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Jungkook's red spot?

So I noticed that ppl started talking about that red spot on jungkook’s neck and this time I didn’t bring it up…Others caught on and noticed it. Army have sharp eyes and they notice everything . I just wanted to share my insight on this issue with everyone because Jungkook has a very special spot in my heart and I only want to best for him ❤ I know it might be late, but I hope everyone can bury this issue before it gets any bigger ,therefore I studied this case a little bit and came up with a theory as to what could have happened to him,because this whole story doesn’t make sense when you put it together.First off BTS are in their prime /busiest time of the year and Jungkook is not careless to that extent. I noticed that it isn’t his first time with that red Mark on that one specific spot on his neck, therefore I believe it could be a rash? He also didn’t even try hiding it, so I doubt he was worried about being caught or anything . He could’ve had easily wrapped a scarf around his neck like all idols do in this cold weather if he wanted to hide anything,but jungkook removed his hood while they were checking in at the airport and he was naturally smiley like he always is even if his red Mark was exposed to the world. Can I also add the fact that the makeup used to cover it up during the concert actually looked way too yellow for his skin tone ? No professional makeup artist would make such a mistake. It almost looked like some type of medicine was applied before they blended the concealer in. Tbh, I used to Fangirl about this matter a week ago because i thought he finally found someone he loves, but the fact that he’s been spotted several times with it ,made me skeptical about it…Like,what if he has an allergy or something? Jungkook had issues with his skin in the past and it might be a similar case. My sister is allergic to some chemicals that resides in fake silver and gold and it honestly makes me question if his “red spot” was caused like that as well ? The stylists enjoy making them wear necklaces and chokers sometimes. Who knows what really happened tho ? Only jungkook does, but This is just me trying to protect my bias from unfair accusations. Ppl are bound to feel salty and throw shade at him when they don’t know the whole story (cause he’s the only one who knows what happened and honestly it’s none of our business . It’s his body so he can do whatever pleases him.Pls remember he’s still a human like you and I.) and I just wish everyone is willing to respect him no matter what. Anyways , I just want to say that I support him no matter what happens ^^ If it’s a rash,an allergy or anything else then so be it, but I’ll always be supportive of him whatever happens in the end ❤


I’ve spent two years on tumblr dot com and it gave me the anxiety™ and here’s some redraws of some of my first art I posted (surprise it’s all eddsworld)

I redrew the same things last year too, comparisons between those and the recent ones under the cut (warning tho: I wasgoing through a weird experimental phase at that time. shit’s gross)

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Haven’t posted anything in a while, so here’s a new oc I made a month or so ago!!

Her name is Scarlet, she’s a famous singer/model who enjoys playing video games in her spare time. She’s very sweet and kind-hearted, and can get weepy very easily. She’s currently living with her younger sister Arabella, who moved in with Scarlet when her life took a huge turn. 


I finished the whole gang in perler beads! I made the Layton a while ago, but now that I got some beads of my own and some free time, I decided to make the rest to match! I used patterns based on the in-game pixels, with a few minor changes (mostly to Flora), and I’m really happy with how they all turned out!

These are all based on the little current-party icons, and the patterns were made by the same person, but Layton ended up being shorter than everyone, and I find that really funny for some reason?

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I look at your art and then I cry because I'm the same age as you and I'm nowhere as good as you. I keep drawing and practicing everyday, and I know that's all I need to do, but it sucks to know that I'll never be good enough. I hate everything I create and it just makes me very sad :')

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO omg don’t say that pls asf;asf;lsgd

if you really are drawing and practicing everyday, i knowww you’ll get there (and most likely surpass me bc i don’t even draw everyday aksa;dl). I wish I could send you one of my old sketchbooks just to show that you will improve!!! It just takes some time and effort ;o;

or do what i do! Just compare your art from a couple months ago with your current art! It helps you see if you’ve made any improvements and if you have, even the slightest bit, THEN THAT’S GOOD! IT’S PROGRESS!!! JUST KEEP DRAWING OKAY! <333

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Hello !!! I have a question, umm it's from the child that had Yui and Ruki, but I don't understand, why is the child a first blood?? Did Shin raped Yui or Yui cheated on Ruki?? it's only that I haven't played the game and I have my doubts...

Sweet heart~ I didn’t play the game either lol but I watched all the routes!!!!( ´▽`) but because I watched long time ago, maybe some of the details are not 100% correct, but over is right tho!

Yui was trying to save Ruki from Carla and Shin’s house, so she made compromise with shin that she would stay and please let Ruki go back to Mukami household. Ruki didn’t know that until Azusa told him. In this period both Yui and Ruki didn’t meet, and both of them missed each other madly…In the same time Shin talked to Yui like “I try to treat you nice but you are being a soulless person” so shin is lil mad.(Azusa secretly went to Yui and told her write a letter to Ruki and all Yui wrote was “ I miss you” because there were too many thoughts in her mind she could not write them all out/ no enough paper yo jk) Ruki went to pick up Yui at the end before she commits suicide, she was saying “if I die will I go to heaven and see Ruki?” And Ruki was saying “ I’m not going to heaven I will go to hell” (omg…) so according to my educational guess I believe Shin did something Dirty when Ruki was saved and back to mukami household!


Kagepro OTP postcard set that I made for local con some time ago.

I didn’t manage to make Kanokido and the OT3 hibihiyomomo because I was running out of time. Probably I’ll make it for the sake of completing the postcard set, tho.

((so this happened about a week and a half ago and when i initially wrote it out it actually just made me feel way more stressed so i didn’t end up posting it at the time, but now that i feel less shit about it i thought i’d post it because it’s still a sentiment that i want to share.))

cw: suicide (not me tho dw), death mention

i got some rough news about two diff friends recently so yeah here’s a post about that

(please like this post if you read it. if you dont wanna have this post lingering in your likes you can reply with a heart instead, but that’s the only kind of reply I’ll accept. i’m fine, seriously, so please don’t give condolences or anything because this isn’t about me and idk, it just doesn’t feel right.)

also please don/t r/blog, thanks

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The signs as a celebrity
  • Aries: everyone speculates whether they're high a lot, known for doing wild stuff at parties, admired, talented and very fast paced with their career
  • Taurus: looks beautiful even in candids, owns a shit ton of Range Rovers, probably gets scolded by their personal trainer a lot so they sack them, honestly flawless
  • Gemini: somehow in every selfie ever taken at an award show, active instagram account, knows how to appeal to the public eye
  • Cancer: everybody wanna be their lover so bad, they endorse every product in the universe because they want to be polite, always publicly thanking their fans every 3 seconds, probably has a tumblr account to check up on fans
  • Leo: always gives back to their fans, throws the craziest and best after parties, generally well loved and popular without even trying and has every celeb thirsting for them
  • Virgo: know how to keep themselves relevant, every fan encounter is usually pleasant, wins a ton of awards
  • Libra: friends with every celebrity in the world, always looks amazing when they're out in public, charitable, aware of social matters, always on twitter, probably has a crush on every celebrity they meet but covers it up
  • Scorpio: the one everyone thirsts for, maybe not a person of many words but when they do speak they always say something iconic, knows what their fans want to see, very successful
  • Sagittarius: no fucks were given ever, swears in interviews, lights up a joint on stage, downs some vodka before they go up and accept an award, aside from that tho, they're charitable, talented, and appreciate every one of their fans, very admirable
  • Capricorn: so cute even if they don't think so, always neat in appearance, always some nice shit going on w their hair, very very VERY good at their job, inspire and help their fans without even realising, enigmatic, probably disappear from time to time tho
  • Aquarius: very weird and very cool, always stand out even in a photo of them with bigger celebrities, on the front page for something that never even happened, probably always accused of dating some celeb they made eye contact with 3 months ago, extremely talented but not always aware of it
  • Pisces: slept on so damn much, honestly one of the most talented and original people out there, always coming up with ways on how they could use their fame to make a difference, underrated af

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do you know any good Mello fics? young queer me was obsessed w him and how he expressed his gender really inspired me 🌟

Oh boy, it’s been a while since I last read in the DN fandom tbh. But there is one Matt x Mello fic that stayed in my mind and I skimmed AO3 very quickly to see if I can find it again but sadly I don’t remember the name at all. :x

It was about Mello being a photo model and Matt was the new photographer he had to work with. It’s quite some time ago that I read it but I really enjoyed it.

If you want some nice fic recs you should definitely check out the masterpost @light-kun made, there is no specific section for Mello fics but there are some great suggestions and I am sure you’ll find some in the genre catagories! And you can check @deathnotefics even tho it’s not active anymore as far as I remember. c:

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So i really like this girl. Some months ago i didn't even talked to her or greeted her bc i was so scared but somehow she thinks i'm funny(?). Like she seems genuily happy to see me even tho i really never talked to her and i just made her laugh like 6 times but..😂 How can i know if she likes me or if she's into girls anyways?she doesn't have social medias and i just got her number from my sister. I don't know if i can text her and stuff. Help plz

Trust me, If you can make a girl laugh. You can make her do anythin’ I mean, Obviously she likes you, she cannot fake laugh six situations. 😂

I suggest call her and ask her out. No one is straight. Remember that. 👌🏻 I wish you luck, and I am juz here, I want updates! 🤙🏻

Slow dances ~ part one

Dipper was working at the mystery shack one day when Mabel ran up to him excited and bouncing on the balls of her feet. She stood in front of him grinning like the dork she was, with a paper clenched in her hands.
They turned 16 and was spending, yet another summer with the Stan twins. They both matured from those short awkward teens we once was. Mabel’ s hair was now cut at shoulder length. And while she still loved sweaters she only wore them in the cold now and most the time sported skinny jeans with a tee that had some stupid writing on it. She started wearing makeup a year ago and loved doing that wing thing to her eyes. She claimed it made her look like a hawk.
Dipper on the other hand looked about the same except he grew his hair a bit longer and started to let his abnormal birth mark show. He dressed different tho. He lost the vest in change for a light blue hoodie and started wearing jeans in change of shorts. He still had his signature hat that Wendy gave him back when she left for college. It was now worn and frayed at the edges.
Mabel started squealing, causing many odd stares and glances being thrown their way.
“ What is it? Your causing too much attention.” Said Dipper, already trying to hide under his hat.
“ You know how me and Pacifica are basically besties at this point?” Mabel said tossing her head about, paper still gripped tight in her hands.
Rolling his eyes he replied, “ Yes, I recall you two taking over our room forcing me to sleep on the couch outside.” He wasn’t angry about sleeping outside. Actually he preferred it to indoors.
“ We didn’t make you do anything you choose to go out there instead of staying in the living room.” She said with a slight attitude. “ Anyway back to my point, she just sent me and you an invite to go to her party. There will be lots of people in fancy clothes and cute guys and -”
“Wait,” Dipper cut her off “ Why did she send me an invite? I get why she sent you one but why me? ”
Mabel gave him an exasperated look. “ Are you really this dumb? It’s cause she likes you.” She said this as if this should of been obvious. She leaned over the counter and knocked on his head “ Hello anything in there?”
Pushing her hand away he stared at her. Did she forget that little fight he had with with dad a couple months ago leading to him coming to Gravity Falls two months before summer.
He told his family he was gay one night during dinner and his dad got angry and started yelling at him. Telling him there was no way one of those freaks was living his house and he would never love him as long as he lived this sinful life. His mom sat back crying asking where she went wrong. Mabel was the only one who supported him. His dad shoved him out the door and threw his stuff out the window. Mabel gave him some money and with that he took a bus to Gravity Falls where his grunkles and soos cared about him.
Mabel noticed the dazed look on his face, and asked what’s wrong.
“ Did you forget I’m gay? Or is this your way of trying to fix me by setting me up with your friends? Is that it?” He asked getting angrier and angrier as each word left his mouth.
“Woah dude, I meant she likes you as a friend. She is dating some French guy right now. Why would I be trying to fix you when there is nothing wrong with you?” She stated putting her hands up as a sign of retreat.
Dipper sighed and rested his back and head against the wall behind him. He looked up at the ceiling. “ Sorry I just misunderstood”
“Forget it. It’s no big deal.” Mabel said in a kind voice. “ Anyway we are sooooo going to this party there is so much to do. We gotta get started now!” She practically screams as she runs off saying something about shopping.
Dipper chuckle at her antics. She always has so much energy. Ever since they were young she could never be tired. You can’t help but wonder what she really puts in that Mabel juice.
He begin to think back on when we first came here and how much happens every time we return. He looks around and notice the shop is empty. Mabel must of scared them off.
Dipper walks to the sign and turns the sign to closed. He walks back over to the counter and pulls out the old journals. He flips through them looking at pages already read and pictures already memorized. Until he comes to one page that makes him stop.
“Bill…” it comes out like a whispered yer it feels like a scream. His eyes start to water but he refuses to let the tears fall.
Until he remembers what he experienced the last week of last summer. That lead to the discovery about his sexuality. The memory came so clear.

He was in the woods with his notebook watching creatures from afar. He was sitting on a log when he heard that familiar laugh that used to send chills through his spine. He jumped up looking everywhere for that demon. He never realised he was shaking til he dropped the notebook he had holding.
He looked around once more to be sure he was safe. He bent down to pick up the fallen notebook when he realized it wasn’t on the ground anymore.
“ Looking for this Pine Tree?” Came that voice from the branch above him.
He looked up and a startled scream escaped his throat. Up in the tree holding his notebook leaning against the tree trunk and, grinning from ear to ear at him, was none other than Bill Cipher. But here’s the catch, he was in human form.
“ Miss me?” he said jumping down and standing up tall.
Now Dipper could get a good look at him. Bill now had light tanned brown skin with strange marks all over his arms and neck. He had an eye patch on one eye but it was decorated with a triangled eye. He had blonde hair slicked back. It stopped at the nape of his neck. He was tall and muscular but not exactly buff. He wore a black shirt with whitewash jeans. He wore nice sneakers with some logo he couldn’t quite make out. He had to admit, Bill looked sexy as a human.
Realizing what he just thought in front of a demon who could read minds made him blush and duck his head avoiding Bill’s sharp one eyed gaze.
He felt a hand on his chin lift his head up so he had to look the demon in the eye. He had a soft smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye.
“ Don’t worry Pine Tree your attractive for a human.” Bill smiled as he cupped Dippers cheek.
He leaned in only to be surprised when Dipper met him half way. Bill slid his hand behind Dipper’s neck and pulled him closer as Dipper’s hands lost themselves in Bill’s hair. Finally after what felt like an eternity but when it ended seemed like only a few short seconds Bill broke the kiss.
“ Yeah, I’ve missed you” Dipper says looking Bill lovingly in the eye.
They spent the whole last week of summer in Gravity Falls together but in secret. They would meet up in the woods until he left.

Tears spilled out freely at this point. Man did Dipper want to see him again but he wasn’t ever able to get away. He was so angry why can’t Stan ever give him a break or Mabel ever let him go off in the woods alone. He banged his fist on the counter which he hasn’t moved from since this afternoon. He looked at his watch. 11.09. He should head to bed.
He stayed rooted to the spot a few more seconds before he wiped his eyes and headed to bed. He pulled off his shirt and pants and crawling under the blankets. He drifted off into a sleep filled of sweet moments with Bill.

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two of my sapphic ocs are a vampire n a ghost n they have been together for 500+ yrs. the ghost was a vampire too but around 100yrs ago some humans set fire to their house and only one of them managed to survive n after seeing her love burnt to death she decided to sell her soul to get her back n made a deal with a demon and even tho they cant touch 'normally' and who knows how much time they have left(altho I decided they gonna fool that demon somehow) they love eo so much and have two cats

omg this is gay and i love it!! if you write any drafts or anything, hmu!!

“hearts not parts!!”

ok but other orientations are not focused on genitals either please don’t pretend that this is the only identity that falls in love with the person for “who they are, not what they are,” because that makes it seem like others don’t do the same, regardless of their sexual or romantic orientation. thank you very much this has been a psa have a lovely day

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I'm surprised that no one has made an SAO AU yet though it's understandable because it kills you a bit. The theme song it so pretty tho (IM REWATCHING IT FROM THE BEGINNING ON NETFLIX WISH ME LUCK ALSO THE FIRST TIME I SAW IT MY SISTER WAS WATCHING IT AND I THOUGHT IT WAS AN ANIME ABOUT TWO GAY DUDES ON A FIGHTING SPREE)

I literally thought about writing that a while ago. The series is so good and pure and heartbreakingly wonderful and some characters could easily fit. I also enjoy screaming at the anime from my couch so the two shows have that in common :)

Adrien Agreste would Kirito, playing at his online persona, Chat Noir: a dork dressed all in black. Marinette would be Asuna. Strong, clever, and powerful. A true leader. I forget the bandana-man’s name (it’ll come back to me in a bit) but he’s Nino. Yuki is either Manon or Tikki. And Kayama is Hawkmoth; a billionaire who wants to control a make believe world that balances on life and death. Idk about the other characters.

And, well, your sister isn’t exactly wrong… Bandana-man might be compensating for something.

Actually now that I think about it, Ladybug might be a better Kirito… Occasionally angry, oblivious of all love interests, very cunning, and a pro gamer. She ready to fight and doesn’t mind being hated to reach her goal. (“You damn beater!!!!” “Yeah? And? Sorry I’m busy keeping you morons alive please leave me alone”)


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Can you give tips on how to make a gemsona? I can't make mine look like it belongs on the show

Here is some older refs I made for people! (They are older art tho, I’ve improved myself since then)

Drawing in SU style

Here is a old thing I made months ago to show not to add so much detail to your SU drawings.

Making a Gemsona tips

and PLEASE look at canon character refs to understand the style of the show.
(you can find SU refs in my Ref tag)

It takes time to get the hang of it.. So don’t worry if you don’t get it right away!



i started using this blog in january and i also reached a follower goal a while ago thought it was time i made a follow forever ! also i really wanted to make a banner.. tbh i probably won’t unfollow any one i am following atm but its overwhelming for me to include everyone i follow in this post + i probably forgot some ppl orz. so if u aren’t in this: i still love u and ur blog ♡ this isn’t totally in order…

bold - mutuals (it isn’t bolding properly tho lmao)

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kaebbsong: RIN ♡♡♡ ur my best friend on here and i love u so much bro ♡ i love our pic spams and I’m glad u have accepted that ur jin trash :’) u write amazing fics and ur the cutest person alive. ily ily ily dweeb

dyocakes: rachel !!! ur so sweet and aesthetic and i love talking to u ♡ ur honestly so adorable and ily #jongchel? #rachkai? i can’t make ship names lmaoo

kaisramen: ALEX U SLUSH I LOVE YOU ! ur hilarious and adorable and ur blog is so cute! I’m rlly glad we are friends ♡

minseok-tea: mads omg ur blog is so perfect i am trash ur amazing and gorgeous and ily ur so sweet and ur typos and edits are amazing 👑

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seuleepy: MY TWIN MISA ILY ♡♡ I’m rlly glad we met we r so alike and we have amazing taste in biases :’)


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