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Laucy (and Tyren) Timeline: Part 1

There will be more parts to this timeline

One of the most talked about things currently between fifth harmony fans is Laucy and Tyren. This post will be going into the timeline for Lauren Jauregui and Lucy Vives, and a little bit of drama with Ty Dolla Sign, too.

Lauren and Lucy were close friends even before the X-Factor (7th grade was when they started being friends, actually.)

Those are just some posts out of many that are on Instagram of young Laucy. What’s kinda odd is that Lauren was typically the one who would post more about Lucy rather than Lucy posting more about Lauren.

Lauren even qualified her as her best friend.

If you really want to read into her response you can make up some conspiracy about how they became friends “in an awkward way.” Tbh, I have no idea what that could even mean. Did one of them trip in front of the other or did one have a crush on another? They also related to each other in ways that they couldn’t with anyone else.

Another thing to note that they both went to a Christian school which is probably very hard for young LGBT kids to grow up in.

After the X-Factor they kinda seemed to be drifting apart. They didn’t post about each other or see each other for a long time.

And then? They were spotted together, a lot. It was about the beginning of 2016 when Lucy seemed to come back into Lauren’s life.

They were spotted at the airport together, went to Coachella together, spotted in the same college classes, Instagram posts, ect. Here’s a more in depth post about all these spottings.

Just one thing to point out: the first “Tyren” selfie was posted in this time, too.

And on Novermber 16th, comes a shit storm.

This picture came to the surface from a bunch of pictures from a wedding that Lauren and Lucy both attended. It’s safe to say that they were each other’s date for the night.

It’s really sad to see people get outed and they obviously weren’t quite ready yet. But what we didn’t know until after their breakup, was that they did a photo shoot together. It was supposed to be their way of coming out. We’ll get more into that later.

So obviously the picture of them kissing blew up and it lead Lauren to come out through an open letter to Donald Trump and his supporters. She published this on November 18th.

After Lauren coming out, there was a lot fewer posts made about Lucy, but they usually contained a huge paragraph. (All of these are from Instagram, and I photoshopped some to show the dates)

They spent Christmas together

Went on a ski trip in the very beginning of January

On January 11th they celebrated Lucy’s birthday and Lauren’s new song, Back To Me.

Now, this is where Lucy kinda disappears. There’s nothing posted about her until 2 months later. Which were the photo shoot pictures that were meant to be released whenever Lauren and Lucy were ready to come out.

And that’s all for now, since Tumblr has a stupid 10 pictures per post thing. Read part two now!


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fuck u noones stopping u from enjoying th rest of fall leave ppl alone let them make there christmas edits scrooge

… Wow. Am I supposed to feel offended? I made a singular post about how I feel about people spamming Christmas themed stuff literally the day after Halloween and I get called a scrooge. For being tired of people celebrating a holiday that’s literally a what.. nearly two months away from Nov. 1st? And I made that post on … Wow. Nov 1st.

Angry anons over dumb things don’t affect me, so please, keep calling me a scrouge if you feel like it.


Leonard Nimoy was indeed Jewish but despite the Cohenic origins of the Ta'al there is no concrete evidence, or even blatant mimicry, that Vulcans as a species were based off Jewish people. I find that a strange concept to say the least, given that they’re aliens and meant to be entirely foreign to Earth. 

We’re also not talking about the vaguely racist undertones of the Jawa or Jar Jar (or a million others) from Star Wars. (Also: Uhura is Swahili and as such possibly Islam why not bring that up?) 

I’m assuming there was a good portion of crew members on the ship that don’t celebrate Christmas. Despite this there was a ship wide Christmas party in “Dagger of the Mind” held in the science lab. 

I completely understand how annoying it is to see nothing but Christmas stuff for months on end. As a person who doesn’t celebrate Christmas, neither religiously nor socially, I find it gets on my nerves quite often. I originally had no intention to post anything (original) specifically for Christmas, and when I did edit the photo I tried to work a Menorah and a lantern (for Ramadan) in there but couldn’t figure out how to make them fit (it’s already a haphazard edit to begin with and it was getting ridiculous.) 

Despite this, I made sure to avoid religious symbols alltogether. I gave Uhura nothing but ornament earrings and Spock has mistletoe in his hair, which was pagan symbol long before it was appropriated by christians and continues to be used in solstice ceremonies to this day. 

 All together: I’m sorry if I caused offense but I don’t think Nimoy would have cared given that he sported this lovely sweater with a santa hat on it:

And just as an attempt to remedy any hurt feelings I might have caused I will add these:

Just gotta say something

Considering this is from me and I haven’t written anything in weeks due to writers block and majorly due to depression(I’m back on meds so no need to message me pfft) so maybe it won’t mean much but just have to say:

The hijack fandom isn’t dead.

It’s fine if a fandom slows down during the school year as people get busy when summer ends, its fine if it slows down any time, people have lives and new things come up that take peoples attention. New jobs, new relationships, new anything happens and that’s great but lemme just say that we all love hijack and that won’t end and it won’t die even if the tag is low and there is little slow for a time. Remember that it’s holiday season and Christmas and any other holidays people celebrate this time of year is in a month so things are hectic this time of year, it got slow in the fandom last year too.

I guess I made this post for a few reasons, one being im on a long car ride to my uncle’s ranch for thanksgiving, but also because I think the only way hijack would die is if people stop believing in this amazing pairing and ship, and I am happy to say that I haven’t seen anyone stop believing or stop loving it.

It’s okay to be sad it’s slowed down but doesn’t mean it’s dead. Hijack is something I love and I’ve seen many who love it too and that love won’t stop any time soon for any of us.