made with isometric


Did a liiiiiiittle bit of work on A Place To Call Home today. Learnt some 2D raycasting and knocked up a dirty little shadowcast system + moving sun while I did it.

Only terrain pieces on the first layer cast shadows currently, and they don’t actually affect any objects (due to how terrain is drawn in the game). At some point, I can probably ensure the shadows change the colour of stuff like the cacti, but making high layer terrain affect low layer terrain is beyond my coding ability right now (and probably forever).

Anyway I think it looks kinda nice?


So I’ve been messing around with part 3 of this little toy, adding trees. I’m hoping to give you a bit of control over the type of tree that grows on your island, with a few simple selections made before placement begins.

> Tree Genus - very simple, but here you will get to choose the species of tree (very VERY loosely) that will grow on your island.

> Season - I had a more complicated colour picking mechanic in mind, but it didn’t work. Instead, I thought it would be nice to allow you to choose tree colour by season, spring/summer/autumn/winter.

And thats it!

When placing trees, the game will randomly select a variation of the genus you chose in the season you selected, and will also vary the scale of the tree slightly between a max and a minimum. Trees will obey the same depth and layering rules as terrain and structures!

If this works out, I will probably implement something similar for the structural sections, to allow you to choose the colour of your buildings.

The next step after that is to allow changing of the background and initial island shape, and I will be in a solid position to consider the next, more complicated stages.