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YOI AU where Victor is Yuri’s legal guardian

I love Yuri’s grandfather - but I’ve also recently entertained the idea that Victor is Yuri’s adoptive-parent/guardian. So hear me out:

  • Victor ends up adopting Yuri when he’s a child - I like to think somewhere around the age of 8-10. I don’t want to kill off Yuri’s family so reasons as to why he was adopted is a mystery. VwV
  • They don’t really have the very typical father/son relationship, in fact it’s still similar to what we see in canon but there’s the whole dad aspect where they can throw out stuff like, “Yurochka, be nice to fans!” and “Shut up, old man.” or something like that.
  • Though Yuri’s been into ice skating since ever, so it’s not really Victor’s influence that made him take up the sport. But it does become Yuri’s motivation to follow Victor’s footsteps (but not because he want’s to follow dad’s footsteps or make dad proud - of course not).
  • But then Victor does the most anime dad thing and leaves for Japan after the leaked video. He just leaves a note for Yuri like, “Out to do errands. Love, Dad. PS I took Makkachin with me. There is food in the fridge. Call Yakov if you need anything.” But then since Yuri and Victor are closer in this AU, Yuri figures out where his dad went and goes to Japan.
  • Yuri meets Yuuri and is jealous because dad came running for this pig??? and so like any mature fifteen year old, he acts out on Yuuri. 
  • Basically canon ensues (lol), but it’s Yuri who challenges Yuuri to the Hotspring on Ice. When he loses, he goes back to Russia as a “fuck you, dad” kind of rebel thing.
  • Yuri gets really pissed/jealous of Yuuri and Victor when he sees news of them or of the lives on TV. But it’s mostly because he wants dad to notice him like, “why does Yuuri get lots of hugs? He’s a crap skater.” but he’s also, “pffft– I am my own man, I don’t need hugs.”
  • Then he meets them again and nothing’s really changed. But then he sees people flirting with Yuuri and he’s all, “oh hell no, that’s my dad’s pet project don’t you dare” and chases off everyone because even though he doesn’t like Yuuri, his dad does and so he has to do his part as a son. Because he’s the best son ever (even tho he has a shitty dad).
  • When Victor and Yuuri marry, Yuuri is there as the ring bearer/best mate/idk. Whatever role he gets, he’s really proud and giddy but outside, he’s like, “fine, I’ll do it if you insist, old man”. Though he does tell Yuuri, after the vows are exchanged and the ceremony over and done with, that “I am so not calling you Dad.” And Yuuri’s just, laughing awkwardly because how did he get from 0 to married with fully grown child in less than a year.
  • Yuri then goes back and forth Russia and Japan because training and parents (he doesn’t admit he likes visiting his parents and soaking in the hot springs).
  • When he unknown length of time later starts dating Otabek - and Otabek visits him in Russia - Victor calls him freaking out because why are you on a date, you are still a fetus. While Yuuri’s trying to calm him down and manages to grab the phone and talks to Yuri like, “I’ll deal with Victor, don’t worry about it. Did you have fun on your date?” - Yuri doesn’t share yet because he doesn’t trust Yuuri. Never will.
  • Victor flies to Russia to interrogate Otabek, but Yuuri warns Yuri ahead of time and so they get to prepare themselves. It’s only then that Yuri starts to openly trust Yuuri because now that he’s in this relationship thing and his dad’s annoying af, Yuuri is there to whisk Victor to some carnal paradise or something so he can enjoy his date.

IDK. I had a lot of ideas for this but this is what came out as I typed. OTL I wanted Yuri and Victor to move to Japan. Against Yuri’s wishes and fifteen year old rebel child intensifies. Then Otabek happens and protective!Dad Victor just explodes like - “He is my son, don’t touch him”. Yuuri is a shipper though, but a shipper for Yuri and happiness (he also realizes this must be how Phichit felt and gets advice from Phichit who also ships Yuri/Otabek).

iwaoi headcanon #578

when he was younger, iwaizumi played the violin. he was really good, had a private teacher and everything. when he and oikawa joined the volleyball team, though, his teacher told him to drop sports because he would bulk up too much and make violin playing difficult. 

iwaizumi doesn’t play violin anymore.

(oikawa sees the teacher at the grocery store sometimes and glares daggers at her for trying to steal iwaizumi from sports and his beautiful muscles.)


don’t worry kyoani
I got yo back and helped you put the babies together
I know what you meant to do, Kyoani
I know.

anonymous asked:

I realized this recently but, keijo is somehow a better sports and than it. It amazingly enough had more respect for their stupid made-up butt sport then Y/o/I had for FS. It's NOT a great show I wouldn't recommend it to anyone but it was hellla entertaining to watch and It felt like some real effort was put into plot/characters/animation. It felt more like a parody of over-the-top sports shows. How did y-on-I have less respect then a show that had a girl Judo throw someone with only her nipple.

Other good sports anime compared to Yum On Ium;
Sho//uwa Gen// /roku Raku///go Shinj// uu
Y//u Gi O/h
Card// /fight Van// Guard
Baku// gan
Literally any children’s toy/card game anime

Yum on Ium has less respect than any of these anime, even the ones that are literally cheap cash grabs

-Mod 3

Darker Days

Spring break was nearing its end, which was a shame, but Mireya Dunn had been as organised as ever for it. She’d attended her fair share of parties and other social gatherings around getting her work done and taking extra hours at the store she worked at. Extra cash in the pocket was always a good thing for a broke student, although at least Mireya knew well enough by now how to manage her finances. It was her third year living alone, after all.

It had been a fun Friday considering she’d had a morning shift, but it was made up by drinks and sports with friends for the rest of the day. It wasn’t too late when Mireya ended up going home, although a friend still walked her. New Haven was known to be rough, and the apartment building that the young woman lived in certainly looked it on the outside. The inside of her quaint abode was nice, however. Pictures and ornaments added a personal feel, as did aromas from candles that she burned when home. Although most of the furniture was basic, her room and the bathroom carried a theme of her favourite colour: blue curtains, bedsheets, towels, cushions and rugs. Notes and magnets were stuck to the fridge and a small board in the kitchen, a laptop set on the desk of the one bedroom in the flat. It was small and rented, but it was as Mireya’s as it could be.

Keys jangled and the blonde stepped over the threshold, switching the main lights on and slipping off her boots. Thick outer layers followed. It was still quite cold and sometimes snowing, but underneath the warm clothes Mireya simply wore a pair of jeans and a black sweater with a white unicorn applique. The lights flickered, going out briefly, and Mireya frowned. They went on again moments later, but when they did, there was someone else in the room. It was someone familiar, someone she knew, and the mortal recoiled with an audible gasp.


One Sunny Day

Written for Day 2 of Cullavellan Week: Family :3

Arian had come to realize, in the time that she and her husband Cullen had been together, that when given motivation the man was practically a boy at heart.

And such was all she could consider as she watched him and their two eldest children playing some made-up sport in the front garden of their home. It were though three bushes of gold had sprouted legs, the way they all ran here and there about the yard - bright, flushed smiles plastered to their cheeks.

As for Arian, she remained in the shade, lounging in a wicker chair just outside the house, cradling her three-month-old daughter Brooke against her chest.

The baby was completely sacked out at the moment, and so her mother had carefully taken the opportunity to bring them both outside for some fresh air. Being able to watch the rest of her family have a heyday together was only a plus, in this case.

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