Sweenor’s Chocolates of Cranston has been a fixture in the state for over 60 years.  Schoolteacher Walter Sweenor began making chocolates in his basement during World War II, and in 1955 opened his first retail shop. The business has been family owned for three generations, with two locations and an online business.

Today Sweenor’s is Rhode Island’s largest chocolate manufacturer.

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19. how would u react if ur new s/o said “i love you” less than a week into the relationship

this happened to me when i was 14 and it was with a girl i made out with at rhode island comic con over a game of spin the bottle. and i asked her out and she agreed. we happened to live really close and would go to the library and totally make out every afternoon for a few days. one day she put on owl city and “fireflies” was labelled “our song” (this is before it became a meme on this hellsite you fucking losers) and she turned to me as it was ending and was like “ily” and i didn’t really know what to do but over the next few days i kept avoiding her and i know i hurt her feelings and i shoulda been like “um no love pls i am 14 and we’ve been together 4 days” but instead she broke up with me after 3 days of brushing her off

26. what non-physical appearance related thing do you like most about yourself

i like that i have such a strong grasp of the english language, and that i know how to use it in persuasion, humor, academics, and communication effectively.

27. describe your ideal partner

this was a trick question bc holding ppl to ideals will only make your expectations unattainable for potential mates. basically if you are a cutie patootie (aka most of yall), fall within a few years of my age (16-21 is my limit) and don’t have the personality of a brick of cement i will probably get a crush on u cause i have 0 self control

Made it to Rhode Island! I’m going to be free Monday through Thursday (with some family plans on Wednesday that I can get out of easily enough if I want). Any mutuals in the area want to hang (maybe stream Myst like half-man-half-lime and i did with The Witness?), hmu

After 7 days and 2,301 miles, Gunther and I made it to Providence, Rhode Island. I’ll be teaching a 5-week Wintersession course, “Design for TV Animation,” at my alma mater, the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). I have wanted to teach there ever since I was a student, and the timing finally worked out, though it is just a short stint. This is my first time teaching, so here goes nothing!

Currently celebrating its 100th year in business, Yacht Club Bottling Works is a family owned beverage company in North Providence. Considered the official soda and water company of Rhode Island, their products are made with cane sugar, not corn syrup. 

As a Green company, they have a long-standing tradition of accepting and reusing returned bottles. However, their bottle washer broke down in December 2014, and as it is not replaceable, it is currently in the process of being rebuilt. They will not be accepting bottle returns until further notice.

Purchased nearly 40 years ago by Don Scarlata, Colonial Mills continues the long-standing New England tradition of manufacturing braided rugs for sale at major retailers throughout the country. The company also makes braided baskets and bowls. All Colonial Mills products are made in an old brick mill building on Mineral Springs, though the company has plans to move to another mill building in Pawtucket within the next year.
Help me out maybe?

I’ve never actually done this before, but a really shitty thing happened to me. My boyfriend and I packed almost all of my stuff into my car and hit the road in California so I could move to the East Coast with him, and in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming my car broke down, and when we were towed to a repair shop I learned it would need a new motor, something neither I nor anyone in my family could afford. So we hauled all of my stuff from the shop to a motel, and the only way we could afford to get home was to take a Greyhound, meaning I had to consolidate all of my belongings into one small duffel bag and one 1.5 cubic ft. box. I ended up having to get rid of 4 garbage bags full of clothes and a couple pairs of shoes. I’m so grateful we made it to Rhode Island safe and sound, but unfortunately now I have no car, which makes it hard to get a job, and we are trying our best to save our money to get a cheap mode of transportation so we can get a cheap mode of transportation (my boyfriend is the only one with a source of income at this time and we still often have to buy food for the house). All I’m asking is that you take a look at my wish list (the clothing items on it, I mean) and maybe buy a thing or two if you can spare it? I tried to add clothes that were around or less than $30, I just need a few more basic things to help replace what I had to get rid of because of our incident. If you can’t buy, I completely understand, and even just boosting this would be greatly appreciated. Tl,dr; i just need some new clothes because life screwed me over and made me get rid of 70% of what i own. Any help is appreciated. Thanks for reading!