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Shanghai Rolex Masters trophy ceremony, aka fedal laughing and being cute

"Get Low" is actually about Hockey

To the window

To the wall

To the sweat drop down my balls 

To all these bitches crawl 

To all skate skate motherfucker

To all skate skate god damn

To all skate skate motherfucker

To all skate skate god damn


“… how ardently I admire and love you” - 5/25

Rock Hudson

How do we emerge victorious from the quagmire
Leave the battlefield waving Robbie Rotten’s hat higher?

STARGAZER — story by Fahye — art by Emily

Yuri!!! on Ice — Victor Nikiforov/Yuuri Katsuki
22,900 words

“No, see, we’ve all been trained a certain way. The training system is traditional; it’s centuries old. Nobody taught you. You ballist like it’s got nothing to do with war at all.” A sleepy, extraordinary smile crawls over Victor’s face. “Nobody else does it like that. That’s why we’re going to win.”

today my proud nonbinary self went to my grandparents’ 60th anniversary pool party in trunks and a sports bra

let me tell you some things about swim trunks, friends

they are so comfy

they stay on in the water and yet come off so easily when you gotta pee

somehow it feels perfectly acceptable to have a lil gut hanging out over ur trunks

and best of all


YOI AU where Victor is Yuri’s legal guardian

I love Yuri’s grandfather - but I’ve also recently entertained the idea that Victor is Yuri’s adoptive-parent/guardian. So hear me out:

  • Victor ends up adopting Yuri when he’s a child - I like to think somewhere around the age of 8-10. I don’t want to kill off Yuri’s family so reasons as to why he was adopted is a mystery. VwV
  • They don’t really have the very typical father/son relationship, in fact it’s still similar to what we see in canon but there’s the whole dad aspect where they can throw out stuff like, “Yurochka, be nice to fans!” and “Shut up, old man.” or something like that.
  • Though Yuri’s been into ice skating since ever, so it’s not really Victor’s influence that made him take up the sport. But it does become Yuri’s motivation to follow Victor’s footsteps (but not because he want’s to follow dad’s footsteps or make dad proud - of course not).
  • But then Victor does the most anime dad thing and leaves for Japan after the leaked video. He just leaves a note for Yuri like, “Out to do errands. Love, Dad. PS I took Makkachin with me. There is food in the fridge. Call Yakov if you need anything.” But then since Yuri and Victor are closer in this AU, Yuri figures out where his dad went and goes to Japan.
  • Yuri meets Yuuri and is jealous because dad came running for this pig??? and so like any mature fifteen year old, he acts out on Yuuri. 
  • Basically canon ensues (lol), but it’s Yuri who challenges Yuuri to the Hotspring on Ice. When he loses, he goes back to Russia as a “fuck you, dad” kind of rebel thing.
  • Yuri gets really pissed/jealous of Yuuri and Victor when he sees news of them or of the lives on TV. But it’s mostly because he wants dad to notice him like, “why does Yuuri get lots of hugs? He’s a crap skater.” but he’s also, “pffft– I am my own man, I don’t need hugs.”
  • Then he meets them again and nothing’s really changed. But then he sees people flirting with Yuuri and he’s all, “oh hell no, that’s my dad’s pet project don’t you dare” and chases off everyone because even though he doesn’t like Yuuri, his dad does and so he has to do his part as a son. Because he’s the best son ever (even tho he has a shitty dad).
  • When Victor and Yuuri marry, Yuuri is there as the ring bearer/best mate/idk. Whatever role he gets, he’s really proud and giddy but outside, he’s like, “fine, I’ll do it if you insist, old man”. Though he does tell Yuuri, after the vows are exchanged and the ceremony over and done with, that “I am so not calling you Dad.” And Yuuri’s just, laughing awkwardly because how did he get from 0 to married with fully grown child in less than a year.
  • Yuri then goes back and forth Russia and Japan because training and parents (he doesn’t admit he likes visiting his parents and soaking in the hot springs).
  • When he unknown length of time later starts dating Otabek - and Otabek visits him in Russia - Victor calls him freaking out because why are you on a date, you are still a fetus. While Yuuri’s trying to calm him down and manages to grab the phone and talks to Yuri like, “I’ll deal with Victor, don’t worry about it. Did you have fun on your date?” - Yuri doesn’t share yet because he doesn’t trust Yuuri. Never will.
  • Victor flies to Russia to interrogate Otabek, but Yuuri warns Yuri ahead of time and so they get to prepare themselves. It’s only then that Yuri starts to openly trust Yuuri because now that he’s in this relationship thing and his dad’s annoying af, Yuuri is there to whisk Victor to some carnal paradise or something so he can enjoy his date.

IDK. I had a lot of ideas for this but this is what came out as I typed. OTL I wanted Yuri and Victor to move to Japan. Against Yuri’s wishes and fifteen year old rebel child intensifies. Then Otabek happens and protective!Dad Victor just explodes like - “He is my son, don’t touch him”. Yuuri is a shipper though, but a shipper for Yuri and happiness (he also realizes this must be how Phichit felt and gets advice from Phichit who also ships Yuri/Otabek).

yuri on ice fic recs

 these tend to be around or over 10k, are all complete, and mostly victuuri, because tbqh i haven’t read much else yet. maybe i’ll do another post when i’ve read other stuff. this list is ordered by word length.

Translations on Ice Series by Jenrose - 66k total (installments are complete, series is a wip), E, post-canon, victor/yuuri

Victor Nikiforov was the best jumper in the world, well-used to leaping blind and landing clean in ways no one could match. Falling was for other people. Stumbling was not acceptable. It had been a long time since the wind had been knocked out of him so thoroughly.

The first part is above all a great post-ep 12 coda feat. the guys talking about their feelings. I don’t want to spoil the next parts in the series, but there’s really great stuff with their respective skating programs and Yuuri wanting to surprise Victor on his birthday with a romantic gesture. The whole series doesn’t ignore real world political context and homophobia, without going full on into angst, and I really appreciated it.

Maelstrom by @feels-like-fire - 44k, E, canon divergence, victor/yuuri

Victor Nikiforov is poised to win gold in his fifth consecutive Grand Prix Final. He has the world at his feet, is unparalleled in the sport–right up until a snowstorm blows into Sochi, and he finds himself repeating the same day over and over and over. He stumbles over Yuuri Katsuki, and everything changes. 

The time loop trope has been used plenty of times in fandom, but it’s one of my favorites tropes, and this is a very enjoyable example.

House of Broken Bones by @ineptshieldmaid- 23k, E, post-canon, chris/victor/yuuri, victor/yuuri, chris/his bf

‘I think,’ Yuri says, still watching Chris like Chris is a puzzle he’s trying to solve, ‘that you had a good thing with Théo. If you know he doesn’t need you, and his partner doesn’t either, and they still want you around? They still want to care for you? That’s… that’s love, Chris.’

This fic is emotionally intense - it deals with recovery, unhealthy coping, complex relationships and having hurt a loved one and how to deal with it, and imo it does it really well.  I didn’t find it too heavy tho - it’s also really uplifting and it’s also a great poly and kink fic. It feels real. And the progression of the relationship between Chris, Victor and Yuuri was really enjoyable.

Stargazer by @fahye - 23k, T, AU, victor/yuuri

“No, see, we’ve all been trained a certain way. The training system is traditional; it’s centuries old. Nobody taught you. You ballist like it’s got nothing to do with war at all.” A sleepy, extraordinary smile crawls over Victor’s face. “Nobody else does it like that. That’s why we’re going to win.”

This AU has the same premise as the anime - Victor becomes Yuuri’s coach - but IN SPACE (which is a sure-fire way to get my attention). And the sport isn’t ice skating : the author made up a whole new sport ! I found it super cool. A solid, enjoyable AU with neat world-building, and the fic even has gorgeous illustrations.

Five times Sara Crispino tried to get a boyfriend, and one time she didn’t by @sqbr - 16k, T, canon, mila/sara, background emil/michele

Alternate Title: “That One Grand Prix Final Where Sara Crispino Thought Her Life Was Fake Dating Het But It Was Actually Friends To Lovers Femslash”

The summary tells it all, and it’s glorious.

tu étais formidable, j’étais fort minable by neomeruru / @chaoslindsay - 15k, E, post-canon, chris/victor/yuuri

Chris visits Victor and Yuuri at their home in Saint Petersburg. It’s been a long time coming.

…and there’s a lot of sex. I don’t know why I like these 3 together so much but I do.

You can have everything… by @shysweetthing - 13k, T, canon divergence, victor/yuuri,

Before the Grand Prix Final starts in Sochi, Yuuri finds Victor’s phone. He returns it–and hijinks and heavy flirtation ensue.

This one really made me laugh.

Victor Effing Nikiforov by @shysweetthing - 13k, E, canon divergence, victor/yuuri

AU in which Yuuri still doesn’t remember the banquet, somehow doesn’t blow Japanese Nationals, runs into Victor at the World Championships, and has absolutely no idea why his idol is suddenly friendly and incredibly handsy.

Does Yuuri care about his reasons? No. It’s Victor Effing Nikiforov.

Poor Yuuri is so confused and I was very amused. There are a couple of interesting headcanons for Victor’s backstory and the whole romance is just as sweet as canon.

no small thing by sublime_jumbles - 10k, G, post-canon, victor/yuuri

Yuuri wants that old feeling back, that sense of peace with his body. He misses that fondness, the way that being chubby felt comfortable, reliable, in a way that being thin never has. Thin is precarious, and it always gives way to softness in the end.

Chubby!Yuuri ! This was sweet and full of body positivity, but it also deals with the complex relationship between weight and self image.

who can sing both high & low by @infiniteandsmall - 9k, G, post-canon, otabek/yurio, background victor/yuuri

i like the in-betweens/i like the time it takes to get somewhere

aka the story of yuri figuring out gender, saying i love you, being an adult, and next season’s short program, featuring two cities, one town, lots of airports, three dads, and one grandpa


I’ve seen a few fics where Yuri is nb/trans but this one is my favorite. Yuri’s internal voice (and dialogue) is hilarious and IC, his exploration of gender was lovely and all the relationships were great.

Memories You Bury Or Live By  by Ren - 7k, G, AU (fusion), ensemble feat. otabek/yurio and victor/yuuri

A Pacific Rim fusion. I didn’t know that this was still a thing, but I’m really glad it is.

america goals by @magneticwave - 4k, G, pre-canon, gen - phitchit & yuuri

Friendship means never having to say you’re sorry that the lighting in that Instagram made them look sallow. All of the bulbs in Walmart are fluorescent, so, really: what can you do.

Great friendship fic, hilarious outsider pov on the US.

Neymar trying to keep a mascot warm; while Luis Suárez has a quick chat with him before the match against Manchester City . 

And the boys face afterwards is PRICELESS!! 

anonymous asked:

So, I'm about to rub my dirty little American hands all over a sport made up by a British woman, but hear me out: Hogwarts students getting fuckin' "Friday Night Football" levels of turnt for quidditch games. Especially since there's only SIX games every year!!! So, imagine that it's either sixth or seventh year, and Sid is comin' in HOT off of his Veela glo-up, and he's so self-conscious because of how people change when he nears them, and frustrated because, maybe a little part of him (1/5)

wishes that Geno would change when he got close, but Geno’s the same as he’s always been. Geno (being part-giant and immune to Sidney’s Veelaness) looks at Sidney the same way he always has because he’s been in love with Sidney this entire time, but also thinks that the random increase in people realizing how perfect Sidney is means that Sidney won’t need to – nor should he ever have to – settle for him. This whole situation blows Ovi’s mind, mostly because he asked Nicky, “Hey, I don’t (2/5)

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Yuri!!! On Ice Fanfic Recs - Part 3: Complete Novellas (15k-50k)

There’s no official definition for how long a novella-length story is, but for my personal purposes I define it as being between 15,000 to 50,000 words in length. So here’s a rec list of complete, novella-length YOI fanfics. Fics are listed in alphabetical order by author and then fic.


Here’s a list of all other YOI rec lists I’ve done (will update as they come along):

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five reasons to read the foxhole court:

-the mom friend is a homicidal shortie
-every single one of the foxes needs a hug*
-Neil Josten is an absolute blessing**
-the last time you cared this much about a made-up sport there were brooms and seven books
-financially one of the best reading decisions you can make

*self-preservation tip: do not hug the foxes. especially Andrew. do not hug Andrew.
**spoiler: Neil is Not Fine!!!

anonymous asked:

What's the fox hole court?

ok so, ‘the foxhole court’ is the first book in the ‘all for the game’ series which tells a story of one neil josten.

  • neil (originally nathaniel wesninski) is the only son of a dangerous gangster called the butcher of baltimore who has an affinity for knives, cleavers and axes and a penchant for child abuse
  • when neil was ten his mother took him away and they’ve been on the run ever since, going through a bunch of countries and fake identities
  • neil’s father and his people were after them (occasionally catching up with them) and after seven years of running neil’s mother is fatally injured and dies while trying to get neil to safety one last time
  • after her death neil does the only thing he can - he changes his identity once again and holes up in a small town called millport where he lives for a year before the beginning of the first book
  • now see, neil is tired, he’s exhausted and terrified and feels like he’s nothing
  • so neil does something his mother would disapprove of (and probably beat the shit out of him for doing): he joins the local high school exy team
  • exy is a made-up sport (kinda like lacrosse but played indoors) that neil used to play when he was a child and it’s the only thing in his fake life that makes him feel real and in control
  • after a year of playing for the millport team neil is scouted by palmetto state university’s exy coach david wymack and requested to join the palmetto state foxes
  • which is a terrible idea because
  • one: playing for a university team would put him in the face of cameras which could lead to his father’s people noticing and recognizing him
  • and two: kevin day plays for the foxes
  • neil met kevin when they were both little kids and even though eight years have passed there is still a possibility of kevin recognizing neil as the son of the butcher of baltimore which is something neil wants to avoid
  • but the thing is, kevin is here in millport with coach wymack (and andrew minyard who literally takes neil’s breath away by knocking him down with an exy racquet to the stomach) and he doesn’t recognize neil at all (dyed hair, colored contacts and eight years are enough to do the trick)
  • and neil really wants to play exy
  • he just wants something good in his miserable life
  • and he figures that if kevin doesn’t recognize him no one else will either, at least not immediately
  • so he decides to join the foxes and disappear at the first sign of kevin realizing who he is
  • and so neil goes to palmetto state university where (after dealing with some really bad shit) he finds himself a family and a future he never thought he could have

the main reasons why i picked up the series are:

  • interesting and flawed characters
  • sass master neil “i’m fine” josten who can’t resist dragging people (especially if those people are called riko moriyama) even when he’s scared of the consequences of doing so
  • canon lgbt+ characters who don’t get killed off
  • and
  • families of choice (which will forever be one of my favorite tropes ever)

the series was a fun and quick read for me but i was unpleasantly surprised several times while reading because the books are full to the brim with potentially triggering content. like, there’s a full trigger list going around and it’s long (and people are still adding to it) so read it before deciding whether or not you want to give the series a shot.

Imagine that in middle school Kiyoko was a sporting legend. She excelled at track and field, especially in sprints, pole vault and the hurdles, and she also played basketball, baseball and field hockey on the side. However, she suffered an injury to her leg before entering high school and had to give up her athletic life. Her friend Yui saw how she felt about this, and dropped hints about the boys volleyball team needing a manager. Kiyoko joined out of curiosity and she hasn’t looked back.

I started the All For The Game series on a whim. I saw someone who liked similar things to me liked it and thought “oh sure I’ll take that up”

Except it isn’t in any library.

It isn’t online.

It doesn’t have a Wikipedia page.

The author, Nora Sakavic, doesn’t have a Wikipedia Page.

I was already in too deep when a thought occurred.

“Maybe it doesn’t exist” 

but it is on Amazon.

No where else. Just Amazon.

Lucky me remembering I have a Kindle :D

But then I start it and just….I never read a summery thingy on it so the fact it was revolving around a fake sport blind sided me. So did the whole butcher thing.

Anyway. It made me really care about Neil right off the bat because he had no one else to care about him. It also made me protective of him.

And then what happens? Fucking racket to the lungs is what. And its like. I just adopted him. Can you not? 

So boom I already care way too much considering it’s not even past the first chapter. You know what that means?

It means I care about what he cares about and what he cares about is Exy which I wouldn’t give two shits about if he wasn’t in love with the sport.

And that. That is how you make someone who hates sports love a made up sport. Nora is a genius and cracked the system. Give her a round of applause.

iwaoi headcanon #578

when he was younger, iwaizumi played the violin. he was really good, had a private teacher and everything. when he and oikawa joined the volleyball team, though, his teacher told him to drop sports because he would bulk up too much and make violin playing difficult. 

iwaizumi doesn’t play violin anymore.

(oikawa sees the teacher at the grocery store sometimes and glares daggers at her for trying to steal iwaizumi from sports and his beautiful muscles.)


12 Days of Shipmas DAY 1: Andreil // 

I have to start Shipmas with my actual fave ship of 2016: Andrew x Neil from  The Foxhole Court trilogy (i.e. All For The Gay lol jks All For The Game).

Fave/memorable quote/s: Fmd, basically everything they say to each other (see: notebook scribbles in pic) bUT, UNDENIABLY, I CHOOSE:
❝ “You hate me, remember?“
"Every inch of you,”
Andrew said. “That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t blow you.”
The world tilted a little bit sideways. ❞
- yEAH IT FUCKING DID M8 MHMMmmmMM *cue my mind being blown, my world being rocked, me screaming at my phone* 👌👀👌 good shit  mMMMMᎷМ💯✔✔✔ I’m rly passionate about Andreil okay. Also, shower scene 👌👀👌👀👌 All I’m sayin’.

But these two, omg, I can’t even. I discovered TFC/AFTG towards the start of this year and reread it so many times (+ all the fanfic too/bless @korakos’ extra content). Andreil are incontrovertible soulmates. Their story fucked me uppppppp (in the best way, I’m forever invested), it’s such an amazing LGBTQ+ YA story/novel/series (w lotsa triggering/mature stuff tho) that tells the story of amazing characters who’re given second chances and who fight for their place in the world. Also is about a made-up sport that I fell in love with too: Exy. I do prefer quidditch tho (see: last insta post). But I just have so many feels of nothing but absolute love and affection for these fucked up boys who heal each other with the utmost love and respect for one another.

🎄 🎄 🎄

Post about a ship every day until + on xmas day!