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Ziam Fic Rec

Decided to do a Ziam Fic Rec, as I never did one before. The fics Im reccing are all on AO3 platform, (most which you probably read) so you can download them to your iBooks if you want. So these are the fics in my favourites folder, they are all Completed works as I avoid WIPS like the plague until they are completed:

The Beauty of Defiance - Ziam, Zerrie, Payzer. Zayn and Liam are married men but in the middle of money, success and trophy husbands, they find each other. (This made cry all throughout, I highly recommend it, full of angst)

Run For The Woods Now - Zayn and Liam as neighbours. (Its Jesse’s most famous fic, need I say more?)

A Tornado Flew Around - Canonical 1D, Zerrie friendship, lots of pining, lots of tears. (I haven’t read this one in a while, but I remember it being really good.)

The Difference Between Knowing and Knowing - Liam has amnesia forgets all about being in One Direction and Zayn. (Zayns pain, its all I can say)

Face Away From The Sun - Baby sitter Zayn, a bit of Niam, (I really liked the ending)

Found A Demon In My Safest Haven - Mafia AU, fate brings Liam and Zayn together at a very young age. (This was really good, really long but good, full of mystery and a hell of a lot of feelings.)

The Color Of Your Cheeks And The Ink In Our Hearts - Comic Book Artist Zayn, Intern Liam, Past Zerrie. (This was adorable, seriously and its Jesse’s most recent work)

The City Lights In The Snow - Holiday Fic, Liam only sees his boys this time of the year. A lot of OT5. (Probably my favourite fic by Jesse, so beautifully written)

Clockwork - Hybrid Zayn, with wings. Established relationship. Alternates between past and present. (Quite a different verse but enjoyable nonetheless)

This Life, Pale and Grey - Blind Zayn, thats all you need to know. (No but this is so great and so well written, that you literally feel every emotion Zayn is going through, its like you lost your sight with him and depending on your other senses)

Let Me Treasure You - Greek Gods AU where Liam is a douche and Zayn doesnt really know anything. (Its a big like a crack fic, and probably the shortest of the ones I’m reccing but I enjoyed reading it)

The Bouquet Of  Freaking True Love - Florist Zayn (Really short but so so adorable and really worth the read)

Unravel Me - Zayn and Liam were friends in the past but Liam moved away from Bradford, now he’s back. (The Universe were the boys were friends but somehow drifted apart is my favourite universe and this doesnt disappoint)

You Never Give Up On Me - Ziam and Narry, all the boys are teachers, bonus Liam as a father. Pining Zayn. (This was cute and adorable and angsty too)

Recovery - Zayn is 19, student. Liam is 29 and very rich. Sugar daddy AU (quite the read, a little sad, a little happy)

Somehow I Still Carry On Burdened By Fears - Amnesia Liam. (This was really good, a lot of angst, a lot of pain, but so good)

The Dreams That You Wish - Cindrella/Ever After AU. Larry and Ziam. (Ziam and Larry amount is kind of equal that you can read till the end, but most of the time I skip the Larry parts anyway. Quite enjoyable though)

Ring Me Up, Cash Me Out - All the boys except Liam work at a convenience store. (This was such a cute universe. Theres some angst but a lot of fluff and so enjoyable)

But The Sun Comes Up Instead - Shy and young Liam meets confident college dude Zayn (So adorable and so nice, I just didnt want this one to end)

I Want To Be A Part Of It All  - Roadtrip AU, Liam hictchhikes a ride from Zayn. (This was really sad, honestly, keep your tissue with you. Dont want to spoil too much though)

You Holy Fool - Zayn is a Demon, and Liam is the son of a priest. (i waited until this was completed to read it and then devoured it in such a short time. Really good)

Cards On The Table  - Oceans Eleven AU, quite a bit of angst. (This was so good, like surprisingly good. Definitely need to re-read sometime)

Jump Before We Fall - Larry and Ziam Hotel AU. (The Ziam here was such a joy to read, I remember thinking wow I love this fic!)

Lets Pretend Its Love - Pretend Boyfriends AU, when Zayn and Liam are papped in a compromising position, management decides its best for the boys to act like a couple. (everyone likes a pretend boyfriend fic and this one doesnt disappoint, starts nice and fluffy and than the angst kicks in and destroys you)

The Bittersweet Between My Teeth - Liam and Zayn’s journey growing up together. (everyone knows this fic right? its amazing, keep the tissue handy)

scottmcniceass aka Caitlin - I honestly thought of reccing her fics one by one, but then I realised that this was going to get even bigger than it already is, and I thought of choosing just a couple of my absolute favourites but I couldnt even decide, so its just better to rec her profile her and for me to just tell you to read everything, and I mean everything. (But my absolute favourites are Ridiculous - This one has such a special place in my heart out of all her other fics, and I dont know why. Caught Up - The poilce Liam and fugitive Zayn, so so so so good and amazing. The Way It Is - love it, so angsty and great. And of course Not Happening - its a delight to read this one. 

 And because I hate to be unfair, I’m just gonna link my other favourite authors, most which fics are recced here:

jmcats aka Jesse - AO3 & Tumblr - if you’re looking for beautifully written long fics, he’s where you go to.

ohioinmymind aka Kayla - AO3 & Tumblr - I recently discovered her but she is amazing!! Quickly becoming my favourite author, I’m reading her Shameless AU (I thought it was a completed one shot) and I’m refraining from reading her other fics because they’re WIPs. so I hope they’ll be completed soon so I can read them. 

wafflehood aka Lea - AO3 & Tumblr - Just a few Ziam fics, but so good. 

unfortunate17 aka Safaa - AO3 & TumblrAuthor of the sugar daddy and Wings Zayn fics.

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I can't wait for the next chapter!! Seriously how dare you make me so emotional at this hour (I literally screamed when z called him brave 😭) gah anyways its super amazing and I really really love it 💕


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Come here, gimme a hug.

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I’m so glad you liked it, Nonnie! I was so insecure about this fic. It’s my first in English, and it’s angsty, which is not my forte. You can’t imagine how happy every comment (and screaming tag) makes me. Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know you liked the fic. I appreciate it! <3
I have to thank to @right-next-to-u, who made the pretty moodboard and prompt, for letting me write it.
I owe this fic to @ziam-fanatic, Sabie my love, who beta read it and held my hand while I was writing (and crying)!

The next chapter will be up Friday. I hope you like how it ends!

(To anyone who’s interested, here’s the link: Wrong For Too Long)