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"Light wanted to live like a god.
He didn’t die like one.”

Rest in Mu, Light Yagami (夜神月) (February 28, 1989January 28, 2013)

Bellarke AU: Climbing Mount Everest

Bellamy and Clarke fall through a sheet of ice into a cave, where they have to find a way out since where they were drowned out their distress signals for help. Without the right equipment,  little food, and temperatures below freezing it was inevitable they would die fairly quick. They need to work together to survive before the mountain takes them like it has the others before them.

You know what pisses me off (no, this isn’t another 50 Shades post)? The fact that there are some blogs that have 200-300 followers with have actual talent. Actual artistic skills. Actual writing skills. Because I just hit 800, and I DON’T DO ANYTHING!!! I’m funny sometimes? Made a few cute edits? Did some cool snk posts? It’s messed up that I have more followers than them. I’m not saying that you should unfollow me, my follower count is all I’m proud of in life (I watched 293 YouTube videos a week or two ago. My life is sad). But follow some artists. Reblog their work. Like it. Leave a sweet ask saying to keep up the good work. Help a brother out. Appreciate our artists. Yep that’s it. Okay cool.

"La Dolce Vita: Hollywood Living" Chapter 47

Justin’s P.O.V

I sat in the first class seat next to Will as he tried to read his book.

I had been helping him sound out words for the past hour and he was making progress with his fourth grade, reading level book. Needless to say, I was highly impressed. Demetri had no intention of reading and went to sleep as soon as we got off from our layover in New York.

From here, it was a straight shot to Cannes. It was Saturday and the festival officially opened on Monday. It would last for a week and a half, making it a very sought after set of events.

All together, there were fifteen in our party and we took up the entire first class cabin. It was ridiculous but my father demanded that everyone be there. He was actually supposed to be in Cannes three days ago but he made up some excuse because he didn’t want to spend more time there than needed.

This was a really stressful time for Jeremy and I felt for him but this is what he loved to do so he wasn’t complaining.

The past month of April passed without anything major and it was now the middle of May, the perfect time for a film festival in the south of France.

"Dad, I don’t want to read anymore." Will closed his book.

"Alright then, what do you want to do?"

"Mom said that if I go to sleep, we’ll get there faster." He looked out of the window at the setting sun as we passed over the Atlantic.

"Yup, if you go to bed now, we’ll probably be there in the morning."

"Are you sure?" He raised an eyebrow like he didn’t believe me, "Sounds kind of questionable to me."

I had to laugh at his wonderful vocabulary that he no doubt learned from Selena.

"I promise." I fluffed up his pillow and laid a blanket over him.

"Where are we going again?" Will asked as he laid his head on my arm.

"Cannes, France."

"Is there a beach?"

"Yes and the water is so clear that you can see your feet at the bottom."

"And we get to watch movies the whole time?"

"You’re mother and I will. You guys are going to have lots of fun will Uncle Jaxson but we’ll make sure to take you guys everywhere so you can see the sites."

"What’s there to do?"

"Lots of shopping and the beach of course. They also have boat rides that we can go on and I’m sure there is a movie or two we can take you all to."

"Will there be lots of cameramen there?"

"Yes, does that scare you?" I asked, slightly worried that my son wasn’t adjusting to his new life as well as he let on but he surprised me once again.

"No, they’re fine. Just make sure they get my good side." He yawned like an old man, being serious about his photo op.

"I’ll be sure of it, bud." I chuckled and kissed his head, "Go to sleep."

"Ok, Dad." He sighed and within minutes, he was off.

I leaned up softly so that I didn’t wake Will and peeked my head over the seat in front of me where Selena was sitting with Dani. They were coloring in one of Dani’s picture books and laughing like school girls.

"What’s going on up here?" I asked.

"Nothing, we’re making masterpieces, Daddy." Dani replied with a smile. She was next to the window

"She’s convinced that she doesn’t need to go to sleep." Selena said, "I’ll give it an hour before she’s knocked out." She whispered to me.

"Will already went down for the night." I replied.

"Daddy, how much longer until we get there?" Dani asked with a bounce in her voice.

"About eight hours, not too long."

"I want to be there already. Mama says that they have a beach and we can go sailing."

"I said we can go sailing if we have someone who knows what they’re doing on the water." Selena corrected her, "I don’t want to risk our lives in your father’s hands."

"I’m sure I can steer a boat." I poked out my chest.

"Not with my children on board, you’re not." She said seriously, "You might need to do a few trial runs."

"It’s okay, Selena. I’ve got this." Jaxson said from across the aisle, "I can sail anything on the open seas."

"We’ll talk about that when we get there. I don’t think I like this idea." Pattie piped up.

"No one’s going anywhere until after the movie. Business first." My father sighed heavily.

Pattie put her hand in his and he seemed to calm down immediately, “You’re going to give yourself a heart attack.” She said to him.

"I can’t help it. I’m so proud of this movie, what if people don’t like it?"

"How could they not?" Selena said, "It’s good work, Jeremy."

I had seen the cut that my father was going to show at Cannes and I had to agree that it was probably the best film I had ever seen. It wasn’t completely done yet but from what I saw, Selena and my father were about to be Hollywood legends.

First of all, Selena’s performance was so incredible that I almost didn’t recognize her. She totally immersed herself in the world that Jeremy created and it was amazing to watch her work on screen. The pain and the hurt of her character was real. I had a suspicion that she might have taken things out of her personal life and added them to the role but she would deny it when I asked her.

Selena’s performance was so raw, almost to the point of totally leaving herself behind and it was kind of scary. I had never seen anyone do that before, not even my mother and I was wondering how Selena could leave her characters behind after she played them. They just seemed so authentic. I had been in this business for years and Selena was teaching me things every day.

The second thing I noticed about the film was that my father only got better with age, like a fine wine. This had to be his best work yet, there was no doubt about it. After the movie premiered, there was no doubt in my mind that he was going to get worldwide praise because the film was epic in its artistic genius.

This movie was going to be gold. That was all there was to it.

"I think we need to just have a family day." Selena said, "Everyone is too stressed."

"The only day I’m not judging is this Friday." Jeremy replied.

"Then we’ll go out and do something." Jaxson thought for a second, "I want to go to a couple yacht parties." He waved his hands in the hair.

"Oh, God. The last time we went, he fell overboard." Rose rolled her eyes with Kim in her lap.

"Someone spiked my drink." He crossed his arms.

"Do whatever you want but I’m taking the kids to do things." Selena said, "I feel like I haven’t been spending enough time with them."

"I promise we’ll have lots of time as a family." I kissed her shoulder.

As the sun set in the sky, everyone started to get really sleepy and I was the first one out like a light although I woke up four hours later.

I ordered some water and just nursed that while I read the script for my new movie.

Fifth Avenue was to begin shooting in the fall and I was more than ready to get back to work. It was going to be a fun role that I wanted to dive into headfirst.

Unfortunately, with shooting of Fifth Avenue, I wasn’t going to be able to work with Selena on her movie. It just wasn’t possible because they overlapped. I really wanted to do the film because it was good and working with Selena would have been a bonus but it wasn’t going to happen, at least at this point.

I auditioned for the role and actually got it but had to back out when my schedules collided. On some level, I was happy to not be doing the film because this was Selena’s opportunity and I didn’t want to take this from her. She kept saying that she needed me on the film but after seeing her performance in my father’s movie, I was more than convinced that she could do this on her own.

This would be her first, non Bieber related, lead role and she needed to put her big girl pants on.

Selena was going to take this new role and run with it, I knew that but she just needed to realize that. This was an incredible opportunity for her but I was going to try to keep my distance. She didn’t need me there every day.

That being said, I vowed that I was going to work with her at some point. Some would say it was cheesy to have real life couples in movies but I didn’t care. Selena was too good to just watch.

"Justin, are you awake?" Selena looked over her seat.

I chuckled, “Yes, sweetheart. Why aren’t you sleeping?”

"I can’t. I’m too excited." Selena smiled like a child and it was so infectious that I couldn’t help but beam as well.

"You’re excited? Two days ago, you couldn’t breathe from nervousness."

"Yeah but this is my first film festival."

"After that disaster of Sundance." I sighed, remembering how horrible that was.

"This is going to be fun. Do you think people will like the film?" She asked giddily. I couldn’t remember seeing Selena like this.

"If they don’t then they don’t know movies. You did phenomenal but I’ve already told you that."

"And I want to take the kids around. You know the best places to go, right?"

"Well, I haven’t been to Cannes in years but I know the good places." I laughed, "We’ll have fun."

"Don’t forget about the work." Embry said from somewhere behind me, "You two have lots of promoting to do."

"Can’t be just have fun, Dad?" Selena joked.

"I have blocked off days of your schedules for fun but I also expect you two to work the carpets."

"Yeah, yeah." I groaned, resting my head against the back of my chair, "I like Dani’s idea about going sailing."

"We’ll see." Selena sat back down.

Just like I promised, when Will opened his eyes, we were only half an hour from descending. All the kids were so excited that I had to strap them down so they didn’t fly away.

"I can’t wait." Demetri said, "Dad, switch seats with me."

I did as he said so that he and Will could sit together. That left me to sit with Jason who was still asleep.

By the time we landed in Paris, I felt like we had been traveling for days. We got on another, smaller plane that took us straight into Cannes an hour later and finally emerged at Aéroport Cannes Mandelieu without any trouble.

Of course, this was peak season for the entertainment community. Stars had already started arriving, beginning last week so the paparazzi had basically staked the whole city out for the past month.

As soon as we stepped off of the plane, it was a frenzy of cameras and flashes. I put my sunglasses on, kept my head down, and made sure I had a firm hold on the boys while we walked out to the cars. Dani, Demetri, Will, Selena and I sat in the back of a black SUV as we headed off into the city.

"Everything is so bright and glittery." Dani rolled down her window.

"And sunny." Will added, "Look at the beach."

"We’ll have to come back here when it isn’t so crowded." Selena’s excitement was almost as strong as the kids’.

"I wish we had more time to explore." I said, "I would take you guys all over Europe."

"We’ll come back." Selena sighed longingly.

We pulled up to the famed Hotel Martinez and before the car even stopped, Will had his seat belt undone. I had to keep a hold on him so that he didn’t fall out of the back but he was feeding off of the buzz that surrounded the family.

The paparazzi were waiting as we stepped out of the cars and I knew the magazines would have lots of cover stories on how Selena and I were breaking up or some other ridiculous story so I just smiled and walked past them into the lobby.

The Hotel Martinez was famous for hosting celebrities for the festival and I had stayed here since I was young so I knew the place pretty well.

Embry quickly got our room keys before Selena and I pushed the kids into an elevator, away from the cameramen.

"Wow, they are vicious." Selena took off her sunglasses.

"No one clipped you did they?" I hugged her and then checked the kids.

"No, we’re fine." She said.

"Will they be there the whole time?" Dani huffed.

"Yeah." I replied, "Probably for the rest of your life."

It killed me to say that but there was no way of fully avoiding the paparazzi. They would always be there, no matter what and I just had to make sure that I protected my family.

The elevators dinged and we got out on the top floor, heading in the direction of our suite.

Jaxson popped his head out of a door, “Hey, kiddos. We have a day off tomorrow, whatcha want to do?”

"I think we’re going to spend time with the kids." I said, pressing the thought of alone time.

"Really?" He pouted.

"How about you try out the boat to make sure it’s safe." Selena picked up his spirits and I could already see his brain thinking. He shut the door and I could hear him talking loudly to Rosalie.

I laughed my way down the hall and slipped the key into the door before three kids bounded past me, into the suite before it even opened.

The whole room was bright and open with large windows that looked out onto the ocean. We had three massive rooms and our bags were already where they needed to be.

"As usual, you took it too far." Selena wrapped her arms around my middle as we went to our room.

"I don’t know what you’re talking about. I think you forget that we have three kids to accommodate."

"I know but…how much did all of this cost?"

"Don’t even go there." I laid on the bed and my body sunk deep into the sheets. Selena crawled up next to me.

"I have to ask or you’ll never tell me."

"I still won’t tell you." I closed my eyes and breathed in the natural sea air.

That night was filled with nothing but sleep.

Demetri, Will and Dani climbed into bed with us, claiming that ours was more comfortable but we didn’t mind. Selena and I just made room.

We slept through the night and well into the next day but I wasn’t surprised since the time difference was making us all really tired. We had the day to ourselves and I planned on spending it with the family since Selena and I would be working from here on out but I was determined to not let that impede on my time with the kids.

I was the first one up and it was around two in the afternoon so I just got out of bed without waking everyone else and took a relaxing shower, breathing in the aromas of the soaps.

By the time I got out, Selena was trying to wrestle the boys into a bath but I took over to let her shower. I got the boys bathed and dressed in pajamas since they didn’t want to go out today. I think they were still tired for the plane ride so they basically just parked themselves on the couch.

"I’m hungry." Will laid his head on the sofa arm.

All the windows were open, letting the brisk breeze flow through the rooms.

"What do you want?" I asked, pulling out the room service menu.

"What do they have?" Demetri looked through it.

I read off some of the things the restaurant downstairs offered and made sure to get a pen and paper because my boys could eat. I was going to be spending mountains of money just on food alone.

"What’s pallelela…?" Will sounded out.

"Paella." I corrected, "Is a Spanish rice dish. It has lots of things from the ocean like fish and shrimp and crab. Do you want to try it?"

"Is it spicy?" He looked at me.

"Some are but I can make sure that yours isn’t."

"I want some too." Demetri said.

"You two can share." I checked off three orders of paella for everyone and then went down the list again, just to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.

Our food came an hour later after Selena and Dani came out of the bathroom with freshly braided hair, smelling sweet from fresh showers. They sat on the couch with us and just talked for what seemed like hours.

By the time the sun went down, we were all stuffed on good European food and I was almost about to pass out. Around seven that night, there was a knock on the door and I sighed, letting Alice in without any complaint.

"I need Selena for a dress fitting." She commanded, carrying a large garment bag.

"Now?" Selena groaned.

"Don’t start, get in the bedroom." She pointed and Selena followed without question.

Our time in Cannes was getting off to a fast start.

The next morning, our sleep schedules were starting to get back to normal and I was up at noon but unlike yesterday, I had work. I gave Selena and the kids kisses before I told them goodbye, promising to be back in a couple of hours.

Today was a big day because it was the start of the festival. My father’s movie was premiering tonight and then things would really start to pick up.

Tyler came to get me and nearly shoved me into a waiting car, on our way to a photo shoot for Bulgari.

I usually didn’t do ad campaigns. I felt like I was selling out and I wasn’t necessarily a model so why would anyone want me to hock their stuff? I understood that I had a nice face and because of my name, I would be able to get things advertised but I was an actor. Model wasn’t in my job title.

That being said, I had done it before and some things were just too good to turn down. If I had a passion for the product, I would probably jump on promoting it. Selena persuaded me to do the campaign for Bulgari men’s watches and pointed out that I had about seven in my drawer. Plus, it was kind of hard to turn down four million dollars for five days of work a year. It was the business and it took me a long time to see myself as a commodity and not a person.

That was why I needed Selena and the kids. They kept me sane in this crazy world and when I needed a dose of reality, they were there to give it to me.

My day with Bulgari wasn’t that bad and I got to basically keep everything that I modeled from watches to leather gloves, wallets, belts, ties, cufflinks and sunglasses. It was a very profitable day but the whole time I was in front of the camera, I just wanted to get back to my family.

By the time my photo shoot was over, Tyler had Alice on the phone screaming at me for being late. I tried not to roll my eyes the entire time I was on the phone with her.

"The red carpet starts in two hours and you’re late as usual."

"Alice, I just have to put on a suit and smile."

"No you don’t. This is a big deal. Selena’s ready and everyone else is basically waiting on your slow ass."

"I highly doubt that, Alice."

"Don’t test me Justin. Tell Tyler to drive faster." She hung up without any sentiment.

I made it back to Hotel Martinez and braved my way through paparazzi on my way up. I didn’t even get a chance to breathe before Alice shoved a piece of pizza in my face and told me to shower. I couldn’t even say hi to Selena.

"They’re all in Mom and Dad’s room. Hurry up." Alice shouted from the room as I dried off.

"Ok, calm the hell down."

"Well we are working on T-minus one hour and you’re going to make us all late."

"Shut up." I groaned and pulled on some boxers, "This isn’t high school and we aren’t going to the prom."

"You’re damned right. This is much bigger."

Exactly an hour later, I was in a black, classic Tom Ford suit with a bow tie and shinny shoes. My hair was coiffed, my face was clean shaven, my wrist was adorned with a silver Bulgari watch and I was ready to go.

Alice pushed me out of the door in her designer gown, down the hall to my parents’ room.

"Wow, you look so handsome, Daddy." Dani said when I came in. She was already in pajamas for the night.

"Thank you, sweetheart." I kissed her, "Where is your mother?"

"Outside on the balcony. She looks so pretty."

"You’re going to be good for Uncle Jason tonight, right?" I asked.

"Yes and I’ll make sure the boys don’t drive him crazy."

"Good girl." I gave her a hug before following Selena’s laughter out onto the balcony where she was sitting with Pattie.

"There you are." My mother stood and kissed my cheek, "Alice has been going crazy."

"I know. She almost killed me. You look nice." I appraised her beautiful dress, but I was more focused on my Selena behind her.

My mother noticed and just grinned her way back into the room.

Selena was in a draping, one shoulder, maroon dress with crystal embroidery on the sweetheart neckline and the long train behind her. Her makeup was done lightly, her hair was flowing down her back and her ears were swimming in diamonds.

"Wow." I breathed, "You get more amazing every day."

"I try." She shrugged nonchalantly and came up to me for a kiss.

"Are you nervous?" I asked.

"Not anymore. I think your father is the one who is about to die."

"He always gets like that but this is your first big movie."

"I hope people like it. I put a lot of work into this film."

"It shows. I’m here to support you." I hugged her tightly and she melted into my body.

Our moment was interrupted by a bouncing Rose who tore us apart, “It’s time to go. Stop messing up Selena’s Marchessa dress. This thing is a work of art.”

I took Selena’s hand and led her out of the room after a kiss to the kids and a prayer for Jason since he was the only one watching them.

We were in cars and on our way to the theater.

The night air was buzzing, the streets were lined with people, cars were everywhere and Boulevard de la Croisette was alive.

There was a certain way of doing things at the Cannes Film Festival and it was full of tradition.

The massive 2300-seat Grand Theatre Lumiere, was the place where the premier movie was shown and I could already see the flashes from cameras.

"Are you ready?" Selena brushed something off of my shoulder.

"Stop asking me that. This is your time to be ready, I’m good."

"I have to focus on someone else or I’ll pull my hair out." She sighed.

I laughed and kissed her shortly before the car stopped in a back parking lot.

Embry pulled us both out and led us to the beginning of the red carpet that was already alive and in full swing. I could see Jeremy and Pattie making the rounds along with Rose and Jaxson while Alice was flitting around Selena, making sure her dress was perfect.

"I’m fine, Alice. Go do your own thing." Selena tired to tell her.

"No, I have to make sure you’re ok."

I just pulled Selena on the carpet, wrapping my arm around her and smiling.

There was so much noise and the camera shutters were firing off in rapid succession.

This was easy work.

There were so many different points of the carpet and this was rivaling the Oscars but I don’t think anything could compare to that insanity.

I let Selena go after half an hour and took some solo shots.

As I watched her in front of the cameras, I remembered how far she had come and what she had been through in the past couple of years. Just by looking at Selena, I would have never known how horribly Jacob had treated her but she was stronger than that. I had only known this woman for about a year and she had the ability to turn my world around to the point where I had to question everything I knew.

She loved my kids like her own, I loved her kid like he was my own and I wanted to start a life with Selena. There was no doubt in my mind.

I didn’t know what had come over me but in that second, I had to hold her.

I trapped Selena in my grasp as we posed for more cameras.

"Marry me." I whispered to her without breaking my smile.

"I already said I would." She giggled.

"No, I mean now. Tomorrow, before we leave France." I said seriously.

Her face turned pensive as she looked at me with deep eyes.

"I mean it Selena. I need you in my life and I can’t, I won’t spend another day without you."

In front of all these cameras, I was confessing myself to her and I didn’t care if they knew it or not. I’m sure we looked crazy.

"Please." I almost begged.

Her face broke out into a small smile, “Ok.”

"Really?" I almost jumped into space.

"Yes. We’ll do it here, before we leave."

I had to kiss her and I didn’t care if we were in front of the whole world. I just had to do it.

For the last couple of weeks I have been training my ass off and eating a lot cleaner than usual, however I never thought that results would actually start to show this quick. Me, @juliadintino and @cassieosborne made a pact to become more fitter and lately we’be been sharing progress photos im so proud of you girls! 😘 The photo on the left was taken 6 weeks ago (Jan 10th) ☺️

I am insanely

happy that so many of you joined me on my 15 Day Drawing Challenge! Browsing through your drawings has absolutely made my week (head over to instagram and search the tag #15DayDrawingChallenge to admire everybody’s work). Here are my drawings from the first week… 1. a pattern: inspired by the ceiling at […]

A while ago i came across this 15 days drawing challenge which i started and actually completed last summer. There was a good varity of things to draw including a pattern, an animal doing human things and a cross section. If i was to do this project i would like to do more unusual things on the list rather than generic objects like some drawing challenges.