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But really, very seriously, I think Ana being trans would be an excellent decision, creatively (and therefore is one Blizzard is unlikely to make /salt). Her womanhood and motherhood are clearly very important to her, and narratives of trans motherhood (and womanhood outside of the context of transition) are very, very rare.  It would mean a lot to see that there is more to the trans experience than just transition, that our lives don’t end there, that the meaning of womanhood (or manhood in the case of trans men, or a non-binary identity for enby people) is and continues to be important to trans lives.

I’d love to see a character (like Ana) as trans representation, because while being trans wouldn’t be the only facet of her character (like cis people like to do with their token rep), her womanhood is clearly still something that is very important to her, and enhances her character.


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BTS Masterlist!

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Hehe, hi guys, made a rebloggable masterlist as of 1/27/17. Please drop in the asks if any other links don’t work! All fics are PG to PG-13 as we do not write smut. Although we do write some ugh *dies of coughing attack*


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“It’s not a fashion statement, it’s a death wish” and “Tell That Mick He Just Made My List Of Things To Do Today” are Big Mood trauma songs

Scenario Masterlist

After receiving a request and realizing that my scenario index page may be a bit inconvenient for some, I’ve made a rebloggable masterlist for scenarios only. The format in which I posted my older scenarios are a bit different from the format I post them in now, which explains some subtle differences.

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it’s inevitable that any sexual orientation is gonna have politicized discussions around it with relation to how relationships function and what benefits and disadvantages certain relationships lend structurally, and also personal discussions around it wrt people’s gut reactions to certain things due to their personal contexts (for example lesbians being able to relate to bi women in w/w relationships more because of their shared context). even while keeping all of this in mind and acknowledging it as real and unavoidable, I’m still beyond appalled at the lack of tact and human decency people have for discussions surrounding bi women and their relationships. 

people can’t seem to have a discussion about how bi women are going to be in more danger of domestic violence / abuse due to misogyny (+homo-/biphobia) if they’re in a relationship with a man, without directing fault at the bi women affected in some way through rhetoric like “well she was bi she shoulda chosen a woman” which is.. complete unabashed victim blaming. 

people can’t seem to have a discussion about how bi women do gain some material benefits from m/w relationships that lesbians/bi women in w/w relationships do not gain, without disregarding the personhood of the bi women involved to the point where bi women develop so much self loathing about the concept of relationships in general, and can’t have a personal relationship without making themselves miserable overanalyzing whether or not that personal relationship is radical enough, ideologically pure enough, or “proof” of their LGBT-ness or not, because people won’t stop picking apart their personal relationships for fodder for political commentary. that’s not healthy. 

people can’t seem to have a discussion about bi women’s relationships in general without disregarding their personhood, whether it be political or something more personal like “bi women are just more cute/relatable overall in w/w relationships I get so sad when they get together with men” which completely makes it sound like you only give a fuck about bi women’s wellbeing and happiness when their relationships are relatable or cute to you which is the most selfish thing I’ve ever heard. 

let. bi women. be people. ok? like yeah there r gonna be politicized discussions around bi-ness and bi people in relationships and believe it or not there are nuanced and tactful ways of having those conversations without making bi women feel like they aren’t people. 

@violetdanger this is some of the stuff I said in the reblog of that other post that I thought you’d like/be interested in, but I edited that reblog down to be more specific to that post itself, and transferred my other points to an original post here. 

The signs on the bus

Aries: making erotic noises in the backseat
Taurus: eating
Gemini: singing loudly
Cancer: playing games on their ipod
Leo: sharing the hot gossip and yelling at people they hate
Virgo: probably reading
Libra: drawing porn
Scorpio: planning their next murder
Sagittarius: annoying the shit out of everyone
Capricorn: arguing
Aquarius: [screams of terror and frustration]
Pisces: internally monologuing while they listen to music