What’s happening in Marawi City is an emergency and a tragedy but PLEASE avoid calling them ISIS fighters. They are part of the Maute Group, an Islamist group that has pledged allegiance to ISIS and Abu Bakr.

Calling them ISIS fighters would make many people think that foreign terrorists have made their way into the Philippines, making this seem like an issue of international security instead of domestic/regional. What that does is put the Philippines at further risk of imperialist intervention in this era of the global ‘war on terror’.

So please avoid rhetoric that plays into imperialist hysteria, because if there’s one thing that will make this situation a whole lot worse, it will be a whole bunch of Westerners calling for Western powers to come ‘save’ the Phillipines.

Salamat sa lahat 

Jack: Listen, Danny, you probably don’t want to do that.

Danny: Why not? It’s just a portal.

Jack: This isn’t just any old portal. It’s the Ghost Portal. It’s kinda like a doorway which leads from this world to the ghost world.

Danny: But it says “Made in the Philippines”.

Jack: Yes, but not this Philippines.


Hello world!

I have been going to my OB once to twice a week now until I deliver. Also, growth scan every week. I’m considered high risk due to my diabetes and advanced maternal age. Today, we did the non stress test and ultrasound. Everything is going well and I’m happy and relieved. I just hate that my FMLA is eaten up by my weekly appointments. I have been saving my sick and vacation time so I’ll still get paid when I go on my maternity leave. Sigh.

I made pancit last weekend. My appetite is still shot. I eat so I can take my meds. Eating is not for enjoyment anymore. I don’t have the ‘eating for two’ bug. Sometimes, my husband gets so upset because I hardly eat. I literally have to force feed myself. The rare moments that I crave for something, I indulge myself. I made pancit and ate a ton. 😂

How cute is the onesie? A coworker gave it to me. Yep, baby was made in the Philippines. Ah, vacation sex. LOL.

Last pic is my fave combo. The salty spocy shrimp flavored munchies downed by cold coke. This used to be my after school snack. Ah, the simple things in life!


!!!!!!!!PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!

So I know the chances of this working out are very small, but every bit of help counts.

The woman in the pictures above is my beautiful mother on her wedding day 18 years ago.

Upon unboxing what we thought was her wedding dress, we realized that we’ve been holding onto the WRONG DRESS for 18 years.

The Cleaning place where my parents had gotten the dress professionally preserved MIXED UP THE ORDERS and gave my Mom the WRONG dress.

This dress was made in the Philippines, along with the shirt my Dad wore to their wedding. My Mom, who was born there, said that her dress was one of the last pieces of her home country that she held on to. And now it’s gone.

Today, on Thanksgiving, (November 26th, 2015) I watched my Mother break down in tears when she realized her wedding dress was lost.

The dress was preserved near Wauconda IL. If you have any idea where her dress may have ended up, or by a slim chance you are the person who has this dress, please contact me. Send me a message.

Even if you don’t live in the area, please help me and SIGNAL BOOST THIS. I want to do as much as I can for my mom, and possibly find it.

Thank you for your time.

anonymous asked:

hey there, i just wanted to ask a question, in the latest comic you made, you referred to the Philippines as a chunk of disaster, do you have any resentment towards that country???

omg no! Well half-half yes, but that’s because I live in PH. The comic isn’t to express my resentment though, quite the opposite actually. 

The whole comic had Frisk missing their home, even asked the others to have picnics which is a thing for most Filipinos do in New Year’s Eve (at least to me anyway). Frisk saying “that chunk of disaster is my homeland” is a way of saying that even if it is a disaster, they still love their homeland.


history films then were considered too academic and boring. i’m pretty sure a lot of students didn’t look forward to the reaction papers they had to write on these films required by their school because hey history

and then something happened; in about three years’ time, historical films and television series were released one after another. however, it was not until “heneral luna” did history films claim the spotlight which we can say is overdue

however, this is what i’m curious about, and this is what i also fear: 

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