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I Am Good: Jason Scott X Reader [PART II]


Prompt: After the encounter with Jason Scott where he found your coin, you begin to feel as though people are watching you. You hope you can escape it all, but things get a little hectic afterward.

Requested: No

Word Count: 2,457

Warnings: Strong language,

Author’s Note: I don’t know how long this series is going to be-probably five parts in total- but I already love writing it.

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You felt uneasy ever since the incident in the cafeteria. After getting changed out of your stained clothes and getting into a new outfit you kept in your locker, you couldn’t help but feel as though you had eyes all over me. But if you turned to look and see if anyone was watching you, you found everyone else’s eyes were gazing at something different. You had to bear with this feeling until that clock struck 2:30 and you were out of that joint.

Even as you walked home, you felt a disturbance that seemed to be following you the whole way. You stopped every so often to look behind you, but just like the classroom, you saw nothing out of the ordinary. You saw a couple of people like Kimberly Hart and Trini Kwan walking together to whom you recognized from school, but they were too focused on their conversation with each other to see you. And they also turned a short while back. You also saw Billy Cranston and Zack Taylor at different times, but they were just the same as Kimberly and Trini. And of course there was the occasional mother or young kid walking home from school like you were, but it wasn’t anything you let worry you.

You felt fine once you got home and made sure all the windows and doors were locked tight. Could never be too sure right?

You looked out the window a bit, then sighed and slid down the wall of your bedroom. You put your head in your hands. You peeked up and saw your broken nightstand and just sighed even more. You were confused and tired, to say the least. You were just hoping that all of this would go away if you curled up tight enough. Maybe that would help shield everything out.

But it didn’t, and you had to come face to face with reality at some point. Might as well do it now.

You pulled out the coin out of your pocket. While you had stared it several times before, you still couldn’t figure out what its purpose was or how it could do the things it did.

“What are you?” You asked softly.

It was times like this that you wished you had people to be with. You missed your mom… you missed your sister… You just needed their presence to at least be assured that everything was okay. And you didn’t have that.

Nevertheless, you needed to figure what was wrong with you and what this coin was. You didn’t know how or why, but you knew that your strange, new abilities and this coin correlated in some way, so what was the missing variable? There was something you were missing, and as terrifying as it was, you knew that you wouldn’t get answers by just sitting at home. You had to go out there and find how the coin got there in the first place. Yeah! If you figured out why it got there, maybe you’d get your answers.

Knowing your subconscious was correct, you picked yourself up and took a good look in the mirror. You looked at your skin which was covered with your regular makeup, but when you pressed your hands against it, patches of green showed up along your forehead and jawbone. You grabbed your beauty blender and applied your concealer to cover up the specks of green skin so no one would notice if you encountered anyone when you left. You dabbed your face with setting powder. You gave yourself a once over and made sure that no green spots were visible to the seeing eye. Feeling content, you headed out the door.

It took you awhile to get back to the chasm from before, and by the time you made it there, the sun was already close to fully setting on the horizon.

“Why did I make myself do this?” You asked yourself.

You stopped at the edge of the chasm, looking around and not down. It wasn’t that heights scared you, in fact, you always loved being up high and just staring over every little thing beneath you. But you didn’t feel like falling to your death, either, so you didn’t want to risk anything. You looked at the dusty and dry soil, but nothing was around to give you any clues. You held the coin in the palm of your hand, just to see if a reaction would come out of it. And you did. Right after you heard the same voices from yesterday getting closer and closer by the second. You made the same motions you’d made the previous day and sprinted away from the chasm and behind the bush.

You didn’t seem to be seen was opposed to last time. Nobody said anything that seemed out of the ordinary, but you heard a voice that was.

You moved aside some of the leaves of the bush and saw faces you hadn’t expected to see. The first person you laid eyes on was Zack Taylor. He seemed to be laughing with others, so you looked further. Then there was Kimberly Hart, followed by Billy Cranston, then came Trini Kwan, and finally, someone who you really weren’t prepared to see, Jason Scott.
Now, you’re an intelligent person, and you were smart enough to put the dots together. Jason Scott picked up your coin and seemed to be really confused by it. Then, after school, you’re getting followed by four people, four people who were standing right there with Jason Scott. You weren’t sure why they were together or why it happened, but you figured that because of that coin, they were onto you for something.

You watched as the five stood at the edge of the chasm and promptly jumped down without fear or haste. You watched in terror as the first person who just so happened to be Zack descended to the bottom of the abyss, the others following suit. And just like the day before, there was a splashing sound.

“These guys are either maniac thrill-seekers or hiding something…” You spoke once you knew it was okay to come out from behind the bush.

You hurried over to where the five students once stood. You stared into the chasm, finding darkness at the bottom and nothing but. You didn’t hear anything besides the beating of your own heart and the booming thoughts that were crashing against your skull. Knowing it wouldn’t do you any good to just stand there by yourself, you decided to vocalize everything that was going on inside your head.

“Okay,” You began, taking a deep breath. After doing so, you spoke each word with the most exaggerated hand movements you could to release the pent up anger and perplexity inside you. “So, I found this coin right here! And there some kind of water right there, in front of here! But how in Hell could a coin this small come from somewhere so far down there all the way up here? That makes no sense! Oh, wait! Unless those guys brought it up here! But then why would Jason look so worried if one of them brought it here in the first place? And I doubt if they did they would just let it fall on the ground like that…”

You barely even realized that you were nervously pacing the ground as you were babbling to yourself, which, had anyone been around to see, would’ve made you look like a complete idiot.

“Wait, do they even have any relations to the coin? Well, they must, right? I mean, Jason seemed like he knew what that thing was and he sent his friends to follow me, I’m sure, and I found the coin right here where they jumped so they must! And I don’t even hear them so hey must’ve… Wait, fit hey jumped like last time, how did they even get back up in the fir-”

You didn’t have the time to complete your sentence before your anxious pacing caused you to fall of the edge of the chasm, barely even giving you a chance to scream before you plummet to your potentially inevitable death. You silently watched in horror as the world you saw from up above became smaller and smaller. You curled into a ball and hoped that it would make the impact hurt less.

Before you knew it, you felt the stinging of cold water hitting your skin and felt air leave your lungs. You opened your eyes and saw the murky blueness of the water that engulfed you. Your lungs began to burn so you pushed your body upward to the water’s surface. When you got there, you gasped, greedily taking in as much air as you could after losing all breath you had while falling and while being submerged underwater.

You swiveled your body around in the water, looking for any sign of those who were there before you, but you couldn’t find anyone.

You looked down and saw a glowing green light coming from your chest. You knew that it was the coin, which was vigorously shaking in the palm of your hand. It began to shake so much that it fell out of your grip and into the water.

“Wait!” You gasped.

You sucked in a large breath and followed the coin into the water’s depths. You watched the flashing light as it neared the bottom of the pool, but what you failed to realize was that the makeup that covered your entire face and your hands was now being washed away and into the water.

You pushed yourself further through the water, carefully watching the coin’s fading light. You got closer and closer to it, your hand brushing up against the cool metal… but the something odd happened. You watched as the coin fell through something, as if the water just stopped there. In fact, if your eyes weren’t deceiving you, it almost looked like you were back at the surface and there was no floor to the body of water.

You pushed your hand outward towards what looked like the water surface. Sure enough, your felt like your hand was in open air. You swam closer, and with more effort, your whole head was sticking out of the water. You once again gasped for air. You spotted the coin lying on some sand beneath you.

“What the fu-”

You never got to finish your phrase. Your body fell through the water before landed on the sand with and loud and painful ‘thud.’ You groaned in pain, rubbing your head and the arm which hit the ground first.

In regaining your composure, you glanced upward and saw that the water seemed to be upside down. Confused beyond belief, you hoped that if you gazed around a bit more you’d find something normal to make of the situation. But you didn’t. Instead, you found a gigantic ship, one that looked like it was stationed there for years but also appeared to be highly advanced in technology, was just sitting there.

“Y/N,” You spoke to yourself, your heartbeat going a mile a minute. “It’s to wake up now, you idiot!”

You heard a whirring sound coming from the open ship. You grasped the coin quickly off the ground, hoping that if you were able to hide behind a rock, you wouldn’t be seen. However, you were caught by- yes, you better believe it- a robot that was the size of a child. He was humming a strange tune before he spotted you and stopped moving completely. You too stood still and silently, not making a move in fear it would attack.

Instead of doing that, the robot started screaming “Zordon! Zordon! There’s an intruder! An alien intruder!” and turning into the ship.

You glanced down at your hands and slapped your cheeks. You noticed that the makeup had come off when you were in the water.


You, fearing that you would be harmed in some kind of way, started running as quick as your legs could carry you. You didn’t know where you were headed, but you knew that there were rocks everywhere you turned. You also could tell that your speed and agility picked up after you found that coin because you never ran this fast before nor were you ever able to dog so many big obstacles.

“Hey!” You heard a familiar female shout behind you.

“Stop!” Another voice, a male replied.

You heard several footsteps bounding after you. Fear and panic flooded your system when you turned and saw figures dressed in metal armor and masks chasing after you. They were all different colors, one was blue, one yellow, and one pink.

“What the hell is that thing?” The pink one shouted.

“Its green! It’s freaking green!” The blue one replied.

Ignoring their comments about your appearance, you kept running and jumping with height you never thought you could jump over rocks that were in your way. As you ran, a streak of red and black passed you out of the corner of your eye.

When you faced forward again, something grasped your arm with an iron grip, and you coin fell to the floor in the shock of it all. Someone knocked your legs out from underneath you and you fell to the ground with the person holding your arm twisting it behind your back, rendering you helpless and afraid. Tried struggling and fighting against their grip with your new strength, but it was fruitless. Whoever had you pinned to the floor was just as strong as you, if not stronger.

You gazed up and saw the three armored beings from before glaring down at you with a black-armored person standing with them. One in red armor was the one who had you immobilized beneath them.

“Let me go, you bastards!” You cried angrily, trying in a failed attempt to cover up your dread.

“Wait,” The red-armored being said quietly. “Y/N?”

You knew that voice. It was the voice of the person who stood up for you earlier that day.

“Jason?” you panted from all the running.

“You’re…” You both said your phrases in tandem.

“A Power Ranger?”


The robot from earlier rolled into your line of sight and held up the coin that fell out of your pocket just a second before. “No… the green Power Ranger.”


Title: The Haunted Mansion (Reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: It’s Halloween night and the two find an abandoned house they decide to explore, not knowing of the hidden dangers inside

Word Count: 1995

A/N: YAY HALLOWEEN! This is going to be the last imagine for a week or so, I won’t be home from my trip until Sunday the 24th! Hope you enjoy :)

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Transparents - How I do it

First up: I hate the eraser tool for this. Don’t touch it for transparents.

Ok listen up y’all! Transparents are awesome stuff. I’ve got my own way on doing transparents, but I want to share my techniques (do I sound smart enough yet) with pretty much everyone who wants to see because I kinda dislike most tutorials I’ve seen on here.
This is a Photoshop-based tutorial, I use CS4. Any PS above that works too, not too sure about other programs though.

If you have any questions feel free to send me a message. Or if you want a video tutorial, idk.

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Complicated (Prt2) - Barry Allen x Reader

Complicated (Part 2) - Barry Allen x Reader

A/N: this part is longer cause I couldn’t make it any shorter and make it fit whoops 👀.

Summary: Reader, from Starling city, Oliver’s sister, goes back with Barry to Central City to see particle accelerator turn on & gets a lot more than what they bargained for.

Disclaimer: I’ve never actually watched Arrow, I apologize for that.

Warnings: suggestive themes ig ? swearing

Word count: ‘bout 2,000

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Lonely. | Jimin Scenario (BTS)

[^photo is not mine^]


Can I request a BTS scenario for Jimin? One where the girl goes on a business trip or a family trip something that makes her leave leave. Jimin was missing her alot and goes to party and ends up taking a girl back home (he was drunk. or not. whatever you’d like) and the girl arrives from the trip to find them in bed together. Happy ending? :)

You sighed as you watched the houses rolled past. You leaned back in your seat as the cab came to a stop at a red light. You couldn’t help but smile slightly, you’re finally going back. It’s been 3 weeks since you last saw your loving boyfriend of 2 years, Jimin. Though you both kept contact through phone calls, texts and webcam, it was tough being away from him for so long. If it wasn’t for work, you would have denied the trip. This isn’t the first time you’ve been called to leave like this. Sometimes it makes it tough to spend time with Jimin. Between your work and his schedule, it can be hard sometimes.

It’s not always like this. It’s only when the company has big contracts to deal with. This should be the last contract for a few months, so you’re excited to see Jimin. You’re also coming back three days early so you’re hoping to surprise him. You were so lost in your own thoughts that you were oblivious to the cab driver staring at you. You were already in front of your complex.

“Oh!” You said as you reached into the pocket of your jeans, pulling out your wallet. You quickly handed the man his money, his aged face lighting up.

“Thank you,” He voiced before stepping out the car to help you with your bags. After you got a hold of your bags, you made your way towards the building, lugging your suitcase up the stairs with you. This was the moment you were asking why Jimin wanted an condo on the 4th floor. Once you made it to your floor, you set your bag down, exhaling roughly. I stood up, taking in a deep breath. You dragged your suitcase behind you as you stopped at your door.

Digging into the pocket of your jacket to find your keys. Once you find them, you open the door to be greeted by your living room, which was lacking one thing, which was Jimin. He must be upstairs. You thought to yourself. Little did you know that he wasn’t alone.

Jimin’s eyes fluttered opened to be greeted by the sun as it shined through the windows. He winched, covering his eyes. He was about to close his eyes to sleep again when he heard an unfamiliar female voice.

“You’re awake?” The female spoke sitting up, her hair a tangled mess. Jimin’s eyes narrowed as he stared at the girl. It was only for a split second, before those same eyes widened.

He quickly sat up, staring at the girl as she smiled at him. Why is she naked? She had the bedsheets pressed against her chest, covering herself. Why is she in his bed, the bed he shares with you? Memories from the night before hit him like a brick.

Jimin, dealing with you being away from so long, went to the bar hoping to drown his loneliness in alcohol. He got too drunk and ended up bringing this female home. He doesn’t even remember asking for her name. Jimin ran his fingers through his hands roughly as guilt consumed him.

He cheated on you! Just because he missed your touch, he went to someone else.

“Oppa,” The female called, reaching out for Jimin who leaned away. Little did Jimin know that you were on your way up the stairs and heard the girl’s voice clearly. You frozen, your eyes narrowing as if your mind was trying to convince you you heard wrong.

“That sounded like a girl,” You whispered to yourself. your house was pounding in your chest as you stared at the few steps left. You slowly walked up the stars, turning to your left, because your bedroom was right there.  The door was cracked slightly, so you slowly approached, trying to stay as quiet as you could. Before you even peeked in the, your eyes were burning with salty tears.

“Oppa!” The girl whined for a second. At that moment you looked through the small opening that you were allowed. Your eyes were almost too blurred with tears to see clearly, but you saw her. Her hair a mess, and the sheet pressed again her body, which was most likely naked under that. you took a sharp intake of breath, which you must have done too loudly. Both Jimin and the girl turned around to look at the door.

Your eyes widened, and your heart swelled up, but you didn’t move at inch.

“______?” Jimin called out, his voice almost shaking. Before he could get up from the bed to pushed the door opened, but didn’t move.  Tears brimmed your eyes and flowed down your cheek as Jimin stared back at you in horro.

“______.” He said breathlessly, getting up from the bed. You made note of the fact that he was wearing only his boxers.

“_____, p-p-please let me explain!” He stammered, taking steps towards you.

“So this is what you do when I’m gone?” You hissed, crossing your arms over your chest.

“No ____! Please it’s not what it looks like!” He stretched his hand out, trying to take your hand in him. You slapped his hand away, taking a step back.

“Don’t touch me!” You almost screamed, triggering more tears.

Jimin froze, staring at you with sad eyes. No, he’s going to lose you, the best thing that ever happened to him, because of a stupid mistake.

“_-______, just let me explain. I’m an idiot i know, and i’ve made a mistake but I lo-”

“No you don’t.” You interrupted, glaring at him, almost forgetting about the girl that sat on the bed watching the whole scene unfold.

“Don’t you dare speak those words! I don’t want hear them from you. You love me?” You chuckled humorlessly, “Is this some type of joke? If you loved me, you wouldn’t cheat on me! I don’t even look at other guys because you were everything I needed. I guess I’m not enough.”

“You are! You’re more than enough!” Jimin protested, taking a step closer to you. You also stepped back, sticking up your index finger.

“Stay the hell away from me.” You murmured. Your words generated tears in his eyes.

“_______…..” He spoke softly. This is really happening. He’s gonna lose you. It felt like he was being stabbed in the heart, a pain too great to put into words. Those beautiful eyes he loves so much were staring at him like he was some sort of plague.

You both stood there in a tense silence which didn’t last long, due to the girl who still sat in your bed.

“Umm, I’m sorry but who is she?” She spoke, making both you and Jimin look at her.

“You need to leave!” Jimin exclaimed, ready to deal with her.

“No let her stay,” You protested, keeping your eyes on Jimin. He looked away from the girl and back at you, clearly confused.

You looked over at the girl.

“As for your questioned,” you looked back at Jimin staring right into his eyes, “I’m his ex-girlfriend.”

That shattered Jimin’s heart into millions of pieces.


“Don’t call me that.” You snapped back before taking off running. He chased after you, following you down the stairs.

“________,” He called once he came to the bottom of the stairs, finding you in the act of throwing on your jacket

“________, p-please wait!” He voice croaked as his eyes burned with fresh tears.

You ignored him completely.

“_______!” He almost shouted, grabbing your arm as spinning you to face him.

“What!? What Jimin?! What could you possibly say to keep me from walking out that door?!” You barked, taking Jimin by surprise. He’s never heard you shout like that. He was speechless. He kept his grip on your arm, staring at you blankly. No words would leave his lips making you a bit annoyed.

“That’s what I thought.” You snatched your arm out of his grip, and his arm fell to his side.

You grabbed your suitcase and headed for the door. Jimin didn’t stop you. He knew there was not changing your mind. You didn’t look back at him once as you stepped out the door closing it behind you.

Over the next week, you stayed with your best friend, crying your eyes out. You ignored the many calls and texts that Jimin was sending to the point. You removed him from your phone background, but couldn’t bring yourself to erase the photos.

You were sure that at some point you would run out of tears. You didn’t dare take a look in the mirror, because the last time you did, you scared yourself. Your eyes were red swollen and your hair was a mess.

Jimin wasn’t doing any better, keeping himself in one of two places. It was either his dorm at the Leon building or in the bedroom that you both share used to share. His group members where getting awfully worried. He’d walk into practice with black sunglasses, keeping everyone from seeing his eyes.

He’d practice and leave without a word. He wouldn’t even stay to eat with everyone else. All this only happened after the first practice after you left, which he walked in sulking and explaining everything to the guys.

Jimin walked around the place, feeling more alone than he could ever imagine. He misses your voice, he misses seeing you in the kitchen in the morning. He got rid of those bedsheets, replacing them with the blue ones you loved so much. He slept in that same bed all alone, staring at the ceiling most of the time. He was drowning in his regret, shame, guilt and sorrow.

“Jimin!” Suga called as him, Jungkook, V and Rap Monster stood at the door of the bedroom. He laid there on the bed, arms flared out as he gazed at the ceiling.

“What?” He grumbled.

“You can’t stay in here forever.” V voiced, looking at Jimin with worried eyes.

“I can and I will.” Jimin replied dully, before turning onto his side, so his back was facing them.

Meanwhile Jin and J-hope were trying their best to get in contact with you.

“______!” They called from outside the door. Somehow, your friend had let them into the house. Lucky you had locked the door of the guest bedroom.

“Go away!” You yelped, hiding in the covers.

“______, please hear us out! It’s Jimin, we’re worried about him. He’s not really eating, and he barely talks to anyone. He just stays in his room. We’re not asking you to get forgive him, because what he did was wrong….but can you at least talk to him?” You’re pretty sure that’s Jin speaking.

You sat there in silence for a bit. Now they have you worried. You sighed, slowly sitting up.

“Give me 20 minutes.” You replied.

After getting dressed in a simple blue top and jeans, along with some sneakers, you pulled your hair into a ponytail. If this will get Jimin to eat than you’ll do it.

You allowed them to drag you back to the condo that you shared with Jimin. When they parked the car, you let out a deep breath before stepping out the car before they could even get their belts off.

“Let’s get this over with.” you spoke before you closed the car door.

You finally got to the door, having it open before you could even knock. You were met by Jungkook who smiled.

“Noona!” He exclaimed. You couldn’t help but smile back. He let you in the house, Jin and J-hope following close after.

You stopped in the living room to see Jimin sitting on the couch, staring at you. His eyes matched yours. Red and swollen. All you could do was stared at him. That’s when the guys slowly filed out into the kitchen, leaving you two alone.

You walked over to the couch across the room and took a seat, staring at him.

“This is the part where you come up with an excuse.” You spoke.

He hung his head, “I don’t have one. I messed up and made a mistake. That’s all I can say about it.” His voice hoarse and cracking as he spoke. When you didn’t say anything else, he went on.

“I was being stupid. I got lonely and went to the bar. I got drunk and ended up sleeping with some chick. I hurt you, and that’s something I’m always going to regret.” He admitted. Your brows furrowed.

“So it was because you were lonely?” You exclaimed not believing your ears.

“Are you serious Jimin? I wasn’t even gone for a month. You’ve left for months at a time because of tours. Yes I get lonely but never once have I gotten drunk and slept with someone!”

“I know,” He muttered, “I know, I know. I’m an awful boyfriend. I-I betrayed you in the worst way. All because I was lonely.. This past week has felt like years. I kept hoping you’d come back, saying that you’re ready to work things out but you never did. You didn’t answer my texts or calls, so I just accepted the fact that I ruined the best thing that has ever happened to me.” He choked on his words as tears welled up in your eyes, making the same happen to you.


He stood up from his seat on the couch and walked over to you, kneeling down in front of you as you sat.

“I-I know I shouldn’t even think about asking for another chance. B-but just please, take another chance on me! I’ll do whatever I can to gain your trust again. We’ll take small baby steps. We’ll start over. I’ll show you how much I love you everyday! I won’t even look at other girls. I’ll show you that I’m not the kind of person to hurt you. You’ll be the number one woman in my life! I promise. I just don’t think I’ll be able to go on without you.” Jimin finished before looking down at the ground. You stared at him as tears rolled down your cheeks.

You can’t lie, you miss him so much. This week has been awful for you. Until now, Jimin has never hurt you. He’s never done something like this. He’s always treated you right. Maybe it was just the alcohol? But how do you know that he won’t do this if you leave again. You were lost in your own thoughts, unaware of his group members who stood near the entrance to the kitchen, watching you both.

You slowly stood up, making Jimin look up, only to see your legs.

“Jimin, stand up.” You demanded. He listened, slowly standing up to face you with tears running down his cheeks. He was an exact reflection of you.

He stared at you, expecting the worse. It’s the end for sure.

“Please,” you spoke, looking down at your feet for a moment. “Please don’t ever do that to me again.”

When you looked back up, Jimin was staring at you with hopeful eyes.

“I won’t. I promise, I will never let another tear fall from your eyes at my expense.” He said quickly. You scrutinized his face for a moment before sniffling and slowly nodding your head.

“Okay.” You spoke. Before you could even realise, Jimin had pulled you into a hug. His arms holding you tight.

“But we’re taking baby steps.” You whispered, returning the hug as a small smile made it’s way to your lips.

“I know, I won’t ever let you cry because you me. I’ll show you that you can trust me to always be loyal and true to you„” He whispered in your ear, “I love you _____.”

“I love you too.”

That’s when you heard clapping.

“I’m so glad you guys fixed things!” Jungkook cheered. Jimin pulled back from the hug a bit, putting his forehead to yours.

“Guys,” he spoke to his group members, “Thanks for all this and everything….but can you leave?”

“What?!” Taehyung exclaimed, gasping. You ignored at the protested and grumbling as they head towards the door. You were focused on Jimin.

Second they closed the door behind him, Jimin leaned forward having his slightly chapped lips meet yours.

Family {10}

Jensen x Reader

Warnings: None?….I don’t think

Words: 1,343

Previous Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Being so close to Andrews anniversary, the gang heads back to Colorado to spend some time with the family.

Originally posted by universexy

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Direct Order

hey it’s that trashy scoutpauling hurt/comfort i was talkin’ about

directly inspired by this wonderful photoset by sicorey. COMPLETELY UNBETA’D. PROBABLY DOESNT MAKE SENSE. ISNT FULLY SET UP. this is stress relief writing i apologize for nothing

2.8k words! drama! action! boston accents! louisiana!!


What startled him the most was that someone as little as Miss Pauling could have that much blood to even lose. It was a distant sort of startled, one that began deep in Scout’s gut and welled up slowly, at about the same rate the ragged back of Pauling’s dress was turning one wet shade of blackish red.

His arms were killing him, to say nothing of his spine. Running with someone in your arms, even someone as little as Pauling, had turned out to be murder. The fatigue had caught up with him worlds sooner. Had it just been him he would have been long gone and scot-free by now, but as it was he had been forced to duck sideways into one of the abandoned houses that lined the bombed-out city’s streets. He was panting fit to drop, but as their pursuers neared he bit down hard on the inside of his cheek and waited with his back pressed to the blackest bit of wall he could find.

Leaning on him so heavily she felt like dead weight, Pauling made tiny, agonized gasps with every breath.

Footsteps outside. Fast, now slowing. Low talking in the dark. Scout grit his teeth.


He could feel Pauling’s heartbeat, thumping like a frightened bird’s.

The footsteps picked up again. A few seconds later they were fading into the distance. Scout held his tongue a whole minute before he whispered, “I think we lost ’em.”

He got no answer. God damn it.

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Anonymous prompted: Blaine is at Cooper´s wedding and he´s annoyed by cooper´s “cooperness” so he goes to the bar and gets drunk and oops, the bartender is really hot!

When the bride and groom are officially announced with a seven-minute laser light show set to The Greatest Love of All and My Heart Will Go On, followed by confetti cannons, followed by a hissing smoke machine that clogs the entire reception hall with musty-smelling smoke, followed by Cooper running in and pumping both fists in the air then taking the stage himself to sing his very own first dance with his bride is when Blaine decides to hit the bar.

Not even ten minutes. He owes his Uncle Rick twenty bucks. He thought for sure he could go fifteen.

“Whiskey, neat.” From the corner bar in the back of the hall he has a perfect view of Cooper and his new wife duetting and dancing to R. Kelly’s The World’s Greatest.


A glass bumps Blaine’s hand and he knocks it back in two gulps, slams it down and nods at it. “Another.”

“Wow.” The glass is swiped from his peripheral vision. “You have to be either a jilted lover or a close family member.”

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anonymous asked:

Well since Jiwon is a Under Dogg member, can you write a kiss scenario with him? Thanks! <3

I was secretly hoping someone would ask for me to write about him. 

You’re welcome <3

-admin p

“Hey.” He mumbled shoving his hands into his pockets and looking down at the floor.

 “Hey.” You said curtly brushing past him and trotting up the stairs to your apartment.

 “Can I come in?” He asked softly putting his foot in between the door and the frame to stop you from shutting him out. He looked up at you through his fringe with a pleading look.  “Please.” You had wanted to say no, to close the door on his foot, but it was no use. You could never tell him no. You sighed and pushed the door open.

 He stepped inside awkwardly and looked up at the ceiling before turning to face you.

 “I…ugh…” He started but his sentence hung in the air and he looked around ashamed, his lips curling lightly at the corner in embarrassment. You said nothing, waiting for whatever he was about to say, but words never came. You hadn’t really intended to kiss him, but he was a compelling force and your lips were crashing against his roughly before your mind even had time to process what you were doing. Your fingers curled into the fabric of his white button up and you tugged him closer.

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Forbidden (Luke Hemmings)

type: you’re a princess/he’s a farm boy

word count: 2,211

The wind nipped at your face and blew your long hair behind your shoulder. For some reason you felt an uneasy feeling in the bottom of your stomach as you looked out beyond your kingdom. Here you were, on your balcony designated for you, the princess. It was just another normal day for you, lessons taking up much of your day, then endless exploration of the castle and kingdom, yet you couldn’t shake the eerie feeling. Throughout the day you felt uneasy and the day had some sort of gloom. Wanting to demolish this feeling, you went to look out on your balcony to look beyond the kingdom. With mostly curiosity, you felt a sensation of exploration poking up within you. Now, your father forbade you from exiting the castle without a guard to accompany you, and you being his little, innocent, perfect princess, obeyed his orders. The feeling of boredom came over you like a wave. This was a very common emotion to feel for you. Being a princess wasn’t exactly as fun as most thought. You had to always be proper and never speak unless spoken to, or constantly following a never ending list of rules.

Finally the feeling of boredom was too much and you exited your balcony and headed towards the cooking room. With the company of the cooking staff, you always were joyous. Much to your dismay, no one was in the kitchen. Unusual. Shaking off the sudden nervous feeling you skipped your way down to the ball room. Upon reaching the room you heard loud cries coming from outside of the castle and in the castle. There were wails, screams of terror, and cries for help. So many things were taking place as staff began to run around you encircling you in terror. Mary, a maid you were very close with, took hold of you and ushered you into an unfamiliar hallway.

“What is going on?!” you cried out in worry.                

“I am not too sure, princess, but we must hurry and get you out of here!” she wailed, continuing to guide you.

“Where are mother and father? Is everyone safe?” A sudden feeling of terror overtook you made you feel sick to your stomach.

“I’m not sure, sweetheart, but I simply must get you to safety,” she replied tugging you into a dark room. Here she pulled on a coat over your casual gown. Tears cascaded down your cheeks as you just wanted to be held by you mother and have hers and your father’s safety known. “Dear princess, please don’t cry,” Mary smiled weakly, wiping away your tears. “This is for your safety. Now listen carefully. You will ride Maximus into the forest and follow the back trail until you reach a little cottage. It may take some time to find it, but you will. There you will find a kind family and they will secure your safety.”

A non-stop flow of tears found their way down your cheeks. “Please do be strong. Be strong for your mother and father.” With that she shooed you into the barn where your horse, Maximus, stayed. Mary gave you a tight hug and a kiss on the forehead and waved you off hurriedly. As you guided Maximus towards the back trail, you couldn’t stop the light water guiding itself uncontrollably down your flushed cheeks. Fear had become your best friend in this moment. All you could do was hope your parents found refuge because if they didn’t- well you couldn’t bare that idea.

Continuing on your way down the barely visible trail, Maximus began to speed up his pace. After some time there wasn’t a strong bone left in you as sobs raked through your whole being. You tried to press on into the forest in order to find your sanctuary, but you were losing hope. It was becoming darker out and a paranoid feeling of someone coming after you had you terrified. To add on to your terror, you were scared for your parents, your staff, your kingdom and everyone in it. Every life mattered to you and to think of any lives being lost sent you into a new wave of hot tears.

Finally, your eyes set on a small cottage with lighten up windows. You hurried Maximus as much as you could towards the house. As you came closer to the house, you saw a kind looking man stand out in the yard, coming through the grasses. Once you reached the house you called out, “Sir! Please help!”

The tears that wouldn’t cease kept trailing down your face. “Miss, are you okay?” the man asked, rushing towards your horse. Your head vigorously shook from side to side.

“M-my kingdom. My p-parents. My e-everything,” you whispered, breaking down I sobs.

“Luke, Liz, come out quick!” the man yelled, leading to two figures come rushing out of the house. Your vision was too blurred to fully look at their faces. Before you could get another word out, you were slipped off the horse and held into two buff arms.

“Father, I think she’s the p-princess,” a husky, deep voice stuttered out. Whomever was holding you was warm and comforting and you didn’t let go of the shirt you had taken hold in your hands.

“Oh no,” a female voice spoke quietly. Your eyes popped open to take in your surroundings. A sudden realization of the fact that you didn’t know this man who was holding you or any of them hit you and caused a sudden feeling of terror to rush through you.

“Please put me down!” you cried out.

“Shh, princess, it’s okay. You’re safe now,” the man clutching your tiny figure towards his chest, cooed.

“I-I’m scared,” you whispered, finally looking up at the man holding you. Your eyes were met with the most handsome man you had ever seen. His icy blue eyes soothed as well did his tousled hair and warm smile.

“You’re safe here,” he smiled, slightly, continuing his journey through the house. Silence came over you as he took you into a room. For some reason instead of being worried these people could hurt you, you were soothed to be held by this mysterious man. “This is my room, but I’m going to let you stay in it, princess,” he smiled warmly at you as he placed you down on his bed. He made sure you were cuddled into the blankets and that you were comfortable.

“W-what’s your name?” you asked, gazing up into his ocean blue eyes.

“Luke,” he responded, eyes gazing into your own. Your heart fluttered at the contact since you hadn’t had much contact with handsome men. “And yours?”

“y/n,” you murmured, attention still captured by his gaze.

“What a beautiful name. It fits well with your own beauty,” he blushed. With those words, Luke went towards the door, but your voice stopped him:

“Would you mind, um staying in here with me for a little?” you questioned, looking awkwardly down at the bed.

“If that is what you wish,” he grinned. His lanky body was placed in the chair next to the bed. No words were exchanged as you gazed into one another’s eyes. There were so many things you wanted to ask the fellow, but words wouldn’t escape your lips. Due to the sudden awkward feeling, you let your eyes flutter shut and found yourself soother with the presence of Luke, until slumber began.


Days passed which turned into weeks and still no words from your kingdom. As much as you wanted to contact the kingdom and your family, the Hemmings insisted not to for your own safety. So there you stayed, which wasn’t really a complaint since they were all so kind. Much to Mrs. Hemmings dismay, you would always help tidy up the house and do the chores in order to work for your stay. Mrs. Hemmings didn’t want you, the princess, to have to do anything, but her heart was warmed by your kind, helpful nature. Even though every day was like a routine, you cherished each day you had with the family, especially Luke. A fond feeling overtook your senses when Luke was brought up or around. Some days, just to make Luke’s life easier, you would do a few of his chores. Luke had begun to fall for you, much to his regret. If he were to fall for you, he would be devastated that he’d never have you since you were a princess, and he was just a farm boy.

Today you woke up late, having not have heard your call for awakening. Naturally, you rushed downstairs to apologize for your lateness, but was met with just Luke. A blush flamed across your cheeks when Luke noticed your attire: one of his button up shirts that didn’t do a good job of covering your breasts. That was what you were given for sleeping since no one would have seen you in this state.

“W-where is your M-mother?” you asked.

“Her and father left to attend to some b-business,” he whispered out, eyes not looking up from your exposed body. Without much thought, Luke made his way towards you. His hand grabbed your breast, creating a gasp from you. “From the second I saw you, I wanted you. I understand it’s not proper of me to, but dear god I want you,” he breathed. Your eyes met his and your heartbeat eradicated.

“T-then, have m=me,” you stuttered out nervously.

“How far have you gone with a man?” he asked.

“Nowhere,” you blushed.

“Good,” he grinned. Suddenly, your body was scooped up into his arms and you were carried into his room. Once your body was laid down on the bed, Luke let his body hover over yours. His hands were on either side of your flushed face. To say you were nervous would be an understatement. You had no idea how far you two would go or if you were ready to go this far. I mean he was a man and you were just a girl. Too innocent for some man. Sixteen compared to twenty. There was no way he truly wanted a mere girl like you. Oh, but he did. And that was proven when his lips gently placed themselves on top of yours. This was your first kiss and whatever he was doing felt so right. Your mind was clouded with the heat his body was radiating off onto your own and the close proximity of your bodies.

With one swoop of Luke’s neck, you felt his soft, plump lips kiss yours. In the heat of the moment, Luke discarded your only source of clothing and groaned at the sight of your body. A loud growl was heard from Luke.

“You’re not a princess; you’re a goddess,” he groaned. Your whole body filled with a red coloring from his words and actions. A burst of confidence soared through you and led your body up towards his in order to kiss him. His hands took your hands in his hold. With the kiss taking place, you were too into one another to notice the front door of the cottage open. Luke’s body towered over your own and became aggressive as the kiss continued. Everything on his mind was consumed by you. Your body. Your lips. Your beauty. Just you.

The kiss only progressed Luke to begin to fondle your body, specifically your breasts. Quiet moans were covered up with Luke’s lips. Once he got that reaction out of you, he let his hand wander down to your lower parts and began to rub your lady parts. It was a new, fantastic sensation, that you couldn’t help but let a squeal leave your lips. The slam of the back door led him to jump off you and hurriedly hand you a dress, but it wasn’t in enough time. With his hair all disheveled and you barely dressed, Mrs. Hemmings had every idea on what was going on. A look of stress was seen on her facial features.

“Luke, y/n,” she sighed.

“M-mom, it’s my fault. I initiated it all. Please let me take the blame,” he begged. Tears scattered their way out of your eyes and towards your cheeks.

“Luke! This is forbidden! You knew the rules of her staying!” she cried out.

“I-I just. I fell in love,” he whispered.

“Luke, she has to leave. She has to find new shelter,” his mother responded.

“No, please!” you pleaded.

“I l-love Luke,” you whispered.

“Dear lord help me,” Mrs. Hemmings breathed. “I’m sorry but no one would approve of it. You will have to leave in the morning.”

“Then I’m leaving as well, Mother,” Luke piped up, staring into his mother’s eyes.

“Over my dead body!” she yelled. Your body ran towards Luke’s and hugged him from behind, wanting to be held by him.

“Mom, don’t do this. Please. It’s love. I’ll fight for it,” Luke said, wrapping one arm around your back.

“In the morning, she’s gone,” Mrs. Hemmings stated, walking out of the room, leaving you and Luke. Tears flowed down both of your faces.

“I love you, y/n.”

“I love you, Luke.”

“I will fight for this love. I will fight for you.”

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