Monster In Me

Chains all wrapped around me, around me
Try to break free from the darker part of me
Mercy, mercy, please

I forget myself and my good nature
When I let temptation get the better of me
Oh, mercy me

All I see
Is a monster in me

-”Monster” by Milck

I got a new drawing program and this is the very first thing I made with it. :D I used like ALL the brushes.

There will be some more emperor!au comic installaions next weekend btw. You gonna hate me for drawing these. I hate myself for drawing these….

Yep, I draw smth again even tho I keep telling myself not to cause im still not finish packing yet 😅😅

And of course this sketches/doodle(?) is dedicated to @kinomiakai and is based on their Enter Naruto fic, a modern au story where Sasuke as a writer find his muse which is of course non other than our blue-eyed boi Naruto himself! This fic is SOOO FUCKIN GOOD and if anyone want to read a different, modern take on SNS, you should read this fic 💪💪

Also thank you for 200+ followers, even though idk why the heck all of you are following me (my page is terribly messy and i only tag my art most of the time 😅) but still, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SPENDING TIME TO LOOK THROUGH MY PAGE AND ART! ❤️❤️


Another entry in my portrait series. 

It’s amazing luck that I got this color palette for this piece because of the way the warm neutral lights and cooler shadows lend well to the golden hour lighting of the reference photo. I was a little worried about drawing @thebootydiaries and figuring out how to make the hijab look correct, but I’m pretty pleased with it. 

Let me know any suggestions for improvement and/or reference images to use in the future.


So…funny thing…I’m currently sick in bed and kinda like dying so { (>_<) }         I was like…”If it’s the last thing I’m gonna draw…then..I’m drawing kLance.” ….  ╮(︶▽︶)╭