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Summary: Jensen flies home earlier than planned and what he finds in his house is a pleasant surprise.

Prompt: “Um…did you move into my house?“

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,061 

Requested by: @tas898

Jensen lets out a huge sigh of relief pulling into his garage. He throws his dark gray SUV in park and hauls ass into his country styled house, suitcases in tow. He’s finally made it home to Austin, after a grueling few weeks of shooting nonstop. 

Sighing dramatically, Jensen decides it’s time to stuff his face with junk food and catch up on Game of Thrones. Humming to himself, he makes way down the hall but then suddenly freezes. He’s hearing loud movements and…a Seinfeld rerun playing?

For a split second, the thought that someone broke in crosses his tired mind. His dumb ass quickly remembers the house has an extensive alarm system so the noise must be from you.

You being his long time best friend that randomly checks on the house when he’s gone. Other than his parents and Jared, you’re the only one he trusts to do that. You’re one of the few he trusts in general actually.

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anonymous asked:

1/3 Hi! First of all I wanted to confess I absolutely adore your blog, I'm always excited when you published a new post. It seems that you've been following J2 from the start, so I'm wondering do you think they are acting bolder now? Especially Jensen, he has dropped so many bombs since, I don't know, S10? The “No, not ‘hey guys’. This is for us.” and "damn is he loveable" and the almost kiss...Jensen has no shame at all, I love him.

Dear Anon,

Please accept this gift

as my apologies for taking forever and a day, as that beautiful Oasis song, and please don’t go away.

Thank you for your lovely words and I’m glad my ramblings make sense to you. There’s a name for that condition tho, when two people share in each other’s craziness, my dear friend Freud called it folie à deux.

I guess it shows that my J2 Madness has been with me for long. Yes, J2 chemistry got me good and hard on the first episode of SPN that I watched, back in 2005. I remember looking at Jensen, especially, and thinking: “man… That boy is a good actor but I guess he didn’t get that look quite right. That’s not how you look at your brother.” So, the what’s wrong with this picture made me search for the actors and, sure enough, there were rumors, of course. As for me, well…

But let’s get to your question. You’re absolutely right:  the Js have been acting bolder and bolder, especially after the move to Austin, the #AustinEra. Jensen has let his Alpha show after his Beta’s breakdown in 2015; he may have managed to avoid his boy’s breakdown in 2014 but it eventually exploded in the following year. I’d say the events that lead to Jensen’s move to Austin, made him show to the world he is an Alpha through and through—and what an amazing Alpha he is! After the 2015 Breakdown, his Alpha became even more dominant and it is now impossible, at least for me, to see him as anything but.

During the early years of J2, Jensen was much more reserved to the outer world but at the same time, they couldn’t help but show how in love they were—the difference is that they were mostly free men and the rumors didn’t fly above the radar. Their chemistry bled through the characters and all was well until people started talking. J2 were not careful. Vancouver is a liberal town with people who really don’t bother with your gayness or fame, so they started being sloppy. They ended up drawing attention from a then famous gossiper, Ted Casablanca, who probably had an ITK source, and waited until the boys premiered the movies they had filmed to start gossiping about them, linking them to Blind Vices.

Let me just make a quick pit stop here and tell you that half this info is true and the other half either a case of misinformation or purposefully twisted for effect. Jared (supposedly Judas) would never have acted like that towards Jensen. J2 were always a unit, there was nothing one would do behind the other’s back; what we see now has always been their M.O. Those were difficult times for them but they were fighting together, not against each other. So read the blinds but with a grain of salt.

The Js indeed, rumor has it, were pressured to take measures to cover their relationship, as early as 2008. Take this resurrected thread on spn_gossip, for instance:

Anon 1:

Anon 2:

As for Jensen “I Don’t Give A Fuck” Ackles, I’m pretty sure he’s had it with bearding and PR. He’s suffered the pains of hiding himself and has seen more than his share of suffering from his loved one. I’ll tell you what: there is no need for damage control for their slips simply because the marriages, kids and wife stans have given those boys free rein to even kiss on a Con stage, I’d say. We see it every day when TinHats point something out and are attacked by #Hetards defending J2’s heterosexuality.

Most of all, I think Jesen IDGAF Ackles has had it with #Hetards. They started off just being an annoying source of awkward laughter but are now a source of second-hand embarrassment, managing to be annoying to the point of repeating stupid same questions again

and again:

And always being unceremoniously squashed by our Alpha (All hail to you, KingJensen!).

I know that 2017 seems to have started with two left feet but nothing the Js do is unplanned. These men are strategists and I believe the events we’ve seen since the beginning of the year are telling us J2 are laying the groundwork for the end of SPN, and the end of their bearding contracts. Just take a few things into consideration and a possible hidden meaning to them:

— Launching of Family Business –> DH’s and her family’s financial security

— G’s IG –> the fame she wants so much

— J2 not being seen outside work/Cons –> they’re not attached to the hip and they're obviously not together

J2 have 2017 and 2018 to carry out their plan and let their Beards walk on their own feet. Then, by the time episode 300 is done we will see changes. Do you want to bet?

LISA the Painful (Fan-made Trailer)

Made By: A Huge Pancake

“Ayy. I’m thinking of creating a LISA encounter animation. If you have anything that you’d want to see happen in the encounter, or maybe any sprites, please let me know.

I may not reply to many comments, but I am reading them.

Made with Cinema 4D, Premiere Pro and After Effects. (CC 2015) & (R17).” 

― Video Description

Austin Carlile Smut/Fluff - The One Where You're Friends.

*a/n I know, I’m rubbish at posting stuff on time*

You got out of bed and immediately checked your phone, there was a text from Austin on there.
*We’re going to the beach, fancy joining us?
Love A*
For some reason you always smiled when you got a text or a phone call from him. He was your best friend, has been for years, you went to school with him and him being a few years older you were still there when he went off touring the world. But you loved him nontheless.
*Of course I will, half hour I’ll be over, same spot as usual I’m guessing,
Love ‘y/n’*

You got dressed, deciding on shorts and a really oversized top to keep you cool. You put a bikini on underneath although you probably wouldn’t have to confidence to wear it in front of all the boys.

“Hey 'y/n’” the boys said in unison when you turned up, and Austin gave you a quick hug. It was nice, because being the only girl and the only one not in the band you should have been treated like an outcast but they have always accepted you as one of the boys, which was nice but sometimes difficult as you were still a girl.
You played a bizarre version of baseball on the beach for a few hours.

“Hey boys, I’m gonna some drinks if you wants some?”
You asked hoping they wouldn’t being 5 of them and you were lazy.
“I’m okay thanks” Aaron said.
Alan, Tino and Phil all followed by mumbling 'no thank you’.
“Hang on 'y/n’, I’ll grab something, I’ll come with you”
He ran up behind you grabbing your waist, he picked you up and you began kicking a screaming at him to let you down.
“Austinnnnmnn stopppp” you said and pouted.
“Fine, get on my back I’ll take you to the shop”
You jumped on and he carried you the entire journey over.
You slid off and he walked next to you into the shop opening the door for you. You found what you wanted and you both went to the till, you placed your stuff on the counter.
“Hey look I’ll pay for that” he said and his hand brushed across your’s sending chills down your body, but in a good way.
“Thank you” you said and smiled at him.
“You’re a good boyfriend” the cashier said to Austin “he’s a keeper” the cashier and Austin looked at me.
“Um, we’re not a couple haha, just good friends” Austin looked down.

“I’ll race you across the beach to the boys” you said to him.
“Okay, but you know I’m going to win 'y/n’, loser has to drive home!”
“Fine, ready, set, g-” you didn’t finish and started sprinting towards the boys, they were in view then all off a sudden you were dragged to the ground with a thud.
Austin was sat on top of you.
“Hey, that’s not fairrrr. Get offfff” you jokingly whined and pouted.
“Make me” Austin growled and winked, his lips getting closer to yours, you were on the brink of something but you weren’t sure what.
“Hey Austin!” A voice in the distance shouted. “Come on dude we’re going soon” it was Phil.
Whilst he was distracted you pushed him off and sprinted to where the boys were.
“Jheeze girl, you can run” Phil said.
We all watched Austin struggling to run back with the bags of shopping in his hands.
“Well I guess you’re driving me home!” You said teasing him.

“But 'y/n’ lives in the opposite direction and she bought her car’ Alan exclaimed.
"Well I’ll drive her car and you guys can drive mine back, me and 'y/n’ made a deal” Austin threw his car keys and Alan.
“Okay dude, shall we make our way back to the cars then?”
“Yeah, I see you lot tomorrow”

You both walked in silence to the car, it wasn’t an awkward silence though, it was one of those ones where it doesn’t matter because you’re so comfortable with eachother you just enjoy the company whether they are talking or not.

“I’ll take those” you said to Austin and took the bags from him, brushing his hand again putting them in the trunk.
“I’ve had a thought 'y/n’” Austin jumped in the passenger seat and put his belt on. “How about we go to mine and just hang out for a bit, just the two of us, like old times, I mean you don’t have to, but yeah?” His words stumbled out like a teenage boy asking a girl to prom.
“Yeah sure, I get to see the dog too” you said and winked.
“Good” he put his hand on your thigh and squeezed it reassuringly.
His touch made you jump slightly.
“Sorry, I don’t know why I did that” he said and moved his hand back onto his lap.
“It’s alright” you smiled and carried on driving.
You and Austin sang songs badly to the radio for the rest of the journey, you were completely at ease with him.

“I might as well leave the stuff in the car” you said to him as you pulled up on the drive.
You opened the door with your key, he cut for you when he first moved in just in case you ever needed to see him.
“You first” you gestured him to go in.
“Haha, being let into my own home, why thank you” he bowed at you jokingly.
The dog came bundling up to him and smothered him in kisses.
“Hey, hey baby girl” he whispered at the dog rubbing her belly.
You were mesmerised by him, how the man who can scream with such aggression on stage can turn into such a softie in the presence of a dog. You were smiling in a daydream at the thought of him.
He looked up and smiled a warm smile at you, and walked towards you.
“Hey, why are you grinning like a big idot” He said to you, still inching closer.
“Am I? - I mean I don’t know, I guess I was just thinking about how you’re a massive softie”
You said letting out a little laugh.
“Oh am I really?” He said in a sarcastic sulky tone.
“Yeah haha”
“I’m only like that around cute things, like dogs and yo-” he cut off his final word realising that he may have said too much.
“And what?” You were intrigued.
He edged closer still and moved and stray hair from your face, stroking your cheek gently.
“And you 'y/n’” his lips softly brushed against yours.
You stepped back.
“Sorry, I shouldn’t have” he panicked.
“No, don’t apologise let me try that again” you were shocked, it was amazing, how something so gentle made you feel that way. You moved forwards again and kissed him.
He kissed back, with his hands cupped around your face again, one moved to your back which sent tingles down your spine.
His tongue was begging for entrance, you parted your lips slightly, but it didn’t feel forceful, it was just perfect.
Both of his hands moved lower down onto your hips, he paused as if to check it was ok, you relaxed into his hands and he carried on.
His kisses moved and hit your neck, causing you to moan. He hit the sweet spot on your collar bone, causing you to move your body up into his, you could feel his crotch against your leg.
He stopped kissing you.
“Are you okay? I mean is this okay? Did you want to go upstairs? We don’t have to, I’m not saying I don’t want to but if you don-”
He was still being so cute.
“Of course I want to”
On the last word he scooped you up bridal style, took you upstairs and placed you on the bed.
He hovered above you and planted kisses on your neck again sliding your top above your head and untying your bikini, the fabric brushing over your nipples made you whimpered. They needed attention, you were so turned on.
Austin heard your whimpered and kissed down your chest reaching one of your nipples and sucked and bit it gently sending waves of pleasure across your body. Austin’s name left your lips in a moan.
His other hand massaged your other breast and you unbuttoned your shorts, taking his hand of your breasts and placing it on your crotch. He put his hand underneath the fabric of your shorts and bikini bottoms, he rubbed circles lightly on your clit. Your body reacted by grinding yourself against his hand.
The room was filled with the sound of your moans.
He took your bottoms off completely and moved his body so his head was between your legs, he’d never looked so gorgeous.
“Are you comfortable with this?” He looked up and asked.
“Mmhmm” was all you could manage.
His tongue flicked your clit, your hips bucked towards him in pleasure. This caused him to move his tongue faster in shapes around you driving you insane.
“You taste so sweet baby” he said pausing for a moment and looking into your eyes, this only turned you on even more.
He gently pushed two fingers into you, letting you adjust and slowly pumped them in and out, whilst rubbing you clit with his thumb.
The room was just filled with the sound of your moans and heavy breathing.
You felt close, your moans got louder and he could tell without you uttering a word, he sped up and put his other hand back on one of your breasts, bringing you to the brink, you came and he continued until you rode out your high.
He sat back up and laid himself next to you in the bed.
“So what happens now?” You asked.
“Well, I think you hold my hand, we have a shower and I’ll make us some food.” He said squeezing my hand.
“I mean what about us?”
“Well, I’m completely and utterly in love with you, and have been for years, I love you 'y/n’” he said and smiled.
“Well, that’s good because I love you too” you kissed him on the cheek.

Ex-Jock: Part 2

My new-found friends were loads of fun, but I didn’t have much to do during the day when they were working. I soon became bored, and increasingly poor. One night, I met an incredibly cute and charming man while I was out. He was a little bit nerdy, wore glasses, worked at Amazon, and had a slight dadbod. His name was Austin. He bought me drinks all night long and treated me to some drunken fast food at 2am. I was pretty forward about my eagerness to let him fuck me, so he took me back to his loft. I was floored by his living situation. He had a sizable home, decked out in the most modern furnishings one could imagine. He was clearly very well off.

After that night, Austin and I began hanging out almost every day. Two weeks later, we were boyfriends. Things were moving fast, but it felt right. Austin loved my tight body and I was equally attracted to his soft little belly and squishy thighs. We had great sex. As time progressed, Austin bought me some cheap furniture and would occasionally give me money for food. We spent every day together and almost every night in his loft. After we had been together for a few months and the money I saved was almost gone, Austin made the decision that I should move in with him. He would continue to pay my rent so I had a place for alone time, and he would also give me a weekly stipend of $500.

I acclimated very quickly to my newfound life of luxury. Austin always kept a mason jar full of pot around and I picked up a bit of a marijuana habit. While he was at work, I would laze around the house in my undies, smoking blunts, and watching TV on a massive screen with surround sound. Austin had a sweet tooth and there was always a pantry full of expensive treats for when I got the munchies. Furthermore, with all the money he was giving me, I was able to order gourmet pizza almost daily, and have any food under the sun delivered to my doorstep. I also picked up a taste for expensive, craft beer. Back home, I never had anything fancier than Rainier or PBR, but in Seattle there was a world of breweries to choose from.

Another perk of being with Austin was his Uber account. I never had to climb the treacherous hills of Seattle on foot again. I could simply ride from bar to club to fast food joint every night. It was amazing. Not surprisingly, my ripped and toned body soon began to soften. Soft fat filled the crevices between my muscles, and before I knew it I had gained a good twenty pounds. This was exacerbated by Austin’s appetite. He was a pudgy man, and work kept him both inactive and stressed, which led to a lot of overeating. It was hard not to follow suit when Austin would come home from work and order a three course meal to the house plus a bottle of wine, and then eat the leftovers three hours later before bed. Most nights I fell asleep completely stuffed with expensive and fattening foods.

Eventually I stopped doing my daily morning push ups. Austin began making jokes here and there, occasionally pinching my belly and acting surprised. As time progressed this escalated to teasing and “loving insults” as he liked to call them. I liked my large and muscular frame, but I had gotten it from doing sports and manual labor back home. Austin bought me a gym membership, but working out in a gym was monotonous and boring. I liked my body however it was, and frankly, working out seemed pointless and vain.

My skin tight club clothes didn’t last long as the numbers on the scale continued to rise. I ripped out the thighs of almost all my jeans. Most of my tank tops and tees barely covered the fat roll that accumulated on my midsection. I knew I was getting fatter, but I didn’t really mind. I was enjoying my lazy lifestyle in Austin’s lap of luxury. I also stopped trimming and shaving my entire body. My chest hair grew in thicker than I had ever seen it before and I now had a sizable bush that would put a 70s porn star to shame. I even stopped shaving my face, which Austin liked at first. However, once the beard got too long it became another subject for his constant teasing.  

Quite frankly, I was completely letting myself go- and I didn’t really mind.

Well...That Was Awkward (Austin Carlile)

a/n: Wow. Jesus. This may be cheesy and I might’ve sorta maybe changed it up a bit. Them Austin feels, man….they hit you hard.


Your P.O.V:

Alright. Everything was packed and ready to go.

Clothes? Check. Toothbrush? Check. Bathroom necessities? Check. Paperwork and computer? Check and check. I let out a sigh as I finished shuffling through my suitcase. I had everything I needed. Moving my eyes from the zipped bag to the nightstand, they landed on a picture frame. It was a photo from the beach that was taken on a family outing. Two smiling faces in that picture brought one of my own to my lips. My husband, Austin and Bryn, our 15 year old daughter. I moved forward to grab a hold of the frame and starred at it for what seemed like an eternity.

Tears were starting to spring up to my eyes, but I didn’t noticed until one fell onto the glass, splashing our smiles. Stop crying. It’s just for a couple weeks. No big deal. I was leaving for a business trip and wasn’t going to be back for 2 weeks. Just the thought of being away from my family made me sad, but I knew I would be able to call whenever. Sucking in a deep breath, I put the frame back and lifted the suitcase off the bed and carried it downstairs. There, waiting for me, was the two most important people in my life.

“Mom! You need help?” Bryn jumped up from the couch when I reached the bottom step. Shaking my head no, I was quickly stopped by Austin as he followed her and came to grab the bag from me.

Sighing, I smiled at them, “Thank you,” Austin smiled back and leaned down to kiss my cheek. “Okay, you guys ready to go?”

“No. Do you have to go?” Bryn groaned, pouting her lip slightly.

Chuckling, I put my arm around her shoulders. “Yes sweetie, I have to go. Now come on, my plane leaves in a few hours.”

Driving to the airport was tough. Austin hadn’t said a word, which I knew was because he didn’t know what to say. Bryn, however, was begging me to stay the entire ride there. I hadn’t been away from her this long. Ever. I mean, with Austin it was different because I had to deal with him being gone for months, but I never was away from my baby. Pulling up to the curb, we got out and Austin went to retrieve my luggage.

“It’s just a couple short weeks,” I said calmly when I saw tears building up in my daughters eyes. “I’ll be home before you know it.” Pulling her into a hug, I tried to keep it together as she started crying into my chest. Stroking her long, dark brown hair that resembled Austin’s, I whispered, “Shhh, hey it’ll be alright. You can call me whenever you want. We can Skype and FaceTime anytime. Okay?”

She nodded and sniffed, pulling away to look up at me. “Okay.”

I smiled and cupped her cheeks, wiping away her tears. “That’s my girl.” She smiled back and looked up at her father. Austin was standing there silently, hands in his pockets and eyes glued to the ground. I frowned and glanced at Bryn, raising my eyebrows as if saying “Awwh the poor baby”.

With a slight frown, I reached up to take his face in my hands and lifted it. Looking in his eyes, I could see the worry, sadness, and helplessness swirling in them like raging storm clouds. He sighed and covered my hands with his.

“Y/N…I-I don’t know if I ca-”

“Hush. I know you can handle this. You got this, okay? Everything’s going to be the same, it’s just that I’m not going to be there.” I think I was saying it more for myself then for him, but we both needed it. The boarding call for my flight echoed through the speakers of the intercom, “Flight 0037 for New York now boarding.”

I sighed, smiling sadly up at Austin and stood up on my toes. He leaned down and met me half-way for a kiss. It was short, but the love that passed between us could be felt. We pulled away and I looked over at my daughter, her cheeks already tear stained. I pulled her into another hug and whispered that everything would be fine.

Once I had my luggage in hand, I smiled at my family. “Alright, I’ll be back in a couple weeks, okay? No parties at the house,” I said sternly as I pointedly looked at Austin. “Be good and don’t set the house on fire. And for Christ’s sake, stay out of trouble you two!” Bryn and Austin looked at each other and grinned deviously, chuckling. I rolled my eyes at them and kissed both of their cheeks. I turned to walk into the airports entrance, but just before I went in, I turned around and waved, “I love you both!” And with that, I hurried off the catch my flight.

Bryn’s P.O.V:

The drive home was quiet. Dad hadn’t said a word the whole time and I just stayed silent, because I didn’t know what to say and it was a bit uncomfortable to be honest. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I loved my Dad to death, but we hadn’t been that close since I was younger.

Suddenly, he cleared his throat, drawing my attention to him. “So, while your Mom’s gone, what do you want to do?” It came out a little hesitant, and I didn’t blame him. I was nervous too. How were we going to survive with Mom?

“Uhh…well, we could just stay home and play on the Xbox.” I said with a shrug. “I don’t really feel like doing anything.” That was a straight up lie, but I guess he bought it because he didn’t sigh like Mom did.

“Oh…sure. But, like, we’ve got a whole full two weeks, Bryn. Don’t you want to do something else?”

Yes. “Naah, I like staying in doors.” I looked over at my Dad at smiled and it got bigger when he smiled back.

Focusing on the road again, I could’ve swore he said, “Just like your mother..”


It was early evening when we got back to the house. As soon as the car stopped, I hopped out and walked to the door, waiting for Dad to unlock it. Once inside, we just stood there. We didn’t exactly know what to do with ourselves. Dad looked completely lost and I could sort of understand why; he was usually on tour and never got to stay at home for more than a month or so. Even then, we hardly did anything but the only time we did end up doing something was when Mom forced us to go out.

Reaching up, Dad rubbed the back of his nervously. “Uh…are you hungry?” I nodded, feeling my grumbling stomach. “I’ll order us some pizza, them.” With that, he smiled, probably happy he did something right and pulled out his phone to call.

I walked into the living room and plopped down on the couch, pulled out my phone and kicked up my feet on the coffee table. Opening the tumblr app on my phone, I started aimlessly scrolling and reblogging. There were several messages in my ask; most gushing over the fact that my Dad is the famous Austin Carlile, others pointless hate about the same thing. But, that was expected, unfortunately. Bryn Carlile, 15-(almost 16)-year-old getting hate for something I couldn’t control. Sad. But it never bothered me. Not really.

I had just switched to Twitter when Dad walked in and plopped himself down next to me, making the cushion underneath me push up and sent me almost flying off the couch. I let out a shriek and turned to look at my Dad with wide eyes. His matched mine and we stayed still just looking at each other with a ‘what in the actual fuck’ expression, then all of a sudden we both burst out laughing. We laughed until our stomachs hurt and I ended up on the ground.

“Oh my god…I can’t…I can’t breathe!” I wheezed out, clutching my abdomen. Dad was wiping the tears from under his eyes and covered his mouth. Our laughter started to calm down then he shook his head, still laughing pretty hard and suddenly snorted. Starring at each other again, we started laughing again. I was dying on the floor and Dad was wheezing on the couch.

Coughing, he waved his hands in the air. “No! No more! Don’t do anything. You’re gonna make me lose it again.”

“Me?! More like you! Don’t even look at me, I’m not going to be able to stop.” I laugh for a couple more minutes and then smile up at the ceiling. I hadn’t laughed like this in a really long time. The last I did was a long time ago, probably when I was still super close with my Dad. Maybe things could be like this again…

I popped up to my feet and turn on the tv, then switch on the Xbox. Spinning around, I grinned at the sprawled out heap on the couch. “Wanna go a few rounds while we wait for the pizza?”

A competitive glint sparked in his eyes and he sat up. “You’re on, princess.” Just when I handed him a controller, the door bell rings.

My eyebrows furrow. “Wow. That was fast..” But Dad had this guilty look on his face. “Uh oh…what’d you do?” He shook his head and nodded to the door as a gesture for me to go open it. Hesitantly, I walked to the door and opened it and gasped. “No fucking way.”

“Hey! Watch your language, missy.” The shortest man said, ruining his stern look and grinned at me. The entire Of Mice&Men band was here. Or in other words, my uncles. I smiled shyly and covered my mouth, stepping aside to let them in. “Sorry, Uncle Aaron.”

The guys filed in and they all greeted me with a kiss on the cheek. I turned back to see them greeting and talking with my Dad. Except, wait, I only saw thre- “Ahhhh!!” A pair of gangly arms picked me up and rushed inside.

“Aha! Got you now!” the voice of my attacker shouts in triumph.

“Alan! You little shit, PUT ME DOWN!” I shouted at him, kicking my legs around as he runs around with me over his shoulder. He just laughs and shouts 'NEVER!’. I sigh and glare, but secretly I’m enjoying this because I hadn’t seen them in so long.

“Dad! Dad, come oooonn!” All I can hear is laughter. “DADDY!” I finally scream out as Alan throws me down on the chair and starts tickling me. Squealing, I try to crawl away while laughing. “ALAN! Oh my god! Stop, I’m not 5 anymore!”

Finally stopping, he stepped back and laughed at me. “Jesus Bryn, brush your hair.”

Groaning, I adjusted my shirt and pushed the long chunks out of my face, running a hand through it to tame the messy curls. I locked my glare on Alan as I stood up and fixed my hands firmly on my hips. “You’re such a little kid, Alan. For christ’s sake, you almost made me shit myself.”

Alan just snickered and ruffled my hair. “Don’t you have a potty mouth. Austin, what did you do to her?”

Dad shook his head and shrugged. “Nothing. That all Y/N, right there.”

“Yeah, Y/N could swear up a storm. ” Tino added in. “Hey, remember that one time we all got drunk on the American Dream tour and she got into trouble…” He started up with a story that I’d heard countless times before but listening to them talk was hilarious. I rolled my eyes and laughed, going to sit down by my Dad as the guys grabbed a beer and joined in on the story. This might just be a fun two weeks after all.


“Bryn! Get up, we gotta leave in a few hours.” A muffled voice said through the closed door. Groaning, I cracked my eyes open to see the sun peaking from behind the curtains. Ugh, morning. Never cared for them and probably never will.

Rolling over, I glanced at the clock and it read 9:48am. What the hell, Dad? It’s too damn early for me to be up on school break. At least we had survived a whole week without any trouble. I let out an exasperated sigh and dragged myself out of bed, but stilled as a sharp pain shot through my lower stomach. Oh on. This wasn’t happening, not yet. I wasn’t supposed to get it until next week…another shock of pain made itself known. “AH! Jesus, I’m dying!” I cried out to no one in particular.

Crawling out of bed was painful but I needed to get to the bathroom before there was a mess. When I got to the bathroom, I rushed towards the toilet, not even bothering to close the door. Sitting down, I propped my elbows on my knees and dropped my head in my hands. A groan slipped out as I lifted my head up and reached over to open the cabinet under the sink, only to find it empty.

“Shit…” I mumbled under my breath. No, no, no no. This could not be happening. No pads. Not even a tampon in sight! Mom probably took the last ones. Quickly ripping a towel from the rack, I covered my lower half and squeezed my eyes shut. “Dad!” I yelled. No answer. Just as I was about to call again, my lower stomach tightened in a cramp, making me moan in pain. “Daaaad!!” I shouted louder, sounding like a strangled animal. This time I heard footsteps rushing up the stairs.

“Bryn?! Bryn, what’s wrong? Are you oka-” Dad stilled when he got in the doorway, taking in what was going on. “Uh…I uh, what?” He stuttered, shutting his eyes and turned his back to me. “Can you please explain to me what is happening?”

I cleared my throat. “Well, uh…mother nature decided to arrive early to the party. And I am not prepared so, if, you know, you wouldn’t mind…could you go to the store and get me decorations?” I winced. Wow, that sounded a lot worse then it did in my mind.

Dad was silent for a few seconds. “Wait..what? Decora-”

“PADS, DAD. I NEED PADS!” My voice was snappy and edged with irritation. I was so uncomfortable right now, but as soon as I snapped, I regretted it. “Sorry..but, yeah, could you go to the store, please?”

I saw his head nod in agreement. “Yeah, um…sure.” His voice voice sounded so hesitant I almost felt bad but I needed those damn necessities. “I’ll just go…go get it now. Be back soon.” He quickly left the bathroom and I could heard his keys jingle as he grabbed them. “Don’t bleed out or something!” He called out just as the door shut closed.


Thankfully I was able to get in the tub and take a shower to freshen up. While showering, I heard my phone go off. Sighing, I pulled back the curtain and dried my hand on the towel before answering it.


“Bryn. Uh, which…which one do you need?” Dad’s voice crackled through the speaker, sounding just as uncomfortable as I did.


Austin’s P.O.V:

“Okay.” He said before hanging up. He sighed as his eyes scanned the shelves of lady necessities. There had to be at least a hundred different brands. How was he ever going to find the one Bryn said to get? She didn’t exactly remember what the package looked like, so that didn’t really help.

Finally giving up, he got out his phone and dialed.

“You didn’t burn down the house, did you?” the relief spread through him, relaxing his nervous state.

Chuckling, he smiled to himself. “No. Uhm, but I do have a slight dilemma.” Deep breath. “What pad brand do you usually get?”

The line was silent for a few minutes and Austin was about to ask if Y/N was still there, when suddenly laughter erupted from the speaker.

“What? What pad brand do I buy? Austin, are you feeling okay? You know, you don’t have to go out shopping. I can do it when I get ho-”

“It’s not that. Bryn kind of…well, you know…started…” he scratched the back of his neck awkwardly.

“Oh. Oh, shit. I didn’t even think about that when I took the last of it.” Y/N was probably freaking out and feeling bad. Austin frowned; he didn’t want her to feel like that just over a simple mistake.

“Y/N, baby, it’s okay. I’m at the store now, so just tell me. And you better hurry up - I don’t want to know the power of 'Satan’s Sacrificial Waterfall’s’ wrath.” he teased, making them both laugh, but he quickly stopped when he caught an elderly woman shaking her head in disapproval at him. Once Austin got the correct information, he bolted out of the store and headed home, worried about Bryn and even more worried about how this was going to go down.

Awkward was the only thing that came to mine.


Bryn’s P.O.V:

“Ugh.” I huffed out a breath. I was sitting in the tub. Yep, thats right. In the tub. I didn’t know where else to go, so I decided to just wait in here until Dad came back with the goods.

It hadn’t even been half an hour when I heard the door slam shut. Footsteps sounded up the stairs and stopped in front of the bathroom. Peeking around the curtain, I was relieved when I saw the door swing open to reveal my Dad. He saw my head poking out of the curtain and smiled, putting a plastic grocery bag on the counter.

“Thanks, Dad.” A grateful smile pulled at the corner of my lips. Dad nodded and smiled then turned to leave, closing the door as he left.

Shutting off the water, I got out of the shower and grabbed a towel, drying off. Reaching for the bag, I ripped open the purple package like a present on christmas and pulled out the small square. “Hallelujah! I’ve never been so happy to see you.” I cheered as I carefully ripped open the plastic wrapping and placed it in the center of my panties. Sighing in relief, I finished getting dressed and made my way to the living room.

As soon as I turned the corner, I could hear the tv quietly showing a random football game and on the couch sat my Dad. He had the remote in one hand and a bottle of water in the other. Alright, everything was normal, nothing weird had really happen. He was just being a good Dad and getting something I needed. Deep breaths, Bryn. Don’t be weird about it, the little pep talk in my wasn’t exactly great but it helped a bit.

Walking to the couch, I plopped down next to him and pretended to watch the game. Clearing my throat after a while, I asked, “So, you wanna do something before we gotta go meet up with the guys?”

He seemed to perk up at my question. “Like what?”

I tilted my head and tapped my fingers against my cheek. “Oh, I don’t know, possibly a game of COD?” A grin ghosted across my lips, knowing that I had his attention.

“But we only have a hour and a half,” he warned, a taunting hint in his voice.

I rolled my eyes. “Please! That’s enough time to kick your ass, Dad.” The grin was fully on now as I challenged him.

A disapproving was shot my way. “Bryn.”


He just shook his head and laughed, grabbing the controllers and switched the screen to connect to the Xbox. “I swear to god you get that language from your mother.”

“Oh shut up! It’s not all from Mom. Ahem…” I shot a pointed look up at him before choosing the setting for the game. Dad just gave a 'pffft, whatever’ look, sending us into a fit of giggles.


Surprisingly, the rest of the week went by amazingly. There was no awkward moments from then on, and I could see that we were both thankful for it. That close knit father-daughter bound had re-emerged and was stronger than ever; we went to the beach almost every day, cooked together - or tried to - and always ended up laughing with each other. My mood never snapped because of what time of the month it was, thankfully.

Although we were having so much fun with each other, Dad and I missed Mom a lot and we let her know ever time she called. She had been super worried about the whole 'pad mishap’ and felt terrible, but I assured her it was absolutely fine and I was okay.

But finally, today was the day she came back home. Dad and I had gotten up super early and drove to the airport to pick her up. It was around 9:30am when the flight landed; excitement was evident in the look on our faces when we saw her walk through those glass doors.

“Mom!” I shouted as I ran to he and hugged her tight, almost knocking her over. Luckily, Dad was right on my heels and wrapped both of us in a bear hug, steadying us.

“Awwwh, I missed you two!” she mumbled into my shoulder, squeezing me before releasing her hold. “How was it?” She asked before Dad replaced my spot in her arms. He grinned and leaned down to kiss her, which lasted a little too long.

Sighed, I cleared my throat. “Okay, hello! Public area!” I waved my arms around, getting embarrassed by the stares they were attracting. Mom just waved me off. “Ugh, get a room you two!”

They started laughing and broke the kiss. Mom looked up at Dad and gave him a small wink, which he returned with a sly smirk. I wanted to gag; seeing your parents display affection was alright but when they took it to the next level like this was unbelievably traumatizing.

“It was great! We didn’t break or burn anything, so that’s a plus. I beat little missy here 28 times on the Xbox,” Dad grinned triumphantly and we started making out way to the conveyer belt. “And she also helped me with a few lines for the next album.”

Mom smiled at me. “Really? That’s great! Seems like you two had a blast.” She chuckled when Dad and I smiled mischievously at one another. When the suitcase was in sight, Dad leaned over and retrieved it and off we were, walking to the car while talking about our times away.

“Oh oh! I’ve got a ton of stories for you guys. There was this one bitch in my hotel…” Mom went on to tell her story. My Dad looked over at me and gave the 'see what I mean’ look when she started swearing. I just shook my head, trying to contain my laughter.


Your P.O.V:

It had been a very long day of watching movies, defeating both my husband and daughter at COD, and plus jet lag was taking its tole.

Pulling the covers aside, I slid into bed and snuggled up to Austin’s side. He looked down at me, taking in my smirk as one of his own started to form. “Yes?”

“Nothing. I just missed you a lot.” A content sigh made its way out. “Like, a lot a lot.”

He quirked an eyebrow. “Oh really?” I nodded. “Did we get needy, Mrs. Carlile?” That sly smirk from earlier had turned into one of the sexiest things I had ever laid eyes on.

Biting my lip, I nodded again. “Very needy.”

Austin’s gazed moved down to my lips and leaned forward to capture them with his own in a heated kiss. Pulling away, he said, “I’m sure I can fix tha-”

“OH MY GOD, WOULD YOU TWO STOP?! JESUS CHRIST, I CAN PRACTICALLY HEAR YOU FUCKING THROUGH THE WALL!” the shouts of our daughter cut him off. There was a shocked silence before we looked at each other.

“She gets the language from you,” I said at the same time as Austin when he said, “That is all you!”

The both of us busted into laughter, clutching our sides as they started to ache. Calming down, I hugged Austin with a smile stuck on my face.

“Well…that was awkward.” He mumbled, chuckling as he wrapped his arms around me and went to sleep.