Skyeward Week: Day 6 (Saturday 23rd of May): Favorite Parallel

I believe in a world where her true nature will reveal itself, and when that day comes…

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May I ask how you achieve that pretty starry effect with your astral characters? Like, do you layer the line art and things over pictures of nebulae or do you hand draw it yourself? It's so beautiful by the way keep up the good work

Thank you so much!! I started this project by using actual space pics for texturing but as I´ve gone forward I´ve started to color everything myself


 “Thought it would be fun to show you guys what 636 looked like when we were remodeling it into the studio that you grew to know. I first found 636 when I was looking at a building next door. I wandered around, unimpressed by the space but then saw this fenced in non-descript building next door and almost immediately felt a connection to it, even though it was a hideous mustard color.”

Houses come and go, but a home is where you make your life. You can sell your houses, but a home is where people love you. Don’t forget that.


hsitory july challenge; family

the family was told that they were to be photographed to prove to the people that they were still alive. the family members were arranged appropriately and left alone for several minutes, the gunmen then walked in and started shooting. the girls did not die from the first shots, because bullets rebounded off jewels that were sewn into their corsets. the gunmen tried to stab them with bayonets, which also failed because of the jewels. the gunmen then shot each girl in the head at close range.



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