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I know I’m not the only one still screaming about this, but I’ve just gotta screaming about this some more. 

Dean. Made Cas. A fucking mixtape. 

Like, I just wanna make SURE that you younger folks that were raised during the digital age are fully understanding this (and I apologize if that sounds like I’m talking down to you I just need to make SURE you understand).

Dean made Cas a MIXTAPE.

Not a mix CD. Not a custom playlist. 

No. He made an actual MIXTAPE.

He took the time to sit there and record each individual song. You hit record, press play on the source, sit there, and listen while it records onto the tape. Then the song ends, and you hit “pause,” and repeat. You have to make sure the tape doesn’t run out in the middle of a song. You have to get the timing right so there’s not too much blank space on one side of the tape. 

And it’s like one of the biggest fucking signs of a crush ever, because then you know someone bothered to put craft and time into it just for YOU.

Dean made Cas a goddamn fucking mixtape.

  • What they say: I'm fine.
  • What they mean: Veronica Lodge is just someone who's trying to do better and be better and every time she takes a step forward she's brought right back by her fathers illegal and horrible actions. She tried to help Ethel in her time of need while no one else would. She made her feel at home with her family and provided some new friends for her to hang out with to cheer her up. She gets constantly judged for who her father is and is still pure enough to apologize for something she didn't do, and should not be apologizing for. She stood there and listened to someone say horrible things about her when she had absolutely nothing to do with any of it and yet she still only blamed herself. She was courageous enough to stand up against her father, and decided to not be defined by her fathers money anymore. She's a ray of sunshine that deserves all the hugs in the world.
Worth the Pain

// Another Man’s Treasure // Mind on a Mission // Take the Lead // Worth the Pain // Wings of Butterflies

The earth’s actually flat and Harry must have fallen off of it. He was quite clumsy—you had scars from the countless occasions he couldn’t navigate around his own feet and brought you down with him—so him managing to fall off the edge of the earth wasn’t a stretch of the imagination.

At least he better be floating through deep space, otherwise there was no reason your texts and calls should have gone unanswered the last three days. No other reason you would accept, anyway.

When you’d woken up, brain foggy and mouth dry, you couldn’t remember how you’d gotten home, let alone anything that had actually happened. It wasn’t until you reached for your phone—after growing accustomed the dull ache in your skull—and saw the Bukowski poem that you remembered what happened. And you’d laid in bed for a while, trying to figure out how to move forward. Should you text Harry? Call him? Read into the fact that his last poem was much less explicit than the previous and maybe it meant he was trying to tell you something?

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Ezarel’s apology + illu

E : Can… Can I talk to you ?

G : About… ?

E : About what you said on the beach. We can go elsewhere if you want. I would understand.

G : We already talked about it, no ?

E : Yes, but… It’s not enough, I have something to tell you…

G : (First choice Gardy let him go in her room.)

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I could never forgive myself // Montgomery de la Cruz

Warnings: mention of rape

A/N: I never wanted to romanticize rape. That´s one of the worst things that can happen to a person, but I got carried away with this one. And I´m really bad with titles. So sorry.

You sat on your bed, rereading your favorite book, enjoying your alone time. Reading was always a valve for you, a way to escape the reality. A knock on your window tear you from your thoughts. When you looked up you saw someone sitting in front of your window, waiting patiently to be let in. You stand up from your bed and when you opened it you were greeted by Montgomery, your boyfriend of six months. “Hey, what are you doing here? I thought you wanted to hang out with the others at Bryce´s?” You asked smiling, letting him in. Monty embraced you in a tight hug the moment he stepped inside, burying his head in your neck. “What happened?” you asked, normally your boyfriend was carefree around you. Whenever he steps through your window or door he would make a cheeky remark, but he was never like this and it concerned you. You could feel his breath against your neck, tickling your skin. Your hands rubbed up and down his back and you could feel him relax under your touch. “I will never leave you alone around Bryce again.” He mumbled and hugging you even tighter. “What do you mean, Monty?” you asked confused. He breaks the hug and walked toward your bed, sitting down and rubbed his hands over his face. “Monty. What do you mean?” You were standing in front of him, your hands resting on his shoulders playing with the hair at the base of his neck. “We were chilling at Bryce´s; I was playing videos games, while Jess, Bryce and Zach played carts, until Justin walked in. He wanted Jess to come with him, but she refused and I think she wanted to provoke Justin so she sat down on Bryce´s lap. Justin snapped and dragged her outside. We followed; you know to not miss the drama. She asked him why he wanted her to leave and asked why he even care. And then Justin said that Bryce raped her.” Monty paused and your hand practically flew to your mouth gasping and you felt tears starting to well up at the corner of your eyes. “He said that Bryce fucking raped Jessica. I don’t know if it´s true or not, but the idea he do or did the same to you made me so sick. I could never forgive myself if something like this happened to you. So that’s why I´m here, to make sure you are ok and to ask you something.” He finally looked up and you saw the worry written over his face. You couldn´t get a word out, the feeling that you need to vomit burning at the end of your throat. Monty stands up, taking your hands into his. “Did he ever do anything to you? I mean, did he ever touch you?” He looked you deep in the eyes, probably to know if you were lying. You shook your head no, stepping away from him and leaned against your desk. “Are you sure?” He asked sounding concerned, this time you nodded. “Thanks god.” He exhaled, walking to you and pulled you into a hug. Your forehead leaned against his collarbone, while your hands played with the hem of his shirt. “You okay?” He whispered after a while, pulling away a bit to look at you. “Mon, you just told me that Bryce raped someone, one of my friends. I mean… I don’t think… You know… What I want to say is that I don’t know what to say.” You mumbled looked at your hands, still playing with his shirt. He just nodded and pulled you back into the hug, his grip on you tight. Your arms sneak around his torso and you seek comfort in his touch. You never liked Bryce, he was so full of himself and he always made you feel uncomfortable, but he was Monty´s “friend”, if you can call him so. You never understood why Monty was friends with him in the first place. Behind his façade he was a really sweet and loving boy, but guys like Bryce always turned him back into the asshole. “Do you want me to go?” Monty suddenly asked and tears you from your thoughts. “No, don’t leave me alone.” You whispered hugging him tighter. “Do you want to watch a movie?” he asked again and you just shrugged your shoulders.

You lay in your bed; your cheek was pressed against Monty´s chest, listening to his heartbeat. He was watching the movie while drawing indefinable patters on your back. You lift your head lightly to look at your boyfriend. When you first saw him you were instantly attracted to him, maybe it were the freckles or that smirk that made you crush on him. Maybe it was the way he walked like nothing could shake him or that one time when you collide with him. He instantly grabbed your arms to make sure you wouldn’t fall and helped you pick up your stuff, shooting you an apologizing smile.
You first noticed that you have fallen for him when you were at a party playing spin the bottle. It was his turn and the bottle landed on you, you still know how nervous you were and you still remember that little smile on his face, almost as if he was shy. When he kissed you, you didn’t want it to end and at that moment you knew that you had fallen for Montgomery de la Cruz.
“Baby, stop to stare, it´s distracting.” He mumbled, smirking down at you. You hadn´t even noticed that he turned his head to look at you and you felt a blush creep up your cheeks. You whispered a short ´sorry` and laid your head back on his chest. Monty pressed a kiss to your forehead, before turning back to the TV.
You moved yourself so you sat on his lap. He looked at you surprised but smiled when you pressed a kiss on his lips. “What was that for?” He asked smiling, after breaking away. “Because you care about me.” You whispered, shooting him a short smile. Monty moved himself so his upper body leaned against your headboard. “Of course I care about you, baby.” He pulled you into another sweet kiss. You always loved moments like this with him, when they were just innocent and sweet. He breaks the kiss and you buried your head in his neck, snuggling closer.
“I love you.” He mumbled and you shot up again, looking at him surprised. Neither of you had said these words before, you knew that you love him and thought you would be the first one to say it, once you got the courage to tell him. “When Justin told Jessica that Bryce raped her and I began to imagine him doing the same to you, my heart began to ache and I felt so sick like I needed to throw up and that’s when I realize, it´s because I love you.” He explained smiling shyly at you. “I think I already knew that I love you, but didn’t want to admit it. I never loved anyone like I love you and I didn´t want to mess up. I´m not exactly the easiest person and I can be glad that you put up with my bullshit. I just didn’t want to scare you away. I mean you probably don-“you silenced him by pulling him into a deep kiss. He pulled you as close as possible, returning the kiss. When you break away from him you smiled at his flushed face. “I love you too.” You mumbled placing another kiss on his lips, this time a small and sweet one. “Thanks god, it would be really embarrassing if you didn’t feel the same.” He said letting out a relieved laugh. “I need to mark this day in my calendar.” You whispered, kissing him one more time before getting up. You walked to the calendar that hangs on the wall next to your desk. “Why? Because I told you, that I love you?” He asked, clearly amused by your behavior. “No because that’s the first time I made you blush.” You countered and laughed to yourself, when you heard him groan. “I take it back, I don’t love you.” You laughed even harder and made your way back towards him, after marking the day in your calendar. “No, you love me. Come on, say it again.” You said smirking, while he pulled you on his lap. “No, you don’t deserve it.” He pouted crossing his arms over his chest. You smiled at his childish behavior and leaned into another kiss. “Fine. I love you. I love you, Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N. I love you, baby. I love you, sweetheart. I love you, honey. I just love you.” He flipped you over, placing himself between your legs and began to kiss your neck. For the rest of the night he repeated these three words like his life depends on and for that night everything was perfect.

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I know you said the characters needs to be ready to come out, so I hope asking this is cool? As a trans boy I'm really interested in how Dallas Deals with being trans? And how his environment reacted?

Since this probably won’t be elaborated in comic.. He comes out at an early age. His dad was still alive. He was probably 7 when he started pulling at his pigtails. His mom bought him a pair of really pretty dolphin-pendant hair ties and he felt so bad for telling her he didn’t want it. He probably felt really mean so he’d wear it around his wrists. when he was 8 he asks his mom if he could cut his hair short and she and his dad agreed. Dallas wasn’t a very spoiled kid, and his dad let him do and wear whatever he pleased with his body (so long as it wasn’t harmful, or anything.)
So yeah. When Dallas was 9, him and his dad were going dress shopping for a family seder, but Dallas had failed an exam and he already had a really crappy day so he just. Sat down on a bench near the stores and Started Crying.

 His dad says, “Abby, what’s wrong?”
and he says, he doesn’t know why he’s crying, but he says, wearing dresses makes him uncomfortable. He shows his dad the hair tie and he says he feels bad saying no to all the stuff his parents buy him, but he’s just. He appreciates it but he doesn’t know what to do with it.
While yes, in later years he will understand that it’s 100% okay for a boy to wear dresses and makeup, and other things typically considered “feminine”, when he was a kid, he had an intense need to “pass.”
His parents are confused, but only at first.
Dallas is very lowkey. After his dad dies, him and his mom and baby sister move to Oregon. At his school. He’s always introduced himself as Dallas Ezra Margolin. His deadname would be Shulamite Abigail Margolin.
When he was 9, his mom cried a lot, and Dallas was scared she was disappointed, but she tells him, she was scared of how many times she’d unintentionally hurt him. Dallas flushed and asked his mom if she could pick him a new name (he loves his mom a Lot). His dad was jealous, and Dallas told him he could pick a name for Dallas too (Abe Margolin Is A Nerd)
Dallas’ mom picked the name of her favorite character from her favorite book, and his dad chose Ezra, which is Dallas’s grandpa’s name.
When Dallas starts T at 14 or 15, it’s the same year he joins the baseball team. Everyone just assumes that Dallas is a shy boy when he refuses to change into gear in front of anyone.
Poppy had sort of suspected. She’d always cuddle Dallas when they sleep together, (she’s very cuddly) and she felt the little clasps that some of Dallas’ binders have. She doesn’t say anything. Doesn’t feel the need to say anything.
There’s a silent understanding between her and Dallas.
Dallas does plan on telling Malek and Poppy, he’s just. Not sure how.
Until, of course. His mom let him have surgery. He set Malek and Poppy aside. Sits their asses down. “Please listen to me. I need you. This is really important to me. I don’t want you to think that I’m anyone other than Dallas-” his voice cracks, and Malek is about to make a joke, but Poppy is like, quit it.
Because she can see how nervous Dallas is. And Dallas just. Says his mom is gonna let him have top surgery. And Malek is Confused, and Dallas elaborates, Poppy Is Swelling Because She Loves Dally So much. Malek is horrified (keep reading on this pls don’t judge Malek yet) And Dallas can see that. And his mind is all “he doesn’t see you as a real boy.” But Malek is horrified because of all the times he called Dallas a “drama queen.” A “prissy princess” as jokes. He feels awful and sick and he owes Dallas a ton of apologies.
But Malek doesn’t want to make this all about himself. So he shakes his head and he hugs Dallas, like. Really obnoxiously tight. Like the combined force of his binder and Malek’s hug made it really hard to breathe. Malek doesn’t let go for a good, long, while. He mumbles
he supports Dallas All the Way, and he’ll always listen to what Dallas has to say. Later when Malek has Dallas all to himself, he apologizes for all the dumb names he’s called Dallas before.
One time Blake calls Dallas a bitch and Malek is all, freaked, and he’s all pissy at Blake, and everyone is all, whoah Malek what’s gotten into you man? And Malek apologizes. And Dallas decides he should come out to rest of the team. They’re his best friends. Blake feels terrible and says sorry. It’s the only time Blake has genuinely said sorry to anyone and it’s really a miracle to behold. Next practice, Dallas finally feels comfortable changing in front of everyone. Nobody bats an eyelash, and Dallas is so relieved.
There’s really.. A lot more but I wanna include the other stuff in comic so this is all I can give you! But a lot of stuff. In the comic. Soon.
//long post

Note: Here is the last part for this. FINALLY! I know this has been in my inbox for so long and I started writing this but then I lacked creativity and since then it`s just been stuck in my drafts folder. But now I`m done with it so I hope you enjoy it. Also this bacame a little longer cause I found a really good soundtrack that sparked my creativity :D

BTS version

Short backstory:

You have been together with him for a year soon. Everything seemed fine for so long, he was nice, funny and always seemed to know how to make you smile when you were feeling down. Now however he was different. He was gone untill late, barely talking to you and when you asked him about it he`d answer you with short annoyed statements, almost angry. You had tried talking to him more than once but he wouldn`t listen. This is what made you draw your conclusions and you decided it might be better for him if you dissapeared. So packing a small bag with your most needed belongings you ran away.

Rap Monster

Stress had taken its toll on him lately as his mind was flodded with mission plans and coordinating the meetings and whatnot. And today it`s been even worse. Namjoon wanted nothing more than a hot shower and a few hours of sleep, instead however he found himself destroying the apartment in a fit of rage. He had come home to find a note from you, saying you were sorry for using up his time and apologizing for not being what he wanted. So after taking apart the place he used his contacts to locate you before making his way there. He`d grab you wrist making you look at him before furiously yelling.

“Why the fuck would you do that? Why the fuck would you run away? Are you crazy? Do you know how fucking worried I was?”

When seeing your scared face he`d look defeated, calming down. He wasn`t angry with you at all. It was himself he was angry with really. So in the next sentences he made sure you understood just how much you meant to him. He`d let go of your wrist, instead catching both of your hands his and continuing in a soft but firm voice.

“I can`t loose you. I was a fucking dickhead I know. I was so caught up in my work that I neglected what`s most important in my life. You. Y/n, I am so sorry I did you so wrong. You are not a burden. You are the only thing keeping me sane. Shit, I never beg but if it takes begging for the rest of my life for you to stay then I will. Please y/n. Don`t leave me.”


The last few months have been a disaster. Things just didn`t play out the way he wanted and it was driving him insane. Today especially. That`s why he decided to get off work earlier. Maybe a quite day at home was what he was lacking. And if he was honest with himself he missed you. His happy thoughts of cuddling and a nice dinner however were thrown completely off board when he stepped into the bedroom to find a suitcase packed on the bed and you trying to close it. Your head would whip around to look at Jin when you heard him ask what you were doing. 

The next few minutes where filled with you explaining your feelings to him while you profoundly apologized for being a burden and not being good enough for him. Jin would be silently listening to you, not because he was being polite but because he didn`t know what to say. He couldn`t believe he made you feel this way and the only thing he wanted right now was to make you feel wanted again. So he did the only thing he came up with. He kissed you. Pouring all of his feelings of shame and longing into it. And as the kiss progressed so did his yearing for you and as you were both laying beside eachother, sweat cascading your bodies and heavy breathing filling the air around you, he said out loud what his actions just now have said for him.

“I love you y/n. Please don`t leave me.”


Yoongi isn`t someone you play around with. Everybody knew that. But it turned out that there were people who don`t see it as a threat but rather a challenge. Ever since he found out that he had a spy in his group he was on edge. Snapping at everyone and everything. You included. He wasn`t proud of it and he knew he was being too harsh. So when the day finally came that he cought the traitor and dealt with it he set his mind on making it up to you. But he was too late. As he came through the door he knew something was off. He had tried to call you earlier but you hadn`t answered. He had wondered why. Finally finding your letter he got his answer, finding out that his plan of making it up to you came too late. 

He was shocked to find himself calmly sitting in his office rather than trashing the whole place, but he knew this wasn`t the time to throw a fit. He knew you still loved him, or so you said in your letter. The only reason you left was his incompetence to remind you of his love so he just had to show you. And he was determent to make sure you would never question his loyalty and love to you ever again. After having his people drive you back to his office he now stood infront of you. He felt a pang of guilt hit him when he saw how sad you looked as he started talking. 

“My job is important to me and you know that. You also know that this situation I was having was out of the norm and demanded a high level of attention. That being said, I also thought you knew how much I love and care for you. But I understand why you would run away. I have not done my job in giving you the attention you deserve, by that letting you think one hell of fucking aweful things and I cannot apologize enough for it. Fuck. You know I`m bad with words so I`ll just get to the point. I need you y/n. I would never forgive myself if I let you leave like this so stay with me. Please.”

Saying the last sentence he gave you a small black box, inside lay a promise he swore to never break.


You had never seen him like this as he was always the smiley, bright and positive Hobi around you. So drawing your conclusions out of it, you must have become a burden to him. It hurt like hell writing your note to him and even more so to leave your shared flat for the last time. Hoseok didn`t notice any of this as he was currently trying to stay calm at all the stupidity going on around him. This had been going on for a few months now and he was sick and tired of it. When he finally left work he was worn out once again. His tired eyes would scan the flat curiously as he didn`t see nor hear you anywhere. Feeling his heart speed up he found your note on the kitchen table, your apartment key next to it. The next few hours were a blur. The only thing he could remember was a call to his team with the demand to find you and him releasing all of his stress by tearing up the place and screaming his throat soar. Now he was in a car on his way to your location, nervously bouncing one of his legs up and down. 

The moment he saw you through the window, he jumped out of the car running to you and catching you in a tight hug. In this moment nothing around him mattered except for you. As he reluctantly pulled away and locked eyes with you he couldn`t help but tear up, no letting go of all of his feelings.

“You don`t know the fear I felt when I found your note. I.. I can`t loose you. I don`t want to loose you. I`m miserable without you. I am so incredibly sorry. I truly am. I was a horrible partner and I understand if you hate me now but y/n, I love you. I will change. I promise. Just give me a chance. I swear to make you happy. Just… don`t leave me.”


His heart broke the second he read the first line of your goodbye letter. All the problems he had thought were crazy important just a few seconds ago were now nothing compared to this. Nothing compared to loosing you. His chest rose and fell quicker at the thought of you sitting here alone with these horrible thoughts of not being good enough gnawing at your mind. Not to mention the constant pushing away and screaming he had done to you. But the thing that bothered him the most was that you didn`t leave him because he was an asshole. You left because you thought you were a burden. This was the point at which he would be sitting on the kitchen floor, your letter still in his hand, as he stared blankly infront of himself. He would need a good hour before he finally got back the courage to get up and find you.

With the help of his people he`d get your locations in the matter of a few minutes, not loosing any time to set out to your location. He didn`t want to let you go around with those thoughts for a single second longer. The moment his eyes would meet your, from crying, bloodshot ones his heart would break a second time. He quickly grabbed your arm and drew you close to him when he saw you trying to run. In his arms you tried to protest, telling him he`d only make it harder for you to leave if he kept holding on.

“Good. Then I`ll never let go. I don`t want you to leave. Never. I know this doesn`t make up for my behavior these last few months in the slightest but I am so so sorry y/n. You only deserve the best but what I did was worse than the worst. I made you believe you were useless and a burden when in reality you are all that I am fighting for every day. I don`t expect you to stay when I let go of you now, but please know that I really, truly love you.”

And holding on to his last straw of hope he let go.


This was the worst day of his life. Not because his million dollar deal had gone to hell. Not because several utterly important files had been stolen from his organization. And not because his right hand man, that he had trused for years, turned out to be a traitor. They were not the reason he was currently driving at an inhuman speed down the streets, his hands sweaty and heart beating so fast he thought it was going to burst. No. The reason for why he was a mess like this was the apologizing letter you had left him on your shared bed. His mind was buzzing with guilt, and quite frankly, anger. Not at you but at himself. He was sure he shouldn`t be driving in this state, but the thought of losing you was too much for him. His mind telling him you`d be where you felt the safest. In the park where you two had first met. More precisely on the bench under the great oak tree where you two had fallen in love. 

And he was right. He found you sitting there, your head in your hands as he could hear your sobs filling the cold air of the night. He`d be careful when approaching you. Any signs of his recklessness from earlier gone as he didn`t want to scare you. He`d hesitantly stand infront of you, your tear filled eyes staring at him as he softly spoke up.

“I knew I`d find you here. You really love this spot don`t you. I do too. After all, this is where I found the love of my life. Someone I thought I would never find. But it seems I have fucked up bad. I didn`t treat you the way I should have and now your head is filled with these… these horrible thoughts that aren`t true. You should be mad at me. Yell at me for being the dick that I am, butinstead you are blaming yourself. Y/n, I don`t deserve you in any way. I never have. And if leaving me will make you happy I won`t stop you. But if you still love me, like I love you, please… don`t go. Let me make it up to you and show you how important you are to me.”


If he thought he was beaten down already from his day, now he was truly broken. This situation was completely overwhelming him and he didn`t know what else to do than angrily walk up and down the living room. His hands, no, his whole body shaking in what he could only describe as rage and sadness. He was trying not to cry but failed miserable at it as he noticed wet trails on his cheeks. He had found the note you left him and had immediatley tried calling you only to hear the sound of your ringtone in the livingroom where you left your phone. Now he was only waiting for his men to bring you back. 

What the fuck could take them so long? He was waiting for over an hour already and his patience was wearing thin. That`s where the door would open and you`d step into the apartment. Right on time, he was sure he would`ve gone crazy had it been just a few minutes longer. You couldn`t even say a word when you were suddenly enveloped in a hug, his head tightly pressed into the nook of your neck and his arms having a grip on you as if he was afraid you`d crumcle beneath his hands. And as he felt you hugging him back he let go of everything he had failed to say to you.

“I love you so much y/n. I love you. I don`t even know where to begin to tell you how sorry I am for making you think I wouldn`t love you anymore and that you are a burden. You are anything but useless to me. You are all that I am waking up in the morning for. I made a horrible mistake at not taking care of you when you were feelings this way and I apologize for it. If you still love me, I`d like you to stay here with me. I swear to take better care of you from now on. Whatever you want me to do, I will do it if it makes you stay.” 

Whatever It Takes || Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Word Count: 1.7k

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Two years was a long time for most people, but after having to deal with busy schedules and barely any time to yourself, you soon got used to it. The idea that just a few years ago you had been a nobody, nothing, and now you were a popular solo artist in South Korea seemed to be such a huge surprise to you.

You found yourself still waking up some mornings wondering how you had gotten to this point in your life. How you hadn’t just given up yet, considering everything you’ve had to go through to get where you were. Two years was a long time, especially when you worked at the same company as your ex-boyfriend and had to see him every time you came together for award shows or meetings.

Jungkook had become known as the golden maknae of BTS, and you were proud of him. But you couldn’t deny a part of you ached every time you thought back to two years ago just before your debut date. It was his decision, and if you could go back you would have done everything in your power to change his mind, but you pushed through and lived with his choice.

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A coworker I used to work with at Bread Co had narcolepsy and also brain cancer. So it’s about 7 AM and my coworker hadn’t slept the night before because she was in pain and couldn’t sleep. Now, in walks CEO man, obviously annoyed that he has to get breakfast for the office. He walks to my coworkers register and is already rude in the way he’s demanding for things. Coworker, due to her lack of sleep, yawns a few times. CEO man doesn’t like this. He goes off on a rant about how “If you’re so tired, don’t come into work!!! Or get a fucking job that doesn’t make you come in so early. How rude can you be??!!!” My coworker apologizes and almost starts to cry as she’s already explained her condition while apologizing, so I take over for her so she can catch her breath and not have to deal with it. At this point, I’m over it. The rest of the transaction I’m very short with him, not making eye contact because I’m disgusted. CEO man tries apologizing to me and I look at him and say; “Listen. I don’t need your apology. My coworker does. This is something she can control and you just made it worse.” The guy was obviously very embarrassed but never apologized to my coworker. I’m so over people verbally abusing cashiers and getting away with it, because my managers didn’t do anything about it.

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Do you think the show will follow the path of one sided love from Cas to Dean? After Dean carried the Mark there had been no narration from Dean's POV on his relationship with Cas and this makes me worried.

Hey, Nonnie! I think that somehow the show’s subtext during the Carver era has already given us one-sided love from both Dean and Cas at different points.  

In season 8, it seemed that Dean was the one having feelings while Cas couldn’t care less. We saw Dean mourning Cas when he thought he was still in Purgatory; Dean praying to Cas even when he knew there was something wrong with him after Cas was back; Dean making the difference between the “We need you” (as in Sam and Dean) and the “I need you” (to emphasize Dean was the one who needed Cas the most; Dean not warding places against angels because he was hoping Castiel would return to him (as Naomi told him); Dean looking like this when Naomi told him that and that she wished Castiel “felt the same way”.

We also got Dean giving Cas the cold shoulder to show him he was mad because he left and didn’t trust him;

Dean looking like this when he finally reproached Cas for not trusting HIM;

Dean listening to his brother say that he should give Cas a free pass just because it was Cas;

And of course, Dean going with Cas to help him close the gates of Heaven while he left Sam alone to deal with Crowley.

In fact, in season 9 we still saw all of Dean’s feelings before he got the Mark of Cain. We saw Dean praying to Cas; Dean begging Cas to –for once- look after himself; Dean worried about human!Cas and rushing to save him; Dean looking at Cas from afar, sorry he had sent him away; Dean trying to motivate Cas to help, saying it didn’t matter that Cas had no powers anymore; Dean sort of flirting with Cas while saying that not every hookup’s perfect;

Dean apologizing to Cas for kicking him out of the Bunker and not telling him about what was happening to Sam. All of this is canon. But while all this happened, Cas was either in Purgatory, or being brainwashed, or running away with the angel tablet, or with a mission ahead, or human, confused and unable to listen to Dean’s prayers, or worried about Sam. 

In 10x23, we learned Cas can tell who a person loves. Thanks to that information, two things finally made sense to me. The first line of the song in Spanish playing in the Laundromat scene in 9x01 goes like this: “Dime si tú me quieres, si tú me adoras como yo pienso”. In English that is, “Tell me if you love me, if you adore me like I think”. The whole song is about someone the person singing loves. This someone is keeping secrets from them, but the person singing loves them that much they are willing to give up everything for them. The first line implies the person singing THINKS the “someone” loves them back.

I think that Castiel thought Dean loved him. He probably felt it when he touched Dean, when he heard his prayers, when he felt his longing. But then, Cas was human and Dean kicked him out and human!Cas said this in 9x06:

“Nobody told you. Nobody explained. You’re just … shoved out kicking and screaming into this human life, without any idea why any of it feels the way it feels, or why this confusion, which feels like it’s … a hair’s breadth from terror or pain. You know, just when you think you do understand, it’ll turn out you’re wrong. You didn’t understand anything at all.”

Cas was supposed to be a “jilted lover” in this episode, right? In fact, all the victims in 9x06 were in great pain, but the pain wasn’t physical. It was emotional because a romantic relationship they had was over. Cas was to be a victim too because he was suffering. Ephraim was following Cas before Cas knew Nora just wanted him as a babysitter. So…. Cas was having emotional romantic pain that had nothing to do with Nora, but everything to do with the confusion he had. When he thought he did understand, it turned out he was wrong. He didn’t understand anything at all. Dean didn’t love him! In fact, by the end of the episode, Dean left him again.

I think Cas’ words indicate two things: 1) he was starting to realize HIS feelings for Dean were romantic (without any idea why any of it feels the way it feels), and 2) he realized Dean didn’t love him back (you didn’t understand anything at all).

A lot of season 9 and 10 showed Cas’ feelings for Dean but not Dean’s (at least not after Dean got the Mark of Cain). But we cannot ignore that season 8 and half of season 9 showed us Dean’s feelings, too. The thing is that Dean doesn’t know a lot of things about Cas. He doesn’t know that Cas was brainwashed into killing HIM; that Cas went shopping for all the things Dean likes, including pie; that Cas was suffering for HIM, and that’s why Ephraim wanted to kill him; that Metatron told Cas everything he did was for Dean; that Castiel was wasting away in bed, missing him while Dean was a demon; that Castiel defended Dean to Claire.

The same goes for Cas. He didn’t know or didn’t understand everything Dean went through in seasons 8 and the first half of season 9 (or he thought he got it wrong!). He didn’t see Naomi tantalizing Dean for expecting Cas to feel the same way. He didn’t hear Dean’s prayer when he told him he didn’t care about the angels falling, that they would figure it out, and that Dean needed him. He didn’t see Dean telling Metatron that taking Cas’ grace was number 1 on the list of things he blamed him for. He didn’t see Dean saying Cas’ name before Sam’s when he was talking to his subconscious (Benny). He also didn’t see Dean defending Castiel to Claire. In fact, we, the audience, hardly ever see inside Dean’s head because he’s always pretending. We have very little scenes where he’s honest and lets us see what he truly thinks or feels.

By the end of season 10, both Dean and Cas know that they love each other. BUT they both have gotten it wrong! They both think that they care about each other, but that beyond that they can offer each other nothing but friendship. That’s why we got Dean’s confession of wanting to experience people and feelings differently for the first time in the same episode where we got Isabella and Piero’s story of unrequited love. Btw, Dean confessed that while bearing the Mark of Cain, so nope… his feelings haven’t changed. It’s just that when you have a crush on someone and you think that someone doesn’t love you back, there’s a moment when you kind of resign yourself to be near that person just as friends. You get to understand that nothing beyond that is gonna happen. Something like that happened to me with my ex-husband (nowadays, still best friend). We were friends for 6 years before we started dating. I had a crush on him for 5 years (and I even dated other people just to try to get over him. Spoiler alert: It didn’t work!) I knew that he cared about me, that he loved me, but I thought he saw me only as a friend or a little sister. It took him 6 years to finally tell me that he had feelings for me. I almost got married twice (with somebody else) in those 6 years. He never told me before because he was afraid of losing my friendship and because he thought I didn’t love him that way. He thought my dating other people was proof that I didn’t have romantic feelings for him. We were just a couple of emotionally constipated idiots! Sounds familiar?

I totally believe the subtext in the Carver era has put both Dean and Cas at the far ends of a story of unrequited love. Or at least that’s what these two idjits think! Their love is not one-sided AT ALL. The audience has seen proof of how much they love each other, but Dean and Cas haven’t. What they’ve seen proves they care about each other, but that doesn’t mean they romantically love each other. How are they going to realize that their love is NOT unrequited? I have no idea! One of them has to finally say it at one point. So, let’s hope season 11 gives us a will-they/won’t-they dynamic worthy of our patience.


- Even more hyperactive than normal
- “Wait, I just thought of a cool guitar riff, lemme show you.” Proceeds to fall flat on his face after tripping on his blankets.
- Wraps himself in the blanket and lays on the floor. “This is my home now.”
- You end up having to drag his lanky ass frame back to his bed
- “You have to make a dope ass playlist for my funeral.” “Jae, it’s just a cold.” “I can see the light.” “Yeah, the light from your bedside lamp.” “Oh.”
- Still talks to the members through Kakao
- It’s mostly just weird stuff and boasting about how good you are at taking care of him
- Would probably dab after tasting your soup
- Actually can’t even taste it but he likes embarrassing you

- “I’m fine.” “Brian, there’s so much snot dripping from your nose, I could fill a bucket with it. You are not fine.”
- Insists on working on the lyrics for their next song but his handwriting looks like scribbly lines
- Tries to hold his bass but drops her accidentally. Cries and apologizes to her for the next three hours.
- Starts trying to apologize/thank you at the same time but it comes out as “I’m sorry that you’re being such a great friend.”
- Would thank you properly after he got better
- Lots of groaning and self-pity (basically whining tbh) about being unable to work
- You’d have to comfort him like a child while he’s sniffling and crying
- Would also be embarrassed about how much he cried after he’s healthy again. Denies it when the others tease him.

- Would definitely call himself Bob
- Busan accent so thick he sounds like a gangster on the street picking a fight
- But actually he’s saying stuff like “Thanks for helping me and always taking care of me. You’re a good person. I’m glad I’m friends with you.”
- Accidentally sneezes on you and looks like a deer in headlights afterwards
- Lists all the reasons why he can’t get sick now
- “Wait, let me just text our manager and the members that I’m sick.” “Okay, fine.” “And also our composer, producer, arranger, JB, Jinyoung, Jackson–” “Sungjin, no.”
- Also tries to act like he’s not sick
- When he finally accepts he’s too sick to do anything, he’ll suggest some home remedies his mother taught him
- Which ends up tasting really gross but he sucks it up until you stop him. “I think you’ve had enough; your face looks like it’s going to implode.”

- The worst sick person
- Would be so out of it
- Confused as heck
- Sweaty as heck
- The type of person to start stripping bc it’s too hot but stops halfway - with only one arm out of his sweater - because it’s the perfect temperature
- “(y/n), you were here?” “I’ve been here for the last two hours??” “Really?” “You’ve been talking to me the whole time???” “Ah, I was wondering why my head voice sounded like a girl.”
- Sleeps a lot
- Mumbles incoherently
- “I can drink water by myself.” “Are you sure?” “Yeah.” Spills it all over himself and the bed
- Also smiles a lot
- Would refuse to eat the food you made unless it tasted good
- Would totally forget about what happened while he was sick
- Apologizes after you/someone else reminds him

- Needy as heck
- Also whiny as heck (about how sick he is)
- So much aegyo
- Probably even more cross-eyed than usual
- Would still be able to play the piano decently tbh
- “You should leave. I don’t want you to catch my cold,” he’d say while cuddling you on his bed
- Would smile while you were talking to him but actually he’s not listening and just looking at you
- Wants you to fuss over him
- “I want strawberry milk.” “Okay, I’ll go buy some. Let go of me, first.” “Don’t wanna.”
- And his face would just scrunch up deciding what to do
- Eventually, he’d let you go but would end up cuddling you again when you came back
- Is embarrassed about how he acted afterward

- So quiet normally that you wouldn’t even notice
- You just touch him un/intentionally and he’d be burning up
- “I have a cold?” “Yeah, you idiot.”
- Hoarse voice
- Gummy smile
- Would giggle a lot
- Cries after eating the food you made him. “It was delicious.” “I literally just boiled rice and added salt. You know I can’t cook.” “But it was so good.”
- This is literally the only time he would ask, “Can I hold your hand?” because he’s normally too shy to
- Also cute as heck
- His fingers would still be tapping his bed and it’s amazing because the beat actually sounds good
- He’d be reluctant to ask for your help so he just whispers it and hopes you’ll hear
- “Can you get me some water?” “Huh? What did you say?” And then he’d just shake his head
- Sniffles a lot

She Hates Me

A/N: Is this terrible? Idk maybe, really it’s up to you to decide, but I do think the idea is good. Cole said that they were probably going to play the Ethel x Jughead angle on Riverdale in an interview and the idea of a Jealous!Ethel kinda inspired this thing + I’m playing off on the shadiness seen in 1x03 
Feedback is always greatly appreciated! 
p.s.- I apologize if there are any mistakes. 

Pairing: Jughead x Fem!Reader x Ethel

About: Ethel targets reader’s anxiety when she feels like the reader’s relationship with Jughead is much more than friends, and maybe she’s right causes the reader to avoid Jughead

Warnings: I think there’s a swear in there somewhere and the beginning might be a bit triggering as it’s Ethel being a meanie + mention of anxiety

Words: 2,500, give or take a few

masterlist | prompts

           You’re too much of a nervous mess to make sense in any sort of conversation, aren’t you? No wonder he never talks to you, he probably just lets you hang out with him out of pity. Your anxiety is a damper to be around so how about you just leave Jughead alone. He doesn’t need you in his life and he sure as hell doesn’t want you in it either, so maybe it’s time for you to finally get the memo.

           Ethel’s words echoed in your head as you walked home with takeout from Pop’s, a place you had loved to take refuge in, now an environment full of negative emotions– too much of them to bare all at once. Jughead and you had been close friends since middle school because of the sitting arrangement in your English class at the time. You didn’t think anything had changed between the both of you, well not until Ethel crashed joined your quiet nights at Pop’s with Jughead.

           She’d constantly make conversation with Jughead, and crack jokes that made him laugh chuckle. You were happy there was a girl interested in him, except that she was a total bitch to you. Scratch that, Ethel didn’t even acknowledge your presence or the comfortable silence that there was between you and your best friend before she got there. Jughead either didn’t notice or didn’t care and would just continue to type away on his laptop while listening to Ethel talk.

           Then the incident between you and Ethel happened whilst Jughead was in the restroom. This was the first time you and Ethel were left alone with each other. You wanted to start a conversation with the girl who showed such fondness towards Jughead, but found it hard to start a conversation with Ethel as she glared at you. You had already felt incredibly uncomfortable and felt close to tears seeing Jughead not need you as company anymore, but when she let those harsh words out you left immediately. You didn’t understand why she had it out for you, but she definitely seemed to embody the voice in your head. You could barely walk as you were struggling to breathe, so thank God Archie had found you on his way to Pop’s.

           It had been five days since you and Jughead had spoken. You had tried to distance yourself from him and Jughead had noticed your efforts. He tried to talk to Archie about it, but he said that he promised you not to meddle. Archie didn’t agree with what you wanted, but he also didn’t want to see you in that state of distress again. Jughead wasn’t sure what he did wrong as he hadn’t noticed anything off the last time you guys hung out. You had left early because of some family issues, but family issues always seemed to arise more often nowadays. 

          Ethel seemed to appreciate the time alone with him, but Jughead felt uncomfortable being there with her by himself. Not to say that Ethel wasn’t great company, which she was, but she kept on interrupting his thoughts every time she spoke. Jughead rarely heard you speak when the both of you were at Pop’s, but he liked the way your voice was smooth every time you ordered despite knowing that you felt terrified that you were going to say it wrong.

          Jughead somehow managed to make eye contact with you despite being in the middle of a crowd, but you quickly looked away. You didn’t want to face Ethel or Jughead, but having a class with both of them and Riverdale being such a small town made the endeavor extremely difficult. You had a feeling Jughead knew what you were doing and was just letting you be, but you secretly hoped that he’d get fed up with your antics.

           “Y/N!” you heard Veronica call after you, so you turned around and waited for her. “It’s been a while girl, what’s been up?” Veronica said as she linked her arm with yours. Veronica was very kind to you and you appreciated the kindness she showed not only to you, but to all her fellow girls (unless they somehow managed to not deserve it).

          “Nothing really, just that meandJuggiearen’tfriendsanymore,” you say quickly.

          “I’m sorry, but I don’t think I caught any of that,” Veronica let out a small laugh and pulled you aside from the crowds of students walking in the halls.

          “I said that Jughead and I aren’t friends anymore,” you took a deep breath while Veronica looked more confused than ever.

          “You and Juggie were so close, though. Kev and I were even hoping the both of you would end up together,” Veronica admitted. After the whole Ethel ordeal, you had started questioning your feelings toward Jughead, sure, but you had only confused yourself further.

          “Well it doesn’t matter, Ethel brought some interesting points up last time I hung out with Jug,” you say, crossing your arms across your chest. Jughead saw you again, this time speaking to Veronica, and had decided to talk to you to figure out how to salvage the friendship between the both of you. Of course, neither you nor Ronnie noticed the boy walk towards the both of you.

          “Really? What exactly were they?” it was Veronica’s turn to cross her arms across her chest. Her eyes were narrowed as if she knew that you weren’t about to say anything good. She was right, of course, but that didn’t make it any easier. “Wait if you and Jughead were hanging out, I definitely hope you would call it a date, but why the hell was Ethel there?” her face was scrunched up in disbelief. Veronica once thought of Ethel as brave, and she was, but now she was beginning to wonder how much shadier that girl is. Jughead was at earshot at this point and started to piece things together in his head, stopping in his tracks.

          “It wasn’t a date Ronnie, you talk in those. Jughead and I hardly speak when we’re at Pop’s. As for why Ethel was there, she just sort of self-invited herself I guess. She asked me what I was doing one day and then she had just decided to tag along. And then she started to tag along for all of the times Juggie and I were at Pop’s,” you shrugged, your arms no longer crossed. You hadn’t noticed how much it bothered you until you said those words aloud. “Anyways, she just told me that Jughead probably only hung out with me out of pity, why else wouldn’t he speak to me when I’m obviously sitting across from him?” Veronica noticed you biting your lip from saying anything else.

          “Is that all she said Y/N?” Veronica asked, and you shook your head looking down at your shoes as if they were the most interesting thing in the world now. “Tell me what she said right now or I’ll get her to tell me herself,” Veronica’s tone was deadly, so you sniffled and mustered up all the courage you had to tell her.

          “She said that Juggie doesn’t need me in his life and that he doesn’t want me in it either,” Veronica’s face softened at your words. You had started crying so Veronica hugged you. “She was so mean Veronica, I mean who says these kinds of things to someone?” you pulled away from her embrace, cleaning up your face and wiping the tears away. You knew that you had told yourself those things, but it was easier to brush off when you could blame it on your anxiety. You definitely knew you looked like a complete and total mess because of that brief crying session. “I don’t even like Jughead in that way, I think. I’m just so confused and I don’t know how I feel and I just- it’s been five days and I miss him, Ronnie. Why do I miss him so much?”  

          “Because you care about him, and I sure as hell know that he cares about you, okay?” Veronica says reassuringly. “I think the best thing for the both of you right now is to talk to each other.” Archie had said the same thing, but you made him swear that he wouldn’t tell Jughead a thing. 

          “I doubt he’d want to speak to me, I’ve been ignoring him all week,” you let out a humorless laugh. Your face was blotchy, but you were no longer crying just sniffling from time to time. You felt the anxiety building up in the pit of your stomach just thinking about it.

          “I’d like to disagree,” Jughead said from behind you, making you tense up. “How about we ditch and go to Pop’s to discuss this Y/N, think of it as a way to repay me for the avoidance.”  

          “Go,” Veronica insisted as the bell rang. You nodded and sent her a small forced smile before turning to face Jughead.

          “Lead the way,” you mumble, keeping your head down.

           Sitting in a booth at Pop’s next to Jughead made you feel sick. You wanted to curl up in a ball and cry while hoping the earth would swallow you up whole.

          “Earth to Y/N,” Jughead snapped you out of your thoughts. Your eyes felt droopy so you didn’t bother to turn and look him in the eyes, not like you would have been able to anyways. You hummed to let Jughead know you were listening. “So now you’re spacing out on me?”

          “Sorry,” you mumbled an apology. You had to try to stop distancing yourself from the feelings this place brought or else no progress would be made. Your therapist had told you that before, and now you were finally taking her advice.

          “Why didn’t you tell me?” Jughead asked, wanting the answers he should have asked for from the very beginning.

          “Tell you what exactly,” you weren’t about to start talking about the wrong thing, especially considering the fact that it wouldn’t have been the first time you did that.

          “About Ethel. Why didn’t you tell me she basically targeted your anxiety?” it was hard for Jughead to get through asking the question.

          “I didn’t want you to confirm what she had said,” you said quietly, shifting in the booth.

          “You actually believed her?”

          “I didn’t want to, but then I started analyzing everything and I noticed how our dynamic had changed from talking at all times to now hardly even saying any words when we’re near each other–”

          “That’s because we can literally make eye contact and have a full conversation Y/N… I don’t hang out…,” Jughead trailed off again, the words he was about to say felt as if they were burning his throat. He sighed, “Y/N I enjoy your company, just sitting across or next to you is good enough for me. I don’t need to have full conversations with you because you know me well enough to know that whenever I start whining like a baby when you get up it’s because I want you to grab me more food, or that when my hands are carefully tapping at the keyboard of my laptop it’s because I don’t know how to continue. You start talking about your day in hopes that I’ll figure out what to write and if I still haven’t started typing anything you start listing words alphabetically, which actually does help.

          “I’m the only one who knows that you only get the crease in between your brows when you’re trying to remember something you forgot and that when you start to fidget with your hands it’s because something is bothering you and making you feel uneasy. Y/N, I never want you to feel uneasy when you’re around me,” Jughead grabbed your hands. You hadn’t noticed you were fidgeting with them, you also hadn’t noticed that you were barely breathing.

          “Juggie I don’t know how I feel about y-you being this close to me,” you had said, barely above a whisper. You didn’t know what compelled you to tell him this information, but you felt the need to acknowledge it.

          “You think I do? I’m not even sure why I’m still holding your hands,” he said, his voice sounding deeper as he spoke at the same volume you did. He didn’t let go of your hands and instead, you quirked your eyebrow at him. He smirked, knowing that you were recalling the last time you held hands with each other. You gave him a small smile and noticed his eyes flickered towards your lips. You felt the need to do the same, and you remembered a time when you wondered what kissing was like.

          “Remember that time you let me kiss you?”

          “I remember the kiss, I don’t recall letting you,” you laughed at his reply, your forehead resting on his chest and your hands still intertwined.

          You were both no older than 13 as you walked next to each other on your way home. The friendship between the both of you had barely reached its first year of existence, while your anxiety was hardly existent. When you finally filled in the silence with a question, it was definitely not one Jughead saw coming.

          “Have you ever kissed anyone?” Jughead had scoffed, but you were genuinely interested.

          “Oh you’re being serious,” he said, as if he was surprised when you were indeed inclined to know.

          “’Course I’m being serious Jug.”

          “No Y/N, I have not kissed anyone. Have you?”

          “Nah, but I wonder what it’s like.”

          “It’s like exchanging saliva,” you gave Jughead a shove as the both of you laughed lightly. You guys neared your house and you were bummed you had to leave Jughead’s side.

          “Thanks for walkin’ me home Jug.”

          “It’s not a problem, you should know that by now. I’ll see you tomorrow?”

          You smiled and he seemed satisfied with that response when you planted a kiss on his lips. He was so surprised he didn’t even get to kiss you back, but you were happy with what you had gotten.

          “Not like exchanging saliva at all,” you grinned at him and skipped your way to the door. “Bye Juggie, I’ll see you tomorrow!” and with that you went inside.

          “When did everything get so complicated?” you ask, looking up at the boy. Your anxiety levels grew exponentially a month after that because the arguments between your parents grew just as much.

          “When we started to experience different types of feelings at the same time probably,” you hummed in agreement and a quiet fell over the both of you. You sat up straight in your seat, making eye contact with Jughead, but neither of you could explain why there was a feeling of panic being shared between the both of you. Maybe it was just nervous jitters that you were both feeling, but it felt a bit too suffocating to just be that. The both of you seemed to make a subconscious effort to lean in, but separated from each other, hands no longer being held either.

          “We should figure out how we feel about each other first?” you say but it comes out as a question instead of a statement.

          “Yeah,” Jughead said quickly, which made you laugh. “I mean, yes. We should definitely get our feelings straight before moving ahead.”

          And with that, you guys shook on it.

office hours.

Professor!Spencer. You were a good student. And good students don’t have crushes on their professors and do not go home after class and think about doing unspeakable things with them.

the long awaited prequel to what I go to school for. y’all can thank @wheresthewater​ because I would have never written more Professor!Reid fics without Cori !!!

Originally posted by spencereid

When you decided to take Criminological Theory, you did so under the impression that it would be a breeze. After all, the material seemed easy enough and you’ve heard raving reviews about how easy Professor Hansen’s syllabus was. It didn’t help that he was also held in very high regards in the field and a glowing recommendation from him would take you place.

This was probably going to be of your favorite classes of the semester.

What you hadn’t expected was for him to take a sudden sabbatical, leaving you professor-less until an unknown just-graduated Professor Reid (who, despite your best efforts, absolutely cannot be found anywhere online except for a lengthy list of his credentials from MIT and CalTech) filled his spot at the last minute. The actual last minute, as in through email five minutes before you walked through the doors of the lecture hall.

Inwardly groaning, you chose a seat somewhere in the middle of the lecture hall for anonymity. The last thing you needed was an excited first-time professor calling on you to participate on the first day of class, after all. Your dreams of sailing through the semester and kissing up to a professor for that coveted recommendation had been dashed and now all you expected was to be bored out of your mind. That is, of course, until the new, absolutely gorgeous, professor walked in with his hair disheveled from the autumn wind and his tie, navy to match the cardigan he wore, crooked and a cup of coffee clutched in his hand like it was his lifeline.

Needless to say, you were suddenly determined to actually enjoy yourself.

“Good morning everyone,” he began, turning to the board to write some information down. “My name is Dr. Spencer Reid and welcome to Criminological Theory, CCJ 4014. I will be temporarily replacing Professor Hansen for the first half of this semester as he completes his sabbatical.”

You could spend hours listening to his voice, you decided.

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It’s May 30th 2017

Here’s a good Dan song to listen to today: I Choose You To Die by Starbomb

Here’s a good Grumps episode to watch today: Friday the 13th: Sweet Crow Action - Part 2

Here’s a cool Dan fact for you today: Dan was\is incapable of pulling pranks on people because the mere thought of doing so makes him feel terrible. 

Here’s a good picture of Dan to look at today:

I hope you don’t mind me combining these two asks because they’re similar.
P.S. Sorry if you don’t like these. I’m just starting to get back on my feet.

-Something about you felt familiar. Did he know you from somewhere..?
-He asks you if you’d met before and you admit to him that you had recognized him.
-It turns out you went to school together. You had a few of the same classes in middle school and high school.
-You’ve just never spoken before.
-Yoosung always thought you were intimidating because you were so quiet.
-Now, he feels a bit guilty for thinking you were intimidating when really you were just shy.
-He’s always cheery in the chatroom and tends to ask you about your day or your eating habits often. It’s obvious that he cares about you from day 1.
-He just wants to get close to you.
-Yoosung is so kind and gentle when he talks to you it makes it easier to become comfortable with him.
-Eventually, you start talking a lot in private messages. He opens up and, slowly, you do too.
-The other members even get jealous that Yoosung is the only one you’ll talk to.
-If they are ever pressuring you into talking, Yoosung becomes protective.
-He defends you and tells them that you don’t have to talk to them if you don’t want to.
-When you start dating, he’s very considerate. He’ll take things at whatever pace you’re most comfortable with.
-Even if you don’t talk much sometimes, he loves being around you. He loves your voice, but he’ll never even think about forcing you to talk. He’s perfectly fine with silently holding hands if that’s what makes you comfortable

-Zen recognized the name when you joined the chat for the first time, so he asked if he knew you.
-It turns out that you had lived in his neighborhood when he was growing up.
-He would see you playing alone outside your house, and even though he felt bad that you were all alone, he felt too intimidated to approach you. The only thing he knew about you was your name.
-He did wonder every now and then what your story was and why you were so quiet, but as he got older, he had forgotten.
-Now that you’re here though, you seem pretty harmless. Yeah, you’re still quiet as ever, but he’s not scared of you anymore.
-He’s pretty in-your-face at first because he’s a flirt and it turns out you used to know each other.. more or less.
-He asks if you remember him and then immediately starts talking to you constantly.
-He does notice that you don’t respond much as he rambles to you so he calms down and backs off. You’re obviously not comfortable.
-He’ll cut back on talking so excitedly to you. He realizes he was coming on too strong and apologizes for that.
-He treats you with more of a gentle approach and never pressures you into talking if you don’t want to. He will choose his words carefully and talk calmly so he can slowly gain your trust.
-Eventually, you grow more comfortable around him and open up to him. He does the same in return.
-In your relationship, he takes things very slow. He’ll ask permission for everything and doesn’t mind when you’re being quiet. He believes it makes you a good listener.
-Also, the public will never know about you. You’ll never be on the news or in magazines or anything. He’ll make sure of that.

-She is a bit reserved herself, but she picks up on the fact that you are very reserved from the first time she talks to you.
-You had known her when you were young, but you’ve only spoken to her once, if you could even call it speaking. All you did was say “excuse me” once when she was standing in the way. She politely apologized and moved. You knew each other’s names and what you looked like, but that’s it.
-Honestly, she found your silence a bit intimidating at the time. She wanted to get to know you, but you seemed unapproachable, and like you didn’t want to be approached in the first place.
-Now that she’s older and you appeared in the chatroom, she feels more comfortable.
-She’s less suspicious of you since she knows who you are and, looking back at her memories, you didn’t seem like a bad person when she had known you. You at least had the manners to say “excuse me” when you needed to get past her that one time.
-Being one of the calmest in the RFA, it was easy to talk to Jaehee. Your conversations at first were “robotic”, as Seven called it. It was mainly just small talk.
-As time went on, Jaehee started to talk to you on more of a personal level, but she wasn’t intrusive or forceful. She would begin talking about her interests and it would lead to you sharing some of yours. You start to show concern for her work habits, and you then quickly become friends.
-Once you get into a romantic relationship, she’s very patient. She won’t pry when you don’t want to talk. She’s a very good listener when you do, though.
-She’s understanding too. Never once will she do something you don’t want her to. If she ever did, she would apologize immediately and never do it again.
-She can take care of the talking while you run your cafe together if you’d like.

-He had seen you in passing when he was studying business in college. The only thing he knew about you was your name and the fact that you never spoke. He was surprisingly a bit intimidated, so he never made any effort to speak to you. Honestly, he didn’t make any effort to speak to anyone.
-Jumin is obviously also very reserved.
-Because of that, it takes a bit for the both of you to open up to each other. Whenever you did talk, it wasn’t a very riveting conversation. It takes the encouragement of the other RFA members to get you both to talk in a less mechanical way.
-Once you do, you actually appreciate Jumin’s sense of humor, which is a guaranteed way to get on Jumin’s good side.
-One of his favorite things about you is that you don’t accuse him of being an emotionless robot like everyone else does. It makes him like you a lot.
-Slowly, you both get more comfortable around each other. You typically spoke to each other in private message instead of in the chatroom because it made you both much more comfortable.
-You both opened up at the same pace, so it’s no wonder you became close.
-Once, Zen asked if you were a robot like “that trust fund kid” and Jumin became really defensive.
-He always ignores when Zen talks like that to him, but for some reason, when he picked on you, it bothered Jumin.
-Long story short, he roasts the hell out of Zen whenever he picks on you for being “like Jumin”.
-He’ll never put you in situations where you’d be the center of attention because you obviously wouldn’t like that. He also tries his absolute best to keep you out of the public eye with all the paparazzi and reporters trying to gossip about his personal life. If news companies ever mention your name, he’s ready to ruin them.
-He takes the relationship as slow as you want it to, no questions asked.

-He had seen you outside a few times when he was little. He would’ve talked to you if you hadn’t seemed so distant and cold.
-As a kid, he always wondered about you. Eventually, he had… other things to attend to, so he forgot about you.
-When you join in the chat, he checks the cameras to see you.
-You look very familiar. He recognizes you as that little boy/girl he saw when he was younger.
-He told you that and you were surprised. You only vaguely remembered seeing him a few times as a kid.
-He’s a very outgoing, loud person (in chat at least) but he tones it down when you’re there. He doesn’t want you to think he’s crazy.
-As time goes on, you talk to him the most of all the members. Somehow, it’s nice that you at least vaguely know one of the members instead of being surrounded by strangers.
-When he comes to the apartment and starts pushing you away, you let him. Your reserved personality only made it easier for him. It hurt that you didn’t even try to change his mind, but he knew that it was because you’re naturally very distant.
-He was glad. He could push you away without worrying he’ll break your heart.
-Or… he thought.
-You were just starting to trust him, so it hurt that he was pushing you away.
-It takes time, but you both make up. Because of what he did, he makes sure that nobody treats you like he did. Anytime someone treats you poorly, he is there to defend you.
-He will only do things you have told him you’re comfortable with. He’ll ask before doing things and will never force you to do something you don’t want.
-Also, he’s very proud and brags that you trust him the most out of the entire RFA.

-(I don’t think V would be intimidated by someone being reserved. I mean, he’s friends with Jumin after all…)
-When he was little, he wasn’t necessarily scared of you, but you definitely seemed like the kind of person that values personal space. So, he didn’t approach you. The last thing he wanted was to upset someone.
-He had forgotten about you until he was told by Seven that there was a mysterious person in the chatroom. V recognized the username as your name. He assumed it was the same person from when he was younger.
-He asked Seven to show him what you looked like and he could tell it was you. You confirmed it when he asked you about it. Apparently you vaguely remembered him too.
-He is easy to talk to, without a doubt. He is free of judgement and is very considerate. He starts coming in the chatroom more often after you join to make sure you’re comfortable because he remembers how you used to be around people you didn’t know.
-He would often text you in private messages and you would talk to each other all day. Even when he disappeared from the chatroom for days at a time, he still made sure to text you specifically.
-He makes it easy to open up. You don’t talk much in the chatroom to the other members. When you do, it’s typically serious, straightforward, or small talk.
-You definitely became good friends with V, much to the jealousy of the other members (besides Yoosung, who was just salty that he talks to you and no one else)
-As you ease into a romantic relationship with V much, much later, he is still as gentle as he was when he first met you.
-Always asks permission, always puts you before him, always okay with sitting in silence if it’s what you want, always patient with you, etc.
-There is no such thing as pressure in a relationship with V.

-Where has he seen you before?
-There was something about the person he was instructed to trick into the apartment that felt familiar.
-After he successfully got you in Rika’s apartment, he was left to search his memories for who you could possibly be.
-Although he stopped caring by the next day. He just treated you like another pawn like he was told to. There’s no point in trying to remember who you are.
-After he’s rescued from Mint Eye and all, he finally manages to remember who you are.
-He had known you previously because he had seen you outside his house. You never spoke and intimidated him, so he never tried to interact with you.
-Saeran is obviously the definition of reserved. It takes a while for you both to become comfortable enough with each other to speak.
-Once one of you does initiate conversation, you find it’s surprisingly easy to talk to him.
-He feels the same to you.
-So, you’re the only person he opens up to, and you to him.
-You grow close quickly, but you start off a relationship very slowly. You were just friends for probably a year before he was comfortable enough to move things to the next level.
-He’s so protective over you. If anyone is getting too much in your personal comfort zone, he will step in and help you.
-You often sit or lay together in comfortable silence since you’re both quiet people. It’s very peaceful, you’d both agree on that. It’s something Saeran has grown to appreciate.
-You both ask permission from the other person before initiating anything, so things run smoothly in your relationship.

waking up with monsta x: wonho
  • ok
  • horny as soon as he wakes up
  • fucks you as soon as your eyes open
  • drags you into the shower for round two
  • helps you get dressed and apologizes for being a kinky shit
  • walks around shirtless admiring his own body 
  • “my pecs look awesome right?
  • “baby you’re naked, please”
  • loves to make breakfast with you 
  • tells you he can see your face in his pancake
  • carries you bridal style back to the bedroom
  • forces you to listen to new beats he made 
  • loves kissing you all over, admiring your naked face and the way your body looks in his shirt 
  • that comes down just below the tops of your thighs, right where he likes it
  • lets you rest on his chest while he laughs about silly things with you
  • realizes how lucky he is to have you everyday

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Build It Better - Nolan Patrick

“you always build it better the second time around” 

for anon

inspiration: build it better by aron wright 

lowercase intended 

word count: 1693 

warnings: cursing 

a/n: rip. but also i’m back in my home country! I posted a masterlist and put the link in my bio/description or you can find it below this post!

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nolan knew he’d fucked up. he knew he shouldn’t have pushed you, and he knew he shouldn’t have said what he did.

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