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some good morning Yugi sketch or whatever

The signs as a celebrity
  • Aries: everyone speculates whether they're high a lot, known for doing wild stuff at parties, admired, talented and very fast paced with their career
  • Taurus: looks beautiful even in candids, owns a shit ton of Range Rovers, probably gets scolded by their personal trainer a lot so they sack them, honestly flawless
  • Gemini: somehow in every selfie ever taken at an award show, active instagram account, knows how to appeal to the public eye
  • Cancer: everybody wanna be their lover so bad, they endorse every product in the universe because they want to be polite, always publicly thanking their fans every 3 seconds, probably has a tumblr account to check up on fans
  • Leo: always gives back to their fans, throws the craziest and best after parties, generally well loved and popular without even trying and has every celeb thirsting for them
  • Virgo: know how to keep themselves relevant, every fan encounter is usually pleasant, wins a ton of awards
  • Libra: friends with every celebrity in the world, always looks amazing when they're out in public, charitable, aware of social matters, always on twitter, probably has a crush on every celebrity they meet but covers it up
  • Scorpio: the one everyone thirsts for, maybe not a person of many words but when they do speak they always say something iconic, knows what their fans want to see, very successful
  • Sagittarius: no fucks were given ever, swears in interviews, lights up a joint on stage, downs some vodka before they go up and accept an award, aside from that tho, they're charitable, talented, and appreciate every one of their fans, very admirable
  • Capricorn: so cute even if they don't think so, always neat in appearance, always some nice shit going on w their hair, very very VERY good at their job, inspire and help their fans without even realising, enigmatic, probably disappear from time to time tho
  • Aquarius: very weird and very cool, always stand out even in a photo of them with bigger celebrities, on the front page for something that never even happened, probably always accused of dating some celeb they made eye contact with 3 months ago, extremely talented but not always aware of it
  • Pisces: slept on so damn much, honestly one of the most talented and original people out there, always coming up with ways on how they could use their fame to make a difference, underrated af
Jungkook's red spot?

So I noticed that ppl started talking about that red spot on jungkook’s neck and this time I didn’t bring it up…Others caught on and noticed it. Army have sharp eyes and they notice everything . I just wanted to share my insight on this issue with everyone because Jungkook has a very special spot in my heart and I only want to best for him ❤ I know it might be late, but I hope everyone can bury this issue before it gets any bigger ,therefore I studied this case a little bit and came up with a theory as to what could have happened to him,because this whole story doesn’t make sense when you put it together.First off BTS are in their prime /busiest time of the year and Jungkook is not careless to that extent. I noticed that it isn’t his first time with that red Mark on that one specific spot on his neck, therefore I believe it could be a rash? He also didn’t even try hiding it, so I doubt he was worried about being caught or anything . He could’ve had easily wrapped a scarf around his neck like all idols do in this cold weather if he wanted to hide anything,but jungkook removed his hood while they were checking in at the airport and he was naturally smiley like he always is even if his red Mark was exposed to the world. Can I also add the fact that the makeup used to cover it up during the concert actually looked way too yellow for his skin tone ? No professional makeup artist would make such a mistake. It almost looked like some type of medicine was applied before they blended the concealer in. Tbh, I used to Fangirl about this matter a week ago because i thought he finally found someone he loves, but the fact that he’s been spotted several times with it ,made me skeptical about it…Like,what if he has an allergy or something? Jungkook had issues with his skin in the past and it might be a similar case. My sister is allergic to some chemicals that resides in fake silver and gold and it honestly makes me question if his “red spot” was caused like that as well ? The stylists enjoy making them wear necklaces and chokers sometimes. Who knows what really happened tho ? Only jungkook does, but This is just me trying to protect my bias from unfair accusations. Ppl are bound to feel salty and throw shade at him when they don’t know the whole story (cause he’s the only one who knows what happened and honestly it’s none of our business . It’s his body so he can do whatever pleases him.Pls remember he’s still a human like you and I.) and I just wish everyone is willing to respect him no matter what. Anyways , I just want to say that I support him no matter what happens ^^ If it’s a rash,an allergy or anything else then so be it, but I’ll always be supportive of him whatever happens in the end ❤


Request — SEVENTEEN TEXTS [The8 - Xu Minghao] — You mention his pointy ears + flirting and accidental confession

I had to try a lot of times to set that as Minghao’s profile picture because everytime I saved changes after chosing that selfie as his profile pic, the picture became a picture of Wonwoo LOL And no, it wasn’t me choosing the wrong picture by accident, because when I clicked on the customize menu to change the wonwoo picture, the selfie came back :/

I tried like three times and everytime, the selfie changed to Wonwoo’s picture!! Maybe my phone wants me to make fake texts for Wonwoo…? 👀

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this!! I missed making fake texts even tho I made some just a few days ago. I guess it’s because bullet-point scenarios take me a longer time to write so it feels like I make more of those than fake texts

Well, everyone have a great day!! 💞

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Sentry and Chara for 5?

((me screaming into tumblr inbox whydidntyoutellmetheresanasktumblrwhyareyoulikethis)) so anyway… sorry it took so long..

Angst/Fluff prompt 

“You made your choice.”

dramatic children are dramatic lol

they’re having a bet who can finish a bowl of super spicy ramen* fastest… or just finish a bowl at all

hint : it’s a tie XD they’re both ded

((*in context : there was this weird sorta challenges here over who can eat spiciest food and it was quite a trend couple of years ago, people made spiciest snacks with levels on it and 10 is the spiciest level. It has died down now tho but it’s a pretty fun idea for this :3c))

It seriously pisses me off when everyone that neglects an idol suddenly pops out of nowhere to spread rumors and criticize their life/look/choices. It happened with Luna before and it’s now happening with Jimin. Stop spreading news saying Jimin has made plastic surgery, stop using a pic from years ago when she had a major weight lost to compare, and more important: stop making fun of how she looks because that can actualy lead her to make a ps. That being said, she did fill her lips and face, and she has been doing it for quite some time and none of you notice uh?, it takes a few days to look natural and it’s temporary tho. But her jaw is the same, and i could give you receipts, but if you had time to spread rumors, you also has to look it up her fanbases. Leave her alone


I’ve spent two years on tumblr dot com and it gave me the anxiety™ and here’s some redraws of some of my first art I posted (surprise it’s all eddsworld)

I redrew the same things last year too, comparisons between those and the recent ones under the cut (warning tho: I wasgoing through a weird experimental phase at that time. shit’s gross)

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I finished the whole gang in perler beads! I made the Layton a while ago, but now that I got some beads of my own and some free time, I decided to make the rest to match! I used patterns based on the in-game pixels, with a few minor changes (mostly to Flora), and I’m really happy with how they all turned out!

These are all based on the little current-party icons, and the patterns were made by the same person, but Layton ended up being shorter than everyone, and I find that really funny for some reason?

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I've always wondered, what does your url mean?

I made it a couple years ago, but I wanted to have some unique uvuvuvu name and it just came to me. Making shit up basically.

I saw the big youtubers and whatnot all had unique names and just wanted to have something like that.

if anything at all? it’s just my name. i never planned any deeper meaning to it. Caustic? That, tho, was my all time favourite elemental weapon in Borderlands when I first started playing. I used to have a caustic revolver in my first run of the game that I loved dearly and tried to beat the game with. I don’t remember if I did or not tbh.

But Synishade? that’s just me. I think the original idea was to play off of nightshade? I do not remember tho lol.

People have told me it makes sense for my personality. Since I do get very salty at times.

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Can I have headcannons for bokuto kurro and kenma having a girlfriend who loves to bake and brings them cookies and cakes and other sweets for after every game

sure!! so so sorry for the late response..hope you like them!


he loves it

like, when did he even became so lucky? you’re just a really good baker, at this point you think he goes to games just so you bring him cookies

no matter if they loose or win, he knows he’ll get the cookies at the end. i mean, volley surely is a big deal but this? this is another level

one time he was having the last one and lev asked if he could taste it; he just nodded, then grinned, then ate the whole thing in a bite

you’ve told them more than once jokingly “you gonna get fat”

he always answer “well at least i’ll be happy”


to be honest, he thinks is a bit weird that you just go to a volley gym with a plate full of sweets, but like, who cares actually, they’re delicious

he finds it a bit hard to say thank you to you, so his way to show you how thankful he is is just eating the whole lot

sometimes is difficult tho, not long ago yamamoto find out about your habit and told the team, no he’s got to fight for your cookies

it actually pisses him off a bit, cause he thinks you feel obligated to bake, but you’ve told him lots of time that you actually love doing it


just so you understand, ,he was the one that asked you to bake sweets for him after the games

you made them one afternoon just because you were bored and he tried them, then with puppy eyes begged you to bake more, and to bring him some after his new game

how could you say no to that face? so you decided to bake some, just for this time, you thought

it became an habit

you secretly bake some for the rest of the team on special ocations like very important games, but he’ll get jealous if he finds out, so it’s a secret between you

he couldn’t be more grateful and makes sure to show you how thankfull he is in all the possible ways

loonylein becomes annicent

You may have noticed two days ago I deleted almost everything on my blog.
I did this for a reason. I want to do some kind of restart here. That´s why now I come up with a final decision and a new username.

Things happened and I got really annoyed by some people or even whole fandoms. You know about the hate I recieve every day. That´s why I now want to leave the mcl and eldayra fandom.
I know many of you are just following me for the mcl and eldarya art and I´m really sorry for this but rn both of the famdoms are so damn toxic. I still hope you will continue following me because of my other art.
The second reason is my past. I made some mistakes and even tho it was long time ago I wanna leave it behind.
And last thing that made me do this is the fact that in my future career a sirious portfolio is important. That´s why I have my side blog @anni-stuff - there I will post things like the emoji memes etc.

I hope my breakdown did not frighten you!
Thank´s for sticking w/ me!

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Do you know how to animate? I think if you made like an animated series it'd be really cool

I’m not very good or experienced at animating but honestly IVE DREAMED about making multiple cartoons, like, a lot. its my dream to be a cartoonist although i could never get myself to sit down and animate

i did make this some time ago tho:

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I look at your art and then I cry because I'm the same age as you and I'm nowhere as good as you. I keep drawing and practicing everyday, and I know that's all I need to do, but it sucks to know that I'll never be good enough. I hate everything I create and it just makes me very sad :')

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO omg don’t say that pls asf;asf;lsgd

if you really are drawing and practicing everyday, i knowww you’ll get there (and most likely surpass me bc i don’t even draw everyday aksa;dl). I wish I could send you one of my old sketchbooks just to show that you will improve!!! It just takes some time and effort ;o;

or do what i do! Just compare your art from a couple months ago with your current art! It helps you see if you’ve made any improvements and if you have, even the slightest bit, THEN THAT’S GOOD! IT’S PROGRESS!!! JUST KEEP DRAWING OKAY! <333



Except Red, he aien’t a kid here tho

Anyhow, just two sketches of my headcanons for the fell and swapfell bro’s childhoods, or rather the part in their past when things changed drastically and dramatically for them <: the fell one I did like two something days ago while the sf one I made like weeks ago, and I think the sf one looks hella lot better as in the fell one their faces turned out a bit weird and stuff, but can’t be bothered to try to fix it, still kind of happy with it tho

Some explanations and headcanons under the cut 

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Dude, you are honestly really cool Like, I respect you sm and I just ?? I'd totally talk to you sometime, but I'm super bad at conversing But I've been wondering; Did anything inspire you to make re-NIGHTMARE??

Probs funamusea/deep sea prisoner/mogeko/whatever
I love their artstyle and how they blend horror and comedy together
Tho they also leaded me to do some bad things (cough they draw like abuse and rape, seeing them doing stuff like this time ago made me think it was a totally ok thing)

And somehow songs, especially Get Scared ones since at the time I started re-nightmare I was obsessed with this band (still love it)


(i’d probably switch around a bunch of the scenes and replace/add some new ones if I remade it tho yeah I WAS A KID WHEN I MADE THIS OK aLSO THE FILE FOR THE MOVIE ITSELF I HAD WAS IN THE WORST POSSIBLE QUALITY I’M SO SORRY i just threw in the one scene there for timing even tho you can’t even see it clearly I’M SORRY)


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Do you remember having any nice dreams with Gamzee? i've had a couple nice ones with Sollux before[but also had sad ones too :( ], one in which he happily asked me to be his matesprit ahah [my-sollux-bee]

its funny you ask that considering my last dream with gam in it (which was. 2 nights ago) involved me watching him die like 3-4 times :^) bUT HMM

most dreams i’ve had with him have been nice!! and everytime i have ‘em theyre like, realistic?? like i can feel everything and like im really living them instead of just, watching (i’ve made posts talking abt some of them too (x)(x)(x)(x)

as nice as they are i always just wake up missing him tho :^(


Kagepro OTP postcard set that I made for local con some time ago.

I didn’t manage to make Kanokido and the OT3 hibihiyomomo because I was running out of time. Probably I’ll make it for the sake of completing the postcard set, tho.