made this..since i got the ipad 3

Everything has been going really great for what is a long time for us-since Hammer stopped drinking-and then WHAM the stupid van runs me over.
Apparently I’m on my phone too much and hiding something and my phone is going to land us in divorce court. I am dependent on my phone for both of our successful (that for you Nasty A) businesses.
We spent the whole day together, and I was not on my phone any more than he was-in the waiting room at a doctor’s appointment.
He didn’t talk to me from 245ish until 10:20 because I’m on my phone too much, yet he has been on his ipad since we got home at 430.
I went to the store, completed three files for our business, made a business call, cooked dinner, cleaned up dinner, put away two loads of laundry, played 3 games of uno and half a game of monopoly with Bolt.
So…🤷🏼‍♀️ can someone help me out here because it’s not computing for me.

Meeting their adopted sister for the first time (SEVENTEEN)

Age range from 2 to 11 years old

S.Coups: -2. He’s been trying to get your attention your mother brought you to him for the first time ever. But he wasn’t the only one interested in you it was all the boys as well. But he made the mistake of giving you a teddy bear first as his welcome to the family gift- “guys nothing’s working I know she’s little but she should pay attention to her big brother. I’m way more entertaining that a teddy bear”

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Jeonghan: -5. You were social and he liked it. He was cute and playful with you hoping it would make you feel more at home. He’s talked to you on the phone but hasn’t seen you much other than pictures. So he was asking you all sorts of questions like if you were still 4 or not. You called him silly and said you were 5 now and in school- “oh my I’m a dumb dumb. Of course you are princess I should have remembered that. And you’re in school? Mom’s gonna have to bring you to see me more often”

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Joshua: -6. You didn’t live near him you lived in America. He was happy because he was no longer an only child, he was a big brother. After many video calls he was getting the shot to meet you when your parents brought you with them- “hello Y/N it’s very nice to meet you. 2 years and I finally get to meet my baby sister. You’re much cuter in person”

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Jun: -9. You only spoke Chinese. He, Minghao, and Hoshi seemed to be the only people who were able to talk to you while you were meeting him for the first time. He thought it was awesome because it was like you were speaking your own language while you here- “it’s very good to meet you Y/N you and I will be talking much more alright. I’ll ask our parents if you can borrow their phone or computer to facetime so we can talk when you go home. But for now we’ll go explore the foreign land” 

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Hoshi: -8. His first meeting was interrupted by the boys so instead of talking with you were being bugged by them. You kept sending them sassy remarks and glares while looking adorable so they didn’t feel offended- “she kinda reminds me of a younger me. You know except cuter and female”

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Wonwoo: -7. He was already teaching you new things. You were one of the few international adoptions that happened so he was busy teaching you Korean words, actions, and manners. You seemed to have a basic grip of Korean thanks to teaching during the whole process of adoption- “you see this, it’s a cute heart right? Can you make it? Oppa’s gonna show you a whole bunch of nre things”

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Woozi: -4. He came home just for the occasion, he could tell you were scared of him slightly but were getting used to him. By bedtime you didn’t want to sleep alone in your room so you went to find him. He was with your new parents and you asked him if he’d lay down with you- “yeah of course Y/N. Don’t worry I’ll keep you safe tonight”

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DK: -11. Your first encounter wasn’t all smile and hugs. You were question why they would adopt an 11 year old. He asked you why you thought that and you went on to explain that no one wants to adopt something that’s not cute and little. At least that’s what the older kids told you- “they’re wrong. If people think like that than they are stupid because everything grows up, we’ll make sure you never think like that again Y/N. You’re going to be loved here” 

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Mingyu: -3. He’s been in your face since the moment he walked in the room. You had an iPad to play with and of course as a child it was much more entertaining than any people in the world- “Y/N, this first encounter isn’t going well. I’m about to take that iPad from you. Pay attention to oppa please”

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The8: -10. He’s never got the chance because you lived in China. So when your parents brought you to visit him in Korea he made sure you knew everything a big brother should do- “hello Y/N I am Minghao nice to meet you. I’m here to teach you everything that is wrong but protect you at the same time/ By the time you leave I will be the best role model in your life”

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Seungkwan: -9. He was happy to finally meet you and he brought you with him to meet the boys. But he made sure they knew you his new sister and that not to overwhelm you with too much attention before you were comfortable- “alright Y/N these are the people I work with, don’t spend too much time with them. They’ll make you do bad things and I know mom doesn’t want you getting in any trouble”

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Vernon: -4. He was enjoying it, your little attempts to play basketball with him but the ball was the size of you practically. You weren’t just the newest Chwe you were his baby sister not matter what genetics meant.- “it feels like you’ve been here for like you’ve always been part of the family” 

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Dino: -2. He was very excited to meet you but what big brother wouldn’t, since he had been training he didn’t get to visit you while in the orphanage so his parents decided to bring you to him. He got slightly emotional at the sight of you- “hey Y/N nice to finally get to meet you”

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