me cry buckets, no exaggeration.

Mysterion Trilogy by indirectkissesiniceland (K2, Creek)

This is one of my favorite series for sure. While this one is definitely on the lighthearted side, I found myself so delightfully wrapped up in the storyline and the way the characters were written. I highly recommend the whole thing, but if you are interested in avoiding Creek, just the first installment is K2 oriented with Creek in the background, and it’s not necessary to read the second one to find resolution from the first. Yeah, Dude, Civil War is another ongoing project that they’re co-writing with polarspicecap (whom I also recommend as an individual writer for some unique takes and great humor) which is probably the lightest read in this list. It’s just a fun time, and a pleasant read. Gold Digger (K2) made my heart feel again, it was so sweet. Overall, this writer does a lot of fun stuff if you’re looking for great stories to cleanse your intense angst palate.

If I could recommend every great fic I’ve ever read I’d be here all day long, but I’m going to cut things short here. I don’t have much for Staig, as I ship it but not too enthusiastically so I haven’t sought it out, and same goes for Bendy. I wanted to publish this publicly for more people to get to see and maybe consider. Hope you don’t mind, and hopefully I suggested something you haven’t read yet. Enjoy!

Guys go and read this book.

‘The ghost of buxton Manor by Jonathan L Ferrara ‘

It will break your heart completely, smash on it and throw it away, but in the best way possible.

This book deserves more credit. I hardly hear anyone talk about it and it deserves some more love.

And the author has used real people and real events to write this and it’s just so sad. Because while reading you realize that this happened to someone.

It also has Peter Pan references since one of the characters, (Micheal Davies) was actually the person that inspired JM Barrie to create Peter Pan.

So you know this is about real people.

Just go read it, I promise it will be worth it.


Day 19: With their Child Unit

A comic about Vincent’s loneliness before Rae brought him along to join the army. He reads books a lot, and among them are collections of adventure stories that Rae had written for him~ (probably very badly written and about a thinly veiled version of herself as a hero lmao) But reading them sometimes makes him miss her a lot…

I actually didn’t intend to make this for the Fatesona challenge but then I realized it fit, so hey, why not! It’s been a while lol

Inspired by this video, which is a Thai commercial. It made me cry buckets haha

taggity tag tag

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Rules: List 10 fav female characters from 10 different fandoms + tag 8+ 10 people and oh gosh this is going to be difficult because I don’t dive into many fandoms (it’s hard to jump into another fandom imo) so, this list is in no particular order, for the exception of #1 ;)

2. Sawako Kuronuma (Kimi no Todoke)
4. Tsukumo (Karneval)
5. Anna (When Marnie Was There)
6. Kiki (Kiki’s Delivery Service)
7. Nishimiya Shouko (Koe no Katachi) movie made me cry BUCKETS AND BUCKETS POJADOINASJANSKJNAS
8. Brunhilde/Ponyo (Ponyo)
9. Kaga Rin (Usagi Drop) CUTE AND HEARTWARMING ANIME WATCH, and don’t read the manga unless you want to be scarred…
10. Krista Lenz/Historia Reiss (Attack on Titan) i love aot, and it’s so hard to choose a female character that i like because most characters in the anime… don’t really… appeal to me, except armin, but he’s not a girl LMAO

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Thoughts: [Link] I absolutely love this video. Quality content 10/10 made me cry buckets and smile so hard ^.^ A moments video; pretty much every time Kookie has made heart eyes at Jimin (well every time caught on camera anyway). The love in Kookie’s eyes is so obvious. Thank you for compiling these moments together!

If you would like to submit a video for me to rec, please do! I would love it.
If you see your video rec’d and don’t want it to be, or if something has been plagiarized, please notify me and I will take it down as soon as I can! Thank You ^.^

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prompt: Sasuke reflects while he bleeds out.

note: happy birthday to unhappyfairytale, who requested a birthday prompt! sadly i dont have an idea for a birthday prompt today but i thought id give you a shoutout anyway. ive done a prompt similar to this (will link here) but honestly the scene where sasuke says he cant die here MADE ME CRY BUCKETS. i just wanted to insert it here. also my birthday is on SUNDAY!! my sister says im old as hell for turning seventeen. oh well

Sasuke wheezed. His vision was blurring and he could barely feel the extremities of his body anymore. If he tried to move his pinky, it probably wouldn’t work. His mind dimmed—he couldn’t even focus on that one thought. His hand shook as he tried to push himself forward.

He briefly heard Tobirama yelling in the background, even though the dead guy was in worse condition than he was. Sasuke winced when pain coursed through his body. He deflated, flattening himself against the hard ground. This was the end.

All that he spent his life for—restoring his clan’s glory, fighting for Itachi—it was going to disappear into thin air. Everything he’d worked for, everything that he’d sacrificed. His village, his friends…

Pain shot through his torso again and tears gathered in his eyes. He would be letting down his parents, especially his father again. He thought of his mom’s serene smile and his heart warmed. He thought about Itachi. He hoped Itachi would understand. Sasuke let out a frustrated cry that came out mangled. There was nothing to understand. He had failed.

Even with devastating sacrifices, he still failed. He left the Leaf village, the very same village that raised him. The one who desecrated his family. The one where he met Naruto, Kakashi and Sakura. He thought about the lengths that Naruto went to bring him back—the fight to the death, the incessant searches, his heart reaching out to him. He thought of Kakashi and he saw himself, reflected in his eyes.

Sasuke thought of Sakura then; the pain that gathered in her eyes that night, the tear tracks he left on her face and the phantom scar he didn’t mean to leave around her neck. When he thought of Sakura, he thought of a future. A bright future where he could be happy, where he could be loved and have a family of his own. He didn’t think of a dark uncertainty. Sakura was the future he had hoped for.

Now it was gone. He could feel the life leaking out of him as more and more blood pooled around him. He couldn’t make out where it ended anymore. The life he could’ve had with Naruto, with Kakashi, and more importantly with Sakura, slipped away in front of his eyes. He cried, because he had thrown away everything for nothing.


He heard someone screeching, as high as they could. The sound of footsteps approached him. Her voice, the screech, it was almost unrecognizable. There was so much crying, so many cracks in her voice. He recognized it anyway.

Sasuke forced open his eyes and all he could see was pink.


I wanna give a shoutout to the fans who launched ‪#‎FeliciaAppreciationDay‬ on Twitter yesterday as a surprise at the Supernatural convention. They Tweeted all day, and the con played this amazing video the fans made that made me cry buckets before I went on stage.

I got presented with a huge scrapbook of photos and letters from superfan Kristi, who put it all together, hundreds of letters from the community about how my work impacts them, and I can’t tell you how much it means to me.

I stay online, doing things the hard way, because of you guys, because it means more to me to affect each individual person than try to impress the guys on top.

So I’ll be here, making stuff and being a part of this amazing community, for as long as they’ll let me keep going!  Thanks for helping make it possible.

Humanseoul's older sister's book recommendations part 1 of 3 (◠‿◠)

Hey guys, so lately I have been getting anon and direct messages asking for book recommendations. Though I read, I’m not an avid reader and when I do read, I tend to gravitate towards a select circle of authors so I’m not really “widely read” per se. However, my older sister is a very avid reader so I asked her if she had any book recommendations. She likes making lists in general so she’s had a list of books she’s read on her computer that she updates regularly. From there she’s picked out a variety of books that she believes would be worth your while to read. Underneath the title and author she’s written some quick feedback on the book. If you guys are interested I would definitely recommend you guys google the book and read more about it because her notes are not meant to be full summaries. 

She has 27 books picked out to recommend to you all and this is part 1 of 3 containing the first 9 of them.

We both hope you guys will be able find some books you will enjoy^^

  1. Animal Farm: George Orwell
    What happens when farm animals revolt? Find out here in Orwell’s classic satire that criticizes Stalin’s communist Soviet Union. Knowing Russian history isn’t essential, but having a basic understanding really helps add meat to the tale.

  2. Battle Royale: Koushun Takami
    One of my absolute favorites. Imagine being trapped on an island forced to either kill your fellow classmates or die yourself. Definitely not for those who enjoy peaceful, optimistic books or dislike violence. (Don’t let the length overwhelm you. Trust me, this book had me frantically flipping its pages because I just HAD to know what was going to happen next.) 

  3. Blindness: José Saramago
    Suddenly, an entire city is swept with an epidemic that leaves them blind. Only one woman is left with her sight, and soon, social order disintegrates and desperation climaxes. It’s scary to see what people do when others aren’t watching. 

  4. Brave New World: Aldous Huxley
    A dystopian science fiction. We know to be wary of things that are unhealthy for us. But what about things that bring us pleasure, things we like? Huxley shows us that the very things that bring us joy can ultimately bring our downfall. Soma, anyone? 

  5. Fight Club: Chuck Palahniuk
    1st Rule: You do not talk about Fight Club. 2nd Rule: This. Was. Crazy. If you haven’t seen the movie, good! Let this book take you unprepared through its every twists and turns. Caution: lots of violence and blood.

  6. Little Bee: Chris Cleave
    About a female British magazine editor and a young, female Nigerian asylum-seeker and their time together. The strength and resilience these women portray is absolutely stunning. They remind you to keep fighting and to never, ever lose hope. 

  7. My Sister’s Keeper: Jodi Picoult
    Man, this made me cry buckets. The love these sisters had for each other was not only touching, but selfless. The best part was that their love radiated out and touched their family and friends. Be warned, several boxes of Kleenex may be needed.

  8. Night: Elie Wiesel
    The memoir of a Holocaust survivor who writes of his time in the concentration camps. The story isn’t just what leaves you feeling cold, but Wiesel’s writing itself. There is this absolute sense of utter disgust for humanity and resentment towards a God who allowed these atrocities to persist. 

  9. Nine Stories: J.D. Salinger
    Personally, I wasn’t crazy for The Catcher in the Rye. However, I think Salinger has good short stories (because I can only stand his characters in small doses). Though his characters will forever be precocious and problematic, they will never fail to be utterly human

Click here for part 2

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