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Hit Korean boy band BTS is ready to take over Anaheim

Rap Monster, one of the seven guys in the South Korean boy band BTS, says it was only at the end of 2016 that he and the others realized how huge their band had become around the world.

“Somebody in the company sent me a message: ‘You got No. 26 on Billboard OMG congratulations,’” says Mr. Monster, the 22-year-old rapper born Kim Nam-joon, by phone from Chicago where BTS was set to play on Thursday before hitting Honda Center for a pair of sold-out shows on Saturday and Sunday.

“At first I thought, 'Ha ha, your humor isn’t really very good,’” says Rap Monster, the leader of the group and its primary songwriter. “We didn’t believe it.”

But as more messages started to ping onto their phones he says the BTS boys realized it was no joke: Their sophomore album, “Wings,” entered the Billboard 200 chart at No. 26 after its October release, making it the highest chart position for any K-pop act – not to mention one that sings primarily in Korean – and offering a bit of foreshadowing for Billboard naming the record the best K-pop album of the year.

Since then things have only gotten sunnier for Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. In February, “Wings” was re-released in a new edition as “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” and the combined editions have since sold nearly 1.5 million copies worldwide. Music videos for “Spring Day” and “Not Today” were released a week apart last month as well and exploded on YouTube where they’ve currently racked up 59.2 million and 60.1 million views respectively.

“When we heard that and really got that, I was saying, 'OK, this is going to be a whole other world,’” Rap Monster says of the significance of the Billboard chart success and all that followed. “And I feel like we should do something more, and dream something more.”

This past week they’ve taken a step toward something more, playing their first headlining and sold-out arena dates in the United States, after previously having mostly played on multi-artist billings at KCON conventions held here.

“So many people just to see BTS was really an honor,” Rap Monster says of the opening pair of shows at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J. “It feels dreamy these days.”

Not, mind you, that it’s been anything like an overnight success or an easy road for him and the other BTS members.

He grew up a top student in his school who loved American rappers such as Eminem and Nas, performing even as he attended high school and eventually catching the attention of BTS future manager Bang Si-hyuk at BigHit Entertainment in South Korea. And though he says he gave up on music when he was 16, lacking confidence in where he was headed, he says Bang encouraged him to stay strong, believe in himself, and sign on as the first to join BTS, even though at the time he wasn’t sure who or what it would end up incorporating.

“I was not aware of the other members,” Rap Monster says. “But I like the company and I respect them. And he promised to me, 'I will make you do your music and get big someday, so please believe me.’

"So I believed him.”

The other six members soon were selected, each of them bringing different talents on the mic or on stage. Songs were developed by Rap Monster and the other members, with a team of producers working to craft the best music from the raw material, the melodies and beats, that they created.

“Our chemistry is different from other groups,” Rap Monster says. “Everyone has their own points and characteristics. If I’m a bad dancer, a good dancer teaches me. If I’m a good songwriter, I help the others with a good melody.”

We ask the obvious question: Are you a bad dancer?

He laughs and answers: “Yes, I’m a bad dancer.”

Their music is different from a lot of K-pop acts that have made ripples on the American airwaves. They’re not popular because of the novelty aspect of their songs – think “Gangnam Style” by Psy from a few years back. And they’re not quite as bubblegum as a group such as Girls Generation or as eclectic as the synthpop of f(x), the first Korean band to play the South By Southwest festival.

Instead, BTS often aims for that sweet spot where R&B and rap get together, the kind of stuff Justin Bieber might be doing if he sang in Korean and there were six Bieber variations with fashionable hair and eclectic yet unified fashion choices.

“BTS music sounds like it’s from America,” Rap Monster says. “We decide to always watch the trends and watch what’s going on over the world. America’s the No. 1 market in the world so that’s why people in America prefer us.”

As for communicating through the language divide, Rap Monster says that’s partly handled by the group’s wildly enthusiastic social media following: “Fans translate our lyrics and interviews,” he says of a following that has landed them at the top of Billboard’s Social 50 list for a total of 17 weeks since “Wings” dropped in October. “They’re able to say, 'OK, BTS is talking about us and our lives.’”

And it’s partly addressed through lyrical subjects that express the common hopes and dreams and fears and worries of any teenager or young adult in any country.

“Our lyrics are mostly Korean but we always talk about the young people’s lives and their minds,” Rap Monster says. “There’s something similar between every young person in the world, in America or in Korea. We share something together even if we use different languages or live so far.”

American fans are also the savviest music lovers in the world, Rap Monster says, which made heading out on this brief headlining tour a little bit intimidating at first.

“We actually were scared of performing in America as a solo act,” he says. “Their playlists are the best in the world. I was really nervous for them.

"But after we were on stage our fear disappeared. They’re like everybody, they’re like friends. Singing along all of the lyrics even through the raps. They know how to play, the rhythms and the dances.”

An aside here to share our favorite piece of Rap Monster trivia. You might be wondering whether he spoke through a translator. He did not. His excellent English skills were polished in the classroom but also at home through what he refers to as “a Korean mothers syndrome.”

“'Friends’ was really famous for the mothers in Korea for English education,” Rap Monster says of the hit American sitcom from the '90s. “It was kind of like a syndrome. Korean mothers make their kids watch 'Friends’ even when they were eating food or playing.

"I think it really helped. It has like 10 seasons, I think, and I watched it like more than five times through the 10 seasons. They use the gestures and expressions, like, Americans use, right? I think that naturally teaches me how to speak or how to make a gesture when you try to express some emotions.

"Thank you, 'Friends,’” he says, laughing. “God bless 'Friends’!”

Rap Monster recently collaborated with the American rapper Wale on the song “Change,” which like some of BTS’ other songs – and unlike most K-pop – touches on politics and societal issues. He says he’d loved Wale’s music for a few years when the opportunity to do the song came along last year “like a miracle, like a dream come true.

"The song has already come out and we shot a music video together, but still sometimes I lie in my bed and think, 'Did I really do something with him?’” Rap Monster says.

He knows that boy groups from Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync to the Jonas Brothers and One Direction tend to have a finite lifespan before members get restless to move on solo projects, acting gigs and other opportunities. But he thinks the variety of interests and musical genres that individual BTS members have can be handled on the side or even within the group, and BTS itself can carry on.

So while Rap Monster says he’d love to collaborate with Drake or Miguel one day, Suga feels the same way about Kanye West and Flume. Jungkook seems more inclined toward pop R&B – his dream musical partners would include Bieber or Charlie Puth. V is a little bit old school, having mentioned Norah Jones and the Fugees as on his wish list. Rap Monster ticks off the rest of the band: Jimin digs Chris Brown, J-Hope is into the similarly initialed J. Cole, and Jin is a fan of old-school showman Bruno Mars.

“I always tell them that every time we have hits under the name of BTS we shine the best when we are a team,” Rap Monster says. “I know all the seven members, they love music, and I know their No. 1 wish is for us to perform and make music and sing and dance.

"Maybe someday someone will want to be on a television show or be an actor,” he says. “I just hope they know all of the popularity and fame and money is from the name of our team. That’s not one person, everybody contributes to the team.

"Nobody knows the future. I just hope it can last as long as possible.”

Peter Larson @ OCRegister

Haunting Me: Chapter 1

A/N; Eeeeek! Here it is guys, chapter 1! This story has me so pumped and i’m so happy you guys liked the intro. I hope you guys like this chappie, cuz it’s a bit of a giant relief haha. ENJOY! - Delilah ❤️

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x POC Reader

Haunting Me: Y/N is a normal young adult living in New York, but little does she know that she’s a reincarnation of the long lost Bucky Barnes’ fiance from the 1940′s. What happens when she runs into Steve in 2012? Most importantly, what happens when she runs into The Winter Soldier?

Warnings: Swearing. Slight angst. Mild violence. Hella feels. 


You focused on the pencil in your hand, shading the paper as carefully as possible.

New York was beautiful in the summer time, especially once the sun hit the right spot in the sky. It wasn’t a cloudy day by any chance; in fact, there wasn’t a single cloud in sight. You sat in the metal chair, your legs crossed beneath you as you focused on the sketch in front of you. You reached for the pastry on the plate next to it and took a small bite out of it, chewing slowly.

You enjoyed your time alone, as you always did, especially when you got to sketch the totally gorgeous Calvin Klein model sitting two seats down from you.

Okay, he probably wasn’t a model, but he sure as hell looked like one.  He was built like a brick house and those eyes. Jesus –you could get lost in those ocean blue orbs of his. From what it looked like, he was drawing as well. He could draw and look super-hot while doing it? He was a rare gem. However, as you cocked your head to the side, curiously studying his features, you couldn’t help but notice how sad he looked. It made your chest ache just seeing him brood like that.

“Another brownie ma’am?” the waitress asked with a smile. And by the grace of god, the total hottie looked over at you. You blushed, looking up at the waitress with a timid smile.

“Um. No thank you.” She gave you a quick nod before walking away.

When you looked back over at the mysterious blond, you expected him to give you a small smile and continue throughout his day, but boy were you wrong. You looked back over and to your surprise, he was openly staring at you, his blue eyes widened with an odd mixture of fear and shock. He blinked rapidly, his eyes focusing on your face shamelessly.

Immediately you felt so self-conscious. Was there something on your face? Did you creep him out?  Oh god, did your eyeliner smudge. You had a habit of rubbing your face whilst drawing and you did forget you were wearing makeup sometimes.

After a few minutes of being stared down by the man, you had quite enough. You hastily packed your sketch book into your bag and placed a few dollar bills onto the table before standing. You swore you could feel the burning of eyes on your back as you stealthy maneuvered around the sea of people.

Before you could take another step, you felt a tight grip on your arm stop you.

“What are you doing?” you exclaimed, turning around with a scowl. You reached in your pocket for your pepper spray.

“I-I’m sorry!” The man sputtered, his eyes softened once he peered around at the many people watching the two of you. There was a small crowd surrounding you now and you felt so embarrassed, yet relieved. He wouldn’t dare try anything in public.  

You yanked your arm back, holding it in your wrist. “Why are you following me? Do I know you or something?” your last question caused him to frown. You could practically see the wheels turning in the man’s head as he chose his words carefully. He sighed heavily, before his eyes travelled down to the bag in your hand.  

“I uh…noticed you drawing earlier and I wanted to say how nice your shading technique was. That’s all.”

You blinked, your eyes widening. He did all that for a damn compliment? Who was this guy?

“Thank you,” you replied, which came out more as a question. Soon, the people around you began going about their day once they realized there was no harm being done to you. Leaving the two of you standing in the middle of the busy sidewalk.

“My name is Steve,” he smiled, holding out his hand for you. “Steve Rogers.” You raised your eyebrows. That was a bit of an older fashioned name, but you weren’t complaining. Your mom tried to name you Jane once before your birth.

“I’m Y/N,” you replied, gently taking his hand and shaking it.  

“Y/N Y/L/N.”

As the next couple years went by, you and Steve became two peas in a pod.  

Wherever you went, he went. At first, you found it sort of creepy that your best friend was following you around town all the time, showing up at your apartment in the middle of the night when the Stark tower got too much for him and he needed a place to sleep properly. After a while, you just assumed the man was a bit lonely, which was fine by you considering you were, too.

There were times where you two would just stay up all night watching old movies from his time. His favorite was My Darling Clementine, which you had seen so many times that you now knew the entire film’s script by memory. 

Soon, Steve began accompanying you on your trips to art galleries for school. It was a win/win for you as he always attracted so much attention being the hot shot Captain America he was, also, he eased the storm of anxiety that you struggled with your entire life. Steve was your wing man.  

But there were some times when you felt that maybe Steve wanted to be more than friends. 

You always thought of him as a brother figure, but the way he would look at you whenever he thought you weren’t noticing, it had you a bit confused. It happened when you were watching the old movies. He would look at you from out the corner of his eye, watching your reactions closely. You figured it was because he had a thing for you, which you didn’t return. 

You had a couple boyfriends here and there, but nothing special. And Steve, bless his heart, had completely unapproved of them all. 

But whenever you would sing along to your favorite song, Over the Rainbow by Judy Garland, you would see the look even more. You couldn’t put your finger on it, but something about that song probably caused unpleasant memories for him. You wondered why. 

Another time you got The Look, was when you smoked. It was a habit, yeah, one that you’ve had for far too long. Every time you would be out and about with him -which was always- and you lit up a cigarette, he would immediately scold you until you put it out. You loved Stevie, but you were a big girl. You could make your own decisions. 

You were lounging on your couch, watching old reruns of Seinfeld, when a loud banging on your front door causing you to nearly jump out of your skin. You looked over at your phone. 

Five O’clock. 

Steve was currently on a mission, or so you thought. Who on earth could it be? 

You sighed, standing up from the couch and made your way towards the front door. You flung the door open, expecting to see Steve standing there with a box of pizza like always, but instead you got something way, way more complicated. 

“W-What is going on?” you asked, eyeing the two other Avengers beside your best friend. 

Steve let out a sigh, giving you a guilty smile. “These are my uh…coworkers.” 

You blinked, staring at him with wide eyes. Coworkers? Really?

“May we come inside?” Natasha asked as she clutched her shoulder tightly. Her face was twisted into a grimace as she tried to cover the obvious gunshot wound in her shoulder. Your eyes widened. 

“Of course!” you jumped, reaching forward and gently placing your hand on her back, and guiding her into your apartment. She let out a groan when you touched her shoulder. 

“I think I’m gonna need a new shoulder.” she said. 

You placed the cotton swab on Natasha’s shoulder, gently dabbing the fresh stitches you had applied. She was lucky to be alive, the bullet barely missed a major artery. A couple more centimeters and she would’ve bled out in seconds. 

“So are you guys gonna tell me what the hell happened?” you asked, turning around in your chair to face Steve, who was seated on your couch, his body bruised and battered from the obvious fight. 

Whoever they ran into managed to put up on hell of a fight. 

“His name is The Winter Soldier,” Natasha chimed from behind you. She avoided your eyes as she spoke “He’s Hydra’s top assassin. He’s killed over a dozen elected officials and other people as well. We ran into him earlier.” 

Steve continued to stare down at the floor, his face in a distant frown. 

“What does that have to do with Steve? What happened?” you asked eagerly. 

“We just found out that this so called Winter Soldier is actually Steve’s best friend, Bucky Barnes.” 

Your eyes widened. You were so confused. Steve never mentioned anyone else in his life except for his mother and father. He always told you he was on the lonely side, but…he had a best friend apparently. An old best friend from over seventy years ago. 

“Who the hell is Bucky?” you chided, furrowing your brows at Steve. How could he have not told you? You and he told each other everything. 

“Bucky Barnes was considered KIA in 1942 when he fell off a locomotive during a mission to capture the evil scientist Arnim Zola.” Sam informed as he reloaded his pistol. 

“And now, he’s alive. And brainwashed, completely wiped of his memories of Steve.” Natasha finished, taking a sip of the glass of orange juice you poured her a few minutes ago. 

You felt your chest ache. 

Why couldn’t Steve feel like he could tell you about Barnes? You guys were so much closer than the average friends. 

You turned back to Steve, only to find him on the couch with his face buried in his hands. His breaths coming out in short huffs. 

You made your way over to the blond, bending down until you were eye level with him. He looked so broken, yet you had no idea what he was going through. You’ve never lost anyone before. You had no idea who this Winter Soldier was, but if it meant reconnecting two old friends, you were more than wiling to help Steve. 

You gently pulled Steve’s hands from his hair and brought them down, revealing his tear stained face. You smiled up at him, hope shining in your eyes. 

“Whoever this Bucky guy is,” you began, looking down at your entwined hands. “He must be a special kind of man for you to go these lengths. We’ll get your friend back, Steve. If it’s the last thing we do.” 

Steve felt his heart shattering even more as you spoke. Nevertheless, he offered you a false smile, hoping to distract you from the internal pain he was facing. To his relief, you bought it. 

He watched as you went back to Natasha and began placing the bandages onto her wound, your face set in a concerned frown. 

‘Oh, Y/N’ he thought to himself. 

‘If you only knew the truth.’ 

- Fin!  ❤️

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kpop journal ideas

ive seen that recently many of my mutuals started making bullet journals and recently i made a kpop one so i wanted to share some ideas so you can all use them!!

my kpop journal

1. birthday pages

- if your bias or just a member you like has his/her birthday dedicate the page to them! write down wishes or reasons why theyre great

2. produce 101 

- if you watched it you can make a list of your favorite contestants and some details you remember about the show

3. episode counter 

- korean drama fan? you can write down which ones you’re watching and mark which episodes you already watched

4. korean shows 

- it’s the same thing with drama, keep count on your episodes

5. playlists 

- weekly or even daily playlists of some of your current favorite songs are a nice wait to keep track of how your tastes change 

6. lists 

- it can be anything, list of your favorite groups or vocals or even performances

7. korean 

- i know many of you try to learn korean so why dont you dedicate some pages to useful language or some vocabulary 

8. concerts/events 

- if you went to any concert or an event with kpop idols then write your thoights down, how was the experience? thoughts on their outfits? and stuff like that 

9. new groups 

- if you want to get to know some group then make their profile! use pictures to remember their faceta and write down their position or some faceta about each member 

10. imaginary group 

- this is a really creative one, think of a new group, think of their debiut date, entertainment, concept or even music videos 

feel free to add some more ideas!!

Someone asked me how I would describe love…
Simply put I believe when you know you just know.
When you wake up and that person is your first thought before “holy shit I have to pee.”
Or you remember to actually text them when you’re drunk and on your way home.
Or it’s when you struggle with one eye closed just to send them coherent drunk texts cause they’re all that’s on your mind.
It’s when you want to defend them in every fight
Even if it’s a fight against a 200 pound bouncer who will probably throw you down the stairs if you try.
It’s 4 am mornings spent talking about her grandparents and what she did on New Years last year.
And you never remind her that you’re an hour ahead of her and the sun is already up and you have work in 2 hours.
It’s bowling a 30 with her and not even being embarrassed and laughing and kissing the whole while.
Love is wanting to see her In your clothes.
And letting her steal your clothes,
Even though clothes are your favorite thing.
Love is letting yourself cry in front of her
Even if it’s just while watching the fault in our stars.
Or every episode of Greys Anatomy.
Love is the way your stomach flipped the first time you laid in bed with her.
and the way you laid on her lap trying not to touch her too much.
while also wanting to touch her all over because she was so beautiful even in baggy sweatpants and a tshirt.
Love is the way that first night is engrained in your mind so vividly.
From how cold her apartment was and the way you sat exactly three feet from her in the living room so that her roommate would think your intentions were pure.
To the way your heart hammered so loudly each time she touched your face that you swear your insides were black and blue.
It’s her catching you staring at her every time you’re out together because God damn it if you aren’t the luckiest motherfucker alive to have that girl on your arm.
Love is something as small as a two hour subway ride to pick her up from the airport.
So she doesn’t have to navigate alone.
And seeing her around the corner and knowing it’s her just by the perpetually chipped dark nail polish on her fingernails.
It’s the way she clings to you in her sleep.
as if you’re filled with helium and could float away at any moment.
Love is “please don’t pee with me on the phone.”
“Oh my god you’re peeing with me on the phone.”
Now we pee together on the phone.
It’s knowing she likes her coffee black
But her knowing you like yours to be half milk.
Love is like that build up in a song that brings chills you can’t explain,
And it’s that smell that only she has on her breath.
Nothing can quite describe it but it cuts through alcohol and food and smoke and it just… Is.
It’s letting the pups sleep between the two of you
Even though You want her pressed firmly against you all night.
It’s knowing she hates Mexican food but she took you to get enchiladas on your first date anyway.
Love is a series of small things and it comes with knowing that not every love story starts out beautifully.
No sometimes it starts with a drunken kiss or asking her out on a napkin at a bar
(It seemed romantic at the time).
But you know fields of flowers can bloom from the ashes of forest fires.
And the world started with a bang
At least that’s what some people say.
She’s my world, so why shouldn’t we have begun with a crash?
Like the ones that halt traffic for miles,
The ones you can’t tear your eyes away from.
I’ve always been a disaster anyway but she never shielded her eyes from me.
It was seeing her look at me without flinching that made me certain.
Love is saying you’ll never ever do long distance again.
and finding yourself on flights home to see her face because miles can’t measure up to how much you miss her.
Home is where the heart is after all
And love is knowing there’s an inevitability when you fall.
Love is knowing that you’ll probably end up broken into a trillion pieces when it’s all said and done,
But as long as her fingertips craft each and every shard then it’ll still be a masterpiece.
—  The Big Bang by c.r.
Dangerous Woman Tour Full Review (Including Full Song-By-Song Breakdown and Videos)

Helloooooo here with my Dangerous Woman Tour Review. It’s ridiculously long so I made it a “Read More” post. Please reblog if you read, because I put a TON of effort into this and therefore would like to spread it to as many people as possible to make this worth it lol. This review includes my opinions on basically every aspect of the show, as well as a song-by-song breakdown and lots and lots of videos. Let me know if you have any questions, I can answer anything!

DISCLAIMER: my opinions literally don’t matter and you may hold different ones and that’s all good you do you

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Sing Me To Sleep

A Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir fanfic
Summary: In which Marinette nurses a concussed Chat back to health. Unabashed MariChat fluff.
Snippet: Marinette observed him briefly as he reclined on the couch, eyes closed with a look of self-satisfied contentment on his features. She was tempted to snap at him and tell him not to get too comfortable – she wasn’t going to wait on him hand and foot indefinitely – his cockiness definitely didn’t need any bolstering. But he just looked so peaceful, like he was right at home and this was the most natural place in the world for him to be. ‘I wonder how mom and dad would feel about taking in a stray cat…’

Originally posted on and on 03/26/17, reposted here since I want to make my more memorable one-shots available on tumblr.

Pinks and yellows, frills and lace, sparkles and glitter – these were the things cherished most by the merry toddler as she twirled about the room in her favorite dress-up tutu. Today she was Princess Belle, beloved by all her plush animal subjects in the kingdom of her living room. An elaborate spread lay in front of her as she danced, so she was careful to avoid the delicate plastic teacups and the croissant Maman and given her for her afternoon snack. Her world of make-believe was full of sunshine and rainbows, despite the grey and wet atmosphere that hung around her ‘castle’.

Rain began to patter against the windows, but she fancied it to be the sound of the court minstrel striking up a jolly jig for the beloved princess to dance to. As her pace quickened, she became lost in her performance, her adoring subjects cheering for their beautiful leader to dance faster and faster. It was in her fervor that she forgot to carefully check each step before she made it, so when a flash of bright light shone in her peripheral, her distraction cost her an unfortunate misstep and she found herself tumbling headfirst into her tea party. The clap of thunder that followed rattled her nerves even farther, and soon the shock of her fall gave way to the realization that she was in pain, and scary loud monsters were coming to storm the castle.

“Marinette! What’s the matter?” her most loyal knight hastened to her side, leaving his post in the kitchen, where he had been working on preparing that night’s royal feast.
Through sniffles and sobs, the child fell into “Her royal knight, Sir Papa!”’s consoling embrace and first chastised him for getting her title wrong – again. “I’m not Marinette; I’m the princess!”
With a soft chuckle, Papa argued, “Every daughter is a princess, so even if I don’t always call you my princess, you always will be, mon petite Marinette.” Rubbing her nose affectionately with his own until she giggled, he then repeated, “Now tell me, Princess Marinette, what seems to be the trouble?”

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Sorry || Soulmate AU

Member: Mark x Reader || Small Jackson cameo || Sad, somewhat happy but sad.

Word Count: 2,717

T.W.: Mention of pregnancy scare.

A.N.  Inspired by Halsey’s new song called “Sorry” from her new album.

“But I still know your birthday and your mother’s favorite song”

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People are often told that soulmates are only one person and if you ever find your soulmate its often a beautiful thing. Though that’s what most people say they never mention the so-called ugly side, which could be everyone wants to believe thanks to fairytales, there really is no ugly side of being with your soulmate. Which is all a lie because no matter what relationship you’re in it will have ups and downs.  The story behind Mark and his soulmate is heartbreaking but the outcome would be the best for the both of them.

It started during the 3rd year of university; it was midterm week or what could be known as hell week number 1 around the school. Depending on who’s working the late shifts at the library you could ask nicely if you could spend an extra hour or two after closing hours to study for a little bit longer.  It goes that the worker forgot that Mark was still in the computer lab printing out the 10-page study guide that he created for extra credit on his midterm. Luck would so happen that Mark wasn’t the only one that was locked up in the library. As Mark was heading towards the libraries front doors to walk to his dorm, he saw someone banging on the doors in hope that they would open.

“Are you having trouble opening the doors?” Mark asked as he approached you.

“Yes, because all the doors are locked.” You responded in a snarky tone, you took what he said in the wrong way and to be honest he meant it that way too. Yesterday he saw some thin kid kept pushing the door instead of pulling the door.

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“No one puts baby in a corner” (Peter Quill x reader)

A/N: Cinco! Part five of my Peter Quill story. If you want to jam along with this fight scene click here

Part uno, dos, tres, cuatros

Warnings: language, Groot cuteness, a lot of violence, mentions of death, other than that just the inference of sex

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“Wooooow,” you said over exaggeratedly. Peter and the dealer stopped talking to look at you. “You must really think we are desperate here.”

“This is a rare item. Not-“ You put a finger to his lips to shut him up.

“Don’t insult me. I know what this item is worth. It is not worth going three moon systems over to steal from a high security vault like you’re suggesting to give you something you are only going to sell to some scum I will have to hunt down later. That is way more exhausting than any supplement is worth.”

“These promise power.” He seethed.

“I got plenty of power with or without.” You smiled cockily before flipping the dealer over the counter. Just like that shots sprayed the air as Peter knocked you to the floor.

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GD Scenario: "Hi~"

Words: 1446

Short summary: You are the leader of a girl group with 7 members. You attend Big Bang MADE concert and the fan meet with one og your members Hyori. Some of them recognize you and you made some plans together… 

Read the rest to find out what happened…


Hope you like this one. I am a little busy rn because I have a lot exams in April so I don’t know when will I open requests -.-

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Hello there friends!

Thought we would start this blog off with a bang. We’ll be diving into some Starcology LOL.  After watching just friends my Co-Owner of this blog and also my best friend told me that I have to share my theories with you guys. So, we’ll see how it goes! If anyone has posted these before I apologize! These are just my own thoughts. 

So, if you’re ready to go on a feel trip then keep on reading!

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Dive Bar

Prompt request: hello how r u?? could you do an avengers x teen!stark!reader?? tony’s angsty teen (18 y/o) daughter listens to the same music as him but in modern bands like “the pretty reckless” and she performs “going to hell” at some old bar not knowing it’s where the whole team goes sometimes and they see her perform?? maybe some pietro x reader during most of it as well?? thanks so much!! <3

Characters: Tony Stark, Pietro Maximoff, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff, Reader

Warnings: couple of curse words

A/N: Thanks for the request! I hope I did it justice. Feel free to send more, and comments are always appreciated. As always, thanks for reading!

One Shot Masterlist

It was rare to have a moment of peace and quiet in the Avenger Tower. So, when everyone else was out on missions or errands, you took advantage of the empty common room. You snuggled closer to your boyfriend as you sipped hot chocolate and watched your favorite Netflix show.

“I still do not understand what is so special about this Flash character,” Pietro grumbled.

“Um, he’s super fast and saves the world,” you replied, as if it was obvious.

“I do those things too!” he exclaimed.

“You can run fast,” you admitted, “but you like to cause a lot of mischief too.”

“That makes life more fun, prinţesă.” He wrapped his arms around your shoulders and pulled you in for a sweet kiss. “I bet you didn’t see that coming,” he whispered as he nuzzled your neck.

You pulled away and laughed. “You really need a new pick up line, Piet.”

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A rant about kpop fans today: letʻs talk about BTS and BIGBANG

Ok I just need to vent here for a second about the fact that NEW KPOP FANS DONʻT APPRECIATE BIG BANG THE WAY THEY SHOULD BE APPRECIATED

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Bound III

Featuring: Yongguk x Reader

A/N: didn’t get much feedback on the last chapter, mot likely cause it wasn’t all that interesting, my bad sorry lol. But hopefully you all like this one a little better??

You sighed as your eyes were finally forced open by the sunlight breaking through the slight separation of your curtains.

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Get To Know BigBang!

New to BigBang? I’m here to help~


Kwon Jiyong (G-Dragon)

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Position in group: Leader of the group / Lead Rapper / Composer / Lyricist

Birthday: August 18th, 1988

Height: 5′9″ (177cm)

Weight: 127 pounds (58kg)

Social Media Accounts:

Get to know him:

  • In Korea he is a household name
  • He’s known for his fashion and style
  • He LOVES cats
  • he’s also said “I like girls who are like cats”
  • He knows how to play the piano and the guitar
  • He can beat box (believe it or not)
  • This man is dainty AF
  • He acts like a prince all the time kind of dainty
  • He gets embarrassed easily
  • He becomes cute when he’s around people he likes
  • He pouts and acts childish often (as a form of aegyo)
  • When he performs he does a 180
  • He always has swagger and tons of charm no matter the situation
  • always
  • He’s been friends with T.O.P since childhood, and friends with Taeyang since teenage years
  • Jiyong is a HUGE fan of Dramas
  • At first when Seungri joined the group, Jiyong wouldn’t talk to him because he didn’t put in as many trainee hours as the other members had, and he was angry that he climbed the ranks so quickly
  • Him and Seungri bonded over a TV drama and became really close afterwords
  • He cries easily
  • He has multiple tattoos
  • His dad is #1 on his speed dial

Choi Seunghyun (T.O.P):

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Position in group: Rapper / Lyricist 

Birthday: November 4th, 1987

Height: 5′11″ (181cm)

Weight: 143 pounds (65kg)

Social Media Accounts:

Instagram: choi_seung_hyun_tttop

Get to know him:

  • He loves chairs
  • I’m not kidding this boi really loves chairs
  • Like all his Instagram photos are of food and chairs practically
  • He’s an extremely artistic man
  • he’s legit an artistic genius
  • He has a scar on his hand from a traumatic accident
  • Jiyong has a smiley face tattoo on the same hand, in the same place as T.O.P’s scar
  • Him and Jiyong are extremely close and have been since childhood
  • Bingu T.O.P is the best T.O.P
  • Bingu T.O.P is T.O.P when he’s being weird and silly
  • He’s one of the most outspoken in Big Bang
  • He regularly stands up to anti-fans when they vocally attack his members on social media sites
  • He even goes as far as to take screen shots of their comments and posts them on Instagram with his sassy reply (but they usually get deleted minutes later)
  • He loves making people laugh
  • After his member Daesung was involved in a bad Moter Vehicle accident, T.O.P made it his mission to make Daesung smile whenever he could until he felt better
  • He doesn’t like showing his skin off
  • The only time he’s been seen with his shirt off was in one of his dramas
  • He usually wears multiple layers of clothing no matter the weather
  • He’s also an actor
  • He’s been in 5 Dramas
  • Commitment / Tazza: the hidden card / 71: Into the fire / 19-nineteen / and Iris: the movie are the names of the movies
  • He loves to dance
  • He’s not too good at it, but he always gets a good laugh so he does it proudly

Kang Daesung:

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Position in group: Lead Vocalist

Birthday: April 26th, 1989

Height: 5′10″ (178cm)

Weight: 138 pounds (63kg)

Social Media:

Instagram: xxd_litexx

Get to know him:

  • happiest man on earth
  • seriously so sunny
  • You will often see him with his eyes covered because of his small eyes
  • However, he’s said that his eyes and nose are the features that he’s the most proud of
  • He will do absolutely anything to make people laugh, no matter what it is
  • He will make himself look completely stupid if you’ll laugh
  • Happy virus
  • Incredible drummer
  • He works hard to stay in shape and to take care of himself for both himself and for his fans
  • He has a competitive side though and won’t loose easily
  • everyone needs to see this man on the TV show Running Man to see this side of him. Everyone.
  • He gets scared really easily
  • All you’d have to say is “boo” and he’d jump 10 feet
  • Hates roller coasters and haunted houses (he’s so cute on them though)
  • He loves mathematics and difficult word problems
  • He’s quick witted and very smart
  • One of his favorite things to do is to support his members and always says how grateful for them he is
  • He’s accident prone when cooking
  • Comedy king
  • Amazing at impersonations
  • Loves his fans more than anything else in the world
  • He had the main roll in a tv show called “What’s up”
  • He was in the Korean version of the musical ‘Cats’
  • He is a devout Christian

Dong Youngbae (Taeyang):

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Position in group: Vocalist / Dancer

Birthday: May 18th, 1988

Height: 5′8″ (174cm)

Weight: 123 pounds (56kg)

Social Media:

Instagram: __youngbae__

Get to know him:

  • He hand writes letters to his band mates when they’re apart for a long time
  • or whenever he feels that they need extra encouragement
  • He hadn’t kissed a girl until his ‘I need a girl’ Music video
  • He texted the members of bigbang afterwords saying “hyungs I died. I kissed a girl”
  • He’s the literal cutest human being ever
  • Extremely talented dancer
  • He tends to be quiet but extremely sassy when he speaks
  • “To those of you who said my hair looks like a mop, I hate you.”
  • ^^an actual quote from him
  • Plays the piano, guitar, and drums
  • He’s been dating the actress Min Hyo-Rin since 2013
  • He is also a devout Christian
  • He’s been good friends with Jiyong (G-Dragon) since middle school
  • Jiyong, T.O.P, and him decided to become a group of 3 in middle school when they realized how well they got along
  • He’s the motherly figure to the group members
  • He’s extremely kind and caring
  • He believes in eating right and exercise (and tries to get the other members to do the same)
  • He’s one of the only members of BigBang that can genuinely dance

Lee Seunghyun (Seungri):

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Position in group: Vocalist / Maknae

Birthday:   December 12th, 1990 (THE NEW ALBUM IS COMING OUT ON HIS BIRTHDAY OMFG)

Height: 5′9″ (176cm)

Weight: 132 pounds (60kg)

Social Media:

Instagram: seungriseyo

Get to know him:

  • He was so young when he joined BigBang that he didn’t know how to cook for himself
  • He made the other members cook for him until they made him learn himself
  • The other members still tease him about this to this day
  • He gets the most freaked out when the other members show too much affection to him
  • The other members show him the most affection just to screw with him
  • He’s a little shit (but we all love him anyway)
  • He sasses the members even though he’s the youngest
  • he calls his hyungs by their names like he’s an equal, even when they get mad at him for it
  • He’s sassy and blunt as hell
  • He gives a lot to charity though
  • like A LOT
  • also, he is the aegyo king
  • K I N G
  • He’s been in multiple dramas
  • Haru / Lights and shadows / Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo / A Message Send To You / and Angel eyes are the names of the dramas
  • He’s known for spontaneously breaking out into English songs while in concert and dancing to them (like Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ and Rihanna’s ‘Don’t stop the music’)
  • He’s extremely confident in himself as well as his hyungs
  • He is extremely close to his mother
  • literal sass king (his eye rolls doe)
  • he has said before that “even anti-fans are fans”
  • He loves his VIP’s with his entire soul, he loves us all so freaking much


  • Their fans are called VIP’s
  • They are one of the most widely successful kpop groups in the world
  • The members were each able to branch off into extremely successful solo pursuits
  • This included solo albums, musicals, TV’s, movies, etc.
  • They take a really long time to come out with new music because their schedules are so busy separately that it’s hard for them to get together
  • It’s so worth the wait though
  • They are all extremely close to one another
  • YG added Daesung and Seungri to BigBang before their debut because he felt that a 3 man group wasn’t enough

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A/N: @annyeongminyoongi I hope this helps you a little bit!! If you (or anyone) wants any more information on BigBang, just let me know!! I’m here for you~ Welcome to the VIP world!!

edit: Originally I thought that this post was a little long, but I added some more things to the list because I felt like I didn’t add enough information. There’s so much about them to tell! They’re truely amazing men

Big Bang reactions to their little sister dating Exo member

[GIFs not mine]
I wish we’ll get exo big bang interaction one day because that would be like hell yeah good.But remember when Seungri sat on Sehun’s lap? I can’t forget that. And Baekhyun and Chanyeol were also MC’s with Seungri once. I literally can not. Can u imagine D.O. doing a trio with Taeyang and Daesung? Or Chanyeol doing a duet with Seungri? Now my head is full of this BB-EXO interactions ty anon for requesting this ^^

He knew you loved Exo and you were in love with all of the members, but he would never ever imagined you knew them in real life. He only thought you were fangirling over them and trying to get him buy their merch for the good of fandom. He was even more surprised when you told him you are dating Chanyeol. He didn’t mind you dating him a lot, but he was worried because you told him how many fans your boyfriend’s group has and that made him want to meet your boyfriend and tell him some threats of what will happen if you ever come to him crying. Your brother was very scary sometimes and you tried to stop him from being like that to Chanyeol. But he was just being over protective and he liked Chanyeol ever since he asked T.O.P for an opinion about Chanyeol’s songs.
“If I ever find out she cried because you cheated on her…Well, you should never do that.”

Originally posted by sofiatherese92

He wasn’t clueless about your boyfriends, but he didn’t know everything and this time you thought it was important to tell him about your relationship with Suho. Your brother was not surprised you matched with him because you had a lot in common after all and he was supportive of your relationship, but he wanted to meet him soon. Since Suho is the leader of one of the biggest groups he really wanted to meet him and when they met they got along very well. They started calling each other ‘hyung’ after a while and you heard they made plans for the wedding too, on which you had no idea what they were talking about. He was really happy he’ll finally have a younger brother and not sister (joke) and he loved hanging out with Suho and helping him with his solo activities.
“What about that rin….. OH Y/N you’re here we were just talking about how good you look together….*tries to hide the fact they were talking about wedding ring*”

Originally posted by violaone

He knew everything about who were you dating and you told him everything. He was super excited when you told him you are dating D.O. He loved his singing and he was a fan of Exo. He wanted to get along with him well and they could relate to each other a lot. They talked about how annoying it is to be the shortest in the group and they competed whose vocals were better and you, of course, were the judge. Ever since you started dating him Taeyang got more into Exo and tried to hang out with D.O. even more than you sometimes. He shipped you with him a lot tho and for your anniversary he bought you both couple shirts.
“I don’t hang out with him more than you…. You LIVE with him. Just let me hang out with him~ Please~”

Originally posted by fantastic--babies

He wasn’t familiar with the group Exo because he didn’t watch TV a lot, but they were in the newspaper a couple times so he heard of them. When you told him you are dating Lay, he thought he must be a nice guy from a not really popular group, but when you told him how many albums they sold and how popular they were, he got a little nervous. He hated the fact you’ll be in so much attention relationship. He loved the fact that Lay was from China and when he met him he thought it was really funny how he mispronounced some words and he promised him he’ll teach him more words. They became good friends in a very short period.
“A-STRO-LO-GY *tries to teach him Korean word for astrology*”

Originally posted by dumbanddumberwhatswrong

Seungri knew about Exo, he was an MC with Chanyeol and Baekhyun once and he liked them a lot. And he loved that fans liked the moment where he sat at Sehun’s lap at MAMA’s. He actually introduced you to Baekhyun. After two years you finally started dating and told Seungri. He felt really proud he found his sister a boyfriend, who is a boyfriend material. He liked Baekhyun and he thought you were the cutest together for as long as you weren’t kissing in front of him or doing something else in front of him. He advised Baekhyun what you like a lot or which are your favorite movies, but one thing he loved when all three of you were together is talking about your childhood memories and showing childhood photos of each other.
“You look like Youngbae when he was young hahaha… She looks like a potato so it’s okay…*jokes with you a lot*”

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If any of my reaction maybe are similar just remember I sit on my computer for at least an hour to WRITE all of these MYSELF and then edit them and put GIFs in.

I Think I Like This Song

Title: I Think I Like This Song

An X-men fanfiction series

Pairing: Peter Maxomoff x reader (who is kind of a scene/alt/emo girl?)

Fandom: X-Men

Characters: Peter Maximoff x reader, Charles Xavier, Jean Grey

Warnings: Mentions self-harm (no graphic), depression, a little bit of swearing, FLUFF TO COME

Summary: One day the reader meets Peter at the CD store she works at, and he steals her Walkman, along with a CD in it. A few years later, something happens (which remains a mystery for the plot, because I like a good cliffhanger. Fight me.) and she is thrown in jail. Charles manages to get her out, but she falls into a depression. She won’t speak, so Charles is the only one she talks to, and very little. When school starts, Charles makes Jean her roommate since she’s a telepath.

Notes: Okay so I’m planning on this to turn out fluffy and really cute, so if you like that keep reading the next parts ;) (spoiler alert: Peter Maximoff fluff) The prologue happens before Apocalypse, and the Part 1 after it. The Prologue is not my favorite, but important for the plot, so bear with me. It takes a sudden dark turn in Part 1.

Originally posted by sassy-peter-maximoff


She stared out the big front window, watching the clouds break loose all hell from their hold. The rain pounded a rhythm above her, and the irregularity of it was both soothing and nerve-racking. She sat behind a counter, curled up on a swivel chair that hadn’t been changed since the stone age, bits and pieces of the padding inside hanging by a string. She fiddled with the chain hanging from her belt as she inspected the empty shop: rows of shelves, stacked CDs, even a few records in a box in the corner.  The shop was still stocked to the brim, like usual. Not many came through the door, just the occasional passing punk or the rare confused mother looking for a last- minute present for their son’s birthday.

A loud thunderclap cracked in the sky, illuminating her face in an eery glow, before fading back into the relentless downpour. She propped her elbow on the arms of the chair, resting her head on her gloved hand. Her black nails combed through her locks, dyed an autumn red, as she felt herself slip to daydream. She decided to get some music: she was no use anyways. Throwing her black boots on the floor, she paced down the aisle, her footsteps slightly loud against the muted patter. She ran her fingers over the CDs, not sure what she was looking for. She stopped on a mustard yellow one, the title in a typewriter font. She smirked: “Sweet Dreams are made of this”.  Backtracking, she jumped over the counter and slid into the chair again, propping her feet on the desk. She slipped it into the Walkman in front of her, plugging in her black earphones. Placing them in her ears, she laid back in her chair and let the music wash over her. She succumbed to the beat of the drums and the bass of the guitar: Synthpop wasn’t her favorite genre, but she would make do.

Suddenly, she felt a gust of cold air wash over her face, sending chills up her spine. Slightly disconnected from the real world by the music, she jumped when she realized the door was swinging wide open, banging on the wall in the wind. She reluctantly paused her music and lifted herself of her bottom to battle the storm. Once the door had clicked, she halfheartedly turned the Open sign that had flipped over. Oh, how she wished it was closed already. But she still had two shifts left.

She whirled around to see, much to her surprise, a teenage boy sitting behind the desk. “What the f-” she stopped mid-sentence when she realized he didn’t hear her. He was listening to the music, wearing HER headphones. He was obviously “in the zone,” so she stomped up to the boy, yanked the headphones out of his ears, and proceeded to ask him, quite madly, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

Much to her surprise, he wasn’t the least bit ruffled. He gave her a cocky smile, slapped a pair of steam punk goggles from over his eyes onto his silvery hair,  then, leaning on the desk between them, in a singsong mono toned voice, answered,

“Hello, miss, do you need help finding a particular band?” He batted his thick eyelashes and tilted his head sweetly, looking for a reaction. At this point, she was done: this man did not have the right to touch her personal possessions. She could barely contain herself. Walking up slowly, she slammed her hands on the old desk and leaned over it, until she was barely centimeters away from him. Looking him straight in the eyes, she lifted a provoking eyebrow. “I don’t know, you tell me.” She said vehemently, and he held her gaze without blinking. His lopsided grin widened and he sat back, setting his Nike’s on the desk on front of her face. “Come on,” he slid his hands behind his head, balancing the chair precariously, “I’m not doing anything wrong!” Her face was now set in a permanent scowl, but he remained unfazed. He brushed off some dust from his silver leather jacket, and as he did she couldn’t help but glance at the cash register: it would not have been the fist time she had to fight of a greedy hooligan. He followed her eyes and scoffed. “Please, I just wanted to get out of the rain.”

“In case you haven’t noticed, this is the cashier’s chair. And if memory serves, you don’t work here.” The sarcasm in her voice didn’t really surprise her: it happened so often she sometimes couldn’t make out if she was being sarcastic or not. Suddenly, another flash of lightning lit up the sky, blinding her for a split second. When she opened her eyes he was there, standing in front of her, so close she could feel his vanilla ice cream scented breath on her face, holding the earphones to his ears with  her Walkman in his hand. “Yeah, I’m never getting a job!” He chuckled, his dark eyes glinting. He looked somewhat childlike, and the light from the storm created a ghostly halo on top of his messy, blown back hair. “You know what?” He said, mimicking a pensive expression, “I think I like this song.”

It all happened in a blur: she felt the wind rush over her, her hair whipping her face. The loud boom of thunder covered up the sound of the door slamming, and posters went flying all over the room. Dumbfounded, she stared at the shop in shock. She hadn’t even seen him leave. It was like he had just disappeared, leaving a mess like a tornado hit. It was still raining, so she couldn’t imagine why he had sped off, not that it mattered to her, but even the reason why he had come in was a mystery. And she just couldn’t fathom how he got out so fast, dragging everything in the shop a few centimeters closer to the door with the pull. She headed back to pick up the posters, stacking them in a neat pile on the desk, pretty much ready to sit back and be bored out of her mind for the next couple of hours, cleaning the rows of CDs that had been shoved off the shelves.

And then, it dawned on her: he had left with her Walkman.

Part 1

Three years later, the incident happened. She was lost: she didn’t know what to do. All she remembered where the metal bar doors slamming hard in front of her nose, the cold damp stone against her palms as she was thrown on the floor. She still had her own clothes, but a black and white jumpsuit was folded on the cot beside her, like a vile rag. She curled up in a ball, her back against the wall, staring blindly at the seeping darkness in front of her, not daring to speak, lest to be in deeper trouble, as the lights slowly flickered off, leaving her in the dark.

The same was for her trial. She didn’t defend herself; just stared at the ground, while the lawyer slowly bashed her down, pushing her deeper into an abyss of self-hatred. Her parents didn’t want her anymore: she was a demon spawn. They had kicked her out of the house, and didn’t even show up to her trial. It wasn’t much trouble for the police to pick her up. She had stayed in for nearly a month; became used to people boring holes into her back as they stared, to the signs they made at her approach. She looked down at her chipped nails covered in grime as stray locks slipped from behind her her ears, refusing to speak. Her voice, her cursed voice, had started this. The cuffs at her wrists were dragging her down, and she knew it was hopeless: what she had done was too horrible. She remembered single tear threatening to slip past her defenses, but she repeated the words in her mind, the lyrics that had kept her going all this time.

Suddenly, the court doors flew open. She hadn’t turned around: it didn’t matter to her. Little did she know, it would change her life. A bald man rolled in on a wheelchair, and somehow, he got her out. To this day it remains a blur in her mind, but she was out.

He called himself Charles Xavier, Professor X. He brought her to his school, promising he could help, took her in. Charles Xavier’s school for Gifted Youngsters. It was summer at the time, and not many students or professors were around, except for Hank, but he spent his time in the lab. Charles attempted in vain to heal her, but the depression had taken over: she started wearing big bracelets to cover the cuts on her wrists, stopped eating, but Charles wouldn’t have it. He set things in her mind that made it impossible for her to pick up a razor with the intention to hurt herself, but she just tore her nails up on her sore skin. She stayed inside with the windows closed, the satin curtains pulled shut. No light touched her skin for days, weeks, and she grew pale. Her hair was longer now, the red dye only creeping up halfway up the length. Charles, on one mind-search, found she liked music. Thinking it harmless, he got her a stereo. She drank up the song like it was a drug. The lyrics went deeper than the thrum of her eardrums; it spoke to her soul, buried deep inside her closed-off heart. Charles only could speak to her, with his thoughts, and as much as she didn’t like it, I felt good. He came very often: tried to get her to talk, to get her to eat. But she wouldn’t.

Soon, summer was over. The Professor forced her to go to class; he knew he wouldn’t be able to take care of her as much, so instead of leaving her in her misery he decided to entrust her to his teachers. This resulted in a heated mind- discussion, but she couldn’t argue: he had all the right reasons.

A week before school started, her roommate came. It was Charles’ idea: “she can help you”, he had said, “she’s a telepath, just like I am, and she’s been here for a while now.” It was no use fighting him; he only wanted to help. She was sitting on the floor in the dark when she came. Slowly, she pushed herself up and cracked open the door. She was greeted by a warm smile. Hello, a singsong voice echoed in her mind, my name is Jean. She didn’t say anything, just shoved her hands in the pocket of her worn hoodie. How are you? The older girl asked. She would continue to repeat that every time she saw her, despite the unchanging answer. I’m fine. She finally answered, looking down at her feet. Her shoulders were caved in, her eyes were down, Jean could see her self-esteem was somewhere deep. Jean couldn’t help it: she took her in her arms, silently prying at her thoughts. Yes, she had been through a lot. Jean saw some thoughts that scared her more than she would like to admit it, and she couldn’t stop the tear running down her cheek. She promised to herself she would help her, no matter the cost, and hugged her tighter. Rubbing her shoulders, she let go and headed to the window. Suddenly, the younger girl grabbed her arm. It’s okay, she reassured, then continued. She pulled back the curtains, the sunlight seeping in for the first time in a while. It played games on Jean’s head of red hair, made her gray eyes shine and sparkle. The other girl flinched slightly at the light; her eyes weren’t used to it anymore. Slowly, watching the girl’s thoughts, she opened the window. A gust of air ruffled through her hair, fresh and soothing. A thought came from the girl, about the height of the drop between the sill and the concrete underneath, that, quite to Jean’s surprise, she tried to stomp down with the lyrics of a song. Jean decided she would ask the Professor about what this meant, but for now she had to get her ready to meet new people, and she only had a week to do so. She faced her with a welcoming grin. Isn’t it beautiful? She gestured to the breathtaking view. The girl tentatively stepped closer, and Jean grabbed her by the shoulders comfortingly. What’s your name?She asked confidently. After a short moment, she heard a delicate reply: 


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So I was bored recently and I was watching videos with tips on how to survive kpop concerts, and they were all missing out on some stuff that I consider crucial. This survival guide will include tips on buying tickets, outfit advice and what you should expect at a kpop concert!

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Party like Porn Stars [Josh Washington x Reader] *SMUT*

Word Count: 3405 

Warning: Alcohol and very descriptive sex

Author Note: This story has sex in it and alcohol, if you are not comfortable with that kind of stuff then DO NOT READ THIS. 

This story also has a song in it – Here’s the link to it [x] Sorry if you don’t listen to The Weeknd

Also here’s the outfit you’re wearing. [x]

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Originally posted by tuesday330

Title: panacea
Pairing: Song Minho/Reader
Genre: Tattoo Artist!Mino
Summary: Whether near or far, the two of them were each other’s medicine for a long day.

Generally, Song Minho was one of those tattoo artists that did everything for passion and not popularity; if he was acknowledged then he gladly took the compliments, but he wasn’t one to post a picture of every single tattoo he did and much less put his own pride over the client’s choices or liking. Though often misunderstood because of his way of living, she had completely found interesting how someone as talented as him could get so surprised by the small compliments, as if modesty brought out the insecurities that he once kept when he was a mere teenager, doodling on the back of his notebook with ease. Not that she met him back then, but she would’ve loved to. Now he was grown up –or the most grown up version of himself although he still keeps that child-like demeanor of his- and she couldn’t approve more of his dreams. He’s…insane, like a shot of a new drink that you never tried but once you do you wonder what is that something that makes it so good, Minho was like that…strangely too good for this world.

She missed him, that’s the whole point of her ranting because he was in a tattoo convention and not only did she feel empty without him here, but that something was missing in her life as well. Minho had sent her pictures of himself whilst he was in the tattoo convention with Seungyoon and the corner of her beautifully shaped lips would turn into a smile every time she saw him. However, she’d like to believe that she missed him more than anything else. Strangely enough, she missed when he scared her once she got out of the shower; she missed his soft humming when he was searching for something to eat in the kitchen, the murmurs that are left over her lips as he kissed her, promising her a million things over and over…small things, mostly going unnoticed by the rest of the world but they were necessary for her. In the middle of her unstoppable, aching need to see Song Minho, she had visited the tattoo parlor, where she had a few conversations with Seunghoon about piercings and tattoos, life and what they liked…the man was a good person to talk to, if she was honest.

But now it’s that point of the week where only a few hours were left to greet the love of her life and she was anxious.

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