My banquet invites came in and I realized that I’d forgotten to mention that I’d found a dress last weekend! (:


Chicago-based artist Jessica Joslin (previously featured here) just completed this awesome winged monkey sculpture. His name is Auguste and he’s made of antique bone, brass, silver, velvet, glove leather and glass eyes. And we love him. Less talk, more winged skellington monkeys.

Visit Jessica Joslin’s website to check out more of her marvelous creatures.

[via the Jessica Joslin newsletter]

Stolen Artifacts Recovered in New York Are Worth Over $100 Million

The Manhattan district attorney’s office on Tuesday made public the largest antiquities seizure in American history and asked a judge to grant it custody of a startling 2,622 artifacts recovered from storage rooms affiliated with an imprisoned Madison Avenue art dealer.

The artifacts, valued by the authorities at $107.6 million, were described in papers filed in State Supreme Court in Manhattan as having been looted from India and Southern Asia and smuggled into the United States by the dealer, Subhash Kapoor.

In their complaint, prosecutors said Mr. Kapoor, 65, had cached the items in an assortment of hideaways in Manhattan and Queens. They were confiscated during raids that began in 2012 and continued through last year. Read more.

So it looks like Sophie Hallette made the lace for Valentino Couture Spring/Summer 2014.  She does indeed weave on an antique loom, but it’s from the 19th century, not the 16th.   (Which is actually not very rare at all, especially for French lace.)  So, yes, it was made from an antique pattern, but as we’ve sleuthed out, obviously not specifically for her, which was implied in the article.  Nice spin there, Vogue.  (And some pretty impressive purposefully vague writing, Hamish!)

“After all, a woman didn’t leave much behind in the world to show she’d been there. Even the children she bore and raised got their father’s name. But her quilts, now that was something she could pass on.”
― Sandra Dallas

<Photo taken/edited by me>

** Hand-stitched embroidery by my great grandmother on a pillowcase 

Fairy Flower Earrings : Silver Bellflower

“Garden fairies come at dawn,
Bless the flowers then they’re gone,”
~ author unknown

Admired by ages young and old, these dangling bellflowers charm the ears with color, romance and imagination! Layers of brass are plated in silver, antiqued to a matte luster, and provided with precise hand-painted accents of purple. The flowers are accented with long, swaying stamens and violet glass beads that catch the light. The Bellflower Earrings include secure lever-backs of silver-plated brass and have an overall length of 2.5". Artisan-made in California.

The Birds and The Bees: Single Strand Pewter Bracelet

Created in the Maryland studio of artist Mary Demarco, this bracelet features a strand of flexible pewter segments adorned with a bewitching bounty of cast pewter bees and antiqued flowers amid an artful array of glittering earth-tone Austrian crystals and handsome tigers-eye gemstones. Bracelet length is adjustable between 7.75 inches and 9 inches. Lead-free and nickel-free.