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Last night’s wod! 300th post!!

This went fairly well. I was ready to turn around and go home when I saw the board. There is NO WAY IN HELL I can sprint 100m and then farmer’s carry for 400m in under 90 seconds for 8 roundsI am not made of Thor!!

I learned last night though that I need to read the board properly. This was split up into two parts, so the sprinting set comes first then the farmer’s carry in your own time. Whoops.

Completed the sprint fairly easily, averaging about 44 seconds rest time each round and not being too puffed either. Not bad.

Farmer’s carry with 12kg in each hand, again not too bad. I should learn how to shove my chest out and not let the weights hunch my shoulders forward.

This water business is really helping. I didn’t feel like dinner last night, and I’m not so hungry right now. I feel more alert and awake and my skin is looking really nice these days. I don’t even have to wear foundation.

My father doesn’t believe in me. He made it ridiculously clear last night. I don’t think I’ll ever truly forgive him for ruining our relationship. We always fought, but it was more just bumping heads due to being too alike in all the wrong ways. This time, what he said hurt. It hurt so bad. We don’t exist in the same universe anymore. My favorite person is now dead. I died a little too.

Blogging for 1 Year Thanks To You

First off I want to thank everyone who follows this blog and for providing me with support.  It has really been inspirational for me to blog and write for others to read my experiences and to help others along the apostolic journey.  In this last year I have been able to chat with a lot of you all through email and Facebook.  It has been really getting meeting you and knowing that this blog has been helpful.

There are a few accomplishments that have been made in this last year of blogging.  Since March of 2014 there have been over 15k page visitors, 300+ Facebook followers and 200+ Twitter followers.  Also, I had the opportunity to publish 2 books.  Last of all, you all helped me to decide on the logo for this blog that you now see in the header.

In this last year of blogging I have learned a few things.  I learned that there are apostolic trolls and critics.  That despite your good intentions they want to make you feel bad for no apparent reason.  It didn’t work.  Early on in my life I learned not to take criticism to heart.

I have also learned that blogging is a powerful communication medium.  Through this journey a lot of you have emailed me expressing your gratitude for the stuff that I have shared.  Some of your messages have even made me cry (in a good way.)

This is just the start. I have a vision for this blog to grow more into a platform.  Through this platform I want to be able to reach 100k monthly page visitors.  There are over 25 million apostolic believers in this world and I believe that I have a relevant story and message to share with them.  It is my desire to create more books and other products that can help believers grow in their walk with God.

Once again I want to thank you for supporting this blog.  What is your favorite part about this blog and what would you like for me to share? Please leave your comment below or feel free to reach me on social media or email.  

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Inhumanity: The Awakening is so underrated tbh. Liked that whole story made me care about two characters I never saw the appearance of, and their interactions over text messages.

I agree.  Both Fiona and her brother, Finn, were really neat, well-fleshed-out characters and I’m a bit surprised they haven’t made any subsequent appearances.  Last seen, they were enrolled in The Avengers Academy and I’m hoping that Soule hasn’t utilized them in ‘Inhuman’ because someone else has plans for them elsewhere.  

i am so melodramatic sometimes and i’m really sorry you guys. emotions in me just feel like electric fires or the lead weight of floods. they really hurt like that, they literally hurt so much that i literally cannot function. i’m trying to get better with some of my major problem areas but it’s so hard, and i really am sorry.

that being said, minus the source of the scene i made in my last text post (now deleted), i had an ok day today and I wanted to share that I gave many of my pies away already to the lovely people at Sephora because they are basically the closest thing to real friends that I have, [minus one or two people who are currently in my life and live hundreds of miles away.] They were very surprised and excited by them and I know it could’ve just been for show but I don’t think it was. I think they were genuinely happy. And that made me feel good.

My grammar patterns are strange. Did you notice?

If you’re looking for a roleplay with awesome bios, dedicated admins, and welcoming members, look no further! Newquintonrp has an original plot, characters that are well-written, and we make sure every member is active. We know you’re tired of RPs that die in a week, so we’ve made sure that we can last. We’re a year strong, and there’s no stopping us. Come join now as one of our open characters, you will not regret it!

If you’re looking for a roleplay with awesome bios, dedicated admins, and welcoming members, look no further! Newquintonrp has an original plot, characters that are well-written, and we make sure every member is active. We know you’re tired of RPs that die in a week, so we’ve made sure that we can last. We’re a year strong, and there’s no stopping us. Come join now as one of our open characters, you will not regret it!

So for the first time ever today my mom acknowledged the possibility of me being neurodivergent (well, she said Asperger’s, except she spelled it asburgers, but still, she tried). We then had a long conversation where I said a lot of things about how I feel, how much progressive I’ve made in the last couple of years that she’s missed seeing, and how my struggles with being able to communicate have affected my ability to talk to her especially about it. She even, in the end, almost admitted the possibility that she expresses similar traits.

It was totally out of the blue and I’m not entirely sure what to do with it, but it’s a good sign I guess.


I thought of you today. It doesn’t hurt anymore. I won’t ever beg for you again. I know you deserve better than me and I truly hope you find happiness or are happy. You deserve someone to appreciate your quirks and good taste in nerdy movies and shows. I miss being your friend. I know you don’t want anything to do with me anymore. I have only kept a couple things of yours. Just for the memories. I just wish we could chat sometime and see how each other has been doing. Anyways, you don’t have my tumblr so you won’t see this. But I truly hope you’re happy and have been doing well! I’ve done a lot of wrong to you and been cold to your emotions and feelings. I don’t ever expect forgiveness for that. In the last year I’ve really grown as a person. I have a real big kid job, have gotten to travel, and made really great lasting friendships. I have learned what I am looking for and I have only seen one person in the last year or so.  I know I want something with substance and I can only hope I have another chance with someone in my future forgiving and patient to give me that. End rant. 

So, tomorrow I’m being dragged on a family trip (I’ll spend the time making embroidery samplers for the class I’m teaching in June).  Unfortunately, the day after we get back, 20 people are coming over for Passover.  That number includes several people who have a multitude of food allergies, vegetarians, and two or three very picky eaters.  We usually make everything but the desserts and soup that day, so that will be the same as always.  However, I’ve had to make mostly freezable desserts this time.  The menu consists of the following:

Chicken soup with matzoh balls

Gefilte fish (we made it ourselves last year, but this time it’ll be from the deli)

Eggs and onions

 Main course:



      Dairy-free mashed potatoes (coconut milk is quite handy)


      Green beans

      Mixed greens stir-fry


      Cucumber salad


      Crème Brûlée



      Chocolate sorbet

      Espresso frozen custard

      Mint chocolate chip ice cream

     Apple-almond cake

      Matzoh brittle

If you’re looking for a roleplay with awesome bios, dedicated admins, and welcoming members, look no further! Newquintonrp has an original plot, characters that are well-written, and we make sure every member is active. We know you’re tired of RPs that die in a week, so we’ve made sure that we can last. We’re a year strong, and there’s no stopping us. Come join now as one of our open characters, you will not regret it!

timerout replied to your post “someone please help me with my taxes, I am so so terribly confused and…”

I donnn’t know your budget but I was in a significant panic about mine last year- bit the bullet, when to H&R block- spent $60- and had a relatively painless experiences that resulted in getting a good amount of dollars back

Yeah I can’t really afford to spend 60$ unfortunately, I tried using an online tax form and it told me I owed the gov around 225$ but I made under 20,000$ last year so I don’t know how that’s possible and I need to get a second opinion before I send it off

While they’re unlikely to admit it publicly, many NFL decision-makers are likely regretting the crucial mistake they made last offseason.

Twenty-nine teams—30 if you include the Minnesota Vikings because of their first pick in the first round, linebacker Anthony Barr—passed on Teddy Bridgewater last year. The two teams that didn’t pass on the Louisville quarterback prospect were Washington and Indianapolis, two teams with young quarterbacks who had already traded away their first-round picks before the draft began.

By now you likely know the story. Bridgewater was the presumed top quarterback for the 2014 draft until the draft process began. During the draft process, his stock plummeted for a variety of peculiar reasons.

Once Bridgewater saw the field, he showed off that same inconsistency that comes with all rookie quarterbacks. That inconsistency cost him the chance to beat out veteran Matt Cassel for the starting job during the preseason.

He wouldn’t wait long to assume that role, though.

In a Week 3 game against the New Orleans Saints, Cassel was injured. Bridgewater was forced onto the field under circumstances that weren’t ideal. It was somewhat of a fitting beginning for the quarterback. Playing on the road, inside a loud dome, against a veteran and aggressive coaching staff with a limited supporting cast.

Bridgewater was forced to endure a baptism of fire that would have made most rookies melt. While he was a touch too cautious, Bridgewater’s debut went as well as anyone could have expected. He completed 12 of 20 passes for 150 yards with no touchdowns or interceptions. He also added 27 rushing yards on six attempts.

It was easy to see what had initially made the quarterback such a promising prospect. He showed off poise, intelligence and awareness within the pocket while making some highlight-worthy throws.

The statistical production was muted but efficient. Bridgewater’s rookie season began in the way it would continue. While playing behind arguably the worst offensive line in the league with receivers who largely proved to be unreliable, Bridgewater was able to avoid capitulating.

He was inserted into the type of situation that would have made it acceptable for his performances to collapse. Yet despite the struggles of the offense around him, his performances made him comfortably the best rookie quarterback last year.

Neither Blake Bortles nor Derek Carr could match the array of elements that Bridgewater repeatedly showed off from his skill set.

The above chart tracks interceptable passes from various NFL quarterbacks for the 2014 season. Interceptable passes are throws that quarterbacks made where the defense was more likely to catch the ball than the quarterback’s intended target. The chart also shows actual interceptions that weren’t the quarterback’s fault and is sorted by how many attempts each player has per interceptable pass.

As the chart shows, Bridgewater excelled at taking care of the football, while both Bortles and Carr had issues with ball security. Without context, these numbers could be misleading. However, in this case they are an accurate reflection of each quarterback’s play.

These numbers are affected by scheme and responsibilities. However, Bridgewater’s numbers weren’t warped by what he was asked to do. Although Carr lacked talent at wide receiver, the Raiders did everything they could with their scheme to alleviate the pressure on him as a starter.

He was eased into the position in a way that Bridgewater wasn’t. Bortles was asked to do more than Carr, but he simply didn’t show the same level of performance as Bridgewater. Bortles was drafted as a developmental quarterback, so that was to be expected.

For as good as Bridgewater was during his rookie season, he still had one significant flaw.

Even during his peak in college, Bridgewater’s deep accuracy was never considered impressive. He doesn’t have a huge arm like Joe Flacco or Matthew Stafford. His arm strength is just good enough to throw the ball deep down the field and good enough for him to excel throwing to intermediate routes.

While arm strength isn’t a positive, his overall accuracy throwing the ball down the field is a greater concern.

Bridgewater’s raw numbers on deep passes are fine. He had 38 20-plus-yard plays and seven 40-plus-yard plays, according to Pro Football Focus considered him the 10th-most accurate deep passer of qualifying quarterbacks last season. Yet these numbers are misleading.

They are misleading because Norv Turner did a good job of creating deeper throws that would better suit Bridgewater’s ability. Bridgewater still had to work to recognize when he could throw the ball to receivers in these situations, but the sheer throwing ability that was required wasn’t of a high degree.

Turner was able to create plenty of horizontal deep shots for Bridgewater to rely on. Horizontal routes are routes such as crossing patterns, deep out routes or deep dig routes. These plays require a different throwing ability from vertical routes, such as sideline routes, seam routes or deep curl routes.

When you look further into Bridgewater’s deep passes from the 2014 season, the disparity between the two types of routes becomes significant.

As the above chart highlights, an overwhelming majority of Bridgewater’s deep ball success came on horizontal routes. He not only struggled to throw receivers open on vertical routes when they were covered, but he also struggled to hit them when they were wide open.

Bridgewater’s ability to throw the deep ball isn’t an alarming aspect of his play at this point. It’s something that can improve over time. Maybe encouragingly, he showed better consistency late last season.

However, when the Vikings acquired wide receiver Mike Wallace from the Miami Dolphins recently, this area of his skill set immediately became more relevant. Ever since he entered the league as a Pittsburgh Steelers player, Wallace has been a receiver who relies on his speed to get open.

Wallace is a deep threat who lacks the rounded ability of other starting receivers, but he was arguably the best deep threat in the NFL earlier in his career. His play dropped off significantly after he left the Steelers to become the Dolphins’ No. 1 receiver two years ago.

Most of Wallace’s struggles have been brushed off on Ryan Tannehill’s struggles throwing down the field, but it would be unfair to fully cleanse the receiver of any fault.

In 2014, Wallace was targeted on deep passes (15-plus yards past the line of scrimmage) 35 times. Twenty of those passes were considered catchable, with 15 uncatchable for different reasons. Of those 20 catchable passes, Wallace was able to reel in just 12.

That means he had eight failed receptions, plays where he dropped the ball, misjudged the flight of it or couldn’t keep his feet in bounds. 

Wallace has never been a natural wide receiver, but in Miami he regressed from his Pittsburgh days. An inconsistent level of effort and more reckless technique at the catch point with a drop-off in awareness led to him leaving too many plays on the field.

On this play against the New York Jets, Wallace was wide open on a corner route. Tannehill delivered an accurate pass on time that carried a trajectory that gave Wallace time to track it into his hands. Instead of tracking it properly, the receiver misjudged it and attempted a one-handed catch.

He could have reached both hands out to catch this ball in stride, but instead he ended up attempting to bring it in with his wrist.

On this play, Wallace does well to create separation down the field against Darrelle Revis with a double move. Tannehill throws the ball close to the sideline, but his ball placement doesn’t lead the receiver out of bounds. Instead, Wallace’s reluctance to catch the ball with his hands leads him out of bounds.

Instead of making a routine reception by running straight through his route. Wallace begins drifting out of bounds before the ball arrives so he can catch the ball into his chest. To do this, he needs to fall with his feet further infield than his shoulders.

By catching the ball in his chest and keeping his feet spread out and under him, Wallace takes himself out of bounds and fails at the catch point.

These are the kinds of plays that ultimately pushed Wallace out of Miami. The Dolphins coaching staff could never bench him for these mistakes, though, because of his massive contract and their lack of viable options. In Minnesota, it’s unlikely that Norv Turner will show the same reluctance.

Turner has already benched Cordarrelle Patterson for his inability as a receiver, so Wallace can’t expect to be assured of his starting spot.

Both Bridgewater and Wallace will need to be better in 2015 than they were in 2014 to create a worthwhile partnership. Bridgewater simply needs to continue his development, while Wallace needs to rekindle the performances that earned him that huge contract in free agency.

There are reasons to be optimistic surpassed the obvious talent that both players possess.

Seven of Wallace’s 12 deep-ball receptions from Tannehill last season came on horizontal routes. While he isn’t a precise route-runner, Wallace can replicate and even improve upon what Greg Jennings was able to do by using his straight-line speed.

Turner should understand how to best use Wallace’s skill set on the field. The soon-to-be 29-year-old should still have enough of his physical prime left to scare defensive backs on a regular basis.

Although the Vikings offensive coordinator is a well-respected coach, his impact is limited. Turner can only put his players in position to succeed. He needs both of them to improve on their performances from the 2014 season to get the most out of Wallace.

Bridgewater can’t afford to be so inconsistent while throwing to vertical routes, while Wallace needs to be better at the catch point.

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Nigeria women’s league begins May 2

The Nigeria Women Premier League 2014/2015 season will commence on May 2. This was disclosed during the Annual Clubs Congress of the Nigeria Women Football League which took place in Abuja on Tuesday.

In contrast to how it was organised last season, the upcoming season will be an abridged league. This is to cope with the serial breaks that would arise as a result of the busy schedule that would involve players called up to the national team.

Speaking to Channels Television on Wednesday, head of the Nigeria Women League board, Dilichukwu Onyedinma, confirmed that the new season would be an abridged league to avoid mistakes of last season.

“This season will be an abridged league. We have to consider the elections that are taking place and the competitions coming up in the year. We have taken note of most of the mistakes made last season and looking forward to a much better league this year,” Onyedinma said.

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