made this shit up

Her “mother” abandoned her, she was a child, alone in an unknown village without friends or family.  

No matter what she went through, she never wavered.

And despite all the things she’s endured up until now, she remains grateful

Because she has all she needs, she was able to meet her real family.

Family isn’t about whose blood you carry, it’s about who stayed, who loved you and remained loyal no matter what.


Oh shit.

And Kuroo finds himself falling in love all over again.


i thought up this script at like 2am a few days ago 

all i know is that it’s a big fucking joke

another joke is how much effort i put into jasper’s face. like damn. what a face.

So I’ve seen fics where Sportacus goes into heat but what if…

What if elves had mating dances.

Hear me out on this. In spring male elves collect flowers and feathers and ribbons and anything colorful and pretty and they weave it into a shawl and wear it around the one they’re courting and just dance around. But its not just normal human dancing. It’s acrobatic and flashy like birds to show off all the pretty stuff they found and what they can do with their bodies like how high they can jump and how flexible they are and how strong they are.

Just imagine Sportacus bird-flirting at Robbie.

nerd shaming

morrigan was raised by an abusive mother. we know that she was emotionally abused and subjected to forms of neglect

although you may not like her, its important to realize the reasons behind her cold demeanour and somewhat harsh beliefs. flemeth was a horrible mother 

the warden, if befriended, is her first friend ever. she’s never before been in constant contact with anyone but her abusive parent

the way she grows with the warden is reason enough to reevaluate whatever previous thoughts you’ve had about “how much of a bitch she is”. she develops a sense of caring and loyalty. her growth is an important part of her character arc when you take into consideration her isolated and cruel childhood 

Reasons YJ should have continued...
  • BATMAN: Superman, get over the fact that Connor's other parent is one of your enemies, that he was created without your knowledge, that his existence makes you figuratively a deadbeat dad and that he was literally trained to kill you. Take the boy in hand.
  • SUPERMAN: (holds up Damien by scruff of neck)
  • BATMAN: God dammit.

Me and the fam 😎✌🏻️

These people are some of the nicest most sweetest people I have ever had the opportunity to meet. They all got a kick out of my prosthetics!

I got an odo bucket drawing from Rene
Terry was so sweet and kind
Nana LOVED my cosplay
Michael Dorn and Cirroc got a kick out of my cosplay too
And Armin was literally the nicest and coolest person like ever and asked about all the details on how I made my prosthetics

I love all of these amazing actors and I just feel so honored to have been able to meet them all 😊💖


emma duval in vacancy (season two, episode three)

so @littleluciel wrote headcanons about MC working as a mermaid and the members’ reactions to it. And I just HAD TO draw Seven in a shark costume watching MC perform ok

  • Drampa: He's a nice old Pokemon that loves children and will play with them as well as protect them
  • Cutiefly: If a person is happy or excited, they will gather around you because they have a colorful and wonderful aura ovo
  • Type Null: Spits in the face of god, science, and nature itself. A horrific attempt at humanity trying to replicate the powers of the divine, gone horribly wrong. All that remains left is a poor, misshapen creature sewn together by bits and pieces of other Pokemon and silently begs for death every time it breaths.