Burial at Sea (fullview)

Huuuuge comic page for my Concepts & Metaphors class; the assignment was to do some create paneling on 18”x24” paper!  I think it turned out pretty well though, and my class seemed to like it a lot, sooo~ u_u 

Nib & Ink, Dr. Ph. Martin’s Hydrus Liquid Watercolors and Winsor & Newton Watercolors, and pro white on Canson Cold Press 18”x24”, 140 lb paper.  



Earlier today, I was selected among hundreds of entries to be apart of MCAD’s annual MADE @ MCAD show! This show was curated by outside gallery owners and design studio executives, so to be chosen out of the many submissions is amazing. Easily the best news I have had in weeks. Now I’m just inspired to make more art!

My screen printed series on metal The House of… series were chosen, including both “The House of Decadence” and “The House of Savory”.


February 24, 6:34 A.M., the Happy Mourning, Morning.

This sculpture depicts a small egg lying in a prairie environment. However, when looking at the piece from a certain angle, viewers discover a small home inside the structure. Whilst here in Minneapolis, I have witnessed myself disassociate from my peers in favor of my studio practice. I feel isolated in result of a self-induced repetitive lifestyle. The diorama I have created reflects my opposing reactions to this monotony: the outside of the egg is rough, and visually hostile to outside onlookers, yet the inside of the home openly displays itself as a comfortable sanctuary. The bare interior, consisting of only a blanket, a pillow and some artwork pinned to the walls, reflects the only needs I truly worry about: artistic expression and rest.

oceangems replied to your post: “oceangems replied to your post:Also like. Jesus I thought MCAD class…”:

oh okay so the problem is associating it with something mcad endorses at all?

as far as i know it’s a really complicated issue but the core issues that i have with it i will try to condense as much as possible now

  • a radical artist made a community message piece
  • (it was derivative of an existing tumblr post but that’s another issue)
  • someone not associated with mcad or the artist took a photo of it
  • people assumed that mcad was the one posting/making the piece
  • people decided to call out the hypocricy of the statement as they assumed was made by mcad, even though the only way mcad is involved is because it is where the piece is housed