Guys, Thoth is going nuts. I have a jar of preserved figs that my grandmother made from about 2 years ago (the jar hadn’t been open so they’re fine). I got the jar out to eat some and Thoth started losing his shit. I decided to eat them with some biscuits and honey and that was it for Thoth. I’m just letting them sit for few minutes cuz he’s devouring them. I feel kind of bad because I know he likes figs but I forgot I had some. I think all is forgiven tho considering how much he’s enjoying it. :)

I could not win today.

1) Guy comes in, distressed that his other chain can’t get his diltiazem in anymore, asks us to transfer it. I copy down the pharmacy name & address and the medication, look up his profile and say sure, the pharmacist can take care of that within the next 30 minutes or less. They say okay we’ll be back a little later. I say sounds good. Two minutes later… realize I didn’t even write down his name. Facepalm.

2) I somehow let past a totally sketchy oxycodone 20 mg script. This guy caught me off guard because the first thing he was saying was “I need to know what size pills you have” and I was so exhausted, I knew I should’ve just been like “we don’t have any, bye,” but somehow I just got sucked into it and it was the most rookie fail I’ve made in a while. Eventually after we’d already filled it he decided he didn’t want it and left with his script? I don’t know what that was about unless we’re about to get robbed later. But I’m pretty embarrassed I did that.

3) Late in the evening we got a script for a baby for amlodipine liquid from this hospital that loves sending us stuff for kids like that (stuff they damn well know we ain’t got). Well, as lately I’ve been feeling like I’m kind of obnoxious towards my one pharmacist (like maybe I ask too many questions and shove too many of the ‘more complicated’ issues on her) I decided to be proactive and call the patient right away, without consulting with the pharmacist, to let them know it was something we couldn’t make, because I knew from another time when we got a clopidogrel liquid from the same hospital that we couldn’t make that. I tell the patient they might want to have the doctor call it into a compounding pharmacy and they say okay sure. Then I tell the pharmacist about it and–she informs me we can make amlodipine suspension. And I facepalm some more at my horrendous decision-making today.

4) Oh and lastly I typed in a Dilaudid script and missed the DAW-1–but at least in my defense they’d gotten generic before, all of 2 weeks ago, from the same doc, and this one got past the pharmacist, too.

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in theatre we had an assignment where we were only told to make it ~1 minute and to "fight against silence, but with no words" and i didnt come up with it for homework like i was supposed to and we had to perform it in class so. (1/2)

i decided two minutes before i had to get up and perform to just go up there and fucking ,,, scream for a minute ???? it was entitled “my internal monologue” and my teacher made me do it twice and i got a 105 on it


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Sam, have you ever made pie dough from scratch? Any tips/tricks/suggestions?

Every goddamn time I make a pie I say to myself, this time I won’t make crust from scratch. This time I won’t destroy my kitchen making pie crust, I will just buy a pie crust, but oh my god premade pie crust has such a weird taste.

So I always end up making this pie crust, which I LOVE. 

Short version outside the cut, my tips for any crust: 

1. COLD COLD BUTTER/FAT. Throw it in the freezer for like five minutes before using, if you can. 

2. When you add the liquid to the fat/flour mixture, be very sparing (use a spray bottle if you can) and stir until just barely mixed – it doesn’t even have to be a cohesive whole. That’s why you chill it – it’ll homogenize itself a bit in the fridge. 

3. It’s only a pie crust. Don’t let yourself stress too much. People are interested in what’s in the crust, they won’t mind if the crust itself is a bit tough. 

Full recipe behind the cut!

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i made a toon the other day named big mama hulapow so i gave her a name and also a design

Confession:  When I first played through me3, I legitimately bawled my eyes out a few times that I had to pause the game and walk away for 15 minutes or so. The only other game that made me cry was da2 when Hawke’s mom dies. Like seriously though, I don’t play the end of me3 anymore because I just don’t want to cry AGAIN. Every damn time. I still cry when Legion dies, but I have to get past Priority: Horizon to include Miranda in the Citadel DLC. Sacrifices sacrifices.

I want to make a serious and personal post about End of Evangelion and why it’s so important to me, but instead I’ll probably just post some meme I made in like 2 minutes in ms paint

Netizens for ‘W’ Ep1 (2)

Translation note: I only translate the top comments as they are listed. I don’t want to start fights… doing this at 2am just to share lol.

‘W’ Han Hyo Joo - Lee Jong Suk, Entertaining development that sucks you in from the very beginning

Comments: 2545

(+5782, -442) I only caught the last thirty minutes or so but I got goosebumps… the combination of webtoon with the drama is truly a match made in heaven… The meeting of the fictional world and the real world is really so fascinating that I can’t put it into words… Kang Chul ah!! It was like watching a movie for an hour!! I’ve decided on ‘W’ for Wed-Thur dramas hehehe

(+5171, -331) The fact that the guy looking for you is the main character in a webtoon… ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s a little scary but very refreshing too. To be continued… I keep thinking of this phrase in my head ㅋㅋㅋㅋ goosebumps

(+4896, -317) Wow such a fresh story has finally come… the immersion, direction and acting are all to die for

(+4448, -295) Wa what the hell, the time just flew by

(+3692, -278) So entertaining so entertaining!! I will look forward to tomorrow

(+1391, -110) ‘Nine’ writer + ‘Signal’ music director…

(+1430, -125) 100% number 1 of Wed-Thur dramas. F*cking interesting and the subject just captures your attention!

(+1302, -101) This drama just sucks you in… especially those words ‘to be continued’ in the webtoon, just seeing the words made my skin crawl…

(+1300, -104) Wow sh*t even just the first episode made me completely fall into it… f*cking entertaining. Lee Jong Suk really has a f*cking amazing talent in picking dramas

(+1092, -84) You must admit Lee Jong Suk’s eye for dramas

(+1061, -97) Yes, it was so tense that I almost felt myself shuddering

(+975, -78) Waa I’ve decided on this one. Immersion is daebak…

(+1031, -98) I hate to compare but as a muggle (non-fan), for the first episode of ‘Uncontrollably Fond’ and ‘W’, ‘W’ effortlessly wins in the ability to make people watch the first broadcast

(+1288, -185) Those who said they won’t watch it because of Han Hyo Joo, all ended up watching it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

(+925, -83) I am asking seriously. Is it interesting?
- 36 answers saying yes in different ways. (2nd most answered comment)

yooooo I just got back from the Conjuring 2 with my pal @totallynotarobot

it was really spooky. one scene had me literally at the edge of my seat. James Wan is probably my fav director. all of his movies are really well done OvO//

there was one thing that made me laugh tho. my buddy said the main dude looks like an Elvis impersonator like 5 minutes into the movie. about an hour or so later, the character starts fucking singing an Elvis song and literally impersonating Elvis. I was fucking DYING

when we got out there was literally no one in the theater. no employees or anything. it was spooky :o

anyway, how are all of you this evening/morning? I hope you’re all doing okay uvu

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(Lighthouse anon) Shortly after they all start dating, EnnoTanaNoya all end up somewhere where they have a little jar of free mints at the front desk and Ryuu's trying reallyyyyy hard to impress his bfs so he's trying desperately hard to only take one mint candy thing bUT ITS SO HARD an he keeps glancing at the jar with this sad look on his face,,, then Enno's like "ok tbh i rlly want more of those mint things" and then Enno n Tana raided the mint jar every few minutes and Noya's just like (1/2)

“Why are you like this” and Noya has to drag them away but he’s secretly dyin bc his bfs are so cUTE and after that he starts buying them any food he can if money allows and surprises Enno and Tana with it bc nothing is better than seeing their faces light up in surprised happiness (2/2) (Lighthouse anon~)

that’s adorable oh my god I love the idea of tanaka roping ennoshita in on his shenanigans and noya spoiling his bfs?? cUte also ennotananoya is seriously one of my fave poly ships so bless u for sending this

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I see your Andrew + puzzles hc and raise you Andrew + chess

oooh YES, I like chess, you know who else does? Andrew Minyard. 

This got really long so it’s under the cut. I had to take out him playing the other foxes :////

  • Him and Neil were supposed to be on their way to Columbia, but Kevin had come barrelling in as they were packing and demanded that Neil watch a rerun of a certain pass he made during last night’s game before they leave 
  • But of course Kevin said they might as well watch the whole thing, so five minutes had turned into an hour and a half, then into 2 hours as they dissected every play 
  • Andrew would have dragged Neil away but he looked like he was enjoying himself so Andrew retreated to the window to smoke
  • Andrew is slowly running out of cigarettes, and patience 
  • Rather than kill Kevin for ruining his night, he opens up Neil’s laptop which is on the desk next to him and starts clicking through all the icons aimlessly 
  • And then he comes across games. And by games I mean those classic ones. Like solitaire, checkers, minesweeper and chess 
  • He chooses to play minesweeper first, but after figuring out how to play that in about 5 minutes he grows bored
  • Then he starts playing chess, and he chooses to play online against other people 
  • He knows the basic rules of chess, but picks it up relatively fast and soon he’s winning all the games
    • Seriously he’s won 7 games in the past half hour
    • He’s even going up in the national rankings
  • He’s not ‘enjoying’ himself per say, but it’s not half-bad. And he forgets about murdering Kevin for the time being 
  • Then Neil comes over and says Kevin’s left so they can go to Columbia. Andrew contemplates making Neil wait 2 and a half hours in return but decides against it

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55: what’s the most dramatic thing you’ve ever done to prove a point?

I have so many stories to answer this question with but it’s 2:30 am so I’m just gonna do the first one that comes to mind lol. Okay, so it’s the summer before 3rd grade, I’m 8 years old, my mom just made me move from the city into Suburbia Hellscape. Since I needed to make friends, she enrolled me in this lame summer camp being held at a middle school that’s like 5 minutes from my house. I made a few sorta-kinda-friends, but what I really made were enemies. There were these two main bitchy 4th grade girls (and then their gang of Side Character Minions), who lowkey terrorized me all summer. Tbh I’m still a little bitter and it’s been like 12 years. Okay, so I’d been in the camp for about a month and a talent show was coming up. Desperate to get peace, the camp leaders thought it would be a great idea to force me to perform with the Bitch Clique, even though I had signed up to perform solo. But they told me unless they had good reason, we had to perform together. Okay, so the girls (let’s call them Elle and G) decided they wanted to do a cheer routine, right? And they very specifically wanted to do this routine to Holla Back Girl by Gwen Stefani. Hoooowever, they had to find a way to censor the word ‘shit’ during the banana-chanting part (that was the main part they wanted to use), so I was like ‘omg why not switch out the curse with ‘camp’! Then you’ll get points for camp spirit!!!’ and they liked the idea. So then I help them plan out their whole fucking cheer routine, right, like I worked very hard because I like to win. So then like…3 fucking days before the talent show, fucking Elle and G and their Side Character Minions go to the camp leaders and just???? Tell them I was being uncooperative and lazy and refusing to help them???? And all this other bullshit so I get KICKED OUT OF THE GROUP. AND THEY’RE STILL PLANNING TO USE ALL THE STUFF I CAME UP WITH. Oh my God. And then Elle did that really stereotypical ‘I-will-always-be-better-than-you’ line because my life was literally a fucking Coming of Age novel. So I let myself cry in the bathroom for exactly 2 minutes and then I was OUT FOR FUCKING BLOOD. I went out to the main area and flat out tapped-and-recruited 3 other girls that Elle and G had been messing with, had been messing with even longer than me because they’d all been going to the camp for years. I pulled them outside to the soccer field, and we planned our means of attack: Winning the talent show. We notified a worker that we were fucking in and they didn’t want to let us sign up because there was only 3 days left and everyone else had 2 weeks to prepare. But we overpowered him with our combined charm, talent, intelligence and puppy dog eyes. Then we set to work: We spent the rest of that day and all the next day and the morning of the day of the talent show rehearsing non-stop. We had our harmonies down, we had all the dance moves we created memorized perfectly. One girl convinced her mom to come in and do makeup for us so we looked fierce as 8 and 9 year olds could possibly look. I stole a cheetah print shirt out of my aunt’s room and we cut it into four strips so we’d have something matching over our various black-and-white clothes. I think two girls used them as belts, one as a scarf, and I tied mine around my forehead. We looked fucking great and we were ready. And then, after the Bitch Clique performed their (my) rendition of Holla Back Girl, our group was called up to perform and we all took the time to dedicate our performance to any bullies out there who wanted us to fail. ‘Shade’ was not a term back then but everyone felt it. And then…the four of us united together and performed the BEST God damn performance of ‘Cinderella’ from the Cheetah Girls that anyone had ever freaking witnessed. I honestly wish someone had thought to film it because it was amazing, everything went perfectly, I’d never felt so great in my life, we got a standing ovation! And then, walking out into the crowd amongst the applause after our performance, I went up to Elle and G, and I honest to God do not remember what I said but it was probably something super cliché for a triumphant climax in a Coming of Age novel, but I do remember their pissed off and offended faces and I’ m pretty sure another girl smeared their lipstick. But yeah…guess I was better than them lmao

Me: honestly I’m not even sure I’m allowed to take (I think it was a Brazilian drivers license, I’m in America. The ID was a slightly larger than a business card piece of paper in a ) but it looks like it expired last year so I definitely can’t take it.
Her: oh I didn’t know I haven’t been to Brazil in a while.

I make the hookah, take it out. Probably 30 minutes after checking the ID she says : Hun, it’s actually the issue date. It’s ok I know you can’t take it anyways.

But I’m just like
1) we both agreed it was expired 30 minutes ago
2) you made it sound like you haven’t gone back in years so how was it issued mid to late December
3) this is exactly why I don’t think I can’t accept it. If I can’t read the ID how can I validate it?

Now I’m gonna have to google or something to figure this out for my own piece of mind. But I did tips training (ID and over serving kind of stuff) and I can’t remember that being in there.

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Prompts for going to a rave and taking drugs and alcohol?

The music was so loud that she couldn’t understand it. Ariel jumped to what she assumed was the beat, feeling her body brush against those around her, a speck in a crowd of ravers. All her senses were being overloaded at once. The noises and smells and contact drowning her mind in euphoria. She should not have told her mother she’d be home by 2 am.

The alcohol tasted like piss and burned it’s way down his throat. He made a sour face after each sip, waiting for the liquor to hit him. Ten minutes later, the music no longer hurt his ears and his fingers felt numb.

“Those brownies tasted kinda gross.”
“Whoa, dude, how many did you eat?”
“Gimme a sec, I’m just gonna look how much marijuana it takes to kill an adult.”

The next morning, only pieces of the night came back to me. I remembered arriving at the rave, delving into the rumbling crowd. With only the strobe lights to illuminate my surroundings, I quickly got separated from my friends. After that… after that I had a few drinks and made out with a guy who had a beard. At least, I hope it was a beard. The only other thing I can remember is crying on the sidewalk because I dropped my ice cream.

Nicholas avoided the alcohol, remember the horrors of his first (and, to date, last) hang over. He did, however, take a few hits from the hand rolled blunt his friend passed to him. The effects rolled over him almost immediately.
Nicholas felt as if he’d been carrying a weight on his shoulders he’d never known about until someone else came along and lifted it from him. The world was brighter and the music sweeter.
He knew, without a doubt, that he was going to do this again.

(As a side note: most of the effects of alcohol are not noticed by a drunk person. More info on that here. Finding a similar source for the effects of drugs will be easy to search up if you have a specific drug in mind. If you’re writing from first person, remember that your character’s thoughts and the things they notice may be different than usual.)

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luke having a huge humiliation kink and when him and ashton are fucking ashton makes comments about lukes cock being so tiny and making luke say he could never make anyone feel as good as ashton makes him, and luke reaches down to stroke himself but ashton goes "why even try to stroke your little cock you cum in 2 minutes anyway" and luke just loses it and cums all over him stomach and when ashton cums inside luke's mouth he tells him to swallow and to clean up his mess he made on his stomach

IM DEAD I LIVE FOR ASHTON MAKING FUN OF THE SIZE OF LUKE’S DICK luke would love it so much like he gets off to being humiliated and made fun of so if ashton says certain things enough times he could easily make luke cum in his pants if he wanted to and he’d just treat luke like a toy because luke likes degradation im screaming

The rules are answer 11 questions and write your own 11. I was tagged by @emmzygrace

1.) Space, the ocean, or land?

The ocean is pretty to look at, but I don’t really like being in it

2.) Writing or typing?

Typing. I only handwrite very special notes or letters.

3.) Celeb crush?

James Roday

Originally posted by indianashawn

4.) What animal would you want to be?

A dolphin

5.) What TV show/movie/book/world would you want to live in?

Psych. Maybe Doctor Who. I’d say Supernatural, but let’s be honest– I’d die in like, 5 minutes.

6.) Favorite inside joke with ur bff

There’s so many. But one of the most recent ones was when my friend and I went to St. Louis and the GPS made a really weird noise and I asked her what it was and she just said “Unsure”.

That sounds really dumb, but it was hilarious. And so now that’s her go-to answer for anything I ask her.

7.) Favorite blog?

There’s so many good ones! But I have a soft spot for fanart ones that do cute little drawings of SPN, like @ask-tinycas )

8.) What mythical creature would ou want to be?

I know everyone says mermaid, but it would be kind of cool.

Or a dwarf or elf, if that meant I could marry Kili (HE’S NOT DEAD IN MY IMAGINATION)

9.) What do you want to be real in the future

Acceptance of everyone

10.) What song is currently stuck in your head?

L.A. Devotee by Panic!

11.) Last thing you Googled?

That Sheldon gif I used earlier…

My questions:

1. What’s your opinion on the galaxy trend?

2. Comedies or dramas?

3. Favorite movie and why?

4. Fiction or nonfiction?

5. Fictional character that you think would be the best romantic partner/spouse for you?

6. Favorite Disney movie?

7. Favorite thing to do at an amusement park?

8. Talent you wish you had?

9. Food you’re craving at the moment?

10. Favorite piece of clothing or accessory you own?

11. What movie are you looking forward to in the coming year?

Again, I’m terrible at tagging… but I want all of you to do this!!! :D

I wish I could just skip the rest of the days and, like, go hiking in Banff but:

(1) two out of three organizers made a point out of talking to me personally

(2) even if not, I am….very noticeable among the rest of mathematicians, as you might’ve gathered from my conference selfies, so my absence would be noted

(3) …especially during the exercise sessions, because those are held in small groups, and even if i don’t say a word (of course) I’m still supposed to be there

(4) none of which would matter if it was actually a conference and NOT A SUMMER SCHOOL

I just really can’t stand math these days, so I’m just sitting in the lecture hall playing pokemon go for a full day (right on top of a pokestop oh yeah)