made this the blog's new icon thing

RK characters as tumblr bloggers

let’s talk about what their blogs would be like.

Kenshin: made a blog because Kaoru forced him to, has the generic starter theme with no icon or header image and one text post which reads, “Hi. :) I’m new. I will try to update regularly.”

Kaoru: has a blog with a gorgeous theme, carefully tags every single post, reblogs fandom and sj things, recs her fave ff, posts selfies, wants you to have a good day every day, gets anons asking for advice about love and life, everyone calls her their mom

Yahiko: runs a gaming blog, loves filming minecraft tutorials, has a weekly “let’s play…” show on yt, trying hard to make a name for himself but isn’t hugely popular…….yet

Megumi: runs a beauty blog with makeup tutorials, has anon turned off, got internet famous and has her own line of beauty products named after her

Sano: has the generic starter theme, reblogs everything under the sun but mostly memes and porn, tags absolutely nothing, @’s Katsu in every single ask game, vague blogs about his friends, complains openly about Saito, gets anon hate and laughs at it, once sent an ask to Kaoru like, “how do u kno if teh person u likeactually likes u back????” and forgot to go on anon

Saito: appears to have one main account with a plain custom theme, barely updates but will reblog sj and news posts, sometimes reblogs pictures of wolves, keeps his askbox closed, never reveals his age, likes every negative post Sano writes about him. actually runs multiple accounts under different email addresses to mess with everyone

Katsu: runs a super popular art blog, lives on fanart commissions, his most popular art post is a painting of Hiko that was commissioned by the man himself, ignores Sano every time he tags him in something

Hiko: has an elaborate theme with his selfies plastered all over it, posts selfies all day on his blog and instagram, has hundreds of thousands of followers, expects the anon love he receives but is extremely salty over anon hate (eyes emoji @ saito)

Cho: straight up 420 blog, sends Sano hate off anon. runs a secondary anime blog claiming to be a different identity, absolutely writes self-insert ff, accidentally reblogs things to the wrong blog and doesn’t notice until it’s too late, everyone knows about his secondary blog lol

Misao: runs multiple blogs with bright and elaborate themes: an aesthetic blog, a jpop blog, a general anime blog, and a personal blog where she reblogs literally everything from Aoshi. Writes ff, tags Aoshi too many times, gets really REALLY pissed off when “anons” (*coughcough*) claim they’re the one who loves Aoshi most

Aoshi: has the darkest theme that ever themed with emo music you can’t turn off, posts links to more emo music from old bands, reblogs fashion and ridiculous memes, has an activity feed filled with Misao’s url, turned his askbox off completely (wonder why)

Yumi: runs a super popular fashion blog, posts makeup tutorials and beauty hauls, makes hella money from promoing merch, posts selfies that get thousands of notes

Shishio: posts conspiracy theories and weird politics, hijacks posts to start arguments, tags hate

futuristicallydelicatesalad  asked:

Hey Tammy, so I literally just started my Tumblr a minute ago just to shoot you this message: Thank you so much for the joy you bring to my day! I always look forward to seeing what new things happen here. I have been having some complicated things going on for the last couple of days, and I've been feeling down about it. But me getting on your Splatoon blog today and seeing Jonquil and Clem as Maui and Moana easily made my day. Thank you for being so awesome~

Oh gosh, thank you so much <3 It makes me happy to hear my silly drawings can brighten peoples’ days. And welcome to tumblr!

Weekly Updates (Please Read)

1) This has been a very crazy week. I’ve been going non-stop. On Tuesday I had a job interview, and I ended up getting the job. It’s a full time position for the 2017-2018 school year, which means I’ll be moving at the start of August. I’m very excited about it. There may even be an apartment tour video. If I do that, it’ll be on the crafty panda blog.

2) Speaking of @crafty-panda I finished my second attempt at the Wonder Woman dress and I love it so much more than the original. I’ve just been too lazy to take pictures. But expect that, and pictures of my Yona dress soon.

3)I have written next to nothing this week I’m hoping to get some stuff done this weekend but who knows.

4) Friendly reminder I am starting a new job on Tuesday which means I might not respond as quickly as I usually do. Just a heads up.

On to the good stuff

5) I recently put out all the mobile master lists. Everything has been updated. The first official part of when Eyes meet will be out this week.

6) Your husband is a superhero has one more part and then it’s done!!!!

7) New parts of Bat-Aunt, Princess of Themyscira, and ROBIN’S NEST are ready to go!!!!

8) More big news, the first part to Damian’s soulmark au has been finished (insert dance here) It is going to be soooo freaking cute.

9) I’m bolding this one because I need help. I’m looking to update the theme for this blog, @crafty-panda and @teachingpanda. This means I’m looking for banners to be made, color schemes, any ideas. I suppose I’m looking for a designer LOL. Only thing that is staying the same is the duck icon for uncpanda. Message me if interested

10) Finally the biggest news of all, we found out this week that Mama Panda does NOT need Chemo, only radiation. This is such a blessing, we are so  happy about it. It mean’s we’re just that much closer to being done!


ONE: I nearly had my laptop crash because of a preview for a Tumblr theme. It was directed through Adfl.y & the page just completely froze everything. BE CAREFUL OUT THERE CHILDREN. 

TWO: I MADE A NEW BLOG. I know I have like 30 of them already but I think this one will be my 2nd/3rd most used. It’s multifandom so I’ll reblog lots & lots of good shit from a ton of different groups (hopefully).

If you have a blog that is dedicated to any of the groups in my new blog’s description, let me know & I’ll check it out (+ maybe follow you but I don’t follow many people so no promises).

NEW BLOG = @kpopatemysoul  (I may change the url lol)

So let me explain the situation that caused me to take a break for a while

I’ve been roleplaying on tumblr for a long time now and improving on my writing, theme making (for other blogs and old themes of mine), and icon making. This blog is actually one of the things I’m the proudest of because aside from the theme that a lovely person made for me all the other things ive done myself, which is very new for me since the only thing i have is literally ms paint and a site called befunky. i loved the site so much because it was a fantastic free editing site that many beginning rpers could use if they want to ‘fancy ‘ up their icons/headers/themes. (not saying that its bad to not do it, just that i know a lot of people like to and want to but not maybe be able to like myself) ive tried many styles and using diffferent tactics, and i had finally, finaaallly made some decent looking icons after all my years on tumblr. now, the way that i icon is i do one each time its needed. i have many that arent finished (over 300+) because i havent gotten the chance to use them yet. so, what happened ? well, when i reblogged that last ask meme on my blog and went to make a reply i created a new icon then went to the site to edit it. when i got there nearly evertyhing on it became locked to plus, which you have to pay for. and now i just feel as if im right back to square one, so i took a break from all of it. the problem is still there but another lovely person is going to be helping me. it just sucks because i thought i could finally do some cool things for myself

I’m going out of town for a few days but I’m going to try to get a few things done relatively soon:

1) finish the rest of the icon/aes requests

2) make an FAQ page

3) try to improve the blog’s current theme (maaaybe make a new one)

(Also, if anyone’s interested, I made a whole other sideblog for icons (mainly pride icons). It’s @iconsforthegays!)

-Mod Alex

&&. Okay so over the weekend i spent a LOT of time in photoshop and Microsoft Word, working on revamping this blog because i just wasn’t happy with how empty and unfinished it looked. I wanted to get all my headcanon’s and thoughts about Tony’s life growing up in one place and so i wrote a rather long bio including both canon and my own thoughts / headcanons!. I also revamped his theme, i changed codes ( no i did not make it, it’s a public theme, credit is in the corner of my page! although my friend @illegitimatestark did help me to slightly edit it!), i made a new theme background , mobile header, avatar icon and a promo!. I just really needed to get this blog organised and aesthetically pleasing in my own eyes.

I re-watched Iron Man one and got inspired to go back to some things that i had honestly forgotten for the sake of character development. Tony is a flirt, he’s charming he’s charismatic and whilst i’ve always tried to capture that i’ve felt that as of lately he hasn’t been so flirty. In his main verse he has grown up a lot, i’ve had this blog for almost two years and as time has passed, the muse has changed and grown which is a great thing but there are some key aspects of his personality that i really want to keep in tact. I feel like his new revamp brings to life who Tony Stark is and honestly that’s something i needed to really reawaken this muse.

I need to go to uni soon to take care of financial aid stuff, and then I have a dentist appointment. I’ll be on later tonight, but I would love to come back to asks! I need to edit my pages, so don’t worry too much about checking them out. I will do aesthetic/moodboards, basic graphics, and rp icons.(regular icons, not gif) I am also accepting shoutouts/recs, rants, rp stories, questions about rping, the rpc, character development, and faceclaim help. 

And under the readmore is a little to-do list. I made them from time to time a few months ago, and they were actually really helpful.

Keep reading

huffinggas  asked:

hey, i was wondering if you could give me a promo? i just made this blog and i need some new followers. thanks!

Sure thing! Good luck with your blog, and I hope you gain some new followers soon!

URL: 9/10
Icon: 8/10 - nice colour to brighten up your blog and draw people’s attention
Theme: 8/10 - cool! Makes your posts stand out a lot
Posts: 7/10 - not that similar to mine but I still quite like yours! They have a good colour theme and vibe to them, keep up the good work!
Overall: 8/10

~Send me an Ask for a blog rate and promo xx~

please do not self promote or delete the text or you will be disqualified :(

hiya, so me, alie & tin started talking and decided to make an movie awards because c’mon, who doesn’t love movies?


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♥︎ romeo & juliet - best theme x2

♥︎ the notebook - nicest blogger x2 

♥︎ 10 things I hate about you - new discoveries x2

♥︎ mean girls - kaci’s fave x1

♥︎ dear john - alie & tin’s fave x1

♥︎ titanic - best overall x1


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♥︎ we will chose the winners when we feel happy with the notes

so that’s basically it! enjoy and happy reblogging lovlies x

So i decided to make my 4th follow forever for this summer and it’s been 2 years since i made this blog woow. I met so many different, so many beautiful people here, found amazing blogs that make my dash pretty every day and i can’t thank you enough for that. I started blogging more fashion things lately and there are new iconic blogs i found so thank you too. I like that we go crazy together over good or stupid things our DAD does lmao and it’s so nice to have like second family here. Thanks to each and every one of you, you’re beautiful. I want you to enjoy this summer, go to parties, find girlfriends/boyfriends and have a lot of fun. Love you. P.S. i follow so many blogs and i couldn’t include everyone, so sorry if i forgot someone but i love you too. ♥

Bold are my favorite blogs or favorite people here,, you’re special to me.

Special appreciation for my dad justinbieber​ who didn’t post in like 4 months and i should unfollow him but you knoww lol

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#: 1994sblessed

OUT; u kno when ur like “oh i’ll just screencap a few things for my new blog there’s no point making loads of icons if i don’t stick to it” 

and then

i’ve made a terrible mistake 

ilydaehyun  asked:


(OMG UR ICON!! this might get me into wjsn….. hmmm)

1. First impression: i think i saw a follow promo thing and i was oh lemme see ooh nice blog lemme follow
2. Truth is: u have a nice blog and u’re like really pretty???
3. How old do you look: 17 18 ish??
4. Have you ever made me laugh: COS OF MY DUMBNESSS YESSS and the fact that im blind and need new glasses HAHAAHAH
5. Have you ever made me mad: noooooo
6. Best feature: omg idk why but ur hair looks so healthy?? like in ur selfie tag thing??
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: a friend crush???
8. You’re my: friend on peach but idk how to work it cos im old and illiterate
10. Should you post this too? if u want to!

send me ‘hey’ and i’ll do this^