MCM’s planned program content for Worlds 2017! He’ll be attempting that quad loop! I hope he can land it~! Go MCM!

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@ non-English speaking Ososan fandom

Imagine Osomatsu-san dubbed in your country’s language

How would that turn out


Hidilyn Diaz waves to the crowd in tears after winning the silver medal for the Philippines in the Women’s 53kg weightlifting contest during the Rio 2016 Olympics, August 7, 2016

She ended the Philippines’ 20-year drought in the Olympics and became the first Filipina to win a medal in the Olympics. This is the country’s first non-boxing medal since 1936 and is only the third silver medal in Philippine history. Congratulations!


“You don’t understand! He would have killed me, Sirius!”
“Then you should’ve died! Died rather than betray your friends! 
As we would have done for you!”


Ahhhh! I have the best most supportive manager! You see this mortar and pestle? This beautiful real marble hand made in the Philippine province of Roblin mortar and pestle??!!! My manager got it for me! Which is amazing cuz he’s pretty creeped out about me being a witch! But my gosh! I love it!! Yay for my first mortar and pestle!

reading that fan story about niall in Philippines made me realize how once niall tweeted along the lines of ‘i wish you guys could know me’ and to have him remember a fan, someone who respected his privacy and treated him like a normal human being instead of an object, is so essentially him. to form a connection over a conversation that could flit between his travel details and random stories is so endearing to me? to know my fav is out here being the only thing he knows. that is himself. i love niall.