made use of that blue marker

unpopular opinion

the lesbian flag is like? one of the worst designs for lgbt+ artists?

(pls read until the end before you call me lesbophobic)

like, to show you what i mean

if you were to take, say, neon pink, neon blue, and white and arrange them correctly, its clearly recognizable as the trans flag. Even if i stray from the specific shades of pink, blue, etc you would still be able to tell its the trans flag.

This ALSO makes it easier for traditional artists to create pride flag art. every pack of pencils or markers has pink, blue, purple, red, orange, yellow, etc, but not all of them have 4 different shades of pink and two weird shades of red that match with the pink. I made these common pride flag using only seven different colours (plus black and white which I’m not counting) and, while the normal pride flags have a bigger variety of shades in colour, these flags are still recognizable as representing their specific gender/sexuality (I apologize for the crude drawings, I’m using a mouse)

in conclusion its REALLY hard to find craft supplies for the specific colors on the lesbian flag, and, due to its nature of only having reddish-hued colours, makes it hard to compromise with colours like you could with some of the other common pride flags. This problem also comes up in flags such as the aromantic or agender pride flags but I feel like its more prevalent in the lesbian flag?

ANYWAYS the lesbian pride flag is, imo, the prettiest pride flag and i want to slap it on everything I own but unfortunately cannot because supplies of that colour are hard to find essay over

just a bet part iv

hey whats up whATS HAPPENING

i hope y’all enjoy this and the PLOT IS THICKENING
i promise this doesnt turn out weird or anything, i promise it ALL MEANS SOMETHING ALSO IF YALL WANNA MAKE PLAYLISTS OR MOODBOARDS PLEASE DO I LOVE THEM SO MUCH

bare WITH ME

okay ily all

part onepart two, part three, part five, part six

summary:  beverly bets richie he can’t get with the new kid, eddie, in under three months. richie disagrees

pairing: eddie and richie

words: 1550

2 months and 18 days remaining

Richie let out a long sigh as his alarm went off. He laid still with his eyes closed for a few moments, slowly managing to drag himself out of his warm bed. He sluggishly made his way to the bathroom connected to his room and turning on the shower faucet. Richie peeled his sleeping clothes off, letting them fall to the cold tile floor. He reached his hand into the shower and felt the water heating up. Richie narrowed his eyes in an attempt to help him see where he was going but it was no use. He couldn’t see for shit without his glasses which were still sitting on his bedside table. Richie stepped into the warm water, leaning his head back as the feeling of sudden warmth invaded his body.

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🌲🌿 Being A Green Student 🌿🌲

Hello my studious friends! I’ve decided I’d (finally) make the green student guide that I’ve been promising forever. Here you’ll find a handy list of ways you can stay environmentally conscious while hitting the books. Feel free to pick a choose what suggestions work best for you and your lifestyle. Again, these are purely suggestions, but I really recommend adopting as many as you can. All of us, especially those in the traditionally “western” nations with outrageous carbon footprints (aka America and many parts of Europe), need to start thinking about how we impact our planet in our daily lives. It’s the only one we have. At first, these suggestions may seem excessive or strange, but I promise, after a week or two, they’ll feel like second nature. So, I hope you take up these tips, and enjoy my guide to be a greener student!

Disclaimer: I understand that being green can be expensive, with little reward besides a cleaner lifestyle and conscious. I’m a financially impaired student, just like many of you. I’m not one to go around attacking people for not trying to be sustainable, just passing along tips I’ve picked up. That said, most of these tips can be modified, with a dash of creativity, to fit your monetary needs. And, obviously, I’m not saying that if you’re struggling to feed yourself you should go drop all your money on recycled notebooks, because that would be ridiculous.

Open the Read More to, well, read more!

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No Stone Unturned

You’re sneaking through a ruin, up a tower, in a cave, or around a jarl’s quarters when you spot it for the first time.

It’s not labeled as anything other than “Unusual Gem,” but you pick it up anyway, thinking, “It looks expensive; maybe I can sell it.” Except you get a notification to show it to Vex in the Thieves Guild. Either you know who she is or you’re going to find out, because your next destination is Riften, home of the Thieves Guild. You show it to Vex and she says it’s a Stone of Barenziah, one of 24.

Thus begins one of the longest quests you’ll ever do. It’s not particularly hard to get the stones—it’s just hard to find them. There are no quest markers and Vex is only slightly useful, so really, it’s a matter of stumbling across them in your travels.

Lucky for you, I made a list of their locations for the sole purpose of making your life easier: 

Proudspire Manor—master bedroom
The Blue Palace—Jarl Elisif the Fair’s bedroom
Reeking Cave—on your way out of the Thalmor Embassy, next to a dead dark elf in the frost troll’s cave
The Dainty Sload—on a table in the captain’s quarters with the first mate sitting in front of it
College of Winterhold—archmage’s quarters, near the alchemy table
Yngvild—in the final room, just past the door and to the left, on a dresser
Hob’s Fall Cave—down a side tunnel and down a spiral ramp to an area with a sorcerer and an alchemy table
Markarth Treasury House—way in the back of Thonar Silver-Blood’s bedroom, on a side table
The Dwemer Museum—on a table in the room on the far left side of the main room
Dead Crone Rock—on the table in front of the word wall where the hagraven is lurking
Jorrvaskr—in the bookshelf on the far side of Kodlak Whitemane’s bedroom in the basement
Whiterun Hall of the Dead—go through the door, walk to the left, then down the stairs, and it’s in the far left corner of the bottom “skeleton cubby” right at the bottom of the stairs
Dragonsreach—on the side table on the right side of the jarl’s bed
Rannveig’s Fast—on the table in the room where Sild the Warlock does his thing (when you get to the room with the word wall, you can either take the left passageway and follow it down or fall through the trap door and land in a cage right in front of the guy)
Fellglow Keep—on a table in the room to the right at the top of the stairs in the main/front room (the room I’m referring to as the “main/front room” is the one with two long tables, a large staircase, a big set of doors, and a flame atronach just chilling)
House of Clan Shatter-Shield—on a shelf in the room to the left of the stairs that are to the right of the front door
Palace of the Kings—on the table to the right of the doorway in Wuunferth the Unliving’s room/study
Stony Creek Cave—on the table next to the alchemy table in the room at the end of the side hallway that branches off from the main, watery path
Ansilvund—on a table in the final chamber of the ruin, near the ghosts
Sunderstone Gorge—on the table in front of the word wall (short cut—when you get to the long hallway with the crack in the ceiling make the first right possible, kill the skeever, jump up the pile of rocks on the right and up onto the platform. To get through the bars, activate the alchemy table, and to get through the other set of bars, pull the chain within reach on the far right side. The two mages shouldn’t be too hard to kill and no one come to help them. The other mages in this cave are weirdly powerful)
Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in Falkreath—you need to join the Dark Brotherhood to get in, but the stone is on the dresser just left of the door to the master bedroom to the left of the table with the map on it
Pinewatch—on the table in the final room, surrounded by treasure
Mistveil Keep—on the table to the side of the bed in the jarl’s quarters
Black-Briar Lodge—on the table to the side of the bed in the master bedroom on the second floor

Once you find all 24, go talk to Vex again and she’ll give you the location of the Crown of Barenziah, which is Tovald’s Crossing.

You might be thinking, “Wait. Couldn’t I get all 24 and then show Vex the stones?”

Yes! You can!

But then you might think, “Can’t I then just go get the crown and bring it to her with the stones?”

No! You can’t! I’ve tried it and the tunnel to the chamber with the crown in it is sealed until you talk to Vex. Which is really annoying. If you want to go through Tovald’s Crossing and clear it so that you don’t have to fight anything when you go to get the crown, you can. It doesn’t save you anything though. I tried that too.

When you do get the crown, though, Vex gives you this nifty perk called “Prowler’s Profit” that make you find more gold and jewels in urns and chests and on draugr.


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Request: Hello! So I saw that you included a gif of my bby Clyde and I was wondering if you could write anything about him. Literally anything 😊

Soulmate AU: any mark you get on your skin shows up on your soulmate’s skin.

Clyde watched in awe as the patterns and swirls on his arm grew more and more complex. He could tell the marks were made with acrylic paint and a fine haired brush. Today she’d decided she wanted to paint her own version of Starry Night on her arm. Clyde brushed his thumb over the blue and yellow swirls, feeling the plastic of his prosthetic forearm rather than the feel of acrylic on skin. Something he’d gotten used to. He quickly pulled out a dry erase marker and wrote on his prosthetic just below his elbow.

You’re an amazing painter. He waited for her response, seeing it appear in the same acrylic that the painting was in.

Thank you, you know you’re pretty good at drawing. She said, Clyde smiled as a patron walked into the bar. Clyde drew a simple heart below her words before setting the marker down as she painted over his heart in yellow, continuing the painting.

“What can I get for you?” Clyde asked the woman. She tore her eyes off his prosthetic and ordered a simple whiskey. Clyde set out pouring it for her as she continued watching his prosthetic arm.

“Your soulmate’s pretty talented.” She pointed out. Clyde looked down at his arm and smiled, watching the painting progress as he slid the glass of whiskey to the woman.

“Yeah, she sure is.” Clyde said. Clyde went about cleaning one of the glasses as she finished the painting, signing the piece and painting words on her bicep.

So, I should have asked this MUCH earlier but whats your name? She asked. Clyde picked up his marker and continued the conversation.

Clyde. Yknow I can’t say anything about you asking seeing as I haven’t worked up the courage to ask yet. He responded. He studied the marks of the painting on his forearm.

Clyde, I like that name. I’m (y/n). Its a pleasure to meet you Clyde. She joked. Clyde smiled and continued talking to her, glad to finally know her name.

“(y/n) why do you waste paint on your arm? We have perfectly good canvases in this classroom and you choose to use your arm as your canvas.” Mrs. Monroe complained, grabbing your arm and peering at what you’d painted. You looked up at her with a slight scowl. You loved your class but the teacher never seemed to understand.

“For my soulmate. He likes watching me paint.” You said. Mrs. Monroe narrowed her eyes. She’d never had the marks appear in her skin, some people didn’t have soulmates, Mrs. Monroe being one of them.

“Well paint on your own time. He must be in class anyway.” She hissed under her breath. You scowled at her back as she walled out before you turned to your best friend.

“She has a point (y/n), he’s gotta be in class I mean its the middle of the day.” She said. You had been holding back the detail that Clyde was 28, ten years older than you. You didn’t see a problem with it, most people had a soulmate age difference. Your father was 11 years older than your mother, our sisters soulmate was 5 years younger than she was. You doubted anybody would understand however, your family was conservative.

“It dont matter,” you said quietly. “so I hear Justin had something for us.” You said to her. She smiled and pulled two cardsbout of her backpack, handing one to you. You looked down at the card with a mischevious grin. The card was identical to your drivers license with one difference. It said you were 22. (Y/f/n)’s said she was 23. You both slid the cards into your wallets before the bell rang and the two of you ran to the parking lot, deciding to skip your last two periods.

Clyde was preparing for the night crowd, washing glasses and restocking the various liquor bottles, grabbing more napkins from the back room and walking around wiping down tables. He was in the middle of double checking the microphones on the stage when he heard the bell above the door ring. He looked up to see two young looking girls walk in wearing jackets and fingerless gloves. The two walked up to the bar and sat down, glancing over the counter in search of the bartender.

“I’ll be right with ya.” Clyde called as he finished the check. He walked over to the bar and slid over the counter, wiping his hand on the rag he had hanging from his belt. The girls eyes widened when they spotted his prosthetic.

“What can I get for you two?” He asked. The older looking of the two looked up and flashed him a smile.

“We’ll have a tequila shot.” She answered. Clyde pursed his lips and looked at the two again.

“I’m gonna need some ID.” He said. The girls face paled before she pulled out her wallet, handing him a license. The younger looking one, the one with the (y/h/l) (y/h/c) hair, did the same. He looked at the two ID’s, holding them away from his face slightly so he could see them better.

(Y/f/n) (y/l/n) Clyde glanced up at the girls and rolled up his sleeves, tossing the ID’s on the bar top before crossing his arms over his chest and widening his stance. (y/n) looked down at the dark wood and studying the grain under the finish.

“So, (y/n). Wanna tell me why you’re not in school?” Clyde asked. The girl’s eyes widened and she seemed to shrink within herself even further. The eldest of the two looked down at her, then back to the bartender before bolting from her stool and out the door. (y/n) made a move to do the same until Clyde reached out and caught her forearm with a vice-like grip.

“Not so fast.” He growled. (y/n) tried to pull her arm away before finally giving up and looking up at the bartender, finally getting a good look at his face. She sucked in a breath when she locked her (e/c) eyes with his whiskey brown ones. She ran her eyes over his sharp jawline covered with a black goatee, his long black hair pushed behind his ears, his large nose that made him all the more perfect.

Clyde found himself frozen as her doe-like eyes flitted across his face. He couldn’t stop his eyes from running over her perfect cheeks, her beautiful nose, the way her lips were slightly parted, she was gorgeous. He finally pulled his gaze away, clearing his throat and looking at the bar top.

“Hey Clyde, I’d hoped this wasn’t how we’d meet.” She muttered, pulling her arm away and brushing her hair out of her face. Clyde tilted his head up and looked down at her with a slightly raised eyebrow.

“You know, if you were this desperate to meet me you could'a told me.” Clyde said with a soft voice, reaching over the bar and resting his finger under her chin, tilting her head up so he could see her face. She kept her gaze averted to the glasses behind the counter.

“Well, you’ve got a delinquent as a soulmate I guess.” She said quietly. Clyde let out a quiet chuckle which caused her to look up at him.

“Well, you’ve got an ex-convict as yours, It’s only fair darlin’.” He said with a smile. The corner of her lips twitched upwards as she looked into his perfect eyes, slowly leaning towards him. He leaned forward until their lips were centimeters apart. She rested the side of her nose against his before leaning in the rest of the way, closing the gap between them, running her hand up to rest on his forearm, not even flinching at the feel of plastic under her fingertips.

Quite a few people asked me how the Critical Role fanarts I keep posting are made! Sadly I don’t have many WIP photos, but they are all painted in my very long sketchbook, mostly using watercolours. The paper in that sketchbook is absolutely terrible for watercolours but at this point no one can stop me from painting more :> The special and shiny bits are made with golden ink, some markers and whole lot of masking tape that I sometimes paint over too to make sure it blends in nicely with the painting. And for linework I use blue mechanical pencil, mostly because it looks way cooler than a regular one when it gets all smudged from all the water, as lineart always does :’D

The beginning of the end of magic.

I don’t know, just a quick Jaania drawing because reasons. Evidently I am yet to break free of my flower obsession. Her hair is very fun to draw, it just goes wherever the heck it wants to.
Hopefully I’ll have some more stuff done soon, can’t make any promises though. I’m afraid of commitment.

“Youth” - Daughter (the only song I can listen to for Jaania)

Victuuri Week: Day Five

Pure Happiness

Pairings: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov, Yuri Plisetsky/Otabek Altin

Rating: G

Word Count: 2,388

Summary: When Yuuri and Victor finally get the chance to adopt a child, there’s only one Yuuri takes an interest in. Through the years, their loves for one another grows and eventually their little family grows bigger.

*Yuuri Prompt: Family

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Size of Lucis

I just spent more time than I want to admit figuring out a ROUGH area of Lucis.


Because I’m weird and think about shit like this, I’ve been trying to figure out Lucis’s REAL size, because I realized early on the times and distances the game gave you for driving time in the Regalia were based on the REAL WORLD time it would take for you to go those distances. Ergo, any distance in the game is actually an approximation of the real world distance.

So in order to figure this out I first needed to figure out how much In game time things took, since game time moves faster than real time. So I counted and here’s what I came up with:

1 hour game time = 88 secs real time

Ignis always drives 55 mph on average

After that, I did a whole bunch of math to end up with

1 game mile= .018 real world mile/ 95 feet

The Ratio turns out to be .018 no matter how small I go. So, whatever in measurement the game gives you, divide it by .018 my fellow Americans and you get the distance that’s ACTUALLY in the game.

For example:

.36 miles = 20 actual in game miles

.18mile = 10 

.09mile = 5 

.045  mile/237.6 ft irl = 2.5 

118.8 ft= 1.25 

95.04 ft = 1 

47.52 ft = a half mile

23.76 ft = quarter mile

and so on. So, anytime the guys are traveling in game, just divide whatever distance the game says it is by .018 and you’ll be getting the real distance they traveled within the fictional world.

Lucis…..isn’t all that big, but I’m currently mapping out how large the land mass is as best I can with the limits the game has placed on me using the tools at my disposal.

What is at my disposal? Dropping that marker on the map and seeing how far away it is from Noct and the guys.

Figuring out the scale of something that isn’t easily measurable is hard.

I did figure out using Right Triangles the length of that bridge: 51 miles. Sounds long, because it is, but it has only 37 of those miles over water at the longest stretch from a mini island and 14 beyond that to reach the edge of Insomnia’s Island. Not to mention the longest bridge in the world is about 26 miles.

I googled it.

So, with the fact Insomnia was supposed to be ahead of the rest of Eos tech wise, a 51 mile bridge is plausible.

Also using right triangles, I figured out the rough area of Insomnia.

Because its general outline is a diamond I could use the area of a square to figure things out. But I first need to get the length of a side. So, right triangles to the rescue and I figured out that the In-game side length 1.224 miles.

Conversion makes that 68 miles. and since it’s a rough diamond shape, I went with the simple square method of area, and ended up with a VERY rough area of 4,624 square miles.

To give you an idea of scale, New York City has an area of 304.6 square miles.

Regis suddenly seems a lot more badass…..

Anyway. From eyeballing it, I guessed that Insomnia took up about 88% of it’s Island’s landmass and that Cavaugh (The Island next to it, I think) and Galahd (the Islands to the other side) are the same area as Insomnia itself. Those numbers won’t matter until later but

Insomnia + Island= 5254.54 square miles

Cavaugh= 4,624

Galahd= 4.624 

Then came the hard part: Measuring the irregularly shaped Lucis itself.

This is what I did, in conjunction with some map markers in game with the guys to get the legs of that blue triangle.

From farthest point North to Farthest South is 8.53 pre conversion

From Farthest East to Farthest West: 10.69 pre conversion

From there, I used measurements I already made or used what I knew to find the rest either by eyeballing or math.

Because of how much guessing I did, this should never be looked at as gospel truth but here’s the areas I ended up with:

For a total of 419.22 pre conversion

That means after I do my division by .018, Lucis’s total landmass (including all islands) is 23,290 Square Miles.

It’s not a big country. For comparison,

Japan’s area is 145,932 mi²

The area of Maine in the North East US:  35,385 mi²

West Virginia is 24,038 mi²

That’s Maine in red and West Virginia in blue and look at that there’s a bit of the scale at the bottom. 

Anyway, Lucis is tiny, but you know what it is amazing.

Here’s your VERY ROUGH scale of the land mass you’ve been exploring, and that’s all she wrote.

roquereptil  asked:

i have some questions, you said you used water based pencils, what are those? (lol) and did you use those for the light efect in garnet's pants, also how do you shade using markers? (im having nightmares trying to figure out these water base markers i just got (magnetips)

I hope you don’t mind I’m posting the answer! 

The watercolor pencils I used are from Caran D’ache! The ones I have, I believe are older than myself because they belonged to my older sister. She wasn’t as much into art as I was so our mother decided to give them to me.

they’ve been through tough times when I was a kid, but I’m glad there are only four of them missing.

and Yes, I used the aqua pencil to make the highlights on Garnet’s suit!

The markers I used were COPIC markers! They are alcohol based markers, and the sketch / ciao lines are properly made to blend the colors. They can be quite expensive, so you have to think really hard about making this investment. I would also advise you to try buying first just three from the ciao line (because they have the brush tip and are less expensive than the sketch ones) from the same color family, or close ones (like all blues or a blue, a purple, and an aqua) if you’re really considering investing on those.

these are some o the colors I used, but if you want more detail I’ll post my process after I finish that art. 

edit: I actually used a copic named “amethyst” to paint amethyst’s boots and star! 

I hope this helps a little!

I’ve been subscribed to scrawlrbox for a while but never actually gotten around to using the things, made a small doodle with the recent one though! It’s Mae. Kinda. But, y'know. Blue-ish green? Floating in space? Confused? Yeah idk either but it was relaxing to play around with the markers!

Olivia “Wavebird” from @pan-pizza‘s incredibly awesome webcomic @lokiirl which you should most definitely read. I’ve always loved her design: the cool blue color palette, the fluffy hair, the almost “cyclops” look, and that fang…

Anyhow, she was seriously fun to draw. Pan’s super-thick outlines made for a fun experiment, as I’m still getting used to drawing with nice markers. All in all, I’m calling this one a runaway success.

Vortex Manipulator Tutorial

Here’s the tutorial for my vortex manipulator for my Jack Harkness cosplay. I’ve made a pattern for it which is available on my Etsy store (LadyMarCosplay). Check it out if you like the tutorial.

I used fake leather and thin craft foam for most of the built. I bought a replacement watch band to use as the strap. I used a self contained LED for the light. 

The rest of the tutorial is below the cut. 

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a dumb hl drabble for @victoryjacket​, based somewhat on real events. it’s shitty and took me way too long to write 900 words but oh well enjoy a valentines day thing during halloween season

Louis loves Valentine’s Day, he really does. He loves going to school and coming home with tonnes of sweets and stupidly cute notes from his classmates. Granted, he has to bring stuff for everyone else, too, but it’s okay, because he doesn’t have to buy it. His mum buys loads for him and the girls, so he ends up taking most of it. He spends most of the day before scribbling his notes, personalizing them all with doodles and stickers.

Thanks for being my partner for the Mark Twain project. You are really nice, he writes for Bethany Thomas.

I love your class a lot and I like learning about music because you are so good at it and I have a lot of fun, he writes for his teacher, Miss Elliot.

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I didn’t have my computer for two days so i decided to mess with stuff in my sketch book (and MADE a mess, there is blue marker all over this page and my hand) but I like how it turned out anyways. I can only do so much with paper jghdjfhgjd

Michael Myers is comin’ for you Laurie

(Please don’t repost or use w/o permission, and leave my description; thanks!)