made with clay and love

“We’ll safety-pin the pieces of our broken hearts back together.” - @5sos

If they make you love them quietly, when your love is loud, then they aren’t right for you. If they make you love them noisily when your love is soft, then they aren’t right for you. Your love is not made of clay that they can mold it to what they need. Your love is made of iron, created in flames to be what you want it to be.
—  Your Love Deserves Respect | Nikita Gill

I’d like to present something I’ve been working on for about a week or so now, Underbean! Made from polymer clay and a lot of love, I made just about all of the main cast along with some side characters (though I’ve designs for pretty much all the side characters at this point) and about the size of a dime, shown next to each picture for comparison.

Thanks to a lot of encouragement from friends, family, and some kind strangers at MegaCon, I’m probably going to sell them to order at an etsy shop I’m going to set up along with other designs from other fandoms. I’ve already got ideas for key chains, pins, phone charms, etc.

If you’re interested, feel free to shoot me a message! ;w;

the girl in love.
the girl who is always carrying something,
who is always on the verge of dropping everything.
the girl with her mother’s eyes
that her father won’t look in to.
the girl made of clay,
always losing herself in the palms
of those who claim to love her back.
the girl with the watered down mouth
and a stomach full of doubt,
the only way they like her
but they forgot to drown her lungs
and so she fights back with every breath.
the girl with a belly full of fire.
the girl they left bleeding
into the sewerage drains.
the girl with an untamed voice
that echoes through the deepest oceans.
the girl who performs
open heart surgery on herself
because it’s just easier to trust
your own hands.
the girl who fought through
a hundred wars
prickling beneath her skin.
the girl who healed.
the girl who lived.

Handmade ‘Sleepy’ Dolls by BarnBurnerCollective

These beautiful one of a kind hand sculpt and sown dolls are meditative companions to help release all your tensions and anxieties. These dolls are made with polymer clay, plush, fabric with beans and of course, love and time! But please handle them with care as they are very delicate and not suitable for small children.