made waking up feeling sick a lot better

I woke up this morning feeling slightly less sick, which is a welcome surprise. I hydrated like crazy yesterday and slept ELEVEN hours last night, so.. that might have something to do with it.

Getting sick again is a serious bummer, but another wake up call in a string of wake up calls, nonetheless. There are a lot of colds and flus and whatevers going around, that’s true, but I know if I’d been taking better care of my body, maybe I would have been able to fight these illnesses off.

Chatting with a good friend yesterday made me realize that focusing on losing weight alone is getting me nowhere. Actually, it’s demotivating me. So I’m going to try to flip this thing on it’s head and focus on putting better things into my body, and once I’m recovered from this sinus infection, moving more. Maybe I’ll quit it with counting calories for a while and focus instead on eating wholesome foods. It would probably help me quite a lot. I also see a lot of people giving away or selling or throwing out their scales. Now that’s an idea.

I haven’t been around here much lately, but I’m thinking I’ll slowly come creeping back. I’ve found motivation here before and I know I don’t want to give up my blog all together. I need to find a way to make my blog work for me again, like it used to. I’m sure I will.