@severeprincesswitch Happy Rhackiversary!! :D It’s been 1 year today since I started shipping these two nerds. Was saving this for today :3 I hope you like it!! Sorry for taking so long!!

30 Day L'Arc~en~Ciel Challenge

Day 1 - Your favorite group picture

Day 2 - First song you heard from them

Day 3 - Your favorite member

Day 4 - Your favorite song by Hyde 

Day 5 - Your favorite song by Ken

Day 6 - Your favorite song by Tetsu(ya)

Day 7 - Your favorite song by Yukihiro

Day 8 - Something funny (pic, quote, video, etc)

Day 9 - Your favorite lyric

Day 10 - Your favorite concert

Day 11 - A song you want (or had) to listen (listened) in a concert

Day 12 - A song you don’t like from them

Day 13 - Your favorite PV

Day 14 - Your favorite Album

Day 15 - Your favorite song from Dune

Day 16 - Your favorite song from Tierra

Day 17 - Your favorite song from Heavenly

Day 18 - Your favorite song from True

Day 19 - Your favorite song from Heart

Day 20 - Your favorite song from Ark

Day 21 - Your favorite song from Ray

Day 22 - Your favorite song from Real

Day 23 - Your favorite song from Smile

Day 24 - Your favorite song from Awake

Day 25 - Your favorite song from Kiss

Day 26 - Your favorite B-side

Day 27 - Your favorite P'Unk~en~Ciel’s song

Day 28 - Some goods you own

Day 29 - A cover by yourself =P

Day 30 - Your “all time” favorite song


Okay, you guys are literally crazy <3

I just wanted to thank you all SO SO MUCH for being so responsive and so helpfull and supportive! I was feeling really down this thursday and couldn’t even explain why, but i made a thing and you started responding in sooo manyyyy messages, good lord, i never got so many messages in one day! I made a screencap and save it, to look at it later and be happy about it ^^

I want to thank you all for being so nice to me, taking time to write me a message, even a short one, trying to cheer me up. 



I had fun with this! :)

I’ve seen so many people using the Strangify thing and I had to join in! Here are my favourites of all the @therealjacksepticeye references I made :P

An obvious two-word one :)

Thought this sounded cool

Once I did that, I had to do this xD

I know Jack would definitely approve of these :P

Had to make a Paper’s Please reference xD

Which made me think of this, sounds like a movie or something 

Idk why I thought of this lol

I thought this was a funny play on the outro :P

A reference to an old phrase I’ve not heard for a while

And more serious one, based on something I saw that said ‘Not all heroes wear capes, mine wear headphones’ - I love that :)

In order from left to right
Me @almalon
@royalyspooky Silk
These are all our OC’s/personas
=v=; I was told to do all of us being dorks, but it turned into a normal day in town, or something….