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Unpopular Opinion: I think Harry Styles could be a good actor

With all this talk about Solo Harry, I decided to explore my personal favorite topic: ACTOR Harry.  I’ve been threatening to make this post for a while and now i”m finally bored enough to do it.  Buckle up, kids.  I’m pretty (read: VERY) long winded. I have a lot of thoughts. Quick background info on me and why this topic interests me- I am an actor/producer living and working in a major US market- originally trained in musical theatre, still dabble occasionally in that, but mostly work in straight theatre and indie film.    

Listen, i know what you’re thinking, but hear me out.  He really would be great! There are just three caveats:

1) He’d have to actually WANT to do it. I know this might sound silly, but how often do you see famous people take a cameo just because their manager said it would be good for their career and/or image? Acting isn’t easy.  It’s a craft just like music or any other art form.  And if your heart isn’t in it, what’s the point?  

2) He would have to have the right director. Theatre would be the best bet when it comes to a first time big acting project.  There’s a lot more time to rehearse and build the character and grow. The director could take his time to guide him.  Film happens a lot more quickly and a lot of times the director focuses more on the over all picture rather than individual performances.  When I first started acting on-camera, I was so lost.  “What do you mean we just run through it once for blocking (aka knowing exactly where to walk/stand/move) and then it’s go time?”  A lot of the times you have to do your work on your own, sometimes literally.  For example, if there’s a close up on an actor talking to someone else in the scene, there’s a very strong possibility the other actor they’re talking to isn’t even in the room.  Someone else could very well be reading their lines and the actor being filmed has to go with it and pretend they’re having a conversation with someone.  This can be really tough for those that don’t have a lot of experience.  TV moves even more quickly than film and there are less takes per scene meaning less chances to get your performance right so again, for someone new, this can be very intimidating.  That being said, there are plenty of directors out there known for being “Actor’s Directors” meaning they take the time to help the actor along.  If Harry is to start with film (which I very much think he should do over TV), he’d just have to find the right fit. 

3) It would have to be the right role.  Firstly, Harry would be terrible at straight up comedy.  Comedy is not easy.  There was a great post going around not too long ago about how Harry isn’t funny- goofy and witty, yes, but not exactly funny, mostly due to his lack of timing.  And in comedy, timing is everything.  He would end up trying way too hard and it would come off as over the top.  I mean, we’ve all seen iCarly, right?  Although, to be fair, he’s not really THAT much worse than the other actors on that show.  It’s MEANT to be over the top. Even still, a comedic role is not going to be his best fit.  This is why when people started getting excited over the rumors of him being on Scream Queens, I was dead set against it.  Look at Abigail Breslin- she is a fantastic actress, yet on that show does not shine at all.  He could probably pull off the lead in a romantic comedy, but as long as he was more of the straight man (heh no pun intended) to the comedic romantic interest.  I think he’d be great at playing the bad-boy-with-the-heart-of-gold: Logan Echolls (moody one minute, goofy and over the top the next) or Jordan Catalano (bonus points for music playing, the fact that I totally want to see him follow in Jared Leto’s footsteps plus EXTRA bonus points for the Azoff connection).  Judging by his songwriting alone, I think he’d need a role with depth for it to actually interest him and make him want to do it justice.  As for theatre, in about 15 years I want so bad to see him play Hedwig in Hedwig and the Angry Inch.  I think he’d be brilliant. Again- with the first two caveats in place.  

Reasons I think Harry would be a good actor: 

1) Now I know we’ve all heard the “he’s a terrible actor because he can’t lie” or how fakity fake fake he looks with all his winter girlfriends.  But here’s the thing- acting isn’t about lying.  There are obviously vary many acting schools and techniques out there, but my personal go to is Meisner technique whose goal is to get actors to "live truthfully under imaginary circumstances.“ That’s right, Truthfully. Most of the best actors are terrible liars in real life and vice versa.  I mean, come on, has anyone seen Taylor Swift in Valentine’s Day?  If you have, I’m very very sorry.  

2) Harry is very perceptive.  You’ve seen him with fans that are crying.  He knows just what to do to calm them down.  He knows how to pick up on social cues and react accordingly.  This is important for an actor as your job is to react to what the other person is putting out there, not just spitting out your own lines.  

3) He wears his heart on his sleeve.  Harry feels things deeply.  He’s sensitive. While he’s learned to minimize all that now, we’ve seen him cry in interviews, we’ve seen him bark out unexpected laughs, we’ve seen him pouty. Not being afraid to show emotion is obviously a good trait for an actor to have.

4) Speaking of not being afraid, he’s not afraid to make a fool of himself. As an actor, you’ll be asked to do some of the most ridiculous things you can imagine just to get something that looks right.  You’ve seen that boy on stage.  He’s definitely not afraid to look foolish.  

5) He’s charismatic AF.  He knows how to draw people in.  He knows how to connect with people whether it’s an audience or whomever his scene partner would be.  As an actor, you need to trust your scene partner and the first step in this is building a strong connection with that person.  

I’m sure there are plenty more reasons, but this is already ridiculous long.  If you’ve made it this far, I applaud you.  If you have any to add, bring it!  I’ll happily put them on the list! 

For the record, this is not me saying he SHOULD or WILL be an actor. This is is simply me saying that I will be the first in line at the box office to buy a ticket to any well-directed piece with an appropriate role that Harry wants to play.  

Also @ Harry, if this happens, you should totally talk the casting director into putting me in the film too so we can become BFF.  The end.  

(I believe @bunboyfriend & @fakeaheartattack asked me to tag them when I finally wrote this but i can’t remember who else…) 

Into You (8/?)

Summary- Where Tom is kind enough to share his new ideas for you little game.

AN- Just gonna try and do one more chapter, who knows it may turn out good and then if it’s alright I might carry this series on, simply because it’s my favourite one I’ve written so far.

ALSO please don’t be scared to talk to me! I love getting random messages and stuff! And please inbox me if you wanna be in the tags for this series OR my permanent tag or I’ll forget to add you.


You hadn’t heard anything from Tom. Not a text, phone call or some indirect comment to the press. Nothing, and to be honest that’s what made you want his attention yet again. You didn’t like being throw away, whilst he was clearly enjoying his time with his new ‘chick’.

Yet at the same time you didn’t care he was with someone else, because he always came running back to you. Plus, it was brilliant watching him practically burning with jealousy whilst watching you leave with someone else. Of course, you’d much rather be leaving with him too, but for now Darren would do…

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Well, before I start ranting I will say that I’m not a Seventeen fan, I do like a few of their songs and I was planning to go see them live when they came to my city on the 29th of August but then I had other things to spend money on and couldn’t afford the ticket so, sadly I couldn’t see them live. 

So, this rant is not because my experience, is because of a friend’s experience at their concert.

Let’s begin.

Seventeen was announced to come to my country (Chile) a few months ago, and the people who brought them here are a company called Noix Entertainment.

Noix themselves announced that there will be a Fansign and a HiTouch and then in numerous interviews with the CEO of the company and also on different statements that the company themselves released they said that these two experiences will be very similar to what happens in Korea.

Everything was okay until there, people was incredibly excited because they released a video basically exposing everything they’d do this year such as: Bring K.A.R.D to the country, Monsta X and a Japanese convention called SuperJapan Expo 2017.  (They even made a contest in their twitter account where people had to film their own reactions to the video they released and tag them and they will pick the best videos and give them free tickets to a concert of the winner’s choice)

Then the tickets to Seventeen are released, the company simply releases these tickets and there are 4 categories from the cheapest to the most expensive ticket that is the “CARAT V.I.P” ticket that was almost 170 dollars.

(I also have to add that the V.I.P ticket means that you’re basically in the PIT of the arena, there’s no seats, nothing, you’re paying to be in the PIT, yet they do have a different treatment BEFORE the concert, for example, the ones that buy the V.I.P tickets have a different way of entrance to the arena where there’s massage beds, they have their own merchandise store and that’s it)

So, after all the tickets BUT the V.I.P tickets were sold out (and very close to the concert date, exactly on the 25th of August) Noix releases another statement saying that the only way to participate in the HiTouch and the Fansign is by buying the CARAT V.I.P ticket which will give you the chance to enter a some sort of “contest” to win either of those two events, or maybe both if you’re lucky enough.

The deal was that if you wanted to enter the contest for the HiTouch the only thing you had to do was buy your V.I.P ticket and enter the code that came with it online. If you did that, you were already in the contest which was some sort of “lottery” thing.

They picked 500 winners out of 3000 tickets. 

The day right before the concert Noix releases another statement, on their Facebook page where you could see who won, they had the names of the people who won from number one to number 500. (The HiTouch happened before the concert)

And that was almost good… Yet Noix had a “planning problem” apparently, thing is that the day of the concert, the Noix Staff members were there with the winners of the HiTouch and had no information about it, they didn’t say anything to them and the winners basically had to find their own way to the HiTouch, which, in an Arena is difficult. And not only that, but Noix didn’t have a way of differentiating between CARAT V.I.P ticket’s codes and Normal ticket codes, so a lot of people, who didn’t buy the V.I.P ticket, to fuck around decided to enter the code of their ticket and won.

20 people, who didn’t have the V.I.P ticket won, so, Noix obviously didn’t let them meet Seventeen but also didn’t let other 20 people, who did buy their V.I.P ticket enter the HiTouch. At the end of the day, only 480 people entered the HiTouch. 

So there were already fans mad about that, why couldn’t Noix pick out 20 other random people from the V.I.P area and let them meet their idols? I don’t know.

But here’s when Noix fucked up big, and I mean they FUCKED UP.

The fansign Nightmare.

Noix released statements through national tv and their own social media saying that the fansign will be the day after the concert at 9:30 am and that there will be only 100 people out of 3000 who will be the winners, these 100 people will all have a few minutes with each member of Seventeen to exchange some words (they hired translators for this, because in Chile we speak in Spanish) and maybe give the boys gifts, touch their hands or anything else. 

None of those happened.

The Fansign experience was very expensive on itself, because to simply have the chance of winning it, you had to buy your V.I.P ticket (170 dollars) and also buy the band’s official merchandise, you had to buy over 16 dollars worth of merchandise so you could get a coupon that will buy thrown into the lottery and see if you could win. (Every time you spent 16 dollars they gave you a coupon, so there was a lot of people who spent ALOT of money thinking they will have a better chance to win the fansign), the winners of the contest will be announced by the end of Seventeen’s concert on the same night and in the arena. 

When the winners were already picked, the Noix staff gave them some sort of bracelet that had the instructions to the Fansign and that they had to bring the next day so the company will know if you won or not.

The following day the 100 people who went to the fansign were there at 9:00 am, waiting patiently for their turn to meet the boys and when the fan sign started, they (Noix staff) picked 40 people as the “first group” who entered the fansign. 

The 40 people complained on the internet that during the fansign they couldn’t talk to any of the boys because Noix didn’t let them say anything else than “I love you and hello” and if they dared to speak more than that, they will be pushed so they will hurry up or will be kicked out of the fansign. These people also said that the Noix staff was incredibly rude to them and to Seventeen themselves because they also didn’t let them interact with the fans, they had the boys signing MUCH MORE THAN 100 posters, so many posters that they couldn’t even look up to interact with the Carats. 

And here’s when it gets even darker, remember the other 60 people that were outside? well, these people never got to even meet their idols, the noix staff and the guards didn’t let them come in, so they had to go home, as simple as that, they were kicked out of a contest that they WON. 

The fansign started at 9:30 am and ended at 10:00 am.

And these were not the only problems that the company had, they also treated Koreans differently at the concert that was held in Chile, for example, Chilean fans couldn’t bring cameras or more things than their bags but Korean fans could enter even with umbrellas, plastic chairs and everything they wanted.

Yes, they confiscated the fansite’s cameras and deleted their pictures but these doesn’t erase the fact that Koreans were still being treated differently at the concert. 

And sadly, this is not the first time Noix disappoints Chilean K-pop fans, in 2015, for example, BTS did a HiTouch and for some reason Noix ended up only letting people who were part of the “A.R.M.Y Chile” fan club (people like the president of it, the people who basically lead that fan club) win it, stealing the spots from other A.R.M.Y’s who actually got into the contest and couldn’t win because of these people.

So, this is bullshit and I wanted you all guys to know that Noix Entertainment is a piece of crap. 

On the bright side though, Seventeen were incredible in their concert, fans were super happy with their performance and even their staff is mad at Noix, that’s it.

When I saw tinyconfusion’s tags to this post

#he straight up gets super offended though  #lmao  #and he lets it be known  #that tentoo is the one that’s great at sex  #lbr  #that’s what he means

my brain just instantly went

And what has Rose to say to that?


I really do not appreciate being mocked and ridiculed by those who apparently have their own axe to grind. Screenshotting tweets and blocking out names does not make it better - it is worse because it removes context. And context matters. Take, for example, my tweet that was included in this epic rant.

 A tweet made on the night The Architect (written by Dave Metzger) aired on February 16 that the poster apparently saw fit to save to use in just such a rant later (which is disturbing in itself). I’m sorry, but I am allowed to have an opinion that Liz’s mind was more on Tom and his hunt for information about his past in that episode than on kidnapped Aram and to share that - respectfully- with the writer of the episode. Interspersed, I may add, with all the other tweets I made that night praising the episode and the glimmer of a Ressler storyline that was emerging (and yes I tagged Dave in some of those too) . And that does not make me a toddler. Or a hater. I simply have a different opinion. Anyone who actually follows my Twitter would know that I do not send “hate” messages to writers, producers or actors unless you define hate absurdly to Include tweets like the above. I will never understand why people in this fandom devote so much time and energy to belittling others for not sharing their opinions. It’s exhausting. Please stop.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can you pls explain your animal names for bts and why you call them that? I'm just interested 😀

hi there! Sorry this is SO EXTREMELY LATE. So I’m just gonna copy and paste what I wrote previously haha and add some gifs. Keep in mind, I made these tags in late 2015/early 2016 so I actually have changed opinions of some of these but here’s the explanation for my animal tags from then!

Physical - the animal simply looks likes the member

Yoongi - Koala; Idk why but whenever I look at yoongi, I see a koala. He TOTALLY looks like one.

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Hoseok - Cockatoo; Go google it and tell me that isn’t hobi.

Originally posted by hixtapexx

Namjoon - Giraffe; legs. ughhhhhh

Originally posted by lostinbangtan

Characteristic - Something the animal does reminds me of the member

Jin - Elephant; this one is actually probably the most thoughtful. Elephants are very family oriented, loving animals. Female elephants are very motherly. For example, if a herd is passing by a lone baby elephant, the herd is very likely to adopt the baby elephant and will raise the calf. This is soo mama jin, no?

Originally posted by k-popmemesforyoursoul

Both physical and characteristic

Will ANYONE disagree with me that Taehyung looks like and acts like a Puppy and Jungkook sometimes looks like and sometimes acts like a Bunny??

Originally posted by salazarstyles

Jimin - Cub; My cub. My bias. I couldn’t decide on an animal for jimin for the longest time. He’s the only one without an actual animal since a cub can be multiple animals and I did this on purpose because sometimes he reminds me of a smol bear cub and other times a lion cub because I know one day he’ll be a great majestic king of the kpop world haha jk……………for real tho anyone see it too?? Idk I just see my cub when I see Jimin.

Originally posted by jiyoongis

whataboutthefish  asked:

Oh MyGOSH the list is everything I could ever want and more! But you tempt me with wildly AU fics and rarepairs. You fiends I love you give it all to me! Please and thankyou xoxo

Hey @whataboutthefish​ :)

Sorry it took a while to get to this! Following on from the last rec list we made you which featured mostly canon-ish and a couple of AUs, here are some AU and rare pair fics for you. We’ve tried to include a selection including some on the longer side and perhaps our readers can recommend more.

As always, we’ve only included selected tags, so please heed the tags when you land on AO3.

Hope you enjoy!

Recs Under The Cut

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Time To Realize (5)

Countdown to Halloween Collab with @deanwinchester-af and @waywardlullabies : DAY 5

AO3 link here!

Series Title: Time To Realize

Time To Realize Masterlist here!

Prompt: Flannel and Hay Rides

Summary: You’re working with the boys on a case, as always, but they tell you to take a few days off, as one of your favourite holidays is coming: Halloween. It wouldn’t be a weird request, but they send Cas to watch over you while you’re taking a break, the same angel that you have a crush on since you saw him for the first time, implying to him that you would like to get to know him better. What’s going to happen during those few days? Will you reveal your feelings for him? And, most importantly, will you find out what are his feelings for you?

Word Count: 3210 (I got carried away, but I’m not sorry. Not even a bit ^^)

Characters: Castiel, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester (mentioned)

Pairing: Cas x Reader

Warnings/Tags: fluff, smut, oral sex (female on male, male on female), wing!kink and grace!kink (with special dedication to my fellow sinner, @heyimjustastranger ^^)

For those of you who don’t read smut, just read the beggining and the very end, ‘cause there’s some pretty important stuff there :)

Beta: @roxy-davenport (Roxy, you’re seriously the best!)

A/N: This is my first Cas x Reader series, folks! I really love the way it came out and I hope you’re going to fall in love with this one, just like I did. Hope you’re going to enjoy this one! Internal thoughts are italised, just so you know! And, yeah, this is a really long part and it’s my first Cas smut so let me know what you think!

Also, make sure to check out @deanwinchester-af and @waywardlullabies for their Countdown to Halloween Series :) We’ve been working really hard on this, guys.

If you want to be tagged/untagged in everything or only some stuff, simply let me know or add yourself to this tag sheet! (Tags at the bottom of the post.) Feedback very welcome and highly appreciated.

After a whole day of research, you thought you should both unwind a little after cleaning up the mess you and Cas made on the library table.

You opened your laptop and browsed for Halloween related events in Lebanon. You found a Halloween Fair lasting two days, the day before Halloween and Halloween itself.

You sent a prayer to Cas, urging him to come to your room and he appeared there shortly, sitting next to you on the bed.

“Why did you ask me to come here?” He asked and you turned the laptop so that he could see what page you were browsing.

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On 2017, No-Platforming, and This Blog

As some (or many!) of you may have heard already, as of today, there is a push starting to no-platform people who hold the ahistorical and insulting opinion that aces and aros should not be included in the LGBT+/MOGAI/other acronym of choice community.

This does not mean that we will stop debunking the harmful rhetoric they use, or the misinformation they try to spread. It does mean that we are not going to spread their posts, and give a wider platform to their nonsense.

With that in mind, I fully intend to keep running this blog as usual (which, unfortunately, has to mean something like “sporadically, when I have both time and energy”). However, it means that I will not be reblogging from people who feel they get to decide who to exclude from our community.

Which means I have a request for all of you.

As of today, please do not reblog exclusionist rhetoric or hateful, inaccurate posts (whether these posts were originally made by exclusionists or are add-ons to another post) to tag me into a discussion. Instead, please send me links, or simply topics that you want me to address, and I will continue to make original posts about them.

You can do this via ask (by saying, for example, “hey, can you look at post/155251105407 on historicallyace’s blog and do a historical accuracy check?”), via Tumblr IM, or via fanmail (if that’s even still a thing? I haven’t gotten any fanmail in a long time and tbh I need to check the settings for it on this blog). If I’m not responding quickly enough, because like I said, I’m only here sporadically, feel free to message me on my main, which is currently @snowenby (but if you’re finding an empty blog there, check back to the original version of this post because I will update it as my URL changes).

Let’s all have a wonderful, peaceful, and historically accurate new year!

so i have just been approached by someone who didn’t appreciate the tags that i had put on their gifset.   my tags weren’t inflammatory, they didn’t insult the OP or what they had made.  they were simply my opinion on two characters and their experiences and, i agreed with what the OP and the gifset said.  ( and if they hadn’t added an add on, they wouldn’t see them on their notifications. )   yet i was insulted.   threatened and gilt tripped into deleting my reblog of their gifset, even though the OP could have just blocked me and ignored me, which is what i do when i dont appreciate what people put on reblogs of my art.     now i dont know what other people’s opinions are on this, but if you make a gifset and tag it so it can be found in searches, posting it into a public forum, you cannot demand that someone takes down the reblog if you disagree with their tags because their tags contain slightly different opinions to you, or variations of the same opinion.     you can, if they are offensive but if it’s just an honest different opinion, threatening to report their blog and have them deleted is ridiculous.

How to make a page linking to all your tags

Anonymous wrote:

Hi! I know how to make a tagged page but do you know how to make multiple tags in one page. Like for example, on my blog, i click a page then after that there’s gonna be a list of tags that i’ve tagged. Do you know how to do it?

Hi anon! You already did the hardest part, which is doing the tagged pages, now you just simply have to make a regular page (customize>add a page>standard layout) and then add the links to your tagged pages there. 

For example:

you have two different tag pages,


now just copy and paste the links of those tagged pages into the regular page you just made, or if you’re feeling fancy add the html underlined in green in the picture in HTML mode (second green arrow pointing down). If you want this page to show up in your main blog page, make sure the “show a link to this page” switch is blue. 

You can see the final result to this tutorial here in my blog.

I hope this helps! 

Please and Thank You (Luke Smut)

I finally got around to writing something I want to read. this is only part of my writing and if this gets a good 20-25 notes I’ll continue it. P.S. this my first posting of writing of this nature so feel free to send me feedback!!

Warnings: Smut (not really in this part), Sub!Luke, Written in Luke’s point of view

Just as much as I love the Dom side to sex, I’ve always found the idea of being submissive appealing. It took several weeks and months for me to open up and tell Y/N what I wanted. But to be honest Y/N really figured it out on her own and came to me about. I told her that some days I just want forget my worries and the struggles of life because someone else is caring for me.

“So you want to be the sub and me to be the Dom of this situation?” she asked. “Well yes but not all the time. I still like to have some control still.” “Ok. I think I know of what that will work for both of us, only if your willing to be more open” “I’m willing to try.”

That was about a month ago. Since that day Y/N has brought me a collar, it is simple black leather one with a metal ring in the front for a tag that Y/N promised to add in the future. The deal I’ve made with Y/N is that if I’m feeling submissive I’m to bring my baby doll my collar and simply ask for whatever needs to be met. She said that I need to learn speak up and be more open about my needs & wants. Y/N also said that this would help her in her role as Dom to be able to care for me better.

I’ve doing well for the last three days but it been really hard. Today I’m going to be finding myself in a place I never thought I would be in. I woke this morning to being horny as fuck & being as shy as I am tried to do everything to hide it. It eventually came down to the point that I couldn’t think straight and work on my song writing. Getting up I left the music room of the house Y/N and I share in search of finding Y/N in the office. She seemed to be working on some paperwork that she brought home from work. She didn’t seem to notice my presence until I spoke up, “Hey Baby Doll.” She quickly glances up from to see me standing in the doorway. “Hey Luke.” “That’s it, Hey Luke?” I said the last part mocking her tone. “I’m sorry, Honey I just got a lot work to catch up on.”

With that I grab a chair and sit down next to her. At first I’m just basking in her appearance of one my old & worn band tees that’s oversized on her and simple black panties. Since it is Saturday Y/N didn’t feel the need to change as so did I. I’m just wearing some gray sweats and my choice of a black shirt that Y/N ask, well more like demanded that wear & to top it all off I’m wearing my maroon snapback backward, like I always wear it. It doesn’t take long before I’ve stop staring at my girlfriend and I’m running my hand up and down her exposed thigh. “Luke, stop”, she says clearly not in the mood for teasing. I don’t stop but continue trailing closer and closer to her panties covered core. “Luke, I told you to stop. I’m busy now.” She states getting aggrieved while throwing my hand out of her lap. Getting hornier by the second, I snuggle into Y/N’s side. “Luke, last chance stop this behavior or face the consequences” Y/N nearly shouts clearly understanding that there’s something I’m not telling.

Being the stubborn person that I am I clearly don’t listen to Y/N and pull her for a make out session that she clearly didn’t want at that moment.  Y/N is quick to pull away saying with great dominates” Go grab your collar.” I was just about to back talk her when I noticed that her whole demeanor had changed to one that told me it probably wouldn’t be wise to that, so instead I quickly shuffle off to fetch my collar.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith (11) Karaoke Night

Mr. and Mrs. Smith Masterlist here!

AO3 link here!

Summary: You’re a medical student and a hunter. Your parents died, killed by a demon, and you picked up where they left off. No one knows about it and you live a perfectly normal life. What’s gonna happen when someday you run into Dean Winchester, having no idea, that he’s a hunter, too?

Wourd count: 3415 (what? I know, I went overboard ;D)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: smut and fluff, semi-public sex, drinking, a bit of dirty talk

Beta: @winchesters-complete-me (thank you, hun <3)

Supernatural Hiatus Creations Week Four
Prompt: Female Hunters

Supernatural Hiatus Writing Challenge hosted by @one-shots-supernatural
Prompt: “Be quiet. They’ll hear you.”

A/N: That’s a long one, isn’t it? Hope you’re gonna like it! Song lyrics are in italics. When the phrase “first song” appears, there’ll be a link to that song on yt. Please, listen to it while reading the piece of that part, it really adds to the effect.

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One hour passed by so quick that you didn’t even notice. Somehow, you managed to put on make up, curl your hair and put on the outfit that was not only comfortable but also made you look like a goddess.

Black skinny jeans hugged your ass just right, black tank top brought out your not entirely slim but muscular posture and black heeled boots made you look like a complete bad ass. Not that you complained, of course.

Your hair was falling down your shoulders and back, its weight familiar but somehow strange. It didn’t happen often, dressing up and caring about how you looked like, but you were happy to welcome that new feeling. The eyeliner you put on added more depth to your look. Your tattoos edges were a bit visible and you liked it. You didn’t have a reason to hide it, after all. 

The window in your room was open and that’s why you heard someone pulling over. You grabbed your leather jacket from the hanger, simultaneously putting the phone in your pocket, and ran down the stairs to meet Dean outside. Once you opened the door Dean was already waiting for you there, his smile wide, from ear to ear.

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anonymous asked:

Not every person that responds to your posts are "offended". I've noticed that usually they are only opening the discussion to allow for debate, but your tendency to shoot down the voice of another prohibits a discussion that would help your cause.

I’m not really here to debate 90% of the time. Like… not every post is an invitation to debate? I’m not going to debate paedophiles on whether or not they should be hanging around high schools dating children when they’re in their 20s. No.

And that’s what I was talking about in that post about people being offended about me warning people about abuse tactics. Every time I post about how adults should not date children, I get slammed with messages.

I am getting 24 year old adult men in my inbox explaining to me that it’s okay to fuck a 16 year old child if she flirts. I am getting message after message after message about why it’s really totally normal and natural for adults to date children and I do not want a debate, I will shut that down, it’s my choice whether to engage in discussion or not and some discussions are simply not, in my eyes, worth having.

I am here to share information and to, yes, have discussions on some topics. I frequently reblog people who add something substantial to a post I’ve made or who have added corrections. I have an entire tag called “me fucking up” for accountability purposes. But I will not debate grown adults who want my blessing for some reason for them to perv on teenagers. No. Go directly to the block list, do not collect £200.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith (12) Another One

Mr. and Mrs. Smith Masterlist here! 

AO3 link here!

Summary: You’re a medical student and a hunter. Your parents died, killed by a demon, and you picked up where they left off. No one knows about it and you live a perfectly normal life. What’s gonna happen when someday you run into Dean Winchester, having no idea, that he’s a hunter, too?

Wourd count: 1827

Warnings: between fluff and angst, I don’t know

Beta: @waywardlullabies (thank you so much, wifey <3)

A/N: I know, it’s been a month since I updated this series. And I’m sorry but I’ve been really busy. Fortunately, I’m back on track if it comes to writing so it’s going to be updated more often :) Enjoy, guys!

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“Ellen, what’s wrong?” You asked as worry began to invade your mind, your fingers tapping rhythmically at the sink.

“Two boys just got back from a hunt. They’re hurt. Badly.” She spoke, curses and shouting filling the background. “They didn’t gank the son of a bitch they went after. They thought it was one vampire but it seemed he had some friends. They barely made it.” You sighed, knowing that you couldn’t deny her anything, even if you wanted. She saved you more times than you could remember so you had to help her in every way possible.

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Time To Realize (7) The End

Countdown to Halloween Collab with @deanwinchester-af and @waywardlullabies : DAY 7 (LAST)

AO3 link here!

Series Title: Time To Realize

Time To Realize Masterlist here!

Prompt: Monsters and Colorful Leaves

Summary: You’re working with the boys on a case, as always, but they tell you to take a few days off, as one of your favourite holidays is coming: Halloween. It wouldn’t be a weird request, but they send Cas to watch over you while you’re taking a break, the same angel that you have a crush on since you saw him for the first time, implying to him that you would like to get to know him better. What’s going to happen during those few days? Will you reveal your feelings for him? And, most importantly, will you find out what are his feelings for you?

Word Count: 2678

Characters: Castiel, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, 

Pairing: Cas x Reader

Warnings/Tags: fluff, Dean being Dean, inappropriate jokes, talking of murdering, kissing, a brief mention of rape (just one sentence), lots of sass

Beta: @roxy-davenport (Roxy, you’re seriously the best!)

A/N: My first Cas series came to an end! :c I’m sorry you had to wait one day longer, but I didn’t want to give you the last one with typos and other awful things. Consider this my way of prolonging Halloween, okay? Hope you’ll enjoy and let me know what you think, please!

It was a great experience and I’m sure I’ll write more of Cas from now on ;)

Also, make sure to check out @deanwinchester-af and @waywardlullabies for their Countdown to Halloween Series :) We’ve been working really hard on this, guys.

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The place was crowded which made it easier to blend in without any effort, but it would be harder to get out of there after committing the crime.

You pretended to be interested in the exhibits, whispering about the artwork to Cas and just trying not to stand out. Really you were checking the surroundings; eyeing the security and trying to locate all the emergency exits in case things went south.

Much to your relief, you only counted four security guards. You and Cas could take of four guards if you had to.

As you finished the reconnaissance, you and your angel started moving toward the room that the amethyst would be presented in. Once you got there, you poured all the candy bars and other sweets that you had with you in a bag to a big basket, the mechanism making the dark-colored sheets covering the crystal move away. One glance at Cas let you know that he was ready to do what he was supposed to and you nodded, giving him the green light.

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[New Tumblr Project] WE ARE "T"

Hey ladies and gentlemen of the tumblr world <:
it’s been a while since our “meet cassiopeia” project and our “angel!su” project. We think it’s about time for a new one. A better one. Andi and I thought; how about we show how globally loved TVXQ is????

How about we all make simple signs; white paper with red letters saying: #WeAreT and make a picture of yourself holding it anywhere on the globe; in your city; in a swimming pool; at the gym; let’s make it a global recognition!

No red pen? Don’t fret; We are T is also simply made with your hands and arms, get creative!

Once this is done; post your picture in the “we are t project” tag and hastag it #WeAreTproject on Twitter & instagram!

Don’t forget to add where you’re from so it’s shown that us TVXQ'ers are everywhere! Maybe if this blows big they’ll even get to see it? Who knows. Don’t forget to reblog this so everyone get’s to see and can participate!

If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask!

We are?

anonymous asked:

Oh thank God you're here. I've been waiting for you to post about tonight: Sam watching the Seahawks game and Scrooged. And then his comments on MM's IG. Merry Christmas! :)

Well, I think the twitter stuff is a very good confirmation of his being in Ireland tonight. He is tweeting about the Seahawks game and also bringing up a reference to a movie that is showing on TV in Ireland tonight. It would be an odd reference to include in with his tweets about the Seahawks football game action if he wasn’t either watching or listening to the game while others were watching the movie. Then there is the timing of his merry Christmas to the world tweet- it’s a good bit early for the US, or Seattle area, but spot on for just after midnight mass in the U.K. time zone- and Cait did just mention that midnight mass was a required activity for her family on Christmas Eve, no? And his tweets about the game ended quite abruptly at midnight too- even though the game was not near over. It all adds up to Sam at midnight mass in Ireland tonight for Christmas.
As to the IG comments- he responded to a comment only after he was tagged and he simply said “pathetic” as the comment that he was referencing surely was. Then he made an impersonal comment about “this woman” and how she was only trying to express her own vision of positivity- and then concluded with merry Christmas to all. Nothing at all here beyond that it was again brought to his attention that there were some very vile comments being made on “this woman’s” IG and when another fan pointed out that MM had been playing innuendo games he simply stated that “she isn’t”. And when the fan pointed out the war being fought by several thousand fans who thought she was he said that these several thousand people have no idea what they are talking about. That is both sides. Both the lovers and the haters don’t know what they are talking about- that’s exactly like what he said with his “fruitcake” comment the first time he had to intervene. It’s both sides who are being ridiculous again here.
He isn’t with her, he isn’t dating her. He thinks the whole idea of fighting a war on “this woman’s” IG is ridiculous. They don’t know what they are talking about. And to me that means that he’s saying they are all wrong. She’s not his girlfriend- they don’t know what they are talking about. And she’s not playing games by posting a picture of herself decorating her parent’s Christmas tree in their home in the Pacific Northwest- there is absolutely nothing in that pic that suggests anything about Sam, or suggests anything about a relationship with Sam, at all- they don’t know what they are talking about. She simply made some posts from the place where she stayed before she made an appearance at the Baftas but was not treated as a girlfriend and was not introduced to anyone as being anyone at all to Sam, or anyone else either- they don’t know what they are talking about. He has not said anything more “revealing” about her tonight either by his coming on to referee again or by referring to her as “this woman” which is just like the “no one” she was referred to the first time he had to intervene when the ugliness got out of hand- you really can’t get more impersonal than that- and Sam knows it. And if you think about it Sam has a point about the innuendo- with a very few exceptions being made for those two “hat posts”- the rest of the posts that have resulted in the fan war and vile posts being left on “this woman’s” IG have all been pretty innocuous and only look like innuendo when viewed through a purv colored lens. I think that’s what Sam means when he says “she doesn’t”- because she doesn’t. She posts and the fans draw the conclusions. Erroneously draw conclusions because she is neither a girlfriend, or playing games. She’s actually just posting stuff and when fans try to read all this innuendo into it “they don’t know what they are talking about”. If you think about it what really is she saying with that Christmas post? She’s simply saying she’s home in Seattle with her family for Christmas-It sure doesn’t have anything to do with Sam who is happily tweeting from the U.K. And her pre Baftas pics from the Isle of Arran had no mention of Sam either- just a pic of a scenic view and another of her in the countryside- no Sam anywhere. The innuendo here is all in the fans minds is what Sam is saying. He’s not with her is what Sam is saying.