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Birthday/Valentine's Special

I love you writing! (You do not have to do it if you busy.)So my birthday is Valentine’s Day and I was wondering if maybe you could write a Jason x reader Valentines/birthday maybe nsfw/fluff, were the reader doesn’t do much for her birthday. So Jason does something really romantic or what ever, and the reader is just like best birthday ever!

Happy birthday @colormemeow

“Happy birthday baby!” Jason spoke up and kissed your left temple as he tightened his grip on you.

“Aw Jason you didn’t have to!” You told him and slipped off his hands so he could cut the cake he made by himself.

“I also ordered pizza and I’ll make popcorn on a while” he paused before he talked, with a whiny tone in his voice as he saw you eat a spoonful of the delicious chocolate cake. “come on! I wanted to take a photo of it before I cut it!”

“Jason, you’re spoiling me, but I think you’re turning into Dick.” you mumbled with your full mouth. Jason’s look was priceless as he was watching you eat, with the thout of him turning into Dick ravaging his mind”

“So have you picked a movie?”  You asked once you swallowed what was in your mouth.

“Mhmm. Magic Mike and then something you’ll pick”


“Dickiest?” Jason said and immediately burst into tears of laughter. “I’ll admit it was his proposal” he managed to speak between laughs, that only made your smile grow bigger amd your heart to get warmer. Jason’s laughter was the only gift you ever wanted. Whether it was Valentine’s day or your birthday.

“Aw Jay” you cheesily smiled and pulled him in a sweet kiss before getting up. Picking up the cake, you marched to the living room and sat on the couch, after setting the cake on the glass table and adjusting the sofa to a comfy bed.

“I’m so glad we bought this sofa!” Jason exhaled from behind you and jumped on the sofa, causing it to creak. He immediately wrapped hia hand around you and searched for the fluffy blanket with his other hand.

The movie started playing right after the delivery boy brought you the pizza. You loved being cuddled up with Jason like that, whether it was Valentine’s or your birthday or neither.

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Rohan tripped me and made me smash a really nice cake for an order that was due for pickup in two hours! I mean, I don't really have any proof... But it was definitely Rohan!

you dont need proof. even if he wasnt there, he was probably complacent in the crime

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So I had a frustrating day and could totally go for some fluffy pony and darry headcanons of them being cute and playful and teasing and having fun and just being brothers cause I live for that and I would be forever thankful

-darry always sneaks up behind pony and messes his hair which leads to them chasing each other around the house 
-after pony’s track competitions, he and darry always go to Dairy Queen afterwards and they both have each other’s orders memorized
-for darry’s 21st birthday, ponyboy made darry a superman cake
-when they were younger, pony gave darry his favourite toy car after they had a fight and darry still keeps it on his dresser
-darry used to let ponyboy push his vegetables onto his plate when their parents aren’t looking so he could still have dessert
-ponyboy keeps darry’s high school year book on his shelf
-surprisingly, they both like the same kind of music, so some nights they just sit around together listening to the radio

I'm Sorry

“He/She did it.” “No he/she did.”

I’m Sorry

They were just trying to make her birthday better. Buying her gifts that consisted of kitchen appliances, considering they both knew she adored cooking. Wrapping each gift with special wrapping paper and peppering it with the big-ist party bows. Because they all loved her, all appreciated her hard work.

"I bought her that mixing thing.” Bucky answered, as he placed a blue party bow on the tip of the mixing bowl. Leaving it unwrapped.

“Dude you have to wrap it.” Sam intercepted his actions, as he showed his newly wrapped box. He opened it to revel new kitchen utensils. “Bought these from the mall a week ago. There very rare.” He grabbed one of the steel whisks and twirled it for Bucky to see. With a smug grin plastered over his face.

“I don’t know how to wrap.” Bucky murmured as he fixed the bowl and left it with all the other gifts propped on the kitchen island in Tony’s building.

“Big bad Winter Solider doesn’t know how to wrap a present.” Sam hollered aster his outburst of chuckles, The Falcon knew his comrade had a crush on their personal chef. He would always compliment her even when she tried new things and they were so grueling. Or how Bucky would chuckle at each corny kitchen relayed joke, he loved the idea of them being together. But still held his cold exterior for James. Knowing the man doesn’t want to be pitted for his old self.

“Leave me alone Sam.” Bucky grumbled, noting all her present were just kitchen things. He scratched his hair, that was placed in a man bun.

“Whatever.” The said man turned around and left the Starks kitchen. Leaving the former assassin alone to think over what he would do.

He peaked around the presents, coming around a cooking book from Natasha, he noted the authors name coming from Russia. His smile cracked in, He would love if she learned a few Russian recipes, and thanks to Natalia he sure would. Pushing her present to the side, he saw the rest all being mixing bowl with heart shaped cookie cutters, utensils.

“Hey,” Steve greeted once he opened the kitchen sliding doors, he hurled the cake box just beside all the vivid colors of boxes and bows.

“Hey…” Bucky greeted a bit shy, he placed his fisted hands in his pockets just before his platinum haired friend turned to look at him up and down. “What’s up with you?” Steve interjected, as he patted his hands from tiredness.

“Nothing,” Bucky grumbled, as he looked back to his present and Sam’s. He knew Steve didn’t believe him, but didn’t seem to have enough time to question the man before him so he left without another word.

Bucky walked over to the desk again, reaching his hands over to Sam’s, with a devious smirk he looked around just one last time before he opened the box.

A few hours had passed since the decorating and get togethers, the party was a hit, Tony made sure he ordered the rich tasty cake and made no exception. All the people around her sang to her, with two candles she had blown. Everyone shared laughs and grins, he loved how her eyes would scan each item trying to decipher what was beneath the paper. She had already known she had a new kitchen aid mixing bowl, her eyes already washing with delight.

So when it came to open the gifts, she was rolling on the balls of her feet. Tearing each paper with consideration, as each member shouted their names as she opened the gift they had bought her.

Her smile had grown by each gift, wrapping paper littered her side while she grabbed the last two gifts.

“Thank you so much Bucky!” She screeched, hugging the baby blue kitchen aid while pulling him closer to him to kiss. She had broken her stand mixer just a few days ago and it’s been so annoying having to make dough with her hands. “Thank you so much!” She thanked the former solider, grabbing the last grey box.

Her eyes had blown. Once she saw the cursive name plastered across the sleek box she was taken back. This costs a fortune. “Sam…” She begun, her voice trailing. “How in the world did you even score this!” Her smile would most likely be stitched there for the next year. This specific brand was only shipped to America once, before the US had disbanded the brand. Non the less, he somehow had gotten his hands on a pair.

Once she opened the box, her smile had faltered derastiiclly. What was the brightest scene that could rival the sun itself, is now one of the gloomiest skies the earth had ever witnessed.

“This isn’t funny Sam…” She trailed, a sheen of tears covered the glass of her pupils. She picked up cheap wooden sticks, letting everyone in the room glare at Sam.

The said man had his mouth open, his own glare fixed on the super solider who sat beside the chef with a smirk.

“He did it!” Sam hollered, pointing to Bucky who was now running his metal fingers through the girls long cinnamon locks.

The girl looked up at James, Sam Had never given her a reason to believe he was lying. So she turned to Barnes baby blues in hopes he was playing a prank.

“No, he did it.” Bucky assured the girl, who went back to closing the box, sliding it’s sleek grey box away from her. As her long fingers ran across the engraved silver writing.

“(Y/N), you have to believe me-” Sam started, watching the girl turn her head away from the said man. Not wanting to hear a word.

“Alright, let’s be honest, I hid them in your room.” Bucky chuckled once he saw Thor grab the falcon out of the kitchen. The girl say dumbfounded, before throwing fits of balled fists over the solider’s chest.

“Your a jerk Bucky.” The girl stated after all her energy wasted. She looked up at the man, his hair dangling over his shoulders, with his five o'clock shadow, and plump pink lips.

He bent down and stole one of the most exchanging smooches she’s ever had, before getting up and leaving to join the rest of the avengers. The girl say alone her fingers tracing over where his lips had met just seconds ago. Her smile etched over her canvas before she herself got up to talk with the group.


My valentine surprise for provinite was a hand drawn valentine on a cake! I was hoping to get his favorite ice cream cake but DQ failed miserably (and rudely?) so I just got a regular cake made to order from the local grocery store!

We haven’t dug into it yet, waiting till afternoon to partake in it’s sweet glory. I’m excited to try it!

Prov did find all the valentines hidden around the house so he got to open his present too. He’s been wanting to start getting to Magic the Gathering again so I bought us each a booster pack to open together and start our decks! ;v;


my eight year old sister and i made this cake today (31.7.15) in order to celebrate harry’s 35th birthday.

i started reading the books when i was 7, and they have been a huge and important part of my life ever since (which is close to two thirds of my life). a couple of weeks ago i started reading them to her, and witnessing her falling more and more in love with them and experiencing that world for the first time is such an amazing experience, and no words can explain how happy i was when i reminded her that it was harry’s birthday today and she wanted to do something to celebrate <3 - so happy birthday harry james potter, and jk rowling of course, and thank you!

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I wish you would write a story where Oliver thinks Felicity is in danger because she doesn't answer her phone and shows up in fight mode but really she just dropped her phone in cake batter trying to surprise him for his birthday.

I had a lot of fun with this :)

Oliver held the phone to his ear, he could feel the anxiety building in his stomach as he listened to the ringing as it gave way to Felicity’s voicemail for a second time. He growled low in his throat as he pulled the phone away from his ear and glared at the device.

“Everything okay?” Diggle called from his place on the training mats.

“Felicity isn’t answering her phone,” Oliver explained. He hit the redial button and listened again. “She always answers.”

“Maybe she’s in the bathroom,” Diggle suggested, making his way over to Oliver. “She could be in the shower.”

“No, she showered this morning,” Oliver countered. “Something’s wrong.”

“It might be nothing,” Diggle spoke calmly. “Don’t get yourself worked up.”

Oliver paced in front of Felicity’s computers, his worry growing as the phone, once again, rang through to her voicemail. He hung up, cutting off her cheerful greeting on the other end.

“I’m going to check on her,” Oliver decided. He hit a few keys on the computer, activating the tracking device that was in Felicity’s industrial piercing. He grabbed his coat from the back of the chair and head towards the bunker’s exit. “Her tracker says that she’s at the apartment.”

Diggle jumped in front of him, cutting Oliver off. “Relax, man,” he said, putting his hands on Oliver’s shoulders. “I’m sure she’s fine. Maybe she fell asleep, she’s been so tired lately.”

Oliver shrugged out of Diggle’s hold, pushing passed him. “No, something’s wrong, I can feel it. I have to go.”

“At least let me drive,” Diggle offered. “You shouldn’t be driving in the state you’re in.”

“Fine,” Oliver grumbled. He dropped his car keys into his friend’s outstretched hand.

“Okay, let’s go,” Diggle led Oliver into the elevator and outside.

Once outside, Oliver tried calling Felicity again, clinging to a small amount of hope that this time she would answer. The tension built in his shoulders as he listened to the familiar sound of her voicemail picking up.

“Breathe, Oliver,” Diggle reminded him. “If something’s wrong, and that’s a pretty big if. But if something is wrong, Felicity is going to need you focused, she’ll need your A-game. You can’t go blazing in there half focused.”

Oliver clenched his jaw and struggled to take a deep breath. He knew that his former bodyguard was right, he needed to focus. But his worry for Felicity’s safety was too great, his mind was filled with the possibilities of what could be happening. He followed Diggle to the car, impatiently tapping his fingers against his knee as he waiting for Diggle to start driving.

“Take 50th to 23rd, it’s faster,” Oliver instructed, feeling the desperate need to get to the apartment he and Felicity shared, as quickly as possible.

As they drove, Oliver tried to call Felicity one last time.

“Something is definitely wrong,” Oliver concluded. “She should have called me back by now.”

Diggle didn’t respond, knowing that anything he said right now would only agitate Oliver more. Instead, he focused on the road in front of him. The last thing they needed was to get into a car accident because he wasn’t paying attention.

As Diggle pulled the car up to the curb, Oliver jumped out and was running before the car even stopped. He raced up the stair and down the hallway to the door of the apartment. He wrenched the door open.

“Felicity?!” he called desperately. “Felicity!”

He heard a crash come from the kitchen and quickly made his way over, repeatedly calling Felicity’s name. He heard her familiar voice yell out a string of curses as he entered the kitchen.

“Felicity,” he breathed in relief, at the sight of her standing with her back to him in front of the sink. He walked over to her.

She spun around to face him, she was splattered with flour and what looked like icing. Her eyes were filled with tears. He could see a pan of a thick mixture dropped on the floor, creating a huge mess.

“Felicity, baby, why didn’t you answer your phone?” Oliver asked, he reached his hands up, carefully cupping her cheeks. He gently rubbed the flour off her face. “I was so worried.”

The tears she had been holding back, poured down her cheeks. “I’m sorry,” she sniffled. “I was, I was trying to make a… And then I dropped my phone. And I tried to clean it but,” she broke off, sobs wracked her body.

“Hey,” Oliver said gently, he pulled her shaking body into his chest. “It’s okay, I was just worried and scared. I’m glad you’re okay.”

Felicity continued to sob against Oliver’s chest for several more minutes. He rubbed his hand in circles against her back, trying to calm her tears. He looked over his shoulder as Diggle entered the kitchen, he looked at Oliver a concerned look on his face, who shrugged in return. Diggle gestured back to the hallway, indicating that he would give the couple some privacy.

Once Felicity’s sobs subsided, she pulled back from Oliver, wiping the tears from her cheeks.

“Sorry,” she whispered, her voice hoarse.

“It’s okay,” Oliver replied. “Can you tell me what happened?”

Felicity nodded. “It’s your birthday tomorrow,” she began.

“I’m aware,” Oliver confirmed.

“So, I wanted to surprise you,” Felicity continued. “I know, it’s a hard time of year for you, remembering the Undertaking, and Tommy. So, I wanted to do something special. I was trying to make a cake, from a mix, because you know I can’t cook, and it’s basically impossible to mess those ones up.

“I was using my phone for music, and it was all fine. But then, Mrs. McAllister’s car backfired, like it always does, and it scared me and I jumped. And I, I dropped my phone into the cake batter,” Felicity gestured to the mess on the floor. “I got it out as fast as I could, but it was covered. And in my hurry to find paper towel, I knocked the cake onto the floor. And then you came in.”

Oliver bit his lip as he tried not to smile. “Oh,” he responded. “I thought you in trouble. You weren’t answering your phone, I panicked. But now, I can see why you couldn’t answer.”

“Yeah,” she whispered. “So, much for your surprise.”

“It’s fine,” Oliver shook his head, a small laugh escaped his lips as he looked around at the mess around the kitchen. “You tried, it’s the thought that counts.”

“It’s not funny,” Felicity argued.

“It’s a little funny,” he counted, using his thumb he rubbed a smudge of cake batter off of Felicity’s forehead. “It looks like the cake exploded in here.”

Felicity looked hopelessly around, taking in the mess she had made. “Maybe next time, I’ll order a cake.”

“That might be a good idea,” Oliver agreed. “Should we clean this up?”

“Yeah,” Felicity said, she turned back to the sink and grabbed a wet cloth. “Then, I need to get a new phone, because my is cooked.”

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Public service announcement: Sherlock and John met Molly at the cake place, she was wearing a pretty dress and she blushed when John told her she looked nice and Sherlock nodded in agreement, they talked about Molly’s recent patients, Rosie learning how to roll over, and how Sherlock’s mum always made him carrot cake for his birthday. Molly ordered him a slice and Sherlock dutifully pretended to be embarrassed and roll his eyes when they sang happy birthday to him. John left early to collect Rosie and Sherlock walked Molly home with her arm linked through his. They got to her front door and he thanked her for remembering his birthday again (she remembers every year) and for making it enjoyable. Molly kissed him on the cheek and he told her that she really did look lovely in her dress before heading home. Sherlock Holmes had a happy birthday with two of his favourite people.

arrow fic: The Sweetest Thing

Title: The Sweetest Thing
Word Count: 2500/?
Chapters: 1/?
Rating: PG for now
Pairing: Oliver/Felicity, Thea/Roy
Warnings: None

Summary: What do you do when it’s the night before your best friend’s engagement party and you forgot to order the cake you promised you’d bring? To Felicity it seemed entirely reasonable that she hack into the city’s business licenses records, find the home address of the best baker in town and beg them to fill her order even if it meant banging on a stranger’s door at one in the morning. Felicity expected someone she’d see on the food channel, some nice-haired lady or a portly Italian man. She didn’t expect a more than six foot tall, half-naked man who was so finely sculpted he deserved to be on a bakery display himself. She didn’t expect for him to take one look at her unfinished order form and accept it with no questions asked. And she definitely didn’t expect to see him at the party the next day, all dressed up and part of the entourage.

Author’s Note: My deepest deepest thanks to Mel (@mel-loves-all ) who created the amazing work of art you see up there, Diane (@diggo26) and her amazing cheerleading/beta powers and of course everyone who joined the Olicity Fic Bang and made all of this awesomeness possible. Special shout out to Janis (@so-caffeinated​) and Rach (@runawayminds​) who were my co-evil genuises. The OFBB wouldn’t have made it this far without them.


Chapters: 1 | 2

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If there was a universal truth that needed to be acknowledged it was that Felicity Smoak was not a morning person.

Or at least she didn’t think she was. She had been working so many hours the past couple of months that she barely knew morning from night.

What she did know, was that she was definitely a breakfast food person and right at that moment all she cared about was finding the still uneaten muffin she bought from the bakery that morning.

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Bitty and Jack moving in together after coming out to their parents and team mates after Bity graduates
Bitty playing in the NHL for a while
Them thinking about playing on different teams but then remembering that Jack plays better with Bittle and Bitty was Captain his senior year so the Falconers are more than willing to recruit him (especially after Georgia notes how well he played with their very own Zimmermann)
Bitty and Jack coming out at as the first openly gay players in the NHL
People being pissy about them being on the same team
And rather than them being uncomfortable the guys CHIRP THE HELL OUT OF THEM
Except for maybe like one douche bag but the rest of the team is like “C'mon man be a god damn grown up”
So they together for a year maybe two
Bitty getting injured :(
:( :( :(
Bitty quitting hockey
HHHHHHHH he’s not off the ice though like he messes around with Jack sometimes and maybe some of his other friends from Samwell
Jack jokingly “checks” him every time
Bitty opening up a baker and calling it The Georgia Peach
The place is in an older building that’s got peach colored spackle which makes it stand out against the duller, taller buildings nearby. People stop by just to see what it is and are always surprised by stepping inside the dingy little building and finding a spotless light peach inside with twinkle lights strung on the walls and pretty paintings of flowers (hint hint lardo painted vaginas but Bit’s figured he could get away with the more flowery ones.. It’s a big joke amongst the group), framed picture of Bitty approved pies and other treats (thanks Jack), and everything is color coordinated. The wall behind the counter is painted like a large chalk board and the menu was written ages ago but Bitty makes sure to touch it up every few weeks or so. The menu lists off their specialty pies with descriptions next to names that mean almost nothing to people who aren’t regulars.
The menu reads:
Momma’s: pecan pie, made with pre-baked pecans.
Ransom & Holster: Cookies n Cream with a smashed Oreo crust, whipped cream, and a chocolate drizzle
The Zimmermann: fresh Granny Smith apples soaked in a cinnamon maple mixture overnight and baked in a maple sugar crust. ((it’s not stated but there are tiny maple leaf imprints all around the top layer of the crust))
Lardo: A lemon meringue that’s one of a kind! No two are the same ((the meringue on top is always in different designs on top))
The Poindexter: a year round pie that gives you something to be thankful for! Pumpkin pie with a graham cracker crust and a dollop of whipped cream on top.
The Sh*ts: a chocolate chex pie right outta Georgia. Brings you home with that sure as shit chocolaty taste
The Chowder: the sweetest coconut cream pie to be found with a gingersnap crust
Tango: I take your “Why an orange dreamsicle pie?” and raise you a “Why not?”
Whiskey: A warm whiskey pie with a scoop of cold vanilla ice cream on top
Nursey: find the best comfort food this side of the mason Dixie, in our key lime pie with graham cracker crust, whip cream, and fresh lime.
The Georgia Peach is called a bakery but it’s mostly just a pie shop. They have a list of made to order items like cookies, cakes, mini pies, cobblers, cinnamon buns, and practically anything else you could ever wish for. To gain access to this list you have to ask but it’s definitely worth it (Bitty will almost always give you a good deal on your order even if it’s last minute because “That’s just how he was raised”).
I don’t know why I wasted all my free time in class making this but for now I’m blaming my love for my Meme’s chocolate chex pie and the need of Bitty to both play in the NHL AND have a bakery