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Stand out from the horde of Vaders and Stormtroopers at Comic-Con by going dressed in the Star Wars Darth Malgus costume. It’s tailored specifically to your dimensions for a perfect fit and made in the image of Darth Malgus from the The Old Republic video game.


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Townend House.

It came to the National Trust after long ownership by only a few families in it’s 400 year history - each determined to add, adapt, wedge or otherwise fit their own pieces of family history alongside those of previous owners. Here we see where a long case clock has been made to fit in with other, older pieces of furniture within limited wall space - the slope on the right being older than the USA!

Troutbeck, Cumbria, England.   July 2015

Nikon D300 17-55 f2.8G   Shot at (top) 17mm f2.8 1/125th sec (bottom) 17mm f2.8 1/25th sec.

This is my best friend Shayne my other half he’s like my little brother send some love his way and go follow him ask him questions he’s super friendly and one of the best gentlemen I know :)

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Day 10-Manuscripts in Manhattan

It’s hard to believe I’ve already been here ten days! But we ordered those cookies again so…yeah, I guess it’s been that long. 

Let me give you a pro-tip. If you are a person of questionable athletic ability who mostly sits in a chair all day writing (or on the internet for research) and you do not go to the gym as often as you should since you are paying the damn membership fee every month, you should maybe not walk all the way from Chelsea to the Upper West Side. Just sayin’.  I mean I made it and my fit bit freaking LOVED me at the end of the day, but I’m not sure my right hip flexor agreed. But I survived so that’s a plus. 

Needless to say, thanks to my unexpected hike through half of Manhattan there was no writing yesterday morning. And once I got back I was sorta in the ‘oh god, oh god, what have I done, must go to bed at 8′ mode. 

I was determined to make up for it today so I headed back to the big library, tossed two pennies in the fountain of the muse and made my way to the third floor (less crazies there). I got about 2500 words written in an hour and a half which was awesome and I’ve officially finished two chapters this week! 

Then I headed to Mid-Town Comics, but it was sorta crowded so I just glanced around a bit, I’ll probably go back for a more extended trip later, but there was quite a bit of Arrow stuff there though nothing I haven’t seen before. 

Kid’s got rehearsal tomorrow so I’m going to have to work in some writing time somewhere. 

I bid you goodnight. 

MS word total: 47755

Day 10 word total: 2528

minimized meaning

don’t ask me to be real
when the whole world’s make believe
these lies were made to fit in
ergonomic and contour conforming
all about that
yes these words are fresher than a farmer’s market
and as such picked just for you
but don’t linger on them
we are a see and move on culture
and I am as free changing as anybody
I can wax generic
but don’t watch my bemusement
I gave my affidavit on your behalf
so don’t tell me I never gave you nothing
if it’s all the same to you
I’d prefer to save face
spell out sunshine inspired ideas for my sanity
so I can take a leap
that’s the takeaway

some life updates!

I had a pretty good July, all things considered, and August is shaping up to be the real deal.

1) The biggest update: I got a new job! FINALLY, seven months in the hellhole of unemployment that was applying, interviewing, reapplying, interviewing some more, my so-called *dream job* rejecting me and pushing me into a two-day under the covers depression, staying awake until 2 AM scared stiff about the future, hitting the wine bottle, etc. It’s over. It doesn’t feel like it’s over, but I am through with nonstop applying. In July, I was particularly fortunate enough to receive not one, but two job offers, both in fields I would definitely have done well in. Making the final decision was tough, but I am pleased to say I picked the role that is truly my best fit and made sure that all was amicable with the other one too.

I’ll talk about the position more, and my relocation, when I’m settled in for a bit. I do not want to openly rattle on about any of that until I know things are working out and it’s a sure thing. But real talk - looking for a new job in your field is HARD. It takes a long time and you get pelted with rejections every way you look, but I promise if you hold out, keep fighting, and don’t give up, good things and jobs will come your way!

2) I got an email from a company I spent the better part of June interviewing at, but ultimately didn’t get the job. They thanked me for speaking with them and that they were impressed with my drive and enthusiasm. Oh, and to keep in touch if I’m ever in the area to get coffee with their team. It was very sweet and unexpected and it certainly brightened my day to get a nice note like that.

3) Most days I find myself doing stuff that when I woke up in the morning I didn’t set out to do, but I’m pretty much game for anything so my mentality is “bring it.” On Wednesday, I helped a writer at Flaunt Magazine out with transcribing an interview he did with actor Tim Roth. This, in turn, led to me being introduced to their magazine editor. I may be able to get the occasional freelance assignment out of it, which is pretty cool! It felt really good to get back into my former entertainment writing roots again too. Like a homecoming of sorts.

I do have one quiet fear about this new job. Sometimes I have a nagging voice in my head that mumbles, “But Heather, what if you suck at this role?” It’s not a feeling I’m exclusive to having either. I think everyone feels from time to time, “Hey, what am I doing here? Who gave me this job? Who thinks I can do this? I feel like Jon Snow today in that I know nothing!” It was during that transcription that I realized that fear completely shut up. I didn’t feel that way when I was doing some editing on a separate article I was working on or when I was pulling an article together a week ago for a site I write for. Everything felt like puzzle pieces fitting into place and it all made sense. No reason to be scared. This is my element and I love being here. I’m in the right place!

4) I’m still poor though and have student debt. That ain’t changing anytime soon. Also, when I was at the airport last week, the weak lock on the toilet stall I was in popped open and five people saw me on the john. (Though in the most tasteful way imaginable, with tights and a dress on.) A part of my dignity died in that bathroom that day. In case you thought I had radically changed to the point where I have no more problems, that’s definitely not the case. I’m still me!


“Knock once for the father, twice for the son, three times for the holy ghost.”

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