Black Lace Panties

#11 - “I can’t take you seriously until you put some pants on.”
- jensen x reader, requested by @blacksiren for my two year drabbles

You walked back through to your bedroom, your glasses perched on your nose as you looked at the script that had arrived for Jensen a few days before.

He always got you to look over the parts he was asked to read for, wanting your opinion on whether he should go for it or not.

“Okay,” you smiled, pushing your glasses back onto your head. “What did you think of this one?”

Jensen looked up, his reply dying on his lips as he saw you.

“I- uh-”

“Come on, babe,” you laughed softly. “You have to get back to them this afternoon, and I won’t give you an opinion until I’ve heard yours.”

He shook his head, biting his lip.

“I’m sorry darlin’, but I can’t take you seriously until you put some pants on,” he admitted, his eyes grazing over your legs.

You grinned, placing the script down on the bedside table.

You pulled up the hem of the shirt you were wearing - one of Jensen’s old football jerseys - to reveal a sliver of black lace panties, raising an eyebrow at your fiancé.

“This distracting you?” you teased, grinning when he crawled across the bed, pulling you closer, his strong palms warm on your hips even through the material.

“How did I land me someone like you, huh?” he questioned, kissing your neck.

You smiled, draping your arms over his shoulders.

“I guess you must’ve been real good in a past life,” you murmured, and he hummed in agreement as he kissed your lips.

“I guess so.”


Favourite Hakyeon hairstyles by @hakyeon-trash 

headcanon: bruce getting de-aged to ~10 years old

  • before his parents died, so he’s not the bitter vengeful child yet
  • the team trying to explain to him who Damian is without telling him that he’s gotten de-aged (at first, because they don’t wanna lay it all on him) when literally Damian looks like his twin
  • Jason making fun of him and sneaking some tricks on him as his own little way of revenge
  • Dick being extremely protective and fatherly of him 
  • Bruce musing over Tim’s work and basically falling in love with Tim’s genius
  • Damian getting to be a little kid?? because Bruce is a kid and he drags Damian into all the games with him and they genuinely have fun and play with normal, childish things???
  • Alfred being very emotional