made this up awhile ago

Happy friday everyone!
Today its been a rainy day but here is a cutie to brighten it up. I made her awhile ago but keep postponing posting her due to forgetting 😅
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I made a really cool purchase awhile ago that I ended up using as reference for allot of the specters in my OFF comic. 

 Junji Ito’s entire series of Uzumaki or Spiral 

Such a good read if you like creepy chilly stories. And the artwork is equally so. Found it at my local comic book store for super cheap!!! I’ll probably be using it for reference again in the future.

Imagine Hera playing with Kanan’s hair

Imagine Kanan and Hera doing the Spider-Man kiss, but Hera is Spider-Man

Imagine Hera telling Kanan she’s pregnant

Imagine Hera and Kanan giving each other surprise hugs

Imagine Hera and Kanan trying to have alone time, but the kids keep interrupting

Imagine Hera and Kanan just being cute and FREAKING HAPPY


AU: Liam & Zayn release their debut album as a duo, “Revolution,” using their initials, ZMLP, as their duo name (requested by wankziams)

Luck Oil

I found this oil recipe in Gillian Kemp’s The Good Spell Book. I can tell you that it definitely works. One day after being in the car for awhile with two of my friends, we went home to play cards. I sat behind one of my friends that smokes and the smoke smell was in my hair and giving me a bit of a headache, so I decided to use some Luck Oil that I batched up awhile ago (I made a big batch to sell in smaller bottles, only a few sold, but that’s a different story). I put some in my hair and it took care of the smoke smell and soon my minor headache went away. Later one when we were playing Rummy, I kicked major ass. Multiple times in a row I laid down my whole hand and went out without either opponent putting anything down on the table. I won that night by about 300 points. Technically…I guess I may have cheated with the oil, but it was unintentional! Either way, it works.

Luck Oil

- 4 drops sandalwood oil

- 7 drops rose oil

- 5 drops lavender oil

Obviously, quadruple this recipe, like five times. They are good for tests, dates, and card games (at least these are my experiences). Good luck! 

APH Finland Pick-Up Lines:

1) I hope you don’t mind getting coal, because if I have my way you’ll soon be acting naughty.
2) I’ve got a present for you and it’s not the package you’re expecting. 
3) You’ve been way too good this year, let me help you earn that coal. 

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