made this post in celebration of the christmas month

eliuee replied to your post:  I want to trade, all we get here is rain (despite subfreezing levels) also… wouldn’t hot chocolate ice cream just be chocolate ice cream?    

dccomicsfancast replied to your post: Reading you complain about snow is so odd because anytime it snows in Oklahoma everyone celebrates. People get their phones out and takes pictures. Children run outside with only pajamas on.  Christmas music plays on the radio (the last sentence isn’t a joke. It was February)   

We had freezing rain two days ago.  It was fun.  No, it tastes different and it’s made by dudes who make hot chocolate.

I HATE SNOW MY MAN I WAS WEARING MY SNEAKERS TODAY and why would I take pictures of snow, we get it for like six months out of the year.  I don’t listen to the radio so IDK about that but I doubt it.