made using the gimp

Sometimes when I’m writing, and I feel stuck, I do something that’s creatively a little different to shake loose my brains.

So I decided to play around with fake tilt-shifting in GIMP, and I made this, using the Beatles’ performance on top of Abbey Road in like 1972 or 1973 or whatever the Apple studio in 1969. It’s not great, but it’s not bad for my first ever attempt at doing it.

anonymous asked:

Hi, a shy annon over there. I'm trying to use gimp to made some clothes, but I don't know how to do a patern without erasing the "shadow" of the clothes. Any advice?

Heya! I made a short tutorial about it.

1. Open the texture you want to recolour. Preferably a white swatch of it. If it doesn’t have one, pick the lightest colour swatch.

2. Make sure it’s grayscale. To do so, go to Colors -> Desaturate…

3. Now go to Colors -> Brightness-Contrast. Experiment until you see very light white and quite dark black together. The point is to make it very contrasting.

4. Now duplicate the layer, and make the duplicated layer plain white. (To do so go to Colors -> Colorize… and set everything to 100. Make sure this layer is below the original texture.

5. Now open the pattern you want to use and move it between these two layers, and set the Mode to Multiply. (Where is Mode?)

6. Now with the first, over-contrasted layer selected, go to Colors -> Color to Alpha. Originally the white colour is selected, so you just have to click OK. Now all the white pixels changed to transparent.

7. You can start experimenting with the opacity and the mode of this layer. If the shading is not visible enough, duplicate the layer. 

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Probably a dumb question but how do you make the banners you have on your posts?

I don’t really know how to explain this, I basically made a new document (using photoshop but gimp probably works too) that has the same width as my gameplay pictures but a shorter height (75 px), then I filled it with the pink color and made the lower part of it transparent so that there’s a bit more space between the banners and the posts. Then I added the text with a shadow (set to “soft light”) and centered it properly using the guideline tool. I don’t really know what to tell you to be honest since your question was pretty unspecific.

I hope that answers it, if not send me another message and if you can’t make it work I can make some for you but for that you have to come off anon :)

LOGO Evolution 2011-2016

Made in 2011. There was a logo before this, but it is long forgotten (can’t find it anymore). Made using GIMP.

Created in 2012. One year development. Completely redo the whole logo, but keeping the same font and playing with the sizes. Made using GIMP and Photoshop CS6

In 2014, after I gained more knowledge from Graphic Design career, I gave myself the chance to properly adjust the logo using vectors. Created two variants: once with that “looking-glyph” and w/o it.
The logo without the graph was meant to be used for promotional only.
Continue keeping the same font.
Made in Adobe Illustrator CC.

THE NEW ERA. 2016 - Going for a new step-
Created in this year. The graph was completely eliminated. Applying the same font base, changed some letters for it to be more unique. The outline thickness reduced to avoid visual heaviness/weight in the logo.
This is the logo that you will be expecting in the upcoming chapters and new promos, etc.
Made in Adobe Illustrator CC.



Sophie Devereaux: I’m a grifter. For better or worse

Jacksepticeye and little Septiceye Sam

I made another digital artwork, this time of Jacksepticeye, this too is for Tinyboxbri’s Book and im so happy I was able to finish it in time.
This was made in gimp using my mouse, since i still son’t have a graphic tablet yet

As i said this is made for Tinyboxbri’s book and im so happy to be apart of it and if you too want to, go check out the post about it here, message/art for Jack and art for Mark. There isn’t long time left now tho.