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Altoid tin witches travel kit.

I always like to keep certain magical supplies on hand when I’m on the go, but I tend to put a vile in this pocket and a crystal in that pocket and I forget what is where.

Altoid tins make great organizers for when you’re out and about. I’ve also seen many people make travel altars with these for when they are away from home or if they are still in the broom closet.

This kit can be anything that you find is most important to have based in what you do. I’m a stickler for cleansing and protecting my surroundings. So my kit includes:

- Sea Salt
- Dragons Blood Salt
- Rosemary
- Smokey Quartz Crystal
- A wand (one that I made myself using fox bone, clear quartz point, and some tigers eye and fire agate beads)
- A Tea Light and some matches
- A striker for the matches glued to the lid
- Mini bowl made from epoxy clay
- Home made mini runes also made from epoxy clay.

What I love most about this tiny tin is that it can fit into a bag as small as a clutch or even your pocket and you’ll have everything you need.

So have fun and be creative with your kit.

  • steve: i know that the amazons are the, uh, bridge, between men and a... greater understanding, but how did they get that way?
  • diana: my people are the reincarnations of women who died by men's cruel hand, whose souls rested in gaea's womb deep in the realm of hades. the goddesses, fearing ares's wrath, traveled to gaea's womb to bring my sisters to life once more, and their souls came raining from the sky and fell into the water, and my sisters rose from the oceans to accept the blessing of the goddesses and gaea's girdle.
  • steve: .... that's neat
  • diana: there was one soul left in the womb - mine. my mother had been pregnant in her past life, when she was brutally slain, and upon her reincarnation, longed for a daughter to love, so she carved a child made of clay. the goddesses, accompanied by hermes, traveled once more to the womb to give me their blessing and send me to the earth, and my mother's clay baby was given the breath of life.
  • steve: ....... that's........... still neat
If I had a gun with two bullets and I was in a room with Sybil, Aimery, and Thorne… I would shoot Thorne twice.
—  Jacin Clay (at some point probably)

This was a rather lovely commission from a few weeks ago, which I haven’t been able to share with you until now as it was top secret. Remember my little message birds with a scroll under their wing? Well I was asked to make this handsome Starling to hold a very special message under his wing… which was, ‘will you marry me?’

It’s so exciting that one of my little birds got the big honour of taking part in such a special proposal.

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I need some clony headcanons. Like, anything. And everything. Just give me something

Okay, so here we go with more clony cause this fandom needs to grow big!

1. Obviously, Tony is the protective one and he watch over Clay all the time. But, Clay is also very protective. Specially if it is about Tonys personal space. The thing is, he isn’t jealous, it’s just that he is the only one who can invade Tonys personal space and he won’t share. With anyone. But he really isn’t jealous. Like, for real.

2. Tony loves to cuddle. He always look for Clays touch. He love to hold his hands when they are walking, grab his knee when they’re in his mustang, he hug Clay to his chest when they watch tv, and he always rest his head on Clays lap when they study. Maybe it’s not the most comfortable way to study for Clay, cause Tony fells asleep in moment, and he looks so peacfull that Clay don’t want to move, but he doesn’t mind that at all.

3. Clay love Tonys hair. I mean, how coud he not? His hair always look perfect. And they are so soft. Clay just love petting Tony because of his hair. He always grab his hair when they are kissing. Or cuddling. Or having sex. He grabs them pretty much everytime. It’s probably a fetish by now.

4. Tony is big spoon. But Clay always hugs him from back when Tony is making food for them.

5. Tony pick him up to school with coffe. He always wrote short and sweet things on Clays cup. Clay didn’t really notice this for weeks and Tony was a little pissed off cause he have this clearly blind boyfriend, it was until Skye asked Clay why someone gave him a coffe in cup with “fuck you jensen” on it. Next day Tony found paper cup in his locker with “yeah, maybe fuck me already padilla?” on it.

6. Tony switch between english and spanish. Specially during sex. Clay is not sure if its some dirty talk or love confessions. Tony refuse to say.

7. Clas blush a lot. It’s not big red blush, more like light and pink. It’s almost invisible for most of people. But not for Tony. He clearly see all colours on Clay face, and he loves it. So he made him blush a lot.

8. Clay think there is nothing sexier than Tony while he is working on his car. He is not sure why, he just know that he is even hotter than usually, and this should be illegal to look this good whith grease everywhere and with those messy hair.

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Headcannon where Clay has an obvious kink for Tony being rough with him in bed (Maybe with a sprinkle of a language kink, i.e when Tony speaks Spanish it really turns Clay on)

1. For someone as nice and as caring as Tony, he was a completely other person in bed. Sure, there were times where he pampered Clay with kisses and made sweet love to him, but there were other times where Tony was rough and demanding. Those were the times Clay craved.

2. Clay’s favorite position to be fucked in is definitely missionary. Tony grips onto his waist tight enough where there have been fingerprint bruises the following morning. He also knows just where to aim inside him to have Clay shouting and seeing stars.

3. Clay teases Tony to the point where he just snaps. He says comments like, “is that all you got?” to see the anger flare in his eyes. Tony then grabs his wrists with one hand and holds them above his head, biting his earlobe and mumbling harshly into his ear, “oh, you want it rough? I’ll fucking show you rough, baby.”

4. Tony is unforgiving when he wants to be. Clay doesn’t know how he has so much self-control, but it isn’t fair. He can bring Clay to the point of cumming only to pull him back and start all over again. By the end of his assault, Clay is begging for Tony to fuck him hard enough where he will feel it the next day.

5. The both of them already know about Clay’s language kink and Tony uses this to his advantage. One night where Clay is riding him, Tony groans out, “Estás tan jodidamente apretado, rebotando arriba y abajo como eso. Tan hermoso encima de mí.” It’s the first time where he got Clay to scream while he came.

6. Most mornings after having rough sex with Tony, Clay will find a number of hickeys across his body. The most are on his collarbone, but some are littered around his chest, thighs, and even on his ass. Once Tony wakes up, Clay smacks him playfully. (“you’re such a fucking biter! it’s a miracle that I can hide these or else people will think we’re into some BDSM shit.”)

(Spanish translation - #1: “you’re so fucking tight, bouncing up and down like that. so beautiful on top of me.”)

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Ok so clony request based off the scene where tony &clay are out to eat but clay won't eat his sandwich and tony calls him a child? But instead of it being about the tapes could it be they've gotten into an argument & tony said something that made clay pouty ?

I loved that scene, especially the fact that Clay was legit pouting like a child!

Hope you enjoyyyyyyy (:


“And what can I get you?” Clay looked up Skye, scanning his eyes over the menu before choosing a sandwhich and watching Skye scribble it down on her pad. “Coming right up.”

Clay smiled at her before turning back to Tony, leaning forward on the table to place his elbows on it. Tony chuckled, slipping his jacket off and placing it on the back of his chair before clearing his throat. “You know, elbows on the table is bad manners.”

Clay rolled his eyes before speaking. “Sorry, I didn’t realise I was dining with the queen.” Tony laughed at that, eyes sparkling. Clay loved to see Tony laugh, he could be so serious and intense that it was nice to see. It made him more normal, the way he would struggle to contain his laughter if Clay tripped or laugh loudly at a joke. His laugh was raw and real, everything Clay needed to reassure himself Tony wasn’t this god like person.

“I’m pretty sure you’re the princess in this relationship,” Tony grinned as Clay mocked hurt, bringing his hand up to his chest. Tony had a habit of doing that, teasing him with stupid pet names like sugar plum or honey bunches. But Clay kinda loved the serious moments where he’d call him babe or love, his heart breathing harder every time.

“I am not a princess thank you,” Clay raised his chin up a little, watching as Tony fiddle with a fork on the table, readjusting its position.

“Well you are pretty spoilt I guess,” Tony shrugged and Clay paused, looking at Tony oddly. Spoilt? He was so not spoilt, he thought as he leaned back in his chair and folded his arms across his chest, looking down at the floor. “Clay don’t start pouting.”

Clay felt his face grow grumpy as he glared at the floor, he was not spoilt! In comparison to Tony it might appear that way but that wasn’t spoilt. That was just different environment! He used to constantly reassure Tony that he didn’t think no different of him just because of the neighbourhood he lived in. Did that come across as stuck up? Oh god was he really trying to say Clay was stuck up?

He heard the clink of plates as they was placed in front of them, eyes trained on the table as he saw Tony’s hands immediately reach for the sandwhich. He had such nice ha- no! He had to stay grumpy, he was not spoilt!

“Clay,” Tony cleared his throat as Clay refused to look at him. “Don’t act like a child. Eat your sandwhich.” Tony pointed towards Clays plate, waiting for Clay to look up.

“Okay sure grandpa,” Clay rolled his eyes, “I am not spoilt!” He pouted, feeling his bottom lip push out of its own accord. He knew he was being childish but he couldn’t help it, he would hate if Tony thought of him as spoilt.

“Oh my god you actually thought I was being serious? Clay I don’t think your spoilt,” he urged as Clay slowly brought his eyes up to look at him. “If anything I’m the god damn one who spoils you,” Tony grinned and Clay couldn’t help but melt a little.

“I think you should say some more nice stuff to me so I can forgive you,” Clay picked up his sadnwhich, taking a bite out of it.

For the rest of the day Tony wouldn’t shut up, saying ridiculously nice things about Clay until the other physically had to shut him up by kissing him. And Tony laughed and did Clay mention?

He loved Tony’s laugh.


Short. It hopefully sweet! Thanks for the request! I am getting round to everyone’s, please don’t think I’m not! (:

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Hey can you do a headcanon of clays parents not approving of him with jeff and tony? And how they still see each other maybe he even leaves his house idk but i loved your taffy headcanon and i need more!!! Please and thank you!

Requests are open for headcanons if you’d like one.

I got sooo carried away this one so warning because this is fucking long…

• It started one day when Clay was dumping off his school bag at home on his way through to Tony’s. Clay hadn’t exactly been secretive about his relationship with the boys but it wasn’t as if he had outright told his parents that Tony and Jeff were his boyfriends. I mean, they hadn’t asked.

• So the day he came home to near silence in the house and see his mother and father sitting stiffly at the kitchen table he had no idea of what was to come.

• “Clay, your father and I have been talking,” his mother began. Mr Jensen rolled his eyes slightly. “It’s come to our attention that you’re spending a lot of time with both Tony and Jeff recently. But I also happened to notice the other night that you kissed Jeff when he dropped you off outside. I never thought that I would have to have this discussion with you because I thought we raised you well enough to understand that it is wrong to cheat on people, Clay. How would you feel if you were Tony in this situation?”

• For a few seconds Clay stood in silence taking in everything he had just heard.

• “Mom,” he started. “Jeff is my boyfriend. So is Tony. They both are my boyfriends.”

• At the stunned look on Mrs Jensen’s face he continued, “The same as I am Tony’s boyfriend and Jeff is also Tony’s boyfriend. Like, we’re all together. In a relationship. All three of us.”

• “Honey,” his mum whispered, “I was fine with you coming out as bisexual because that is just a normal thing in this day and age but this, this is just a little too out of my comfort zone and I don’t think I want this going on in my house. So, from now on I don’t want Jeff and Tony coming over, okay?”

• “Lainie,” Mr Jensen interrupted.

• Clay butted in over the top of his father, too angry to keep his words in. “Your comfort zone? Fuck, you gotta be kidding me. What kind of shit is this!? Why should it matter to you what I choose to do in my life? Jeff, Tony and I’s relationship is perfectly ‘normal’ in this day and age, thank you very much. And if you don’t want either of them in this house then I won’t be here either.”

• “Clay,” his father tried again.

• “I’m just going to pack some things and be outta here.”

• Clay knew Jeff was studying at Tony’s house but the cycle there was almost painful. How could he expect them to just drop everything and take him in? He’d pretty much just moved himself out of his house within the space of five minutes.

• When he arrived and knocked on the Padilla’s door he was trying as hard as he could not to scream at the top of his lungs. Tony’s bedroom was open and he could hear quiet voices from the inside. “Oh, that might be Clay,” Tony’s voice spoke up. “I got it,” Jeff mumbled and no more than a few seconds later he saw the blurred shape of one of his boyfriends coming down the stairs through the mottled glass.

• Jeff opened the door in jogging bottoms and one of Tony’s old T-shirts. He liked to be comfortable when he was studying. As soon as he cracked Clay a beautiful smile, showing his perfectly straight teeth Clay was done. Tears began to fall against his cheeks and he allowed himself to be pulled into the Padilla’s house and lead up the stairs to where they boys were set up on Tony’s floor.

• They both were shocked when Clay told them what his mother had said, she had always seemed so calm and collected.

• Tony offered Clay a place to stay until things smoothed over and the three boys stayed the night.

• Clay felt cosy, warm and loved tucked in between the two most important people in his life. Jeff would place kisses on his cheeks and Tony would hold his hand and occasionally run gentle, tickling fingers up his forearms.

• The next day his father came to see him during his shift at the Crestmont. “I don’t know where your mother got any of this from, Clay. I am so sorry and appalled that she acted that way towards you. I just wanted you to know that no matter what you choose to do in life, who you date, how many cats you adopt, that I will always be there for you and that I love you unconditionally. I know that you probably don’t want to come home right now but the door will always be open for you if you feel like it. Even if you want to just pop in and have a chat whilst your mother isn’t there you know that I am always home for lunch.”

• “Thanks, Dad.” Clay replied, “That actually made me feel a lot better and I love you too.” He leaned over the counter to give his dad a huge hug.

• The next couple of weeks were hard. Clay would usually pop home during lunch break at school to pick up fresh clothes or textbooks he needed. His dad would always be there and would always make an effort to talk to Jeff and Tony, get to know them better and make them feel welcomed into the family.

• The only good thing Clay could pinpoint about the whole situation was the sheer amount of time they were always spending around one another. With the time they spent together Clay could notice the more subtle things about his boyfriends.

• Tony would always smile huge after he kissed one of them and put his hands in their back pockets before finishing off a hug.

• Jeff would always gently bump his nose against Tony or Clay’s and wait for them to nod or bump his nose back as a way of consent before kissing them.

• Tony liked it best when Jeff wore his khaki green shirt when he was working out because it was tighter and he could see his muscles better.

• The list of things Clay noticed and loved was almost endless.

• Clay’s living situation stayed the same for a few months more until he gradually could spend a few nights at home. He would be civil with his mother but not talk to her if he didn’t have to.

• His relationship with his dad couldn’t have been any stronger, however. Mr Jensen would invite the boys over to watch a match if he knew Lainie would be working late and he would never dream of missing one of Jeff’s baseball games or miss out on a chance to help Tony with his car.

• It was during these times that they got to spend the happiest times together. Tony and Clay’s dad were by the stove and Jeff stood in the corner of the work surfaces looking out into the quickly darkening streets of the night. Clay slouched over to Jeff and wrapped his arms around the older boy’s waist, resting his head on his chest as he did so.

• They stood like that for a while or so until Tony turned up the music of the radio. He stopped what he was doing and let Mr Jensen carry on with the pancakes to grab both Clay and Jeff and dance them clumsily around the kitchen.

• Tony grabbed Jeff’s hand and made him twirl ungracefully around. Clay grinned at his silly boyfriends and pounced on them both for a kiss. They were ridiculous and definitely not the most talented dancers but they were his.


Seven Deadly Sins → Akatsuki 

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Okay but clony fic in the classic "Daddy can you pass the salt" situation at a dinner and Tony and Matt both reach for the salt.

Warning: sexual activities, dirty talk, clay being a little shit


It started as a joke.

Like a bro joke. Clay called Tony all sorts of names- yoda, tiny tony, love of his life (let’s talk about that one later.) So when he really thought about it, adding this name to his list didn’t seem that big of a deal at first. If it wasn’t for Tony’s god damn reaction. This was way back when they were still stuck in the ‘let me suck your dick but no homo’ zone and Clay had to pretend to be oblivious to Tony’s flirting. (And really who could be oblivious to anything Tony Padilla did because come on.)

They were sitting in Monets, side by side in a booth with their thighs touching and one milkshake in between them, two straws sticking out. To anyone else it would look like a date between a couple that had been married for a decade but of course it was just the weird friendship that they was in.

They had joked about something as usual, a quip from Tony which left Clay flustered as usual. Then followed the “order”, Tony pointing out that Clay should finish his food in case he got ill. And then Clay said it, two syllables gushing out his mouth, a slip of the tongue, a stupid fucking mistake that would spiral into a mess. God he could remember it with perfect clarity.

“Clay, eat your sandwhich.” That typical caring look that Tony wore was plastered on his face and instead of laughing, like he usually did, punching him playfully in the arm or over dramatically eating his food- no, instead Clay turned to Tony, placed a hand on his thigh (his thigh! Tony Padillas god damn muscular, drool worthy thighs) and uttered a phrase that sounded wrong yet oh so right coming out of his mouth.

“Make me, daddy.”

Tony’s reaction was instant. If Clay hadn’t been beating himself up about what the fuck he just said, he would have laughed. But no, instead he watched with horror as Tony tended up, frozen, colour storming into his cheeks as his mouth parted.

“Oh my god. I’m so, so sor- Tony please, I can’t believe I- oh god this is the worst thing ever.” And clay covered his eyes because the ground seriously needed to swallow him right now before he began sobbing in front of Tony.

Tony came round in the end. Ignored it like a good friend would do but clearly a bit shaken up. He dropped Clay home that night and they didn’t mention it again. But as Clay lay in bed, staring at the ceiling he couldn’t help but revel in the fact that he had gained a reaction, he had gotten Tony’s attention. And wow that felt pretty fucking powerful.

So from then on it became something he did. Of course it was a joke but he couldn’t help slip the word into any conversation he could just to gain Tony’s reaction. Especially when Tony was flirting with him, getting him flustered and all Clay had to do was say the word and Tony would splutter and give up on exactly what he was teasing Clay about.

Eventually Tony got used to it, rolling his eyes whenever Clay said it or jokingly pushing him away and telling him he was gross. And Clay enjoyed having the upper hand, he really did until Tony done a typical 'Tony’ thing and managed to turn the whole situation round.

They were sitting in the canteen at school, opposite each other as Clay pushed a grape round his tray that looked seriously mouldy. Tony was chatting about something, more like ranting about Clays apparent lack of interest in his school work. So what if he had found a distraction that could last him years if he let it? He’d much rather solve the problem of him having a crush on his best friend than an algebraic equation. No thanks.

So Clay rolled his eyes as Tony glared at him, shrugging his shoulders before hugging a sarcastic “sorry daddy” under his breath but it was aloud enough to be heard. And he waited for the laughter, the 'shut up’, the kick under the table. But it never came. Instead Clay felt warm yet harsh fingers circling his wrist as he looked up at Tony who was glaring straight at him with a look that made Clays knees weak.

“You know I’m getting really sick of this behaviour, baby.” And the name rolled off Tony’s tongue and straight down Clays spine as he sat up straight in his chair, suddenly alert with what was going on. Their little game changed from there. It became a battle of who could tease each other the most, who blushed the quickest. It was usually Clay, but it always had been, Tony always affected him the most.

Nothing changed when they got together. Nothing changed after the night that Tony had just kissed him senseless, after what felt like years of them both waiting for the other to make a move. And now they still said it to each other as they walked through the halls, fingers entwined and Tony’s boots squeaking as he walked. They never said it in the bedroom, not so far anyway. Clay couldn’t bring himself to do it, he would probably combust if he did.

Yet he would much rather the bedroom than the dining room.


“Clay, honey! Tony’s here!” Clay felt a grim cross his face as he pulled a shirt over his head and rushed down the stairs to fling the door open. Tony stood there in all his glory, dark jeans and a smart maroon jumper, his signature leather jacket adorning his outfit. Clay would never get used to the way his knees would buckle when the other would so much look at him.

“Hey,” Clay breathed, grinning as Tony smiled broadly back at him. He moved past Clay into his house, stopping to kiss him on the cheek and squeeze his hand before entering the kitchen to chat to his family animatedly. Clay shut the door behind him and followed him through, taking a seat at the table next to Tony, opposite his dad.

Conversation was easy. Tony had a way of diffusing all awkwardness out of any scenario, always knowing what topics to bring up and what topics to avoid. Clay placed a piece of chicken in his mouth, rendering something missing from the taste.

“Daddy, can you pass me the salt?”

It was hilarious. The funniest thing he had ever seen but of course it wasn’t like that at the time. Because as soon as the words left his mouth his father reached for he salt but he was joined by Tony, who also went to pick the condiment up. And they both sort of looked at each other confused for a moment before Matt glared fully at Tony who cowered in his seat awkwardly.

And Clay sunk down slightly as his mother raised an eyebrow at him, folding her arms over her chest. Dinner had been awkward after that to say the least and when Clay saw Tony out, his father fixed him with a warning look. Tony of course went crazy.

“What the actual fuck! I can’t believe that happened! Clay, why aren’t you freaking out?!” And clay just leant against Tony’s car and began laughing, his stomach hurting and tears running down his face as he pictured Tony’s horrified reaction over and over again in his mind. It was purely and utterly brilliant and even though he knew he was going to get shit from his parents when he went in, he couldn’t help but laugh harder and harder.

Until he felt lips press against his, hands pushing him against the car gently but urgently as Tony kissed him. He broke away, bringing a hand up to cup Clays cheek in his palm, gazing at him in a way that made Clays heart physically clench.

“How the fuck did I fall in love with a dork like you?” Clay grinned at the whispered words, before kissing Tony once more, fingers curling around the lapels of his leather jacket. “I think it’s time to ditch the petname by the way.”

And Clay did ditch it. But every now and again, when Tony was least expecting it, Clay would breath the word into his ear and shiver at the way Tony’s hand would clench his thigh.

Too easy.


Hope you enjoyed love! By the way does anyone ship Justin x Alex because I kinda like they’re dynamics man I don’t know :)

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Is it really true that sasuke isn't sarada's dad?

Yes, Sasuke is not Sarada’s Dad.

Madara went back in time to prevent Deidara’s death, who is actually a female, and Itachi hooked up with Deidara when he found out that Deidara’s Mouth could do much more than just chew clay. Those two made love, Deidara got pregnant but Tobi was so jealous of ItaDei’s unborn lovechild and wanted to ruin their happiness. One night when Deidara was asleep, he cut the fetus out of Deidara’s body, traveled with it into the future and impregnated the fetus into Sakura’s body because he knew that Sasuke would only make her his wife out of pity and hoped that Sasuke would treat the child cruelly because Sasuke is evil like all the other Uchihas.

But the Sakura who is married to Sasuke is actually Karin in disguise because she knew Sasuke would never marry such a strong and undependent portrayal of feminism like her. But what she doesn’t know is, that Sasuke is cheating on her with Naruto (scandalous!!!) since those two are deeply in love and Hinata is just an alibi-wife so nobody will discover their secret relationship.

The real Sakura (who realized she actually loved Naruto all along) died of a cold because she is weak and so useless she couldn’t buy enough tissues and suffocated in her own snot. And chapter 700 and the Movie are just a gen-jutsu, caused by Kaguya but it’s a secret that Kishimoto can’t reveal because we are all homophobics and the management is pressuring him into fan-service because Hinata’s Seiyu is so popular and Kishimoto needs that money to pay his rent.

So, Sarada’s genes are Deidara’s and Itachi’s (c’mon don’t you see the side bangs?? And she has bad eyesight like Itachi duh), was carried out by Karin (hello, glasses hello??) but is brainwashed into thinking that Sakura is her mother. I mean dude, just look at all the parallels. It is all revealed on the last page of Sakura Hiden.

Trust me, my japanese friend told me this and my information is 100% reliable because he interviewed Kishimoto himself but I can’t reveal his name or else he will be hunted down by the Yakuza for letting outsiders like me know the real truth of Naruto.