made too much


Had a few people asking for transparent background versions of these so here they are! Should make it easy for y’all to use. :)

Just to be clear: you have my permission to use my art for personal stuff! Banners, avatars, phone backgrounds, etc! All I ask is a credit. I also give express permission for you to edit this art for personal use, under the condition that you share-alike. In other words, anything you make with my art is open for other people to then use and edit as well. (This applies to pretty much all my fan art, actually.)

Have fun, catch many pokes!!



                                               …and the fever began to spread
                                                 from my heart down to my legs
                                                    but the room was so quiet
                                            and although I wasn’t losing my mind
                                                   it was a chorus so sublime…


marina v., power.

a few hq doodles that im probably not going to finish

Since everyone wants to know where the whole “lance is stinky” thing came from, heres the origins (ive gotten 349383 asks about it so here yall go):

Ash aka @lanceissmeely decided one day to just declare that lance smells bad and that he looks and smells like a horse idfk what goes on in his head it baffles me tbh
peri aka @pbpidge and angie aka @pudgepidge agreed to this blasphemy as i was EXTREMELY offended!! That boy could not flirt with all those ladies knowing he smells bad!!! Keith would never let him smell bad!!! Its illogical!!
ANYWAYS so it seems the only other person who has some SENCE here is sam aka @defendarylegender since we have been fighting this battle alone.
But now… Now we fight. Take your pick. Is lance stinky? Or is he hygienic? You gotta pick
so there you guys go. The origins of stinky lance. Plz stop asking me now :,)


random sorting hat meme: emma swan - gryffindor

You want people to look at you differently? Make them! You want to change things, you’re gonna have to go out there and change them yourself, because there are no fairy godmothers in this world.