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Part 1 is [here], prompted by @thestarfishdancer

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Jemma Simmons
Length: 112 words
Prompt:  The Overheard Remark (Storymatic Prompts)
Tags: Flirting, First date
Warnings: None

“Are we both going to pretend that you didn’t hear me make a fool of myself back in the labs?” Jemma asked, taking a small sip from her water glass.  

Bucky grinned. “Not sure what you mean by that…”  

“You know exactly what I mean…you heard my…torrid remarks, Sergeant Barnes…”

“Of course I did,” he admitted.  “But I don’t think you made a fool of yourself.  I’d have never had the guts to ask you out if I didn’t know how you felt.”  

Smiling, Jemma replied, “Well…then, in that case…I’d like to get to know you a little better before we act out my…torrid remarks.”  

“It would be my sincere pleasure, ma’am.”

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Ok so I'm trying to lose weight but the problem is I lack a push to do so any tips?

I recently hit that mentality and I did two things to push myself out of it:

1. I made it a point to really look at my body in the mirror. It sucks cuz I’m not happy with my body right now, so I avoid looking at it. 

BUT, by looking at it and facing what I don’t like, it makes me WANT to fix it. Because I’d rather be happy looking in the mirror and live with that lasting happiness and confidence throughout the day.

2. I weighed myself. It forces me to look at the numbers and really face the consequences of eating poorly.

The start of this week was the first time I had weighed myself probably since Fanime. I’ve gained a LOT of weight back. Boo. I blame pizza, cookie dough, and ice cream. (I’ve been having each of those up to 3 times a week…individually)

In weighing myself, I now feel more accountable because hey, scientific data that I can manipulate. So I’ve now gone back to using MFP to count calories.

I don’t know if either of these methods will work for you. Everyone has different things that help to push them into getting started. But hopefully they help!

“OK, you’re too busy to help, so I’m gonna kill the car bumper.”


Jesus, I shot myself! Ungh, I shot myself!”

You know, I picked this moment. Just for you.
Do you like it?

You made this moment happen, after all.

Me? I didn’t do anything. You did this to yourself.

So, then.

Look at this. Look at what you bring upon yourself.
Now? Think about what you’ve brought to others.

What do you think would happen if I let you live here, huh?
You’d just bring destruction to everyone around you.

Including me.

I̦̙͕̪n͚c̮̲̰̱̩̩l̙̫u͙͍̠̯͇̺̝d̯͉̬̣̰̩͙i̠̹̞n̮g̮ ̻͖̯̱̰U̦̩̬͖̻͙S.̞̫͔̱̱
̟͉ḭ̙̯n̮̱͈c͍̙l̦͓̗̖̰͇̩u̩̟͎̞̺͙d̥̘i̺̹͕͙̘n̦̥̦̳̹̥g͕͇̹̻̳ ̘̺u̖̭̠̗̝̥̻s̟̩̜̙̮̠̯
I̳̺̳N̘͈̞̝̥ͅC̹̣̬̝̗̙̥L͔̟U̯D̪͇̤͍͚̺I͚͓̥̣̱̯N͈͎̮̙G̪͈̜̟̬͇ ̯̹͔u̞s͖̖
̱̰̠̣̫͈̣ị̥̺̬̮̻N̲̥̱̝̙cl̥U̦̝̦͚͕d͎̦̪̺̪I̳̮̖n̼̙̜͔͚͙G͓̯̭͕̝̤ ͎u͍̮̟̦̯̪̣S̟͖͉

@mollifiable​ was going through some of her older drawings and found this one she hadn’t shared yet (which I’m actually surprised she drew!) – depicting a scene between Other Max and Chloe from Chapter 12 of @lis-allwounds

Uh, yea. So. Other Max is in a good place. ^_^;;

Lettering tips

I did a thing! :D It’s been ages since I made some sort of a lettering tips/tutorial (it was just an answered ask and it was pretty bad tbh), so I thought I‘d make a new one. Nothing too complicated, just filling more pages in my bullet journal :).

Now, these are tips that I sort of discovered myself and am using now, which doesn’t mean that you have to! I did not include the “double the downstroke” which we all sort of know, rather I concentrated more on the letter heights, which was a big problem for me when I started with lettering. Well, hope you find it at  least a bit helpful :D

Tatiana Maslany really is everyone! 

-Kinetic Abilities Prompt List F Edition

Ferrokinesis - Control Metal

  • The only reason my car’s still running in this wasteland is because if it breaks, I don’t have to go hunting down parts to fix it.
  • The only reason I’m able to 3-D print in metal without a smelter is because I can just make it go from solid to liquid and back in a second.
  • I may not be able to walk by myself, but this metal suit I made and can control allows me to live a normal life, as normal as wearing a suit of armor every day can be.

Ferrikinesis - Control Iron

  • “Your iron recreations of the blood vessels and organs is wonderful, yes, but how did you make it?”
  • It’s fun you brought guns. Shame you forgot I could take them apart.
  • But didn’t you take in your surroundings? This whole place is made of iron! Let’s see how well you fight against it.

Figurakinesis - Control Shape

  • No no no, haven’t you taken a studio art class? Shape is 2D! I can’t make something 3D.
  • It may not be impressive, but my papercraft/origami creations are really good.
  • I can just render your bullets useless by making them into the shape of cups. Cups don’t fly very fast.

Filukinesis - Control Thread

  • I can finally make the clothes I want. All I need is the right kind of thread.
  • There’s no way I’d be able to do my hair this fast without my powers.
  • I’ve had it with people. Break me out of this cocoon in a decade. 

Florakinesis - Control Flowers

  • No no no, I only deal in angiosperms. Can’t help you with the attacking fir tree.
  • My life out here in the woods is anything but dark and dreary. Every inch is packed with beautiful flowering plants.
  • Having cats has made having all these plants so much more fun. Plus, some of the plants retract into the dirt when the cat wants to play with them. Can’t have them eating lilies.

Flyrokinesis - Control Force Fields

  • I’m terrified of anything bad happening to my house, so I put a force field around it.
  • I’ve gotten pretty good with making quick force fields. Last week I dropped a sandwich and caught it before it hit the floor.
  • I made force field armor for you. No it doesn’t weigh anything, just put it on!

Fragokinesis - Control Explosions

  • One more crack like that and I’ll start exploding the bones in your feet one by one.
  • I think the only good, non-lethal use for my powers was attaching dye packs to all my stuff that I can explode into a bright indicator of who’s got my phone.
  • When I said I was going out with a bang, I meant it.

Frigokinesis - Control Snow

  • I keep all my enemies frozen and on display in my home as a testament to my triumph. 
  • My ice sculptures are the best in the world. I just won’t show you how I make them.
  • To get to me, you’ll have to trek through a mile of white-out conditions.

Fungokinesis - Control Fungi

  • Sometimes, all that’s needed to stop the heroes is athlete’s foot.
  • I make a killing off of my beer distillery.
  • Please, like poison could affect me.
Convention Spending Tracker
Sheet1 Table, Badge, Flight, Hotel, Printing, Misc., Misc., Total Expense, Amount Made, Total, Profit,

I posted this to Twitter earlier this week and it kind of blew up, but I want to post it here too. Just a little something I use to help myself keep track of spending during convention season, made into a rainbow because why not make more things rainbow?

Whether you’re tabling or just attending for fun, conventions can get expensive - especially when you include travel costs! I’ve used this sheet for about three years now, and helps me make decisions for future conventions. Sometimes it turns out I did better at a con than I thought I did! Or maybe I didn’t do so great compared to last year and need to think about coming back again. Oh, and everything listed are purchases that you get e-mail reminders about, so if you can’t remember the cost of a table or flight, it’s probably somewhere in your e-mail. I try to fill mine out as I buy flights and order prints, but sometimes I’m digging up old e-mails after the con is over.

Some things worth considering that are not on this sheet: food costs, gas if you drive to cons, baggage fees, and shipping if you ship your supplies in advance. Please feel free to download and edit this sheet as you see fit for your own needs! I hope it helps. And let me know if you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them!

EDIT: HOLY SMOKES, lenalibrarian on Twitter took my convention spending tracker and made it 100x better!!

–> SMART CONVENTION SPENDING TRACKER <– (original link edited too!)

It now calculates your costs and total profits AUTOMATICALLY!! Which is super useful for someone who’s terrible with numbers like me. I just finished importing all my 2017 convention spending so far, and this smart sheet caught a few mistakes already. I’ll be using this sheet for years to come, thank you lenalibrarian!!

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i love your website!! :D i'm gonna need one for myself soon. how did you build it?

I used Squarespace this time around, actually!  I built the last version of my website from the ground up, but it made updating it on even a semi-regular basis a total pain – editing the html, cropping thumbnails, adding alt text, etc.

I’m so swamped with work right now that I just can’t afford the time it would take me to build a new website out of whole cloth, and heck – people want to see my art, not my web design, so I figured I’d much rather focus on something that lets me keep my portfolio fresh and relieves some of the stress. :)

Now that Squarespace lets you use your own domain, it was a great fit for me – super easy to customize, gave me the navigation complexity I was looking for, and it’s drag and drop for whenever I want to add new work. I am a walking podcast ad right now.

(My buddy @chelseakenna just set up her portfolio with Wix, so that’s another option as well!)


I’m gonna make you hungry today, because I can ! MWOUAHAHA!

So, it was my dad’s birthday today and instead of buying him a cake… I decided to make one myself. It might not look pretty, but I’m actually a good cook so I baked him a cake made of chocolate and beer… and guys… it’s so freaking good that when my bro told my uncle that I made a cake, the guy just crossed the street (He live in front of us.) and asked to try it X’D

So yeah… I kinda mostly baked today, and I’m kinda happy I did XD

“I did not mess it up that bad. Look, it still works!”

“Can I just say that this is the worst thing you’ve ever made me do?”

“Well, what did you expect? Of course you’d be disappointed you didn’t find anything here- I kept telling you.”

“With my help, your flirting will be much more socially acceptable.”

“They left their stuff behind and it makes moving on so much harder, you know?”

“Were you ever intending on telling me or did you want me to find out by myself? Because if it’s the latter, great. Mission accomplished.”

Venting to others has always made me feel worse afterwards than i did to begin with. I’d rather keep things to myself and pray about it.

Yoongi would be the cutest boyfriend like,
  • You: Babe, you were quiet all day, is something wrong?
  • Yoongi: That guys just now, he slung his arm over your shoulder like it was nothing. And made me feel left out. God, I swear.
  • You: You didn't recognize him? He's my twin brother! I thought you guys knew each other since all you guys did was smile at each other. Oh, you had nothing to be jealous about!! I should've known sooner though, sorry babe!
  • Yoongi: I wasn't jealous.
  • You: You totally were :3
  • You: There's no wrong in admitting :)
  • Yoongi: Say that again, I'll lock myself in the room and sleep 24/7 while you get the couch.
  • You: Guess I should get home faster than you. See ya! :D
  • Yoongi: HEY
  • Yoongi: Y/N I swear
  • Yoongi: Reply damnit!
  • You: *sends pic of yourself sitting on the bed triumphly*
  • Yoongi: *sends middle finger emoji*
  • Yoongi: I hate you
  • You: Love you more~
  • Yoongi: *spams middle finger emoji*
  • Then he reaches home and you both cuddle : )
  • (soft yoongi is my favourite yoongi wow)
  • [Quack]
okay so today I yelled, just because I got frustrated and well I cried a little I dont like crying I was really emotional as a kid and I always started crying for the silliest things and when I cry now I just get so tired of everything and well I just.. ugh I dunno what I´m trying to say here , anyhow here are some gifs just to cheer myself up (and maybe somebody else who reads this..maybe)

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okay so is Thomas Sangster a cutie or what? :D no just me? okay

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I don´t know who made this but you sir or madame are awesome 

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you know I started watching durarara (is that the name?) last year I think but I did´nt get to finish it. I need to get back into that

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I´ve watched all the episodes of adventure time from the beginning up until now. is there gonna be more I´m waiting 

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pigeon: YoU CaN fLy WhY ArE yOU WaLkiNG 

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woo wooo wooo

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Me the one showing life the finger its a finger LOOK AT IT

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I wonder when I the time comes after my cousins wedding I will just be able too sitt in like some formal clothes and eat and just relax like these 3 ladys 

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when you think about the stupid shit you did as a kid

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I watched all of community also I didn’t that one of the producers is now the current producer of Rick and Morty like how awesome is that?

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I just watched rick and morty for the 4th time

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this is so beautiful also I wanna know if white Diamond is like the boss or something of the diamonds, I´m avoiding spoilers for the new episodes

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this just adorable

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I am watching the amazing world of gumball, penny is so awesome

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EXACTLY but I love the show there is gonna be a 5th season right?

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bye see you later

Banish that Habit!

I made a spell! 

Last night I was reminding myself to look up spells for ending bad habits, just send those habits away never to return and hey…that sounds like banishing.

So I did a banishing spell for my bad habit! I looked up several banishing spells, got some ideas, but didn’t really like any of them. So I decided to make my own. I thought I’d share.


  • black candle 
  • black salt 
  • sage
  • rosemary
  • pepper
  • bay leaf (spell catalyst/strengthener)
  • onion
  • cloves
  • ginger (spell strengthener)
  • amethyst
  • tiger eye
  • lapis lazuli
  • obsidian
  • black beads or something else black for color correspondence
  • some sort of jar or container

All of these are listed as banishing correspondences in my own grimoire unless otherwise mentioned. You can substitute things if you like. I don’t think you need all these things, I just really wanted a strong spell (I’ve got twenty plus years of bad habit to break!). 

I have lapis lazuli, mahogany obsidian and an amethyst cluster, things that were either too large to go into my container or that I wasn’t willing to sacrifice. I put these around my container so the energy of them could soak in. If you like visualization, you can certainly do that here. 


  1. Ground and center. Cleanse your space/objects to be used. 
  2. Light the black candle.
  3. If wanted, use some sort of ‘starting a spell’ phrase. Mine went something like, “Universe, hear this. By the power all all these things, my bad habit will be banished permanently.”
  4. In whatever order you want, add the ingredients to the jar, except the candle of course. While doing so, repeat “I will not [whatever the bad habit is]”, or “I am free from [bad habit]”. You can add to this, i.e “I [other habit] instead”. If you like, add in a few drops of the candle wax to the mix of ingredients.
  5. Seal the jar with the black candle wax. I usually say something at the end to announce the spell is over, basically the same as what I said in the beginning. “Universe, you have heard this…”
  6. You’re done! I recommend grounding and centering again, and don’t forget to blow out the candle. 

So that was that! Personalize as desired! I hope this helps you (and me)!

How Can I Say No To This?

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader
Plot: Jasmine enlisted you as her understudy in the play. It turns out she has the flu and can’t show up for a few weeks. You get a little insecure about playing Maria, and Phillipa decides to give you a little push.
Warnings: SMUT, fluff, unprotected sex, some swearing, my awful attempts of humor
Words: probably too many

You sat at the vanity table in your dressing room with your earbuds in and fidgeting with your hair. You almost pulled an entire chunk of it out on accident, just from your nerves alone. You had to play Maria Reynolds. A very sensual character and someone who you’d never willingly sign up for the part of. It just wasn’t you. But you promised Jasmine you would do it, and you wanted her to like you. A sudden knock clanging at the door shook you out of your thoughts.
“C-Come in!” you said, pulling out your earbuds. Phillipa waved happily at you, then walked inside and sat next to you.
“Hey, (y/n). Are you almost ready?”
You looked at her with all the pain in your eyes you could muster. Judging by her reaction, she got the message. She softly winced and gently placed her hand on your shoulder.
“Oh, honey, what’s wrong?”
“I just don’t think I can fit the part of Maria Reynolds. She’s way too sexy for me,” you said, trying to keep your voice as steady as possible.
Phillipa clucked her tongue while shaking her head softly. The genuine concern in her eyes was almost making you feel guilty about being insecure. “Aw.” She smiled her usual cheery smile at you. “That’s nothing to be worried about, love. You are perfectly beautiful just being you. And I bet Lin thinks so as well,” she added, softly poking you on the nose.
You blushed. Phillipa was the only one you trusted enough to tell your feelings for Lin. “You’re just saying that to tease me.”
She held her hands up in mock surrender. “Maybe,” she said, giggling. “But seriously, don’t think I haven’t seen the way he looks at you. He loves you, too. I can tell.” Phillipa winked as she said this. You were incredibly doubtful.
“What’s that look for, (y/n)? You’re not still doubting yourself, are you?”
Phillipa sighed. “Honey, what’s it gonna take for you to realize you’re perfect?” She sounded as if she was also asking herself this question as well as you. She frowned for a moment, then instantly perked back up again, triumphantly twirling her pointer finger in the air. “I got it!”
You quirked an eyebrow skeptically. “Got what?”
“I know how to convince you that Lin is in love with you!” Phillipa squealed and clapped her hands very excitedly, like a seal on adderall. She shot up from her seat and grabbed your wrist. She pulled you up out of your chair and clasped both of her hands in yours. “When Jasmine was first performing this song with Lin, she ad-libbed some movements to make it feel like she was actually seducing him. After the show, she taught me and Renée the moves. I’m not sure why, but I’m glad she did, because now I get to share them with you! So, what do you say?”
You were still a little skeptical, but Phillipa seemed so excited for you that it was hard to not be at least a tiny bit hyped up yourself. “And you’re sure that this will make sure Lin confesses to me..?”
Phillipa nodded. Her face looked like it hurt from smiling so long, but she didn’t seem to care. You took a deep breath. “Okay. Teach me your ways.”
You stood in front of the door to the rehearsal room with Phillipa. As soon as you left the dressing room, all that insecurity from earlier had come rushing back. It must’ve been written all over your face, because Phillipa gave your hand a gentle squeeze. “Hey, it’s going to be fine,” she said in a calm, reassuring tone. “You’ll do wonderful in there.”
You squeezed her hand right back. “Okay. I’m okay. I can go through with this.”
Phillipa gave you one last smile. “Alright. Wait right here, I’ll go tell Lin you’re ready.” She patted you on the shoulder and walked off towards Lin’s room. As soon as she said Lin’s name, your legs felt wobbly. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath, whispering reassuring comments to yourself. You were in such a trance of positivity that you didn’t notice when Phillipa came back with Lin.
“Uh, (y/n)? Are you alright?”
You nearly jumped a foot in the air. You turned your head and saw Lin staring at you confusedly. You quickly pulled yourself together and smiled at him. “Yes, yes, I’m fine. I just sort of zoned out for a second.”
Lin smiled kindly back at you. “Good. I was worried for a second there.”
Oh, fuck, don’t look at me like that, you thought. At that moment, Phillipa walked up between you with the key and unlocked the door to the rehearsal room. Afterwards she pocketed the key and smirked. “Okay, there you go.” She glared at Lin. “You. Be very careful when criticizing her. She was very nervous about today, so don’t say anything stupid, alright?”
Lin looked slightly terrified. In fact, so were you. “Uh, o-okay…?”
Phillipa’s gaze returned to neutral. “Good.” She looked at you with a devious twinkle in her eye. “You. Just remember what I taught you and you’ll be fine.”
You nodded, not wanting to speak in case you said something dumb. And partly because you were still a little afraid of her.
Phillipa smiled and turned around to leave. “Have fun, you two!” she called as she went towards her dressing room.
Lin frowned. “What was that about?”
You knew exactly what, but you didn’t want to tell him. “I dunno.”
Lin shrugged. “Hmm. Ah, whatever. Ready to go in?”
“I think so.”
Lin looked a little concerned at your comment, but said nothing. He opened the door to the rehearsal room and let you step inside first.
“My lady,” he said, bowing.
“Thank you, my liege,” you said, curtsying and walking inside the room. Lin chuckled softly as he shut the door. You took a look around the room. It was remarkably huge for a little studio on Broadway. The floor was fake wood, slightly slippery and perfect for dancing.
“This room’s pretty nice,” you said, nodding in approval.
From behind you, Lin was setting up a recording of the orchestra and ensemble, since neither were available at that time. “Yeah, I guess. It gets kinda boring when you’ve seen it so much, though.” Lin finished setting up his stereo and turned to face you. “But I guess that’s true of anything. Oh yeah, I was gonna ask you something. What did Phillipa mean by ‘what I taught you’?”
“Oh. That.” You blanched. You couldn’t tell him before the actual rehearsal. That would ruin it all! Ok, think, (y/n)! What could be remotely believable? “I…It was, um, just some sort of strange remedy for stage fright.”
Ok, that wasn’t entirely a lie, but you couldn’t have gone any closer than that.
However, Lin seemed to believe it, and that worked for you. “Oh. So you really are worried about this, huh?”
You bit your lip to keep from spilling any info and nodded.
Lin walked over to you and gently patted your shoulder. “Don’t be,” he said gently. “This is only the first run. It doesn’t have to be perfect.”
“I know. I just can’t help it.”
Lin gave you a patient smile. “I know. But you’ll be okay. And if you need help, I’ll be right here by your side.”
If only you could help me with something else, if you catch my drift, you thought. You mentally chided yourself for thinking that way. “Alright. Thanks.”
“Anytime. Now, are you ready to start?”
You nodded. Lin guided you through a couple of vocal warm-ups and then started the recording. You waited for Lin to finish his part. Then you stepped out and started singing. Lin almost forgot to say his next line because he was staring at you so intensely. When it got to the lines right before the chorus, you decided to break out one of the moves Phillipa had taught you. The Bend & Beg, as she had eloquently named it. You put one hand on Lin’s shoulder to balance yourself and lifted your leg so it was bent just above Lin’s hip. You leaned back slowly as you sang the “stay~” and raised yourself just in time to put on the 'beg’ part of the move. You gave your lips a slight pout and pleaded for him to take you through your eyes as you ran a hand through his hair. You sang the “hey~” line with perfect timing, but Lin, not so much. Instead of singing his line, he kissed you. The kiss was so out of nowhere and unexpected that you almost slipped out of Lin’s arms onto the floor. A little too soon for your tastes, he pulled away with the reddest face you had ever seen. He looked as if he was trying to say something, but couldn’t find the right words. The weight of what he just did seemed to finally hit him and he started sputtering out apologies.
“O-Oh my god, (y/n), I-I-I’m so sorry! I don’t…I d-don’t know why I just did that.” He made sure you could stand up properly before releasing his arms.
“You know, if you were going to kiss me, you could’ve at least waited until the 'her mouth is on mine’ section,” you muttered.
Lin was still highly embarrassed, but still managed a small chuckle. “I…I know. Still, I’m sorry. I really don’t know what happened there. Can we try it again? I’ll try to control myself better this time.”
All you wanted to do was run to your room and scream, but you obliged anyway. During the second attempt, it was really awkward, but you managed to get past the first chorus. You and Lin made it to the line “how can you say no to this?” pretty well before you decided it was time to put on another move and ruined it. This time you tried the move entitled the 'I Need You’. During the part where you were both singing at the same time, you gripped the side of his face with a hand and gave him the most sultry look you could, while smirking and licking your lips. You’re not really sure what you thought would happen next, but you definitely weren’t prepared. Same as the first time, Lin stopped singing and kissed you, but it was a different kind of kiss. Passionate enough to feel the flames flicker on your lips, but gentle enough that it was just a pleasant warmth. He gripped at your hair with one hand and ran the other one down your side. That hand latched onto your leg and brought it up near his hip. Lin slipped his arm under your leg to support it. He slowly ran his hand down your thigh and onto your ass, which he squeezed gently before he realized what he was doing. He quickly set your leg back down and forcefully pulled away from you. Your suddenly dry throat made it quite hard to breathe. Lin was somehow even more embarrassed than he was earlier. So embarrassed, in fact, that he couldn’t even bring himself to say actual English. You thought he was trying to apologize. The constriction in your throat and your rapidly beating heart made it hurt to speak, but you did anyway.
“L-Lin…are you okay?”
Lin took a deep breath and tried to speak correctly. “I…I am so, so sorry if I made you uncomfortable in any way, (y/n). I really don’t know why I…no.”
He cut himself off, leaving you slightly confused. He scratched the back of his neck and averted his eyes to the ground. “Shit. This is my least favorite part,” he said with a quiet, nervous chuckle.
He looked straight at you and his eyes gave you chills. His face was still burning red. “Can I tell you something, (y/n)? Something kinda embarrassing?”
You shrugged. “Well, we’re already in an embarrassing situation, so go ahead, I guess.”
Lin took another deep breath. “This may sound very weird, but just hear me out. So, as long as I’ve known you, I’ve always had this image of you as a really shy, timid girl. So when you were putting all those sexual moves on me, it….it, um, this is really hard to say…it sorta got me…um…really aroused.”
You blanched. You weren’t expecting him to say that, not in a million years. “I….arouse you..?”
Lin nodded shamefully. “Well, that damned look in your eyes did.”
Well, you could use this to your advantage, if you wanted. In a way, it’d be helping him. Having lots of bottled up sexual tension isn’t good for you. “So…you mean,” you started, taking a step closer to him, “that this makes you aroused?” you asked, putting a hand on his shoulder and begging through your eyes.
Lin instantly caught on to where you were headed. You could hear his breathing quicken in pace. “(y/n), please.”
“Please what?” You said with a smirk. You used your free hand to gently stroke his hair and you licked your lips.
“D-Don’t…..don’t do this, (y/n), please,” Lin begged breathlessly.
“Don’t do what? This?” You lead a trail of kisses down his neck and collarbone. Lin let out a small groan of pleasure. Barely audible, but you still heard it.
“Stop…stop teasing, (y/n). Something bad will happen to you if you continue,” Lin taunted.
You had to laugh. “Something bad, you say?” Time to switch to maximum overdrive. You ran a finger down his torso and began delicately palming his crotch. You leaned in and whispered in the breathiest voice you could, “I’ll take my chances.”
Lin bit his lip to stifle a moan. “Okay….th-that’s…it. I tried to warn you, but you didn’t listen.”
Lin grabbed your shoulders and pinned you against a wall. When he stepped forward to kiss you, you could feel his bulge through his jeans. He momentarily broke the kiss to say something.
“I told you something bad was gonna happen,” he muttered, his voice soft and rich as chocolate.
You raised an eyebrow. “What if I wanted this to happen?”
“You did? Well then, I’ll be sure not to disappoint you.”
Lin ran his hands all over your body but eventually stopped at your chest. “Is that an important shirt?”
“Not really,” you whispered, catching onto his idea.
Lin smirked and latched onto the hem of the shirt, which was already ripped. He tugged at each of the threads until it finally came undone and lay in a destructed mess. You knew there was a reason you wore a cute bra today. Lin yanked off his own shirt and threw it to the ground. While your arms were momentarily unpinned, you undid the clasp to your bra and dropped it near Lin’s shirt. Lin’s breathing hitched as he gazed at your exposed breasts. He stepped forwards and placed a hand on them. His touch was warmer than you expected, sending a chill down your spine. He put a fingertip on your nipple and gently rubbed it. You let out a quiet squeak of pleasure. Lin heard it and smirked. He leaned down and wrapped his mouth around your other nipple. He licked and suckled at it, making you moan louder. You dragged a hand down his sides and onto his belt buckle. Lin somehow didn’t notice. You clawed at Lin’s back with your other hand, just to keep him distracted. You toyed with his belt buckle and felt it loosen under your fingers. You were mildly impressed with yourself. You undid the buckle, but didn’t remove the belt. Lin was still distracted enough by your breasts to not notice. You decided to use this to your advantage. You unbuttoned his jeans and pulled down his boxers just enough to reveal his semi-hard member. Lin’s body was blocking your view, but judging by what you felt, he was pretty damn hung. You wrapped your hand around it and slowly moved it up and down. Lin pulled away from your nipple and looked up at you with admiration.
“How did you do that with one hand?”
You smirked, feeling very proud of yourself. “I’ve learned some things.”
You upped the speed of your hand by just a little, making Lin repress a moan. He nipped at the soft skin on your neck as you jerked him off. All of a sudden, Lin grabbed your hand and lowered his voice to a whisper.
“(y/n), stop. If you continue, nothing’s gonna happen.”
You felt his breath on your ear as he spoke. You looked at him with intrigue. “You were hoping for something to happen?”
“Of course. I can’t get you all wet for nothing.”
You were confused by that. Lin pulled himself back for you to look down. Your breath stopped as you saw he was right. The crotch of your leggings was darker than it used to be.
Lin chuckled. “Did you already cum for me? Aw, how sweet. But we’re not done yet.”
You laughed darkly, out of anticipation. Lin pulled you in for another kiss. He dragged his hand along your hips and latched onto the waistband of your leggings. He did the same with his other hand. He pulled your leggings about halfway down your thigh and stopped. He raised an eyebrow and smirked at you.
“No underwear, huh?”
You looked at him through seductive, heavy-lidded eyes. “It holds me back.”
“Well, it makes my job easier,” Lin said with a soft laugh. He started pulling your leggings down again and grazed your thigh as he did so. When they were low enough to fall to your ankles, you kicked your leggings off to the side. You were now fully naked, but Lin still had his pants. You forced his arms off you and pulled down his jeans and boxers. Lin looked shocked for just a moment, then regained composure. He pinned your arms against the wall, more strongly than last time. Lin gave you a look of pure blazing lust.
“Alright, enough joking around. It’s my turn.”
You knew what was about to happen. You took a moment to mentally prepare yourself and closed your eyes.
“(y/n)? Are you alright?”
You decided you were as prepared as you could ever be and opened your eyes. “I’m wonderful. Because I’m with you.”
Lin smirked. He placed his hands on your hips and brought himself closer to them. He placed his member right over your entrance and gently teased you by rubbing against it. You felt yourself getting wetter and more antsy. Lin must’ve seen it on your face.
“Be patient, darling.”
He apparently couldn’t hold out any longer himself. He slowly slipped himself into you. It was so gratifying and pleasurable to finally have him inside you. Lin lifted your leg and held it up to make it easier for him to fill you completely. Lin mewled as he got all the way in. You weren’t even sure how he managed to. He was big, and way thicker than your entrance. But he felt so good that you didn’t care. He thrust against you slowly. Agonizingly slow.
“Is that all you got, Lin?”
Lin grimaced. “Are you not satisfied?”
He picked you up and threw you onto a nearby couch. He pinned himself on top of you and wasted no time shoving himself back into you. You yelped loudly at the suddenness, but it wasn’t painful.
“D-Do that again…”
Lin obliged. It felt even better the second time.
“Oh, fuck…yes, like that…”
He pulled out and roughly pushed his length into you repeatedly. But one of the times, he hit a certain spot that made your whole body tremble. You gripped at the couch cushion as your eyes rolled up inside your head.
Lin thrust into you again, hitting your spot harder. You let out a loud cry, so loud that Lin actually laughed.
“Am I that good?”
“Fuck yes,” you said breathlessly.
Lin smiled, clearly proud of himself. He continued pounding your slit over and over, driving you into blissful ecstasy. At one point you were hyperventilating from the pleasure. You knew Lin was loving it just as much as you, but had more restraint over his mouth. A couple timid mewls escaped and not much else. His breathing was heavy and rapid, like yours. As Lin pumped himself into you, you felt your mind drifting in and out of focus. Pure euphoria flooded your veins and drove you to the best orgasm you’d ever had. As you reached said orgasm, you clawed at Lin’s back and shouted his name.
“Oh, f-fuck,” Lin moaned. “Say it again.”
You obliged. “L-Lin! I…I’m about to cum..!”
“Mmf…m-me too.”
He thrust into you one last time and slowly pulled himself out. He let out one last moan as he emptied himself onto your stomach. You flopped your head down onto the couch, trying to catch your breath. Lin laid down on top of you. His body was warm, albeit not uncomfortable.
“I can tell you had a good time.”
You laid an arm on Lin’s back. “That was fucking incredible,” you said, still a little bit breathless.
“Best rehearsal session I’ve ever had,” Lin said with a laugh.
He leaned up and gently pecked your lips. “By the way, I love you. If you hadn’t figured that out already.”
“I knew. And I love you too.”
“I guess we better get ourselves cleaned up, huh?”
You reluctantly nodded. You wanted nothing more than to cuddle on that couch with Lin for a few hours, but you were already hot and sweaty enough. Lin threw you a towel and some spare clothes. Once you made sure you looked presentable enough, you stood up from the couch. Your legs were very wobbly and you almost fell, but Lin caught you.
“You alright there?”
“Yeah. You just fucked me so good that I can’t walk properly.”
Lin’s eyes widened. “Uh…I don’t know if I wanna be that good.”
You chuckled and walked towards the door. You turned back to face Lin with a sly smirk.
“So, rehearsal tomorrow, same time?”
Lin bit his lip seductively. “Hell yes.”
“Tomorrow it is, then.”
Lin smiled. “Oh, yeah. Can you not tell anyone else about this? I want to keep it a secret.”
You rolled your eyes. “You don’t want anyone else to know that you’re that good? Please. I’m telling everyone.”
Lin frowned. “You’re such a bitch sometimes.”
“And yet you still love me. See you tomorrow, Lin.”

Siri: Hey, hey Moony!  Remi, look at me! Look.
Remi: I’d rather not; I’m kind of busy right now.
Siri: *sing-song* But I have only the greatest present ever, just for you!

Siri: Of course I did! Take a look- made it myself ;^)

Fem!Remus is Online!

(OOC: i would like to point out that that’s a drawing of shakespeare saying “your mom (boom roasted)” that i literally just made for nay)