made with tiny brushes


Lots done on Liger Zero Endless Waltz Custom

Phew I spent all day on this zoid, trying to make her as pretty as possible. I added the ligers boosters to the hind legs, made custom armor for its forelegs and then detailed it with teeny tiny brushes. When all that was done I went for the stressful part, adding color to the wings. I only have one set of these and the purple color is very bold against the white, so I had to be careful. I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. I still want to detail the wings more, add some silver panel lining and whatnot. Anyway let me know what you think!

baby mine

They’re okay. 

Harry’s arms are wrapped tightly around Eggsy’s shoulders so he can hold his husband in his arms. Eggsy’s face is buried against the expensive material of Harry’s suit as they await the news about Roxy’s condition. Unlike Harry, Eggsy and the other Knights are dressed more for comfort’s sake but Harry is most comfortable in his “armor” and he needs that reassurance of the familiar right now. 

“Mr. Hart? Mr. Unwin?” 

Eggsy pulls away from the comfort of Harry’s arms so he can stand and face the nurse who has called their names. “That’s us.” 

She peers over his shoulder at the large group of people gathered around them. Almost everyone of importance is here in the waiting room save Merlin and Roxy. From behind Eggsy, Harry stands and takes up post beside the younger man– their shoulders touching now for solidarity’s sake. 

“Uh, they’re here for support,” Eggsy answers her unasked question sheepishly. He knows that twenty-something people is a bit much but he couldn’t tell them that they were not welcome. They’re all here to support them and Eggsy is grateful for it.

“Okay, well. Only you two past this point,” she indicates the hallway that will lead them to Roxy’s room. 

Eggsy gives her a cocky salute but Harry’s reply is a little more reserved. The nurse is not putting up with Eggsy’s shit today but she does give Harry a grateful nod before leading them down the hallway. One knock on the door and then she pushes it open to let Eggsy and Harry into the room.

Inside, there is a very tired Roxy on the bed with a bundle of blankets in her arms. She’s dressed in a hospital gown and her hair a sweaty, matted mess around her forehead and shoulders but Eggsy thinks she is the most gorgeous woman in the world right now. To his left, Merlin is asleep in the chair because he was unwilling to let the paid medical professionals handle the delivery of his goddaughter by themselves.

“Eggsy. Harry,” Roxy says their names quietly and then motions for them to join her on the bed. Eggsy practically bounces over like an excited JB so he can smush himself against her side and peer down at the tiny human in her arms.

“Look what we made, Harry.” Eggsy brushes the tip of his forefinger against the baby’s cheek– the touch is light and gentle, as if he is afraid she’ll break.

Roxy laughs and elbows him because she’s the one who did all the hard work but it’s more playful than anything else. Roxy did this for them because she loves them and she wanted them to have a family. She’s not about to ruin the moment by falling into their usual teasing banter. 

Eggsy tears his gaze away from his daughter to give Harry a questioning look. “Harry?” 

Harry is standing perfectly still in the middle of the room; he is watching Roxy and Eggsy though it’s obvious that he wants to see his daughter but something holds him back. It’s almost as if he is too scared to come closer. He feels so out of place– this should be Eggsy and Roxy not–

“Oh, luv,” Eggsy sighs. He takes the baby when Roxy passes his daughter over to him. Once he’s got the baby positioned right, he steps up to Harry’s side and tilts her so Harry can see her face. “Look, Harry.” 

This is all he needed to break him out of his thoughts. Harry’s expression softens in a smile and he finally, finally looks at the baby. Their baby. Harry takes his girl into his arms and smiles like the besotted, old fool that he is. 

“Miss Grace,” he says softly, “a pleasure to finally meet you.” 

for braverequisites​ who wanted fluff :) also title from THIS 

DNA Boys Collection

~ submitted by: BN


Wake up:

Rolling over with a groan, you stare up at the patterned ceiling with tired eyes. You had gotten no where near enough sleep last night and today already looked grim. Carefully twisting around  you keep your arms close to your side so as to not wake the sleeping babe nestled in beside you. Glancing over the dark haired youngster, you look at your husband who was still laid out flat. Sleeping on his stomach, snoring slightly, Miyuki Kaz looked akin to an angel. If only that was the case.


Reaching over the sleeping baby and tapping Miyuki on the shoulder, you hope he doesn’t jerk awake. Hopefully the baby would want more sleep this morning, especially as she had been active all the night before. Sniffling into wakefulness, Miyuki’s golden eyes slowly open a crack. Taking in the situation with the little one sleeping between them, he shakes his head and slowly sits up. Tucking the blankets in close around the baby, you follow his lead, slipping out of bed as silently as possible. Pillows acting as a barrier, you’re certain the little one won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, leaving you to get ready for the day. Or at least try to.


“Good morning, you’re looking ravishing this morning.” Leaving the door open a crack, you turn on your heel and scowl, pushing your messy hair out of your face.

“Hardly. Are you trying to butter me up?” Narrowing your eyes, you raise an eyebrow.

“What have you done?” Shrugging as he moved forward, glasses pushed up his nose, Miyuki pulls you in for a hug.

“Oh don’t be like that. I always think you’re gorgeous.” Humming skeptically, arms crossed, you watch him carefully.

“Really?” Grinning with a nod, Miyuki pressed a quick kiss to your lips, eyes gleaming.

“Really.” Not convinced you slowly pull away and heading towards the kitchen, coffee in mind. “Also I may have given her some sugared pear after dinner last night. It’s probably why she was up so late.” Gritting your teeth as he chuckled, the tell tale sniffles from the bedroom indicated your daughter was now awake and unhappy about being left alone.

“You can deal with that” you hiss, running a hand over your tired eyes with a sigh. “I hope she’s a pain for you all day.”



Finishing your rice with a swig of tea, you can’t help but smile as Miyuki pulled a ridiculous face, trying hard to coax the baby into finishing her breakfast.

“One more mouthful,” making a face similar to that of a gaping fish, the bespectacled man succeed only in making the little girl laugh, rather than accept the food. “You’re being very cheeky this morning aren’t you?” Wiping down her mouth with a bib, Miyuki took a couple of bites of his own breakfast before offering you the near empty bowl of baby food. Shaking your head and checking the time, you estimate the travel time and the busy train system before picking up the baby for a cuddle.

“Can you please iron my green blouse today? I need it for tomorrow and

I don’t think I’ll have time to tonight.”

“That’s fine” leaving Miyuki to finish his meal in peace, you pamper and dress the little one, tiny shoes and socks a useless accessory. She was just going to pull them off at the first opportunity but at least you made the effort.


Brushing down her tiny tuft of dark hair, you smile taking in her cute, miniature features. People said it all the time and you agree one hundred percent, she is certainly daddy’s little girl. With her eyes, nose and the tiny smile she would flash at inappropriate times, she was truly the offspring of Miyuki Kaz. Listening to the approach for footsteps, you set the little one up on her wobbly feet, holding her tiny hands as she tries to catch her balance.

“Oh she looks super cute today.”


Coming in to hug you from behind, Miyuki kisses you just behind the ear. “Such a good taste.” Smiling, you heave the youngster up, offering her to her father.

“As always. You coming around at lunch?” Josling the baby into a comfort seat on his hip, Miyuki nodded.

“Sure just text me about fifteen minutes before hand and we’ll make our way across.”

Smiling, your heart skipped a beat as the baby reached up and grabbed the neck of Miyuki’s shirt, hiding her sleepy face from the morning light. Leaning in close and giving her a quick kiss you deal Miyuki a deeper one with a grin.

“Thank you, I’ll see you then.”

Lunch time:

Clocking off your shift, you’re not at all surprised to find Miyuki chatting happily to your co workers down stairs. Baby at the centre stage, you can’t help but smile, listening to him boast and brag like the proud father he was.

“You talk too much.” Nudging him gently from behind as you approach, your daughter smiles at you, hands reaching out to be picked up. “Hello sweetie, did you miss me?”

“She didn’t even notice you were gone.” Baiting you with a grin Miyuki was sharp as ever, tired or not. Rolling your eyes dramatically for the entertainment of your co workers, you scold him gently.

“Harsh, come on, I’m starving”


Around the corner there was the perfect child friendly cafe. It had become your usual hang out since the baby had arrived, especially since the bar next to work wasn’t a great place to dine with a pram.

“Is she sleepy at all?” Being up so late it was a miracle she was even awake now. “Try to make sure she doesn’t nap for too long today.” Tipping his hat in the direction of the sun, Miyuki shrugged.

“I can try, but you know what she’s like.”

“You” replying quickly, you sigh. “She’s like you and she won’t do anything she doesn’t want to.”

Tisking as you looked over the familiar menu with a shake of your head, you bopped the little one on the nose. “Just like daddy, stubborn and mischievous.”


Settling in his chair, your husband yawns.

“Guilty as charged.” Leveling you a look, bright golden eyes pinning you to your spot, Miyuki grins. “But as beautiful and happy as her mother.”


Thrilled to be done with work, you drag yourself through the front door, pleased to smell something delicious cooking. A chorus of happy giggles greet you as you walk over the threshold, alerting you to a thankfully happy baby. Shoes off and bag dropped in the hall, you can’t help but laugh, finding Miyuki sprawled out on his stomach, pushing a flurry of toys onto the baby until she’d falls back with a gurgle.

“Oh is daddy being mean to you? What a meanie.” Coming into join them on the floor, you take a stuffed toy and dance it across the floor towards her. “All good?” You inquired, watching the baby scoot closer, hands outstretched.  

“Yup ” Miyuki replied, sitting up with a grunt. “But she’s going to be super sleepy tonight.” Leaning over and stealing a kiss, he grinned. “Like dead tired sleepy. Like sleeping through til the next day sleepy.” Wiggling his eyebrows at you, it’s impossible not to laugh at his implication.  

“We’ll see” you say without promise, watching him pout ridiculously.


Shaking your head and focusing back on the baby, it’s hard not to smile when Miyuki shuffles in beside you, arm about your waist.

“That is almost a yes.” Kissing your cheek quickly, he stands, rolling his sleeves up with purpose. “Okay dinner time. You stay there little one, daddy’s on a mission.”



As usual dinner was perfect, tasty, filling and best of all, the little one practically fell asleep in her high chair. Cleaning her best as possible it was early to bed both for you and her. Coming out of the shower, damp and sleepy, you chuckle, finding Miyuki sitting politely on the end of the bed, looking innocence and sweet.

“I said maybe.”

“No” he corrected, “you said we’ll see.” Beckoning you close, the towel about your waist was toss to the floor, his hands on you in seconds.


It was hard to say no when he was so eager, hands roaming over the dips and curves of your body, attentive and gentle. “Please?” He asked, forehead resting against your stomach, hands gently kneading your ass. Letting your hands fall to his hair and threading your fingers through his dark hair, it was hard to deny him.

“Fine.” Pushing on his shoulders and pinning him down to the mattress, you grin, imitating his eyebrow wiggle. “But I get to be on top.”  

2. Vampire AU - Orihime as a vampire. 

Rating: T

I do not own Bleach.

It was all incredibly cliché, and this he only noticed when it was far too late.

The downpour outside had been entirely unexpected and it brought in a few stragglers on an otherwise unproductive day. A few took to booths and perused the menus idly while they waited for the rain to ease some. The lights were dull and the music mostly bland, nothing really to make the time pass by any quicker. He had, at that point, reserved himself to wiping down the counter and rearranging the bottles behind it.

When the bell above the entrance chimed at the arrival of a newcomer, he hardly deigned to acknowledge them any further than the customary, “Welcome.”

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The signs as things everyone hates

Aries: when you’re doing a backflip underwater and you get a toe cramp
Taurus: when you realise they’re raisins not choc chips
Gemini: when your hair dips into your lemonade and you get a big crusty straw of hair
Cancer: when you can’t sleep because you know your teddy bear made a sex tape
Leo: when you brush your teeth and a tiny bug crawls out of your mouth
Virgo: there’s so many crumbs in between the keyboard keys that every time you type you can feel it crunch
Libra: when you accidentally kick your dog in the face
Scorpio: when you have to scrape sand out of your scalp from the beach
Sagittarius: when you can hear trees having sex
Capricorn: when you accidentally ingest a toenail clipping
Aquarius: when your talking to your crush and your mouth involuntarily squirts saliva on them
Pisces: when you spill your pumpkin soup on your furby