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But really, very seriously, I think Ana being trans would be an excellent decision, creatively (and therefore is one Blizzard is unlikely to make /salt). Her womanhood and motherhood are clearly very important to her, and narratives of trans motherhood (and womanhood outside of the context of transition) are very, very rare.  It would mean a lot to see that there is more to the trans experience than just transition, that our lives don’t end there, that the meaning of womanhood (or manhood in the case of trans men, or a non-binary identity for enby people) is and continues to be important to trans lives.

I’d love to see a character (like Ana) as trans representation, because while being trans wouldn’t be the only facet of her character (like cis people like to do with their token rep), her womanhood is clearly still something that is very important to her, and enhances her character.


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Stay mature.

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Hey, can you help me with something? If yes (that would mean a lot โ™ก) so, I'm not a witch and I really want to be one ive been reading all blogs that I could find about it but I have no idea of how can I start! You know? I mean, what should I buy? +

+ What book should i read? Everything’s kinda confuse right now… do you have any advices? Or ideas of how can I start? Thank you so much anyway ♡ (it was a bit long, hope you can read it, sorry xx)

It wasn’t too long, and I can read it just fine. :)

But, this is going to be a long ass post. So, yeah, be warned.

First of all, you don’t really need to buy anything if you don’t want to. (Check this post: [“Do I Need a ________ to Be a Witch?”]. The answer: no.) There are some branches of magic that don’t really require any physical components - energy work or sigil magic being the ones that jump to mind first. There are also many average household items that have their own energies that can be used in magic. Sometimes people already have some witchy supplies in their homes that can be used - many people have spice racks and candles and jars from other food, and those are pretty common tools in the craft.

It also highly depends on the sort of magic you want to do. Do you want to work with candles, crystals, herbs, all of the above? Then you’ll want to look into places to find those. (I get my herbs from the grocery store and candles from the dollar store, honestly.) Do you plan on grinding herbs into powders? Then you’ll probably need a mortar and pestle, or something similar. Plan on making poppets or sachets? You’ll need fabric, thread, and sewing needles, though poppets can be made out of paper instead, and you can buy little baggies that can work for sachets. Want to make magical jars? Hit up the dollar store for bottles and containers. Do you want a wand? Do you want a ritual space / altar? Tarot decks / other methods of divination? It seriously comes down to what you want, and what you might plan on doing.

Here is a list of some things that might be useful in your magic, more as a jumping off point of ideas, and in no way absolute or complete:

  • candles
  • crystals
  • herbs
  • jars
  • sachets / tiny pouches
  • sewing needles, thread and fabric
  • thicker string / ribbon
  • paper and writing utensils

You can use almost anything in your magic, though, and many things you can just find outside, like:

  • leaves
  • nuts
  • rocks
  • water from streams or rain
  • feathers (some places have laws about picking up feathers, be sure to check out where you live and if that will be an issue)

Everything has magical potential. You can even enchant regular objects like jewelry to bring about magical effects. This is also good if you have to be super discreet. The options are literally endless. 

Here are a couple of posts, [The Beginner Witch’s Starter Spell Kit] and [New Witch’s Shopping Guide], that I think you should check out as well. Some other useful posts: 

If you are on a budget…

If you need to be discreet…

* not my choice of title

And just because something might be useful, doesn’t mean you have to use it. For example, I find blood to be very useful in magic - it is super potent with energies - but some people aren’t comfortable using it. And that’s fine. If you don’t want to utilize something, you don’t have to.

Notebooks are almost vital as a witch, in my opinion. You’ll want a place to store all the information you’ve learned to access later. It’ll be a place to keep all your spells and correspondences, and notes on any magical workings you do as well. 

However, you can go completely digital and forego a physical book - using programs like OneNote, Google Drive and the like can be another way for you to store your info discreetly, password protected, and have access to it anywhere you have internet and your mobile device. 

As to finding out what you want to do with magic, where you should start, I generally give people this list of questions that will hopefully help them narrow their focus and figure out where it is they want to go:

  • Why were you drawn to the craft in the first place? What got you interested in studying / practicing it?
  • What sorts of expectations do you have, if any, about what you can do with magic?
  • Is magic something you just want to experiment with, or do you want to practice long-term?
  • Are there any things in particular you hope to achieve by doing magic? Do you have any end goals for yourself or your craft? Any expectations?
  • What sorts of things would you like to do (in regards to different varieties of spellwork [candle magic, sachet magic, etc.], divination, etc.)?
  • Do you feel an attraction / affinity to any particular branch of magic (chaos magic, green magic, spirit work, hedgework, etc.)? Why? What in particular makes it appealing to you?
  • Are there things you don’t want to go near no matter what? Why? What bothers you about those things?

Ultimately that’s what matters - what you want, where you want to go. Here is my advice on that front: pick something to start with, and go with it - learn what you can from it, play with it, and when you think you’ve got it covered, try something else, while still keeping in mind what you’ve already learned.

Witchcraft is such a personal practice and area of study - it allows you to experiment and find out what works for you, while also not enforcing anything that you may not be comfortable with. Don’t wanna do this thing? You don’t have to. Maybe you would prefer to focus on this thing? Go right ahead. Oh, wait, you changed your mind, and now you wanna do this? Yep, go for it. It is a beautiful thing.

Here is a list I ended up throwing together of some common branches of magic. You are not bound or excluded to only one - you can practice many of these at any one time, and you are not stuck with it of you happen to pick it up but decide you don’t like it. This list is also not exclusive, but a way to give you an idea of some of the things you can do.

  • energy work
  • candle magic
  • crystal magic
    • crystal grids
  • sachet magic
  • knot magic
  • poppet magic
  • kitchen magic
    • tea magic
  • bath magic
  • traditional magic
  • urban magic
  • chaos magic
    • sigil magic
  • pop culture magic
  • green magic
  • cottage magic
  • hedgework
  • spirit work
  • shadow work
  • blood magic
  • sex magic
  • death magic
    • necromancy

There are so man different veins of magic, and they can blend and mix in such cool ways. Most spells have components of different varieties of magic - you might see a spell call for candles and crystals, or jars and poppets.

It takes some time to build up witchy supplies, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t have 20 different herbs in the span of a week. It’s taken me two years to build u the supplies I have, just picking up bits and pieces here and there. A good idea to start would be pick one spell then buy the ingredients for that, and do that spell. Then, decide on a spell you want to do next - you’ll find you might already have some of the ingredients left over from the first one, then you just need to pick up what you’re missing. It is also good to keep lists of substitutions for various herbs if you decide to use them. Not everything has a substitution, but if you can find things with similar correspondences as to what is being used in that spell and why, you should be okay. 

Learning to write your own spells is also a great way to ensure you’ll have the ingredients you need (by basing it off what you have), but that can be a bit daunting, and is in no way necessary, just a handy skill to have.

I am not so sure on the books you should buy - I tend to get my witchcraft resources from online, and this whole blog is my resource compilation. I use Tumblr as my main source of info, along with my discretion of course. I know other witches have lists of book recommendations, and I can give you those:

[Here] is a list of authors you should try to avoid - trigger warning for mention of various disturbing topics. [Here] is a post that talks about why your book on witchcraft might be full of it; if you have any questions as to why that might be, feel free to ask the OP or even myself. [Here] is a post that explains using discretion and critical reading in regards to witchcraft books.

I have a page on my blog, [Advice for Witchlings], that has more advice that can help you out. I also made it into two rebloggable posts if that is easier for you to access: [part 01] and [part 02].

I am also going to toss a huge list of posts here. You don’t need to read them all immediately, but they do all contain various points of interest and things to note, as well as useful information (and sometimes even more links). Witchcraft is a practice of study and learning, after all.

Oh dear gods, okay, I am done with this. Not only because it’s way too long, but because my fingers hurt. xD I really hope that can help you anon, and best of luck! If you have any more specific questions, I’ll do my best to answer, it’s just really hard to get everything in such a broad question. There’s so much (as you can see). But, I hope that answers some of your questions, or gives you an idea on where to look to find them! Again, if you have other questions, I’ll do my best to get into more specifics, just maybe do one at a time so I can break it down a lot easier, and hopefully in not so long a post, lmao. I wish you all the best on your newfound path! :D

“It’s not a fashion statement, it’s a death wish” and “Tell That Mick He Just Made My List Of Things To Do Today” are Big Mood trauma songs

anonymous asked:

god bless this blog honestly

Does anyone remember back in the day when ask posts weren’t rebloggable and so sometimes people screenshotted them and added a caption like, “Made rebloggable by request”? Back then, the like button and reblog botton were at the top of posts. 

Long-time users may even remember a time before the activity page existed and instead there was Tumblarity.

Thank you for your message, by the way. It’s greatly appreciated. 

PSA to the Voltron fandom

Season Three is fast approaching, and Season Four is right on its heels. With the plot of the first episode of Season Three released to the internet, and various teasers and trailers spawning up, I feel it should be important to say:

Please be considerate.

Yes, of course, mark your spoilers as such, but I’m talking about something else here.

People have differing opinions. It is a fact of human nature that not everyone is going to agree 100% on everything, even about something as exciting as this.

Where some people are thrilled at female Galra in general, some are indifferent or even don’t want it.

Where some love the idea of Lotor’s old harem now being bad-ass assassin ladies, some are concerned about the cliche of ‘half-breeds’ being discriminated against in the first place.

Some are a bit skeptical at Keith’s leadership style. Others say give him a chance. (this one is being fought about a little more harshly, from what I’ve seen today)

Hell, there are some who don’t even care for Throk having lines or such a big role at all.

What I’m saying is, we can all have different opinions. It’s okay.

It’s not okay to blatantly hate and bully people for having these opinions, nor is it okay to scream and rant that your way is the best way and no one should say otherwise.

If you don’t agree with the majority, it’s okay to be civil and discuss your reasoning why. And if you are in the majority, sit back and listen calmly to what the other person has to say.

You don’t have to keep your unpopular opinion to yourself. Just be civil. Be considerate.


Questions I Won’t Answer ๐Ÿ“œ

I started this blog for personal reference, and it eventually evolved into a resource blog for beginner witches and experienced witches alike. That being said, some days I get up to 40 or 50 questions in my inbox from those seeking magickal advice. Over the past couple of years, I have answered hundreds of questions over various topics, but I think that it’s time I set some personal boundaries. With that being said, I really do try to answer most questions to the best of my ability, but frankly, there are some things I am not comfortable discussing, and some things I am just not experienced with. Please read my about me and FAQ before asking me anything - chances are, I’ve already answered it or have a guide about it somewhere. On both my web page and mobile page, there is a search function - if I don’t have a dedicated tag to a topic, please use the search feature before turning to my ask box. I have also compiled a list of tags that is available on my web page, and as a rebloggable post (here).

(thank you to @sylvaetria and @urbanspellcraft for giving me the idea to finally post one of these)

Questions I may not answer, or will try to redirect you to find the information you are looking for: 

  • Deities: I have limited information on deities - I do not personally work with them in my craft, so I can’t give you a direct or precise answer regarding such (this includes offerings, how to find a deity, etc.). I will try my best to redirect you to a more reputable source, but there is no guarantee. 
  • Spirit Work: I have recently been compiling and reblogging resources for spirit work as it is something I’m interested in, but not experienced, especially when it comes to matters of conjuring spirits, spirit guides, etc. I have a tag for spirit work here
  • Dreamwork, past lives, and dream interpretation: Another thing I have little experience with, and not really something I use in my practice. 
  • Omens and signs, in general: It’s not up to me to decide whether or not a particular situation in your life is a “sign.”
  • Religion: Again, I’m not religious and therefore have no experience with various organized religions.
  • “Do you have any advice for beginner witches or baby witches?”: A question I get almost daily - I have a masterpost of all of my beginner content here, and a beginner tag. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, I’ll do my best to help.
  • “Do you have a spell or sigil for X?”: As I mentioned before, I have an extensive list of tags in which you can probably find what you’re looking for or something similar (Tags list made rebloggable for your convenience). Please check there before asking me to find something for you. Also, here is the best collection of spells and sigils, compiled by @sylvaetria.
  • “Do you know of any witches who practice or work with X?”: Please check @witch-yellowpages - I follow so many people from various paths and it would not be conducive to dig through them all. If I can think of some off the top of my head, I’ll direct you to their blog, or post your ask to boost it to my followers.
  • Anything about cosmic witchcraft: I am always more than happy to talk about cosmic witchcraft with others, but I have compiled over 150 posts of original content that can be found on my Cosmic Witchcraft Masterpost - please check there before asking me anything. Again, if you just want to talk about it with me or can’t find what you’re looking for, I’d be more than happy to talk with you or help you out.
  • Promotions for your blog, shop, GoFundMe, etc.: Unless it’s a cause I fully support, I do not feel comfortable doing so. 
  • Questions about myself or my beliefs: Anything about myself that I feel comfortable sharing can be found on my about me page. If your question is not answered there, then I am not obligated to share any further information with you.

Questions I absolutely will not answer - these will be ignored and deleted (some topics may be triggering, read at your own risk):

  • Free divination readings: I do offer paid readings, but have little time for free readings - sometimes I will offer free readings if I’ve purchased a new deck and want to try it out, but even that is rare. If you’re interested in a paid reading, here is my “readings” page. 
  • Birth/Natal chart interpretations: This is not something I have experience with nor have time for.
  • Spell casting: I will not cast a spell for you. Please do not ask. 
  • Spell writing: I do not have time to write spells for others. Please check my tags list. 
  • Love spells: I do not support the act of performing targeted love spells and will not provide advice on how to make X fall in love with you.
  • Medical problems or questions regarding spells for healing: As a healthcare professional, I firmly believe that you need to seek medical care before resorting to magick and will not offer advice on the matter.
  • Pregnancy and all matters related to such: This is just not something I am comfortable with.
  • Suicide or self-harm: Again, if you have thoughts of suicide or self-harm, please tell someone and seek medical care ASAP. 
  • Weight loss
  • Abuse
  • Legal matters: This includes divorce, among many other things. I am not a lawyer and have no authority offering advice on these matters.

These guidelines are always subject to change. Please remember that I am a real person, not Google. I am not obligated to answer anything, and do so as a courtesy to my followers. 

edited on 7-29-2017