Another great Rhode Island tradition, the Awful Awful, can be found at the Newport Creamery, a Rhode Island-based company that first opened in Newport in 1932. 

The Awful Awful is a blend of flavored syrup, milk, and a secret frozen ice milk mix. As the slogan goes, “they’re awful big, they’re awful good!” Drink three and the fourth one’s free.

Ceramic Horseshoe Crabs - Critters - Made From RI

When we go to the beach, it is inevitable that we will find a Horseshoe Crab (Limulus Polyphemus) or the shell of a Horseshoe Crab. It’s just going to happen and this is part of the charm of a walk upon the sand by the shore.

At Made From RI, we love seeing these critters, so we have brought in a ceramic version of the Horseshoe Crab. This is a great way to bring home the charm of the shore and still leave part of that charm in a “leave no trace” manner.

Horseshoe Crabs are often referred to as “living fossils” because fossils of their ancestors are dated back almost 450 million years–that’s 200 million years before dinosaurs existed. Despite inhabiting the earth for so long, Horseshoe Crab body forms have seen only small changes.

Some details about the Ceramic Horseshoe Crab at Made From RI: (follow the link to to get yours)

• Each ceramic Horseshoe Crab is individually hand crafted
• Each is approximately 4 by ½ thick
• Low profile ceramic loop on back for convenient hanging with wire
• Each Horseshoe Crab is made with the same basics of size shape and color but may vary slightly due to the nature of being handmade

Before we depart these thoughts on the Horseshoe Crab, did you know that Horseshoe Crabs are an important part of the ecology of our coastal communities? During the Horseshoe Crab nesting season, especially in the mid-Atlantic States, their eggs become the major food source for migrating birds. Over 50 percent of the diet of many shorebird species consists of Horseshoe Crab eggs. Many bird species have been observed feeding on Horseshoe Crab eggs. In addition, many fish species rely on Horseshoe Crab eggs for food.

Currently celebrating its 100th year in business, Yacht Club Bottling Works is a family owned beverage company in North Providence. Considered the official soda and water company of Rhode Island, their products are made with cane sugar, not corn syrup. 

As a Green company, they have a long-standing tradition of accepting and reusing returned bottles. However, their bottle washer broke down in December 2014, and as it is not replaceable, it is currently in the process of being rebuilt. They will not be accepting bottle returns until further notice.

Ruler Bracelet - English measurements - ½ in - Bracelets - Made From RI

“The Full Measure of a man is not to be found in the man himself, but in the colors and textures that come alive in others because of him.” - Albert Schweitzer

Why a Ruler Bracelet for Men? What better to show and express the “Full Measure of a man”? That which has integrity, constant truth, and reliability - the virtues one can count on. Such a powerful symbol.

This symbol of a true measure is available by clicking through to Made From RI ( Here are some details of this quality piece of Rhode Island made jewelry:

  • English markings are etched on the outside and metric markings are on the inside
  • Stainless steel ruler bracelet is one size fits most
  • High grade stainless steel
  • Sized 1/2″ x 6″

Founded by Angelo DeLucia, the Del’s Frozen Lemonade company has been a Rhode Island tradition since 1948. The first Del’s were served out of a push cart in Cranston, and the company carries on the tradition to this day with Del’s trucks located around the state during the summer season. 

Del’s was runner-up to be named the Official State Drink of Rhode Island, beaten out by coffee milk. It now comes in eight flavors and can be found in twenty states and even internationally.

A true Rhode Island tradition, it’s just not summer without Del’s.

Black Point Tide Pool - RI Images - Made From RI

Whenever we decide to start traipsing around the boulders we find the love stopping by and taking a good look at the tide pools. If one visits the Rhode Island shore at all, they can be found everywhere (be it Watch Hill, Point Judith, Rocky Point, Beavertail, or here at Black Point in Narragansett).

Every tide pool is a little different as is the life that can be found in them. At Back Point, we typically find some mussels, a variety of algae, and often hermit crabs. The life that will be found depends on a number of factors such as the amount of light on the particular spot and how often how often the water is refreshed. These factors mean that we can find several tide pools in the same area that have different life in them.

Another option is to just sit and watch these wonders. The patterns made as the waves wash in is often mesmerizing. 

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