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The Incredibly Moronic Prat Who Lived

Harry frowned when he looked down at the counter and was faced with his own biography, Harry Potter, The Incredibly Heroic Boy Who Lived (Twice!). When he accepted the job at Flourish and Blotts he never considered that he might have to sell books that were written about himself. Harry’s frown turned into a grimace when he realized that the customer buying this book would probably be starstruck when they realized that the one and only Harry Potter was standing on the other side of the counter.

But when Harry looked up to see the customer, he was the one who was starstruck. Because standing in front of him was Draco Malfoy. Unbearably attractive, adorably flustered Draco Malfoy.

“Potter,” Draco said, shocked.

Harry was too busy staring at the blond, memorizing every perfect detail of his face, to respond. He hadn’t seen Draco since his trial two years ago, and the last he heard Draco was in France studying to be a Healer. France has been good for Draco, Harry thought as he admired Draco’s no longer skinny, but fit body. Draco was also silently appreciating Harry’s appearance, but the blond had been taught that it was impolite to stare, so he broke the silence by clearing his throat. Harry’s eyes immediately flew to Draco’s face.

“Malfoy,” Harry said, his voice hoarse. “How have you been?”

“Spectacular as always,” Draco answered dryly. “And you?”

“I’ve been…” Harry searched for a casual way to say completely lost. “Fine.”

Draco nodded. Both boys seemed at a loss for words and Harry looked back down at the book on the counter. The book about him. That Draco was buying, for some reason.

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elegantly wasted | baekhyun (pt. 3)

‘I’m so sorry for what happened. I promise you I will never hurt you like this again. I like you Y/N, a lot. I want you. Will you be mine?’‘

admin: s. genre: angst, fluff, smut, age gap, kinda daddyish, ceo! baekhyun au 

pt. 1, pt. 2

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It had been already three months since this one week you had worked for Baekhyun. Christmas was just around the corner, it was finally freezing cold outside and your life had finally calmed down again. 

Since this one incident three months ago, you had actually never seen and heard of Baekhyun again. On your last day, though, he had left an envelope for you. In it was a check with the amount of money you had made this week and a handwritten letter from him. In it:

‘’Dear Y/N, 

I’m very glad I came home earlier than usual this one day, so I was able to meet you. The first time I saw you, you were already interesting but after spending this car ride with you and thinking about you way more than I want to admit, I have to say I fell in Love. I never believed in Love at first sight but thanks to you, I now do. I know I fucked up really bad and I’m more than sorry for what I did. I would turn back the time if I was able to and would have told you earlier that I like you, a lot but sadly I can’t. If there’s any chance you’d forgive me please come to this place. I’m there every Saturday at six waiting for you.



Together with the letter was a picture of a bench behind a cafe. You knew which cafe this was and which bench this was. The cafe was in a Park not far away from Baekhyuns Loft actually. 

After you had read this letter you cried. More than one time. You loved him too, you missed him, you wanted him but you couldn’t forgive him. What he did, was too much for you. You hated cheaters, liars, men that slept with other women even if they knew they liked someone else.  

Actually, you had no right to be mad at him. He wasn’t yours and he never would be but still, you were too broken to admit this. You wanted to throw away this letter, burn it even but you couldn’t.

The letter was now in the drawer of your nightstand. You read it every evening. Even after three months, you hadn’t forgotten him, you still missed him, wished he would be now here with you. 

Even if you felt like shit most of the time the past three months, also a lot of good stuff happened. You got a job at a cute little and popular cafe in the middle of Seoul. The owner was one of your old classmates and after you both met again, she was willing to give you a job. 

It wasn’t something, someone with a bachelor of arts wanted to have as a job but it was better than nothing and you now had finally money to come up for most of your expenses yourself. 

Your mum by the way never found out about your situation with her boss. After she returned from Busan with your aunt she directly started working for him again.

She now and then told you that Baekhyun was home early more often and that they finally talked in person, that he was as nice as she pictured him and that he even asked how you were. 

Most of the time when she talked about him you didn’t really listen to her. You didn’t want to hear about that. You wanted to forget him but in the end of your mother’s talk you always entered your room and started crying. Your heart was hurt. 

The offer from him, if you’d forgive him, to come to this one place, you never considered. It was true you wanted to see him but already after one month, you were sure he wouldn’t be sitting there anymore waiting for you. 

You were almost sure he had forgotten you already, was happy, maybe even had a girlfriend now, only asked your mum how you were to sound polite. Of course, you hoped it wasn’t like this but you kind of wished it so you could finally close this one chapter in your life.

The Christmas holidays had finally started and you also got off from work. The cafe was closed during Christmas and after a long time, you finally had some free time for yourself. 

You mother and your aunt had decided to travel to Japan to make a sister vacation at a winter resort there and you were happy they did. Your aunt was finally divorced and was able to enjoy her Life again. 

On the other hand that meant you would be alone during Christmas but you weren’t sad. You even liked it. It had been long since you had some alone time for you. 

Currently sitting in the bathtub you enjoyed your first day alone. Your mum and aunt had left last night with the plane and you, of course, had to drive them to the airport. So the hot water was the perfect thing for your tired and tensed muscles. 

While sitting in the tub you thought of the things you could do while you were alone. Since it was holidays there weren’t many options because most shops were closed.

You sighed and sat up a little bit in the tub taking the thing that laid on the floor in front of the tub. It was the letter from Baekhyun. You still had it but you finally were able to look at it without getting sad. You wanted to finally destroy it, so drowning it in the hot water of your bath sounded like a good idea to you. 

Before you actually lowered your hand so the paper was under water you read it again. Your eyes landed on the attached picture of the cafe and you stopped. A while ago you had looked it up on the internet and found out it was open during Christmas time. 

Debating whether to go there on the coming Saturday or not you shook your head. It wasn’t for Baekhyun, he probably gave up the first time you weren’t there. You would go there but only because it was the only place that was open and it looked cozy. 

Slightly smiling because you had finally decided what you wanted to do you stood up. Putting a towel around you, you laid the letter on one of the bathroom drawers. You had completely forgotten to drown it…

You were currently driving the car of your mum to the cafe. It was almost six in the evening and you saw people walking outside. Most couples were probably going home to wait for Christmas Eve. Your eyes were gloomy seeing all those happy couples. You wondered if sometime in the future you would be happy like this with a man too. 

Sighing you parked the car in front of the cafe. Entering it a warm feeling welcomed you. It smelled like cake and coffee and you weren’t the only person that thought it was a good idea to come here today. The cafe wasn’t packed but there was a good amount of people enjoying themselves.

You took off your coat and looked around for a place. Connected to the cafe there was a conservatory. Not a lot of people were there and you saw the bench you knew just too well standing on the glass front with no one sitting on it. 

You sighed and walked to it. It was protectable that it would be empty or that at least the person you hoped to be sitting here wouldn’t be here. Sitting down you looked outside. It was an amazing few. Everything was white outside. The river not far from the cafe frozen. 

After you had ordered a coffee you just sat there enjoying yourself reading the magazines that were laid out on the table beside the bench. Now and then you heard the bell of the entrance to the cafe. Turning around every time having slight hope it would be him, you were disappointed and sad to see another couple entering. 

The bell had rung another time and you didn’t even bother anymore to turn around because you knew it wasn’t him but little did you knew that Baekhyun was currently standing in the entrance to the conservatory not believing what he saw before him. 

He knew it was you the second he saw your Y/H/C hair, the way you were sitting on the bench or after coming closer smelling your perfume he loved so much and had missed even more. 

Since three months he came here every Saturday at six. At the beginning, he still waited for you but after a while, he had given up. Though he still came. He started liking this place. It reminded him of you. He didn’t know why but it just did. 

Slowly walking towards you he stopped the second he saw you standing up. It was already seven and you had been sitting here for already an hour. It wasn’t like you were bored but you had to admit you came here for him and after waiting for an hour just so you could find out he had forgotten you and wasn’t coming you wanted to go home. 

You stood up and turned around ready to go to the jacket hanger, putting on your coat and driving home, you saw him standing in front of you. You both stared at each other and you couldn’t believe it.

The first moment you thought he was someone else since he had died his hair dark brown almost blackish but after looking at him for longer you knew this wasn’t a dream. This was true, he still came here, for you. 

You teared up and hurried to him without another thought, throwing your arms around him, sobbing in his neck. You had missed his sent so much. The warmth he was spreading. His presence. 

Baekhyun though was still just standing there staring at the place you had stood just a second before, before also putting his arms around you, pressing you even more against him than he already was. 

He buried his face in your neck too, taking in your scent too. Everything you had missed from him he had missed from you even more. He caressed your hair, calming you down slowly. He was finally here with you. You never wanted to let him go again. You didn’t care about what had happened, you just wanted to be happy again. 

Minutes after you both separated you stared into each other’s eyes. You couldn’t believe it. He was here. He hadn’t forgotten you all these months. 

Baekhyun slightly smiled at you laying his hand on top of your cheeks. You welcomed his touch, leaning into it and smiling back. He carefully slid with his thumb over your lips and you parted them slightly. 

It didn’t need another sign and your lips were connected. It was the first kiss you both shared and it was magical. His lips tasted and felt even better than you could have ever imagined. 

You slightly opened your mouth, giving him access to your cavern after he had licked over your under lip with his tongue asking for it. His tongue immediately entered your mouth after you had opened your mouth. 

Both of your eyes were closed. You had your hands buried in his hair and his hands were still on your cheeks. You stood there kissing. You didn’t want to stop but soon Baekhyun parted himself from you. Your breaths were hitched, your cheeks feeling hot and you swore they resembled two red apples. 

Baekhyun took your hand and guided you outside, helping to wear your coat before you left the cafe together. Without another thought you followed him to his car, sitting down on the passenger seat after you’ve reached it. 

Quickly also Baekhyun sat behind the steering wheel, starting his car and speeding in the direction of his loft. His hand was again on your thigh and you loved it. You forgot how amazing this feeling was. 

Putting your hand on top of his, you closed yours around his. You looked at his side profile, he was smiling the whole time. Even though you hadn’t talked one word just now, you didn’t mind. The connection between you, his eyes, your eyes, were talking more than your mouths ever could. 

It didn’t take long for the both of you to arrive at the building Baekhyuns loft was in and to actually go into his loft. As soon as he had closed the door his lips were attached to yours again. 

This kiss though was way more heated than the first one. Baekhyun hadn’t even waited for permission to enter his tongue in your hot cavern, he had just squeezed your butt lightly so you had to gasp and so he had the perfect opportunity to put his tongue in your mouth. 

Your tongues were dancing together fast and passionate. You didn’t even want to win dominance over him because Baekhyun had you full in his clutches. He backed you slowly towards his room, your butt coming into contact with the door to his room. 

You were so into the kiss it felt like you had arrived at the door in a matter of seconds. Baekhyun opened it with his right hand while guiding you with his left and still with his lips hungrily attached to yours. 

Both of you stumbled in the room and as soon as Baekhyun had closed the door again you started stripping. Baekhyun left your lips and stood in front of you slowly opening the buttons of his suit jacket. You just stared at him with lust in your eyes. 

After Baekhyun had also lifted his shirt over his head he stood there shirtless in full display to you. Obviously, it wasn’t the first time you had seen him shirtless but the last time you wanted to forget so desperately and this situation right now was helping you a lot. 

Baekhyun stared at you expectantly waited that you would also take off your coat and pullover. You smirked and followed his passive directions. Soon also you were standing there shirtless. You still had your bra on though, you wanted Baekhyun to take it off for you. 

He stared at you now, even more, taking in every centimeter closely before grabbing you by the waist and kissing you again. His kisses wandered from your lips to your chin, to your neck and your decollete, leaving his marks where he wanted them to be. 

You couldn’t but moan at the feeling. It didn’t take long for Baekhyun to find your sweet spot and you were lost in his sweet touches that were filled with love. You felt Baekhyun smirking against your skin when he heard your breath increasing and moaning getting frequent. 

Your hands started traveling down his strong arms from his shoulders where they had rested before, feeling his strong muscles you then traveled over his chest and defined abs. Soon your hands rested on the waistband of his pants and you started opening his belt. 

His belt long gone when you continued opening the button of his pants and finally the zipper, pulling them down in a swift move. Looking down with hooded eyes, you were able to see a clear, big bulge present. 

Baekhyun hissed on your skin when you started feeling his bulge, caressing his manhood over his boxer shorts. 

‘‘Stop, Y/N don’t tease me, I swear to god.’‘ He growled making you giggle. You felt drunk of love, light headed. Baekhyun could do anything with you right now and you wouldn’t even mind. 

While you had taken care of Baekhyuns pants, he had also taken care of yours. Both of your trousers now laying on the floor beside your shirts and jackets. 

He backed you further to his bed until you got in contact with it, making you fall backward in it. You looked up to Baekhyun, smiling and giggling lightly. Baekhyun smiled back and walked to his closet taking out what looked like a printed neckcloth before coming back to you. 

Sliding it around his neck he closed his eyes, throwing his head back as if he was enjoying the feeling of the expensive silk on his skin. You had to be honest, it made you even hornier than you already were right now. 

Soon he had opened his eyes again looking at you with intense eyes. Lowering himself on the bed too, he crawled on top of you but still with his knees and hands propped up. 

He took your chin in his hands looking you serious in the eyes. You seriously had no idea what had gotten into him. He got so serious so fast for no reason. 

‘‘I bought a new bed. I couldn’t bear to sleep in the bed I slept with another woman in, that wasn’t you. Also, I didn’t want us to sleep in this bed you saw me and this woman in.’’  He said leaving ghostly kisses on your lips. 

You had to smile. He was so cute and so in love with you, he had even bought a new bed. Lifting your hand until you reached his cheek to caress it, you answered. ‘’Baekhyun, I missed you. I never stopped thinking about you.’’

He bit his lip nodding a bit too eager to show you he felt the same. Leaning into your touch on his cheek he sighed, looking you ones again deeply in the eyes. It almost seemed like he was searching for something. 

‘I’m so sorry for what happened. I promise you I will never hurt you like this again. I like you Y/N, a lot. I want you. Will you be mine?’‘ He then said. 

You had waited for this all the time and so you just kissed him and nodded. Baekhyun immediately stood up on his knees now smirking. He took the silk neckcloth from his neck before taking your chin again in his hands. 

‘‘You know I like it a little bit more rough and kinky while I have sex. You will be wearing a blindfold, babygirl. I will allow you to touch me for today since it’s our first time but I still want you to be blindfolded, okay darling?’‘ 

Gulping you nodded. Your body shook and you couldn’t wait until he finally started. 

He put on the blindfold on you before slowly opening your bra. Baekhyun was so in love with everything on you. He finally saw your boobs on full display and they were as beautiful as he imagined them so many times. 

Slowly touching them, he heard a whiny moan of you while you bend your back to get more of his touch. You were so wet it almost hurt. 

Baekhyun smiled and touched your round breast, playing with both equally. He lowered himself again taking one of your nipples in his mouth while still playing with the other one. 

You loved what he was doing but you couldn’t stand the foreplay right now, you just wanted him to be in you. Whining you gripped at his hair. ‘’B-Baekhyun, please just fuck me already.’’

Baekhyun laughed and slid your underwear off of you. ‘’You’re already so wet for me, babygirl.’’ He said huskily while grinning and throwing your underwear somewhere in his room. 

Shortly after, he also had taken off his boxer shorts giving his pulsating length finally freedom. He sighed and pumped himself a few times spreading the precum leaking from the head of his length. 

Slowly he slid in you, the fact that you were dripping wet made it very easy for Baekhyun to do so. You both moaned almost synchronously. Baekhyun slid in until he was fully in you, staying like this for a few seconds so you could adjust to him. 

The feeling of him finally being in you was amazing. You felt he wasn’t the longest or thickest but he still filled you up just perfectly. It was as if you were made for each other. 

‘‘I want you to call me Daddy, babygirl,’‘ Baekhyun whispered in your ear before he started moving in you already at a fast speed level. 

You choked and moaned right after. You closed your legs around his waist giving him the access to move even faster. It felt amazing, your whole body was on fire and it felt like you just got an electric shock. You felt it wouldn’t take long for you to come but you wanted to wait for him. 

‘’Oh my god. Y- you feel so good, Baekhyun.’’ You panted meeting his trust with rocking down on his length while he was trusting in you. 

Suddenly Baekhyun stopped ripping the blindfold from your eyes and packing your throat, slightly choking you. Staring at you with dark eyes, he gritted his teeth. ‘’I said, call me Daddy. If you don’t do what I say, I might have to hurt you a little bit, princess.’’

It took a little bit for your eyes to adjust to the bright light in the room but soon you were able to see Baekhyun clearly above you. You bit your lips and nodded, stretching your neck so you were directly in front of his face. 

Licking his lips you smirked, whispering. ‘’Okay, daddy,’’ Baekyhun smirked back taking his hand from your neck and laying both of them on your waist to hold you in place. 

He had started thrusting into you again only this time even faster than before. The word Daddy leaving your mouth repeatedly now. You had already figured out what Baekyuns kinks were and that he obviously had a huge Daddy kink. 

Both of you were near. You had started scratching Baekhyuns back leaving deep red marks on it but he loved it. Baekhyuns thrusts were getting slower and sloppier by the minute and his grunting sounded tired.

‘‘I’m near princess.’‘ He said while looking you in the eyes. You looked back and nodded. ‘‘I’m near too, Daddy. I want you to come in me, okay.’‘ 

Baekhyun smirked at you and started thrusting faster again only so both of you could finally reach your highs. Soon enough Baekhyun had exploded filling you up with his seeds. The blasting feeling of him filling you up, send you also over the edge. 

You came around him, letting your liquids mix together. Smiling at each other, Baekhyun kissed you again this time very slowly and loving. 

After he had cleaned you both up, he came back into bed with you laying his arms around your waist pressing your naked chests together.

You never wanted this moment to die. 

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Speed Bumps (Peter Maximoff x reader)

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Characters - Peter Maximoff x reader and Charles Xavier

Warnings - itsy bitsy gory 


That was one word to describe Peter Maximoff and also one of the only fitting ones, besides fast bitch and pain in the ass. You didn’t really know how you fell in love with him. It might’ve been his charming looks. Or, if those failed him, which they absolutely didn’t, it could certainly be his amazing silver hair or taste in the best music to ever exist. All you really knew was that you fell hard and fast (HA!).

After a few years of dating, Peter proposed to you with a gummy ring (the Haribo one), while you were eating Twinkie’s under the stars. No joke. Well, that ring didn’t last very long because you ate it within three minutes of his proposal because you were hungry. Peter did, however, get you a proper engagement ring, which he had actually bought. It was probably the only thing Peter hadn’t stolen, besides you. Or had he stolen you and your heart? You really didn’t know.

Time had now sped like lightening and before you knew it, you were married to him. You always laughed when you replayed the memory of him speeding around the venue and scaring the shit out of the guests, even the people who were used to his antics. But for once, everyone bore with him, because after all, he was marrying the love of life and he couldn’t control his excitement. Peter might be a man, but inside, he was the most childish kid you ever had the fortune of meeting.

Everyone knew Peter could be a handful, but to him, you were worse.


Because you could stop time. That’s it.

He never stopped moving, not until you came around. You were his weakness. Time manipulation stopped the speeding boy in his tracks on more than one occasion. You cherished an entire album full of photos, all of them endearing and slightly embarrassing pictures of Peter completely frozen while the rest of the world moved around him. Word spread, and eventually even the youngest of the students were posing him with props and giggling at the faces he made.

It was without doubt that you two were the power couple of the mansion (sorry Charles and Erik). You two were also the worst company to be around. No one would think Peter and you were in your early thirties, the way you guys behaved, pranking everybody and everything under the sun.

But what you loved most was that you could get Peter to slow down. He wanted to savour every single minute of his life he spent with you and that led to him always hitting the brakes. Peter loved you more than video games and that was actually saying something. To your dismay or delight, you didn’t know which, the whole mansion started calling you a speed bump, because you always made Peter come to a halt and want to spend as much time in the, in his opinion, slow world.


“(Y/N)….” Peter pleaded as you shook your head no. Your husband of three years wanted to go to the funfair that had just opened a few miles away. Usually, you would’ve jumped at the chance to go, but right now you didn’t really feel like it. A few weeks ago, you found out that you were pregnant and you didn’t want to risk anything by going on the rides. You wanted to surprise Peter, but you weren’t that creative, so you didn’t really have any ideas how.

Up until now.

You remembered that you’d been there before, getting to know the place and making a few friends in the process. Peter loved it, following a rigid schedule, trying to fit as many activities in as possible. You knew he’d be there, at the end of the night, like always. It would be the perfect place to surprise him.  

“Okay, I’ll go, but don’t make me go on any rides or I’ll leave without you.” Of course you didn’t mean that threat. Well, maybe a little, as Peter could get back to the mansion within seconds. Peter was absolutely overjoyed that you decided to come, because even though he could’ve gone without you, he didn’t want to. He wanted his precious wife by his side.

“C'mon sweetheart. You get the car ready and I’ll see you down in 10 minutes alright?” Peter came to a halt before you as you said these words and softly pressed his lips against yours. He placed his hands on the sides of your waist and smiled at you fondly when he pulled away, his forehead against yours as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

At that moment, the professor wheeled into the room and looked at you both. He smiled slightly, before clearing his throat, which caused you and Peter to break apart from your embrace.

“(Y/N), I need to ask you something. In private.” He added, glancing towards Peter with what could only be described as the most mischievous smile you had ever seen. You nodded and told your husband you would be down in 10 minutes. Peter quickly kissed you on the forehead and sped off.

“What is it Charles? Is something wrong?” Charles had never been upset with you and even though he looked anything but angry you were still worried. You didn’t want to get in the bad books of Professor X. He had been your mentor for so long and had helped you in so many ways. 

Charles chuckled and shook his head. He motioned for you to sit down and took a deep breath, before saying: “Does Peter know yet?” You looked up at the telepath, who was grinning from ear to ear and a confused look came over your face.

“How did you know?” Charles had promised you never to look into your mind without permission, so you didn’t understand how the hell he knew you were expecting. “Well,” Charles began, looking at you rather guiltily, “I can already feel the baby’s mind in my head and you didn’t exactly say I can’t read it.”

You looked at Charles with a face that said one thing: I’ll get you back for this. However, Charles turned your (fake) frown into a smile by asking again when you were going to tell Peter about your pregnancy.

“I’m going to surprise him tonight at the funfair.” You told the professor this without giving him any extra details. He, in return, gave you a huge smile and a small pat on the back. With this, Charles exited the room.

Shaking your head and smiling slightly, you quickly changed into comfortable clothes and slipped on your flat shoes. You would, after all, be at the fair for at least three hours. You picked up your phone and dialled a number. Time to put the plan into action.


The sky was slowly turning dark as you and Peter walked through the funfair. The crowds were thinning and slowly, but surely, the funfair was closing. A few rides had already closed. Rides that Peter went on. Without you of course. He initially didn’t want to go on them without you, but you forced him to. Just because being pregnant kept you from going on the attractions, didn’t mean that you would stop Peter from having fun.

Here it was. The illuminated lights welcomed you, and a few strays, inside, standing tall as one of the last few places open. It was late, as most things were already packed up and left to sleep. The decorations here were strange, always changing, and this time a lot creepier than you remembered. Tugging on Peters sleeve, you walked through the entrance, turning your backs to the rest of the fair.  

You had arrived at the Haunted House.


Kruegers Kraziness Horror House, or simply KKHH, wasn’t your typical haunted house. It wasn’t a bunch of skeletons jumping out and scaring people. Kruegers Kraziness was a perfect name for this attraction, because it was plain gory. There were dismembered and beheaded people lying around that looked oh so real. There were real bats used in this haunted house and this had caused people to run out screaming many a time. It was your favourite place to visit when the funfair came in town.

You and Peter walked through the winding halls, trying to find your way. KKHH definitely looked different from the last time. The dim lighting didn’t help and the two of you constantly stumbled over the (fake) limbs lying around. After a few scares from grotesque zombies and Peter screaming in a high pitched voice, you arrived at the best place of all.

The High Court of Injustice.

The High Court of Injustice was one of Kreugers greatest attractions. Bloodied and beheaded bodies compacted into a room, the innocent called to the stand for horrific crimes, sentenced to even worse punishments. Behind a curtain, a familiar face winked, easing the small worry that set in your chest. Not long now.


“You there!” Your significant other jumped up when he heard the banshee like voice of the judge who no one saw come in. The judge was pointing at Peter, who didn’t know whether he should look scared or happy. Peter had never been called out to sit in the tribune, but now he was having second thoughts. You nudged your husband and he looked at you before gulping and going up the rickety stairs. He went and sat down in a chair and awaited his punishment for god knows what.

The judge started accusing Peter of countless charges, some not too far off from the petty crimes he’d actually committed, though promised to leave in his past. The utter shock washing across his face was enough to make you laugh, luckily camouflaged under the judges voice.

“I declare you guilty for all these crimes and..” Peter was actually shaking now. How did the judge know that he’d actually stolen these things? He looked over at you, but you looked as shocked as him. Good thing you were a good actor.

“I sentence you to the eternal doom of fatherhood. Go through the tunnel where you shall await your punishment.” Peter was now more surprised as he slowly stood up and walked towards the tunnel, trying to process what the judge said. He glanced over to where you were supposed to be, but you were nowhere to be seen. A zombie pushed Peter into the tunnel, where he would get ‘punished’.


You stood at the end of the tunnel, waiting. “Punishments” varied, some going so far it almost felt real, all of them taking more than a few minutes. Those sentenced to beheading swore they felt a burning sensation on their neck. A head -their head- would fall from the ceiling, lights would flash, everything felt a little too real for comfort. The fear was what mattered most. The fear was what drew people here, and what made the creators turn them away. The gore was considered too much for anyone under eighteen.  

In the meantime, Peter tiptoed through the tunnel, which was even more bloody than the actual haunted house itself. Organs were spilling out of the bodies scattered everywhere. He shuddered before spotting a faint light. He ran towards it, wanting to get out of the nightmarish place as soon as possible.


Peter didn’t know what he had been expecting at the end of the tunnel, but it wasn’t this. Yellow balloons were scattered around everywhere (with Pennywise standing behind them obviously) with the occasional baby bottles on the cupboards and in people’s hands, and there you were, standing in the middle of the commotion, with one of your friends, who was dressed as a vampire. The both of you laughed when you saw Peters flabbergasted expression which turned to an amused one within a minute or two.

“What’s all this (y/n)?” You were now sweating profusely and looked around for someone to help you tell Peter, but there was suddenly no one left except the two of you.

“Well, you see- ermm…” You mentally slapped yourself. You had rehearsed how to tell him so many times but now you we’re struggling to form full sentences. Peter noticed your tense expression and gently grabbed your arms and wrapped them around his torso, pulling you in for a hug.

“You can tell me anything (y/n), you know that.” Peter murmured into your hair, whilst gently rubbing his hands up and down your back. At this gesture, you leaned into his touch even more. This was bliss. Man, you were going to have a love/hate relationship with your not-yet swollen stomach, which would probably become a barrier whilst hugging Peter so closely like you were now.

You looked up at Peter and he held your gaze. His eyes were full of nothing but love for you and you felt at ease. You just had to gather up your courage to tell him slowly or you could tell him quickly and be done with it. Of course, because of your awkwardness, you did the latter.

“Wha-, what did you just say?” A small smile crept up on Peters lips. He barely caught the words, but he hoped to the heavens you said what he thought you said.

“I’m pregnant okay? We’re having a baby.” You let out a deep breath. It was out and the burden rolled off your shoulders. You looked at Peter carefully, awaiting his reaction. Your initial worries washed away as you saw the joy on his face. He pulled you in for a huge hug as you heard clapping all around you. All the people who worked at KKHH were cheering and coming up to congratulate you and Peter.


After around 15 minutes, you both were standing outside of the gates of the funfair, hand in hand. Peter turned to you and smiled. There weren’t words to describe how happy he was. So all he said was: “I love you.”

You smiled slightly and gently pressed your lips against his. Peter held you close to him and you only broke apart once you needed to breathe. Peter smiled at you fondly as you said: “You mean you love us both. The baby and me. Plural.” Your husband chuckled and wrapped his arms around you.

“Yup. I love you both. You’re my little speed bumps.”

“Peter!” You laughed as you both started walking into the darkness, towards a new life. You, Peter and the baby.

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Words: short

Mmeber: Jimin

A/N: This is literally my first smut, please go easy on my ass

“Park Jimin, I swear to…” his fingers twitched, touching this special spot deeply in you and soon you were going to cum on a table in a very public restaurant with the boys around you.

It started very simple. Jimin loved the danger,that was it. You thought that’s why he decided to casually slip his hand in your dress, knowing there is no underwear. He personally forbid you to wear it.

As he was having his fun teasing your folds with feather touches, it hit you what was actually happening. You two had made a promise around an year ago, before the beginning of the “I need you” era. If Bangtan wins “Artist/Album of the year” within two years, he gets to let his sexual frustration wherever and whenever for two weeks. And guess he remembers it, doesn’t he?

He couldn’t just do that. Driving you crazy, lazily dragging his digits between your folds, doing absolutely nothing more than tease you.

It was one if it was you, the boys and their girlfriends, you would’ve let it slip, because honestly the boys are always horny little fucks and do things under the table, but the whole restaurant was closed for all Big Hit employees and artists. And fucking Park Jimin decides that now is a good time? You tried to listen to Taehyung girlfriend, a nice, small creature with hyper active personality, just like her boyfriend. She was telling about their plans with Tae for travel around Europe, but just as you were about to ask from where in Europe they will start their journey, Jimin slammed three digits and the whole thing got too much. You rest your head on the table, making small faces, trying to hold your moans and while Jimin was enjoying it, you were getting frustrated.

Roughly you locked your small hand around his and pull his hand out of your dress. Jimin got your idea, leaned in and whispered. “Let go, now. Or receive the consequences later.” To which you slowly let go of his hand, he abruptly stood up and headed to the toilet. You knew better than not to follow him, so you quickly stood up and followed him.

When you opened the door of the man bathroom, you were greeted with hands around your waist and lips attached to your own. Nibling, biting and short brakes for in-takes of breath were the only times you could practicaly do anything. Jimin on the other hand, had full control on himself and the whole situation. He was aware he had to be really fast and make you cum there and then, because someone could walk in. Which meant no time for an actual fuck, it won’t bring him any satisfaction, but enough time to finish his work of destruction on your body. “Who exactly gave you the right to touch me? I won the stupid bet, now you are mine. That’s what you said, remember? And then you have the guts to stop me having my reward? You are really brave, little girl. But,” two of Jimin’s fingers went back, carrasing the folds, not featherly anymore. More rough. Making you cry out loud from the pressure and pleasure “for now, you shut this little sassy mouth of yours and let me finish my canvas.” Suddenly adding a third digit in the whole mess, you cried out Jimin’s name quietly. His fingers worked quicker and quicker, making you lose your breath, wanting him to go even faster, closer to the edge of the bliss. And as if he heard the unspoken prayers, he speed up to such extent, tears formed in your eyes, making mascara slowly run down your face, but successfully reaching the paradise.

Jimin helped you ride out your orgasm, helping you come down from the skies. “Clean your hands mister Commander.” Jimin smirked and licked his fingers, making a new pool down your legs. “Be really careful with your words, baby. At home you’ll really call me Commander.”


We are sharing wet dreams and talking about K.A.R.D today

Friends for life

y/n’s P.O.V.

From: Amanda
Hey wanna hang out tonight?!?!

To: Amanda
Can’t, going out with Harry again he’s only in town for a bit before he leaves for another tour :(

From: Amanda
What’s going on with you two, your like inseparable when he’s home but then sad and depressed when he’s gone, I thought you said you were ‘just’ friends???

I thought that last text over for a minute, she was right my Mom had been pointing it out to me, when Harry was here we were joined at the hip, I mean I just walked in the door from spending the night at his house, and he was here last night and right now we’re only taking an hour break to shower and get ready to go out tonight. But lately when he leaves for tour it’s not like it was when he first left, I was happy for him, excited even that my best friend was a superstar and that he was getting the attention he deserved, now though, its like they say ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ and when he leaves now I feel like part of me is leaving with him, and when girls stop us on the street or in the club when we’re together I feel weird, like I’m jealous and I want him all to myself. Am I falling in love with my best friend?

Harry’s P.O.V.

“What do you and Y/n want for dinner tonight sweetie?” My Mum asked sticking her head into my bedroom.

“We’re going out, I’m taking her to this club she wants me to go to,” I said riffling through my drawers for something to wear.

“Oh, you guys have been going out and doing stuff all week, don’t you just want a night in, maybe even spend it without Y/! and with your family?” she asked.

“No Mum I get to see you sometimes when I’m on the road, I don’t get to see Y/n till I come home, I miss her,” I said and I felt the all too familiar clench in my chest when I said her name, and think about leaving her at the end of the week.

“Sweetie, is something going on? are you developing feelings for Y/n as more than a friend?” she asked and I sighed, turning around a bit defeated. Y/n was my best friend, I could tell her anything, and yea we made a pact a few years ago when we were both drunk one night and slept together that the sex was nice, amazing actually and no strings attached so we became ‘friends’ with benefits, but lately it seems like more, it’s like I can’t get enough of her, I need her around me and touching me every second. Maybe I am falling in love with my best friend.

Y/n’s P.O.V.

I finished getting ready and stepped out of my bathroom to come face to face with Harry standing in my room, looking killer as usual.

“Jesus you scared me, I’m not used to people just walking into my room since you’ve been gone,” I said clutching my heart and he smiled that amazing dimply smile and I contemplated telling him right then and there that I was falling or had already fallen in love with him, but I stopped myself. Knowing Harry didn’t feel the same way, he was my friend and that’s all he’d ever be and I’d much rather keep him as a friend without awkwardness then risk loosing that all over a feeling, maybe it would go away when he left at the end of the week anyways.

“Ready Freddie?” he asked and I chuckled and nodded, grabbing my bag and following him down the stairs, we waved goodbye to my parents and got into his black rental Range Rover and I gave him directions to the club that I had been dying to take him too, knowing Harry liked a good time and a good place to dance and let go. We pulled up outside and Harry took my hand in his, I loved walking past all the girls waiting in line to get in, and seeing Harry they all swooned and started screaming until they say my hand locked with his and it quieted them right down. All Harry had to do was flash his amazing smile and tell the bouncer his name and we were in the doors and ushered to a private booth.

“Two white gummy bear shots, and two long islands,” he ordered with the pretty waitress who couldn’t keep her eyes off of him and I chuckled when she walked away.

“What’s so funny?” he asked.

“Well one you have my order memorized and I can’t believe you still remember it, and two she couldn’t keep her eyes off you, and she pulled her shirt down to show more cleavage just as she got over here,” I said and he blushed and looked around.

“I didn’t notice,” he said holding my gaze and I started to squirm feeling a little under the gun.

“So what do you think?” I asked motioning around the dark and clean club, music blasting from the speakers below us.

“It’s nice, when did it open?” he asked over the noise.

“About a week ago,” I said and he nodded.

“It’s so clean,” he said and I chuckled and nodded. The waitress brought our drinks and I kicked Harry under the table to get him to notice how she practically stuck her chest in his face handing him his drink, he chuckled and looked over at me though as she did it and I think she thought we were together then cause she blushed and apologized. We both downed both of our drinks, already feeling a slight buzz and Harry stood up, reaching his hand out to mine like some cheesy movie.

“Let’s dance,” he said with a smile and I chuckled and grabbed his hand, he pulled me up hard, till I collided with his chest and our faces were literally centimeters apart, I could feel his warm breath on my face and then he leaned forward, passing my face and going to my ear.

“You look amazing tonight, now show my how you can move,” he whispered and I picked up a hint of seduction in his voice, making me shiver in his arms. I nodded and he turned without making eye contact and walked down the stairs and to the middle of the dance floor, he grabbed my hips and pulled me towards him, already starting to move to the beat. I let the music flow through me and create a synchronized rhythm before I got the hang of it and started to move, swinging my hips with a little extra force to show Harry what I had. I felt his hands kneading into my skin on my hips and then he looked determined, before I even had a chance to figure the look out he yanked me forward by my hips and plastered my crotch against him, moving as one now and sending pleasurable vibrations through my entire body. I wrapped my arms loosely around his neck and began to grind against him, loving the look of pleasure he got on his face as I did so. He turned me and I continued to dance against him, gasping when I felt a bulge press against my ass and I leaned back pressing my back against his chest, knowing I could really get him riled up, maybe that’s what I needed was some good friendly ‘friend’ sex to get my mind off of possibly being in love with him.

“Your driving me crazy,” he moaned into my ear and my whole body convulsed being hidden but the swaying motion we were doing, I’m sure now to a passerby it most likely looked like standing sex but I didn’t care, all I wanted was his body against mine. I turned back around and looked into his eyes, gasping again seeing the pupil’s almost blown out.

“God Harry..” I breathed and before I could finish his lips crashed to mine, our bodies stopping mid swing for a moment to register the shock of the deep and passionate kiss. His tongue crept into my mouth and I moaned on instinct, feeling a wetness forming between my legs as he thrust his hips forward and connected with my centre through my dress.

“Come with me, now!” he hissed and I nodded, letting him take my hand in his and pull me towards the hall where the bathrooms where. Luckily the club wasn’t packed so that meant that there was no line to the bathroom and he yanked me through the dark hall and straight into the women’s bathroom. He looked into all the stalls and then walked back over and locked the door with a click, looking around at the shining and brand new bathroom with a pleased look before he advanced his look of hunger scaring my slightly. I backed up till my back pressed against the counter and he kept advancing.

“I need you now,” he said through gritted teeth and I nodded, needing the same but not being able to form the proper words. His lower half crashed with mine first and then his lips found mine, his hand landing on my back and pressing me forward, his lips melting together with mine in an amazing way making my mind spin with lust. I wrapped my arms around his neck and held him close, wondering if I should tell him how I feel now? since I had a feeling this was about to make the feelings worse, not go away.

“Harry I…” I started to say before his lips found my sweet spot on my neck and my words turned into a moan.

“Jesus you look so goddamn hot tonight,” he moaned against my skin and I shivered hearing his words filled with something I’d never heard before. He lift me up suddenly and set me on the counter, working the zipper on the back of my dress and finally pulling it down to my waist, exposing my bra less breasts that he smirked at before he attached his mouth to my nipple, nipping and sucking and causing my head to roll back and my hands to grip the side of the counter.

“God Harry that feels good,” I moaned and I felt him move to my other breast before his mouth found mine again, sucking my bottom lip into his mouth and kissing me deep and tenderly. He lift me off the counter and dropped me back to my feet my dress sliding off the rest of the way and leaving me in my lace underwear and heels. I reached out greedily and tugged at his shirt, lifting it over his head and then his jeans, letting them slid down with his boxers, allowing his aching erection to spring free from his tight confines. I moaned seeing his massive length standing up against his stomach and I instinctively dropped to me knees, blowing on his cock and watching it twitch towards my mouth, like it had a mind of it’s own and it was begging to be licked. I watched the pre-cum gather at the tip and I leaned forward and licked it onto my tongue tasting his salty but sweet liquid in my mouth. I let the tip slid between my lips and then he thrust forward, sending the length down my throat and making me gag around him and he gripped his hands into my hair and continued thrusting as I worked on hallowing my cheeks and sucking him off properly.

“Yes, Y/N that’s amazing,” he moaned fucking into my mouth and I moaned around his dick, the vibration sending his head rolling back. A few minutes later he pulled my head off of him with a pop, and pulled me to my feet, grasping my face in between his hands he kissed me hard before sliding my underwear to the floor and picking me up again, setting me back on the counter and leaning me back so my back was pressed against the mirror. I watched him grab a condom form his pants on the floor and pump it onto his cock, walking over he spread my legs and leaned down licking it a few times quickly and wetly. He positioned himself between my legs and watched my face intently as he slid into me, looking down to where our bodies now connected a few times before his face and green stare came back to mine. Once he was all the way inside he leaned forward and kissed me again, this time much slower and much more passionate then he had ever kissed me before.

“Your pussy’s so tight baby,” he moaned against my lips and I moaned, feeling his cock dragging out of me and then shoving back inside, hitting the back of my pussy and just missing my g-spot.

“Faster baby,” I panted feeling his thrusts pick up and my back hitting the mirror with every force of his impact.

“Sunny I, I think I’m in love with you,” he moaned and my eyes snapped open, my hands hitting his chest and halting his thrusts.

“What?!” I asked meeting his gaze.

“I think I’m in love with you,” he said much clearer this time and with more force. I felt tears gathering in my eyes and I couldn’t even explain why I was crying I mean this wasn’t the magical moment I hoped it would be, fucking my best friend and the person I’ve fallen in love with in a club bathroom and hearing him tell me he loves me mid thrust, but it would have to do.

“I think I love you too,” I said and he looked even more shocked, he leaned forward and kissed me, his hands bringing my body closer to his, making his cock slid back inside me and making both of us moan into each others mouth. He pulled back and starred into my eyes with a small smile as he thrust in and out of me hard and fast, making this the best sex for both of us. He rammed into my sweet spot and I cried out, gripping my hands into his shoulders and holding on as he pounded against my g-spot over and over, making the warm tingling in my stomach start to travel down towards my lower region.

“Harry baby I’m getting close,” I moaned and he nodded, his forehead leaning forward and resting against mine as we moved as one. His thrusts got slower but not ineffective and I felt my orgasm rippling through me.

“Fuck Harry I’m cumming,” I moaned as my body shivered and the best orgasm of my life coursed through my body. He held me tighter and continued his rapid thrusting.

“Jesus Y/n your so hot baby,” he moaned and I could see in his face that he was getting close.

“Shit I’m cumming too baby, yes it feels so good,” he moaned as I felt the warm liquid filling the condom inside me, his dick twitching with each release. He pulled out and rest his whole body against mine on the counter our pants the only sound filling the small bathroom.

“Did you mean what you said?” he asked.

“Yes did you?” I asked.

“Yes, I love you and I think I always have underneath,” he said and I smiled looking into those green eyes I knew he meant it.

sasuke and his exes

gaara: dated for like MAX 2 months in middle school, probably less. they were both emo and fucked up and made out but rly it was more biting than anything. it wasn’t abusive but it wasn’t like, good either, and when it’s over they both block each other on all social media and gaara goes to therapy and sasuke doesn’t

neji: decide somehow telepathically to become a gay power couple in high school but neji decides instantly that actually he hates sasuke and wants nothing to do with him. sasuke reached the same conclusion 2 weeks ago but has dealt with it by being bitchier whereas once neji makes the realization he just starts acting like sasuke’s completely dead to him. they never officially break up but they both know

suigetsu: sasuke’s no-strings-attached fling, arguably the best of his exes because suigetsu is actually legit about the no strings attached. maybe not the healthiest but they have a good time. suigetsu wishes sasuke could say the right name in bed, for once, though

sakura: sasuke agreed to date her one time when naruto and hinata started to seem really serious and sakura wasn’t rly into it anymore but felt like she’d be betraying her childhood self if she didn’t take the chance. they’re 17 and like their third date ends with them drunk in sakura’s basement and sasuke crying and sakura like, ‘wow, this blows’. they never tell anyone they ever dated

naruto: naruto’s not really an ex because they get married and live out their elderly years together but the first six months of them dating consists of sasuke dumping naruto every month and its miserable for everyone involved. he gets over it after that tho

Just Dancing

// In which Justin and Y/N fuck in a club //

*Warning Mature Content*


“Happy birthday to Atifa! Happy birthday to youuu!” We all screamed out and cheered as my best friend took her birthday cake shots. She downed five back to back before blowing out the tiny candle on top of the cake I had made for her. We all cheered yet again once the tiny flickers of light turned into nothing more than a smoking memory. I watched with a smile on my face as Atifa turned away from her desert to give Za, her boyfriend of four years, a kiss.

Za is truely a good boyfriend. A few days ago he flew out Atifa and I to celebrate a week of birthday festivities. Today, being her actual birthday, we were currently pregaming before going to the the small celebration that Za had planned at her favorite club. Everyone who she was close with in LA was here but unfortunately for me, someone so unbearable was here as well especially considering the pregame was at his house. Thinking of the white devil himself, I rolled my eyes at the sound of his obnoxious cackle.

With a scowl on my face, my head whipped around to look at Justin Bieber who was already staring at me from across the room. With a stupid smile on his face, he looked me up and down before grabbing a tequila shot off the coffee table as an act to toast to my body. I watched as he downed the shot and stuck his pink tongue out to lick the salted ring before biting into the lime. With my arms crossed, I glared as he sent a wink my way while licking at his plump bottom lip.

“When are y'all fucking?” Za asked with a laugh. A mischievous smile made a way to his face as he sipped his drink.

“We aren’t,” I scoffed, turning my back to Justin who now talking to Kylie.

“As soon as he found out that Atifa was coming he asked about you,” Za slipped.

“Why is he looking to he put in his place again?”

“And was place did you put me in?” Justin asked directly behind me, making me jump in fright. “Because I know a lot of places… and positions I’d like to have you in,” Justin’s hand snaked around me to pull me back against him. I quickly slapped his hand away and spun to face him. Za excused himself with a laugh as I glared at justin.

“Fuck off,” I sneered, taking a drink off the table to make his presence bearable.

“Don’t act like you didn’t enjoy my touch the last time you were in LA,” Justin teased.

“It was one kiss. Get over it,” my memory flashback to the horrid game of truth or dare. I just wanted Justin to finally let the kiss go and never bring it up not talk to me ever again.

“Not when you look so good,” Justin took the empty shot glass from my hand and set it back down on the table.  

“Bieber, there are literally hundreds of thousands of women in this city who don’t love themselves and would happily give their time with you. Go be with one of them,” I sighed and took as seat on one of the love couches.

“You and I both know that’s not as fun, princess,” he hummed and squeezed into the seat with me, throwing his hand over my shoulder.

“Don’t call me princess,” I tried to move his arm off of me but his hand grabbed mine and held it in place.

“I won’t call you princess if you start calling me daddy,” He smiled at me.

“Justin, your people have already colonized my peoples culture and land, I’ll be damned if you colonize my ass,” I got up but our hands were still linked.

“That sounds like a challenge to me,” he hummed while childishly swinging my arm.

“You are mistaken,” I snatched my hand away and took a seat in another chair.

“I may be wrong about a lot of things but I know for a fact that you want me as bad as I want you. You’re just too stubborn to admit it,” He leaned towards he as though what he was saying was a secret.

“And what lead you to this conclusion?”

“You don’t feel that?”

“Feel what bieber?” I crossed my airs yet again.

“The sexual tension in the air. It can only lead to one thing,” he tutted.

“Blue balls?” I used a high pitched voice.

“That’s funny.”

“Yes it is,” I nodded.

“Instead of making jokes you should go ahead and give up acting like you don’t want me,” Justin gave his unhelpful suggestion.

“I don’t want you,” I leaned into him with a smile on my face.

“Quit lying to yourself,” He placed a hand on my knee, his hazel eyes gleamed with excitement

“Quit trying to get with me,” I countered.

“I’m Justin Bieber, I get what I want, baby girl,” He spoke cockily before getting up and walking away.


“Yeah you’re definitely going to have to sit in someone’s lap,” Atifa said with a smile as we both looked to see every seat of the suv full.

“Sorry, I shouldve picked a car that sits eight people not seven ,” Justin fakely apologized as he smiled in the second row of the Mercedes van.

“Kylie, can you scoot over a bit?” I asked the girl who was in the backrow taking pictures with Hailey and Kendall.

“Sorry there’s no room back here,” Kylie spoke after she tested the small amount of space.

“Yeah you’re definitely going to have to sit in someone’s lap,” Atifa said with a smile as we both looked to see every seat full. Kendall, Hailey, and Kylie were in the back , the driver and Khalil were in the front, and Atifa, Za, and Bieber were in the middle.

“Fine,” I huffed before climbing over Za to sit on Afita who immediately squealed in dislike.

“I don’t need the dye from you skirt to rub off on my dress,” was her reasoning for shoving me off of her and on Justin.

“You’re all over me yet again. Last year is rehashing itself,” Justin cooed.

“Shut up and scoot over,” I groaned, pushing him against the door so at least one of my asscheeks was properly seated compared to the other on that was still pressed against Justin’s thigh.

“How much longer is the drive?” I asked impatiently once we had been on the road for at least ten minutes.

“Another twenty minutes if there isn’t traffic, ma'am,” the driver informed me, making me groan. Afita looked back at me with side eyes at the fact that I made such a noise right in her ear.

“So that’s how you sound in bed?” Justin asked. I didn’t react to his aggravating words. “What’s wrong baby?” He bugged me once he realized I was being unresponsive.

“1. I’m not your baby. 2. I’m really uncomfortable,” I muttered. my thigh were tensed up as I supported myself upward in such an awkward position.

“My lap is free,” He patted his thighs.

“No, thanks,” I declined immediately.

“Why babe? I don’t bite… unless you ask me to,” He kicked his lips. I held out until a few seconds later, we hit a bump in the road that made me give in. “Shut up,” I spoke as I placed myself on him. I grimaced to myself as I felt him shift positions so that his hand was wrapped around my waist.

“Aw, it seems like everyone is happily paired up with someone! Me and Tyga. Kenny and Cara. Atifa and Za. Justin and Y/N-” Kylie started.

“Hell no,” I ended her statement.

“Look at you all on his lap,” Khalil teased once he looked back at us from the front seat.

“I was uncomfortable,” I explained myself.

“I don’t think you were uncomfortable when you were making out with him last time,” Afita piped up.

“It was a dare,” I lightly hit at her arm.

“A dare that we both enjoyed,” Justin added in.

“Shut up. You know I hate you,” I glared back at him.

“In the words of Aubrey Drake: ‘fuck me like you hate me’,” Justin gave me an dumb smile that others would find endearing.

“You’re disgusting,” I leaned as far away from him as I could while still being sat in his lap.

“I’m more than disgusting,” Justin made an ugly slurping noise.

“Aw! Love is in the air!” Za called out.

“Drink bleach,” I deadpanned.

“Aw, babe. Why are you so mean to me?” Justin pouted.

“You’re gross, ignorant, ungrateful, annoying, pompous-”

“I love it when you use college level words with me,” He easily brushed of my insults that were pouring in.

“You know what? I’m sick and tired of you. I’ve been with you for like five, maybe six hours?” I turned on his lap to look at him. A look of discomfort was evident on his face for half a second, but I didn’t care. “This is unbearable know I know why I never come to LA with Atifa because I always have to see your dumb ass,” Getting so heated, I was talking with my hands and whole body while rolling my neck with every syllable.

“Aye chill out,” Justin hand was wrapped around me again, making me madder. I lowered my tone to be courteous to the other people in the car who were engaged in their own conversations but, I sure as hell was not done.

“Chill out? Chill out? The only thing you’ve done is bring up that damn kiss that I was forced to do. Quit bringing it up. It was months ago and a dare,” I continued, looking back at him with annoyance.

“Okay, okay,” Justin quickly surrendered, looking strained in his seat.

“Okay, what? Okay, you’re going to leave me alone? Okay, you’re going to get away from me? Okay, you’re going to stop bringing up the kiss? What does okay mean?” I spat off my questions at him.

“Okay means calm down and stop moving unless you want me to cum my pants,” Justin spoke, unembarrassed while I immediately tensed up at his words. I looked around the car to see that no one heard what Just had said except for me. Testing to if his words were true, I readjusted and definitely felt him pressed between my ass and, he more I moved, the harder he got.
Moving again, trying to find a position less awkward, Justin muttered something under is breath and kept me still on lap. Finding a thrill in him being so restless, this situation would serve as my way of payback of all annoyance he has brought me over the years.

Khalil who had the aux was casually playing his favorite hype songs through out the ride. Everyone cheered when Drake’s iconic Controlla started. “You like it when I get aggressive. Tell you to go slower, go faster like controlla,” I hummed while dancing on Justin’s lap. I looked back Justin with an evil smile on my face as his jaw clenched while looking down watch my ass, knowing there was nothing he could do to stop me.

“I’m starting to hate you as much as me,” Justin groaned and threw his head back against the window out of frustration.

“Fuck me like you hate me,” I mimicked Justin for earlier, out of impulse, before my mind could catch up to my mouth. His head immediately snapped up and eyes met mine. “I mean-” I was about to clean up my slip but the opening of the car door prevented it. I almost fell out of the car and Justin’s lap when the driver started opening up all the doors once we were stopped in front of the club. I stumbled out and went over to Atifa before Justin could say anything about my comment.

We all entered the club as a group and were escorted to private section of VIP. Our little sectioned off part of the club was the most illuminated area of the whole venue. Everything else was dark despite the strobe lights that flashed on the faces of  those dancing. The VIP section sat high above ground level at we peered down, seeing the crowd go
crazy as music pumped through the club.

We sat around the circle booth as drinks were being served to us. Justin, sitting across the table from me, was consistently staring as I danced in my seat and talked back and forth between Khalil and Kendall who were beside me. I kept drinking until I felt all the tension and annoyance that Justin caused in me slip away. Twenty minutes later, I found myself pushing Khalil out of the booth and making my way out unto the center of the dance floor.

I danced. I danced for so long. I dance with anyone who wanted to dance as well. I felt like the center of attention as men and women alike took notice of me and waited for their turn. Each time someone got a bit too handsey or couldn’t keep up with me, I floated to somebody else to dance with. Never getting bored with the feeling of someone’s hot body against mine, I continued to move my hips to the music that shook me.

All too often, I would look up to the VIP to see some of the group cheering me on or engaging in dancing of their own but all in the same, each time Justin was staring down at me with a drink in his hand. Each time I looked up there, his eyes didn’t stray from me once, at least until he couldn’t be seen at all. Shaking my thoughts away from him, Atifa joined me soon enough, with Za at her side. Za and I sandwiched her as he danced behind her and I twerked against her thin. She playfully slapped at my ass as I popped back on her. I kept dancing with them until Atifa turned to kissed Za. I smiled at them hazily before closing eyes and letting the music move me.

It was when I was dancing to Young Thug that, I felt strong hands take hold of my hips. I hummed in appreciation at the fact that this person obviously knew what he wanted and it was me. I rolled my hips against his as my fingers ran through short hair and locked behind the back of his head. The man behind me groaned in my ear before pressed a kiss to my exposed neck. I crooked my head so that his lips would instead catch my lips. At the feeling of them against me, I opened my eyes in surprise as a blue stroke light flashed over Justin’s face.

“That wasn’t a dare,” He spoke in my ear as his hands dragged up and down my thighs, pulling my dress up with it. Doing the only thing I could think to do, I pressed my lips against his again. He moaned against my lips as I licked into his mouth and bit at his bottom lip. My lips trailed down his neck and bit into him. In retaliation to the pleasurable pain I was giving him, he grasped at my ass roughly. I laughed before turning back around to dance again.

I smiled as I pulled at Justin’s hands, giving him permission to touch. Tanking the hint, he moved up and down my legs before settling on my hips. All while I was staring at the beautiful man in front me. The luring smile I gave the man more more than enough invitation dance in front of me. One of my hands moved to the should of the other guy as Justin’s grip on me got even tighter. Hearing the opener to one of my favorite dance songs, I couldn’t help the happy giggle that escaped my lips as Red Nose started playing.

“Don’t hold back,” Justin spoke, voice raspy. Taking his words to heart, I dipped down low and grasps the hips of the man in front of me for support. An aching want bubbled in me as I felt Justin’s hard on for the second time this night against me. Justin’s finger tips dug into my hipbone as to pull me closer against where he wanted me most. I threw my ass back and Justin definitely knew how to catch it.

Justin followed my movements easily as I shook my ass like a red nose pit bull would shake its’ toy. His body was so in tune with mine, it made me wonder how good he’d be in bed. If this dance was the indicator then his stroke game would be flawless. Tired of me leading the motions, he took control of situation and grinded against me as though he was prepared to take me home and fuck me open.

Our hips moved filthily to the beat as Justin’s hands wandered and found his blunt fingernails scratching themselves against my inner thigh. I shuddered from the sensitivity as Justin’s eager moved were more than responsive to my twerking. The man in front of me who I was still hanging onto, was recklessly begging for more of my attention as he started thrusting his hips close to my mouth.

Upon seeing that, Justin snatched my hands off of the guy and pulled me up again. I looked back to see Justin glaring at the man as his hand ran in between my thighs yet again. As another act of dominance, he continued to roll my hips back with one hand and grasped my breast with the other as his teeth bit deeply into my neck all while staring at the man who wanted me as well.

I gasped as he kept licking and sucking while his raging hard on pulsed against my ass. I couldn’t take it anymore. Justin left open mouth kisses that swirled from my neck, all the way up to my upper jaw. My legs went weak at the hazily arousal that imbedded us. I turned back to face Justin and engaged him in a sloppy kiss. We were in our own world as we licked into each other’s mouths and I ground myself against his thigh, building up an even bigger need for an ultimate release.

“Please,” I mumbled against his lips as I started to push him back. I wanted- I needed to be brought somewhere else. Justin moved back easily with my pushes. We got farther and farther from the center of the dance floor. Finally, we made it to one of the walls of the building where very little light was visible. Noticing the convenience of our new placement, Justin spun me around and pinned me against the wall. I whimpered his name as he threw my leg around his waist and used that leverage to ground his hips against me again.

“You’re so fucking hot,” he groaned in my ear before licking at my cleavage. I shuddered and held him down, wishing he could be sucking on my taunt nipples. Justin grunted against my breasts before finally putting is hand inbetween my legs again. I gasped and opened my eyes quickly to see if anyone was noticing our actions.  Feeling high on the fact that we could be caught, made more of my arousal pool into my panties.
Taking a look around, everyone was focused on either their own partners or dancing in itself.

Justin put two fingers in front of my face, which I quickly sucked on. Waiting for my nod of approval, pushed my panties to the side. I shuddered as I felt his fingers lather in my arousal for a second before pushing them into me. My one leg that held me up, started to shake as all the sexual tension that built up between Justin and I over the years was finally resolving to something. Justin was quick with his fingers as he rapidly screwed them upwards. It didn’t take long for him to find my g spot considering, I shook violently every time he hit it.  

“Open your eyes,” He instructed with a harsh tone. I followed his command and met his eyes. Even in the dark lighting, I could see how much he wanted me. His eye contact never left mine as his fingers drilled into my center. I whimpered and subconsciously leaned my head back against the wall. In response, Justin quickly took hold of my jaw and manually put my eyes back on him. That demanding touch alone, almost brought me to my climax. I bit down on my bottom lips as I rocked my body down onto his fingers that were bringing me so much pleasure.

“I want you to cum right here in front of everybody,” Justin’s voice racked. His thumb roughly started rubbing at my swollen clit while his fingers still moved in and out of me. His eyes looked down to see my body spasming against his finger as his thumb swiped from side to side against me. My orgasm was at the brink and I frantically looked around at room to make sure no one was watching as I let go for Justin. My orgasm took me as I bit down on Justin’s neck preventing, my loud moans from meeting the air. A squirt if my arousal slipped from me and soaked Justin’s hand, my dress, and the floor alike as my orgasm shook me.

“I didn’t know you are squirter. You just keep getting so much fucking hotter than you already were,” Justin complimented as he pulled his fingers out and a smaller stream fell from between my legs.

“Fuck me, God I just need you to fuck me right here,” I whimpered as I unlocked my leg from around Justin’s waist and I started working to get his dick out.

“Right here?” he asked, his eyes wide at my desperation. I nodded quickly and made him shudder once I pulled his underwear covered bulge from out of his pants.

“Please, Justin,” I begged while grasping my hand around his throbbing dick, making him moan out.

“This is so hot,” he muttered as he quickly pulled a condom from his back pocket. Just as he teared it open and was about to put it on, some random guy leaned on the wall beside us and was way to close for our liking.

“Restroom, restroom, restroom,” I called in his ear while trying my best to help him get back into his pants. Not bothering to buckling it all the way, he covered his crotch with one and hand and dragged me along with his other hand as we trailed the perimeter until we found a bathroom. Without hesitation, he pulled me into the men’s bathroom and quickly directed me into a stall, all while I heard cheers from the men who saw me walk in.

He quickly closed and locked the stall door before pulling down his pants and briefs. I moaned at the sight of his veiny cock that slapped his stomach at its release from confines. He was so much bigger than I thought he would be. I thought his ego was so big because his penis was so small but, he proved me wrong. My mouth watered so bad, I began to lean down just to get a taste of it. “Other time, I just need to get in you,” He pulled me back up the rolled the condom on himself.

I nodded before turning around to bend over and pull my drenched panties off. Not even waiting for them to be half way down my thighs, Justin gave no warning as he slammed his whole self into me. I screamed at the sudden fullness I felt as Justin began to rock in into me. He used short, little thrusts until I grew accustomed to the feeling of his thick cock splitting me open. My hands braced myself against the two conjoined walls of the stall as Justin’s thrusts became heavier and harder. I couldn’t help the little pants of air that escaped me every time he pounded into me.

Justin’s large hands found his way to my ass and pulled my cheeks apart. He held onto them as a way to still me. Eventually, he used his grip to pull me back on his cock at the same time that he pushed into me. The sounds of sex were the only things I could take note of in this backroom. The sound of my wetness, our moans, and the pounding had me at a loss of words as I took everything Justin gave to me.

I hummed in surprise when Justin hooked my leg over his arm and positioned me so that my foot was supported on the little toilet paper stand attached to the wall. I moaned louder as the angle worked for the both of us, even better than before. Justin loving the sound of my pleasure on my lips, used my moans as encouragement to hammer himself into me. With every other second he thrusted in and out of me and hit perfectly against my walls.

“Justin, Justin, Justin,” I whimpered at his name while his sharp teeth bit down on my shoulder. His hand moved down to my pelvis so that, I could continue to pushed back against him at his whim.

“God I’m gonna- are you close? You about to cum?” Justin’s asked, voice strained from our actions. I quickly nodded and bounced my ass back against him while he sped up even faster. I couldn’t help clenched around Justin’s dick that pulsed inside of me continuously. The toilet paper rack, no longer able to support my weight throughout our erratic movements, unattached from the wall and fell to the ground with a loud shatter. I could only focus on it for half a second before I was cumming again.

My cum shot out of me in multiple squirts as my legs shook. I tried my best to support myself with my grip on the wall while all my arousal left my body. My earth shattering orgasm was prolonged by Justin pushing himself back into me and releasing himself while twisting and pinching at my covered nipples. Justin pulled out allowing one last stream of my juices trail out of me and down my inner thighs. Justin apparently couldn’t help but lean down and lick up the cum that was dripping down body.

“So um-” I spoke first after regaining my breathe while justin cleaned me up.

“I always knew you wanted me,” he kissed at my thigh once more before pulling my dress back over me ass. I cringed at the wetness that was pressed against my bottom due to my squirting.

“Anyways,” I tried to change the subject while best trying to dry myself up.

“Kiss me,” He pulled my shaky body against his firm one.

“Don’t touch me,” I reverted back into my old sober and hostile ways.

“Let me take you out sometime,” He offered while buckling his pants. and fixing his disheveled appearance.


“I’ll give you my shirt if you agree to go out with me,” He started to pull off his flannel.

“Why would I want your shirt?” I scoffed.

“Because your cum is all over your ass,” He laughed.

“Fine,” I snatched the shirt from his hand and tied it around my waist. After I checked that the coast was clear, I left the stall to fix myself back up in the mirror.

“Tomorrow. 7:30. I’ll pick you up at your hotel. Dress nice,” He hummed from behind me.

“Fine, but no one is going to know about the date or the fact that we just fucked,” I made my terms.

“Fine but, I’m pretty sure our friends will be able to tell considering you can’t walk straight,” Justin laughed as I walked towards the exit.

“Don’t come back to the table for at least 5 minutes,” I instructed so that we wouldn’t rejoin our friends at the exact same time and draw suspicion. Justin rolled his eyes but nodded all in the same. I readjusted my outfit.

“Hey, where have you been?” Kendall asked happily once I appeared back at the booth. Kylie and Khalil were nowhere to be seen but the rest of the group was there. Kendall who never drank much was as close to sober as anyone else was, making it harder to be nonchalant.

“Oh, just dancing,” I shrugged.

“Have you seen Justin?” Hailey leaned her head off the table with a hopeful smile.

“No, thank god. I haven’t seen him all night,” I took a seat the booth.

“But you’re wearing his shirt,” Kendall pointed out.

“Because I did see him once and I was cold so he gave it to me,” I lied.

“Then why is it around your waist?” Kendall raised her eyebrow at me.

“Because once I warmed up, I got hot again,” I took a sip at who’s ever drink was in front of me.

“Hm,” Kendall didn’t seem all too convinced. Soon enough, Justin joined us at the table a table

“Justin! Where have you been all my life life life life?” Hailey drunkenly sang Rihanna’s song.

“Yeah, where have you been,” Kendall piped up before looking at me then back at Justin again.

“Just dancing,” He shrugged and sat down next to Za.

“Aye, You spilled something on your pants,” Za noted a splattered wet stain on Justin’s jeans. My face heated up, immediately know what the stain was.

“No, I  didn’t. Y/N did though,” Justin laughed knowing that no one else would get it.

“She said she hasn’t seen you all night,” Kendall brought up.  

“Well, I’ve seen a lot of her,” He licked his lips and I kicked him from under the table. Everyone looked between Justin and I for a moment in silence.

“You owe me $200! I knew they were going to fuck tonight!” Za exclaimed at Kendall who pulled out her wallet and tossed two hundred dollar bills at him.

“Headass, you never can keep your mouth shut,” I kicked Justin again who erupted into laughter.

“Well I know how to keep your mouth shut and also how to have you moaning my name too,” He cleverly used word play.

“Za, get your friend before I kill him,” I huffed.

“Choke me out with your thighs after our date tomorrow night,” He exposed our plans making the table go into hysteria. Justin smiled at the chaos he caused in our friends. I could do nothing but roll my eyes; I really hate Justin Bieber.


Summary: Bucky knows he needs to get over his fear of trains, yet he has been unable to step foot inside a metro car. When a teenage girl needs his help at a metro station, will he be able to get over his fear in order to save her in time?

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Reader, OFCs

Warnings: cat calling, mentions of rape, cursing

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Bucky sighed as he watched yet another metro car roll past him. He had no idea how long he had been standing on the platform, but it was long enough for him to wave seventeen metros away.

Bucky hadn’t been on a train since The Incident more than seventy years ago. Trains had certainly changed since then. Now they were underground, on the ground, and even above ground. The traffic in New York City was absolutely horrific on a good day, so he knew the easiest way to travel was by metro.

But he was afraid.

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Jack Kelly x Reader

Dear Fansies,
I am sooooo sorry this took so long to come out! From all of the check ins you guys sent into my inbox, I can tell you were all super excited for this! So I hope this oneshot does justice for your expectations!
I did a lot of research about pregnancy symptoms and stages, so I hope you like it! It’s as accurate as I could possibly make it. Enjoy!

- K

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Two weeks ago, when America’s inevitable next No. 1 song dropped like a meteor in the Great Lakes, a college friend posted on my Facebook wall begging for help. “How do we feel about the new Swifty single?” she implored. “Tell me how to feel!”

I don’t blame my pal for being confused. So is everyone about the song that launched a thousand takes. But am I any better equipped to help my friend sort her feelings about “Look What You Made Me Do”? Within days—hours—she could have had all the guidance she needed on how to feel about the year’s most overexamined three and a half minutes of music: pro, con, meh, judicious, disappointed, and, of course, Trump-obsessed.

Now that the decade’s least surprising chart-topper has fulfilled its destiny, crowning the Billboard Hot 100, does anyone want yet another pop nerd’s opinion? I mean: Why is this song No. 1? Because it’s from Taylor Swift, the one-woman Super Bowl of Pop.

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Issues (Jughead x reader)

A/N: Just wanted to do something to Issues by Julia Michaels cause I love it. Also I mean what an adorable moody nerd.

Tags: @thecupcakeconsumer, @courtneychicken

Warnings: potential language and like idk it’s kind of sad but then super fluffy really

Originally posted by mallverine

“Hope you all don’t mind; I have a little something I wanna sing for a little someone.” You gave the audience the first nervous smile all night. Everything else had been routine, but you had to get this off your chest now that you could see those blue eyes steadily watching from the crowd.

I’m jealous, I’m overzealous
When I’m down, I get real down
When I’m high, I don’t come down
I get angry, baby, believe me
I could love you just like that
And I could leave you just this fast

But you don’t judge me
‘Cause if you did, baby, I would judge you too

“Am I crazy or is she staring at Jughead?” Veronica hissed to Betty and Archie. All three stared between Y/N on stage and Jughead standing next to them. “Juggie do you know her?”

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JB Imagine - College AU (Part 7)

A/N - Here’s part 7 to JB’s college AU~ I’m not too sure where I want this story to after this so if you’ve got any ideas or requests for what you want to see then let me know! Enjoy~

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 8 | Part 9

Waking up after a night with Jaebum always made you happy. There’d be numerous occasions where he had an early lecture to get to while you had the luxury of staying in bed. Whenever this was the case, he’d leave you a little note beside your pillow for when you woke up. This morning’s was “I love her and that’s the beginning and ending of everything” - F. Scott Fitzgerald - all my love, Jaebum ♡ A quote you had soon learnt was from one of JB’s favourite novels. He had asked you for your opinion on it early into the relationship which led to him gushing about his love for the book, story and the complexity of its characters. The way he would speak so passionately about it was admirable and you could sit there while he talked for hours. Everything about JB interested you and kept you yearning to learn more about him and what he was like beneath the surface. He was the same with you though, constantly asking questions and trying to learn more and more about you; too hungry to be close to you to talk about anything else.

As you got ready to go and surprise JB after his lecture and treat him to lunch, your phone buzzed with a text from Mina. She mentioned going on a double date and bringing Jinyoung and Jaebum with you which made you excited. The four of you were all close anyway but going out for lunch together would be even better. Plus you hadn’t really seen Jinyoung and Mina together as a couple yet apart from the few nights Jinyoung stayed over. You quickly texted back that you and Jaebum would be happy to g for lunch with them and grabbed your handbag before leaving the flat and heading to the lecture theatre JB was in. You arrived just as people started filing out and smiled brightly at JB who looked rather surprised to see you. 
“And what happened to your usual ritual of staying in bed till 11?” He asked, smirking as he leaned in to kiss you sweetly, trying to ignore the chorus of “aw”s from the surrounding audience.
“Well for one, I wanted to see you and second, we may or may not be going on a lunch date later with Jinyoung and Mina.”
“Are they actually together now then?”
“Yeah, I must have forgotten to mention it. They made it official a week or so ago but Jinyoung’s been coming over more often than that.”
“So that’s why you’ve been wanting to come more then, to avoid the happy couple.”
“It’s not that I want to avoid them. More just I’d rather sleep in a quiet apartment that’s not being contaminated with the sound of them going at it.”
“And what about when you contaminate my flat?”
“Shut up. That’s different. Besides, you like it when I do so shush,” you teased, sticking your tongue out at your boyfriend before he locked his fingers in yours and the two of you walked in the direction of the library where you would spend the time before going out for lunch with Jinyoung and Mina.

Soon enough, you and Jaebum were walking to the little restaurant where you had arranged to meet up with Jinyoung and Mina. As you arrived, you saw the two standing there completely lost in each other’s eyes. It was quite clear they’re relationship was new because of the expression they had on their faces; pure admiration for the other. When the two of you reached them, they somehow managed to snap out of their little daydream and greet you before going in and ordering food. Conversation flowed easily between all of you and many laughs were shared as you chatted whilst waiting for food. It was comforting for you to have Mina there with you on the date since you still managed to get nervous around Jaebum when you were alone on a date. He also got your heart beating that little bit faster when he looked at you and smiled as if you were the most beautiful thing on the planet.
“So I heard you two made things official last week?” JB asked the two, giving them a little smirk, succeeding in making the couple blush. 
“Yeah, we thought we might as well since we spent so much time together,” Mina replied, looking at Jinyoung and smiling. 
“You two are just adorable together,” you mused as your hand found its way into JB’s.
“It’s funny you should say that because the reason why we decided to go for it and date each other was you two,” Jinyoung said, confusing both you and JB. 
“What do you mean?” You asked him. 
“Well seeing how cute you two are together made both of us a bit jealous because we wanted something like that. But also just the way how you two so effortlessly started dating after being friends. I don’t know, it just got us thinking we should try things out. And I’m glad we did,” Jinyoung answered, making JB squeeze your hand a little tighter under the table. 
“Now you’ve said that I feel like we’ve got a lot to live up to,” JB laughed, turning to look at you. 
“Yeah, we’ve got a reputation to uphold. Better be on our best behaviour. Speaking of best behaviour,” you said, turning your attention to Jinyoung and Mina. “I’m chill with you two spending the night together at our flat, but me and the other girls need some kind of warning so that we can make plans or just at least be prepared for whatever weird ass noises either of you are going to be making.” Mina’s face blushed a deep red and she looked to Jinyoung awkwardly, embarrassment taking over. 
“Don’t worry, (Y/N). We’ll tell you everything,” Jinyoung said, winking at you and laughing. 
“Please, spare me all the details.”
“Oh no, I can easily tell you everything in detail just so you know what we’ll be getting up to.”
“Jinyoung!” Mina scolded, face still bright red as she feebly hit his chest.
“Well if you’re going to do that, I suppose we’ll just have to do the same then won’t we, (Y/N)?” JB said, looking at you. 
“That makes sense. And we’ve got a lot more to tell than these two, I’m sure.”
“Okay, that’s enough,” Mina said, looking at all three of you. “No one needs to be discussing their sex lives at lunch. Speaking of, are we all done? Because I’ve got some essay prep that needs doing at some point this afternoon.”

The rest of the day went fairly smoothly and nothing out of the ordinary happened. Your one lecture of the day was fairly interesting and you had come out of it feeling satisfied with the topic. JB met you outside of the lecture hall as you had done for him and the other English students who had been there earlier commented on your cuteness. It had almost a ritual to receive compliments on your relationship so now you were almost unaware of it happening. JB walked you to his car and drove off to his flat where you had planned to stay for the night. You rarely bothered taking spare clothes with you since you knew JB would gladly give you something of his. He absolutely loved seeing you in his clothes and couldn’t get enough of it. He thought you looked adorable in his big sweaters that hid your hands from how big they were. But he much preferred to see you in one of his t-shirts that only just covered your hips the morning after a long night together. When you both had walked up to his flat from the car park, you dumped your bag down on the floor and made a beeline for the sofa and flopped down onto the cushions. Even though you’d only had the one lecture, you were exhausted. JB stood there, admiring you before a little slip of paper caught his eye. He bent down and picked it up, realising it was the note he had left you this morning that had just fallen out of one of your notebooks. He smiled to himself at the gesture and slid it back into the notebook before walking over to join you, the one he knew he was unconditionally in love with.

Mission At IKEA

((Written for @kathyk-au for my request for bored prompts, I hope this is what you wanted. IKEA was such a fun idea to write. And I’m thinking I may need a sequel where James assembles a nightstand))

“Status update, 007?”

“Infiltration successful,” 007 breathed over the coms. “However, there’s more of them than I thought.”

“Focus on your objectives,” Q directed, sitting up straighter in his desk chair. “we made a list, ask a store attendant if you need assistance.”

Bond groaned, “Q, I don’t need help. I just can’t tell the difference between the rödtoppa and the myskgräs.”

Q slouched and lent forward to rest his head in his hands. “We decided on the rödtoppa.”

“But the myskgräs is a better deal, I don’t think we need all that extra fluffing.” Bond reasoned; Q could hear the faint rumple of plastic packaging in the background.

“The rödtoppa got much better reviews, and you were the one that said we needed a heavier duvet.” Q switched the tabs on his monitor to the IKEA webpage and began looking through their comforter selection.

Bond groaned once again, and Q couldn’t help the sad smile that crept onto his face. James had never gone through the hassles of furnishing before. Whether somebody had always either done it for him or he had never bothered to allow himself the luxury of a home, Q decided he didn’t want to know. But now, James had decided to claim Q’s home as his own and that meant Q’s full sized bed was no longer going to do.

Q had picked out a mattress just over a week ago; he thought it was fair since he’d be the one sleeping on it the most- at least until James retired. However, since James was home from his latest mission and invalid home due to head trauma, Q had made him in charge of the rest of the furnishings. This had proved to become more of a headache than navigating the companies online shipping programs and doing it himself.

“James, the sooner you buy the rödtoppa,” Q switched to his lovers name, dropping all pretense of actually working. “the sooner we can actually use our bed.”

The brief silence that followed was all Q needed to know that his innuendo had caused James to relent and he had added the duvet to the cart. “Is that a promise, Quartermaster?” The double-0 agent all but purred.

“Your incorrigible.” Q huffed, “Hurry up and pick up everything on the list.”

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Ive been friends with this guy for a really long time and I hang out and crash at his place a lot. I was sitting on his couch a few weeks ago and he made a joke about needing a beer and a blowjob, I replied that, since I'd brought over a six pack, I could actually provide both. He laughed, when he saw I was serious he went, got his drink then pulled his pants off and let me suck him off. Since then we've fallen into the habit of getting each other off when Im there so Im there more than ever now

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After weeks of endless struggles and emotional turmoil, Emma desperately needs something good to happen to her- which Regina is more than happy to help with

Thanks for the prompt :)

Emma groans as her head hits her desk. It’s only Wednesday but it’s been a godawful week. Paperwork and patrols and escaped creatures. It’s been exhausting and non-stop and Emma wishes this string of bad days would just end already.

With a sigh, she realises that she hasn’t actually made it home for more than a nap all week. She literally goes there to shower, close her eyes for two hours and head back to work. Emma yawns before turning to her computer and the unfinished advert for a Deputy that she started an hour ago. They usually get by, just her and her Dad, but now that he has Neal, it’s harder to swap off on night shifts and she’s working more sixteen hour days than not.

“That’s a very serious face.”

Emma looks up, her stressed frown finally giving way to a smile as she gazes upon the brunette she’s seen far too little of over the past week, “God I’ve missed you.”

Regina smiles walking over to the desk and kissing Emma tenderly, “I’ve missed you too…rough week?”

Emma nods leaning back in her chair, “Awful week…I think we’re going to need another deputy even if it’s just to cover the night shift. This is killing me right now Regina and with everything that’s gone on this week, I could really do with some good news ya know?”

Regina tilts her head to the side, “I might have a something…but I was going to wait until the end of the week to tell you.”


“I had a big reveal planned, a nice dinner and a cool set-up…but I feel like you need the news now…”

Emma smiles bemusedly, “Now I’m just really confused…should I be scared?”

“No…it means you’re going to have a break, for about a month.”

“A month?”

“Yes,” Regina nods, “Though you have to wait six months to take it.”

“Huh…six months…why?”

Regina grins as she rounds the desk to slide onto her partner’s lap, “Because I’m pregnant.”

Rainy Friendships

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I knew most of the people in Riverdale especially the teenagers who went to school in Riverdale High but there was one student who only a select number of people knew personally that being Jughead Jones. He was hard to miss in the hallways with his dark clothes and obnoxious crown beanie. He was also very handsome but he didn’t carry himself the way that the jocks did. I had known of Jughead for years but only began to talk earlier on in the year when on a particularly rainy day in Riverdale I had decided to go Pops to get a hot chocolate.


Since the rain had gotten heavy in the 30 minutes before you entered the diner people had already had the same idea as you and used it as a shelter from the storm. When you entered the heat from the diner instantly relaxed you. You ordered your hot chocolate and looked around for a place to sit. Every table was full except for one, one which sat a familiar face. You walk to the table slowly being careful not to spill your drink. As you get closer you see his hands are typing away on the laptop placed in front of him, the coffee beside him looked cold. “Hey Jughead ….. Would you mind if I –uh- sat here I won’t disturb you?” “Well technically you already have” he replies with a smirk. He goes back to typing and you stand in the same position awkwardly looking at him. “You can sit down you know” you hear him say as if it is the obvious thing in the world. “Well you didn’t say” you say as you slide into the seat on the opposite side of the booth. He doesn’t reply so you sit in a comfortable silence drinking your hot chocolate watching the rain fall against the window. After a while you grew curious as to why the boy was typing so furiously on his laptop. “What are you writing?” you asked raising your eyebrow at the boy. He looks up at you a piece of hair falling out of his hat to in front of his eyes “thought you weren’t going to disturb me” he said with a sarcastic tone in his voice. “Oh sorry” you say shyly looking down at the empty cup in front of you. “Well if you must know I’m writing a book” he stated proudly. “A book…?” you asked with confusion lacing your voice.

For the rest of the night we continued to talk about the book that he was writing which turned out to be about the death of Jason Blossom

~~~~~~~~~~~~End of Flashback~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Since that night Jughead and I meet in Pops every Friday night to talk about school and it gave Jughead a chance to write some of his book. I like Jughead a lot, more than a friend. I actually think I’m in love with him but I haven’t told him because I don’t how he will take it .Jughead is not known to exhibit feelings for anyone let alone someone he met 5 months ago. Seeing him every day and not being able to tell him how I feel is taking its toll on me and I have decided to leave Riverdale. Not forever, a couple of weeks at max. I’m leaving next week to stay with my grandma in California .I’ve told everyone but Jughead and made them promise not to tell him because I wanted to do it myself.

I get to school early for once and see Jughead waiting for me at my locker which was unusual since he always goes to the student lounge before first period. “Hey Juggie, what are you doing here” I ask as he stand up from my locker while I put the combination in. “Going to school” He replies with a smirk. “Haha very funny Jug I mean what are you doing at my locker” “I wanted to see if you were still on for Pop’s tonight” “Of course why wouldn’t I be” I ask confused as I look up from putting my books in my bag. He pauses before he speaks and looks at the ground” It’s just that you’ve been acting different towards me lately I didn’t now if you were mad at me or-” I cut him off before he can continue “Juggie I’m not mad at you it’s just that…” he looks at me hopefully “I’ll tell you later Jughead okay I need to get going before I’m late to class again”. I take off and I can hear him call my name but I pretend I can’t    

I arrive at Pops and see that Jughead isn’t here yet so I go and sit in our regular booth. Hermione comes over to the booth and I order the regular a hot chocolate for me and a black coffee for Jughead. The bell rings and I see the infamous crown beanie. He sits down and we talk for awhile before he asks a question about what happened earlier on. “Umm yeah about that Juggie….. I won’t be here next week” I say without looking at him. “Why?” he asks with a confused look on his face. “I’m leaving Jug” “What do you mean leaving” “I need to get out for awhile and get my head together”.”Why what’s wrong?” “I’m just going to say this Jug and its completely fine if you don’t feel the same but I like you … actually I love you and, I know you Jughead you don’t do romance or relationships and that’s fine but I need to process everything , so I’m going to my Grandmas in California for a few weeks and schools up on Tuesday so I won’t miss anything”. When I finish talking I look at Jughead who remains quiet looking at the coffee in front of him. I wait for a couple more seconds but when no response comes I get ready to leave. “Goodbye Jughead I’ll miss you”. I begin to walk out of the diner and as I reach the door I turn back hoping I would see him following me but no. There he is sat in the booth I had just left still staring at the cold coffee.

After five minutes of walking back how it begins to rain just like it did on that first night of friendship. I can’t help but think it’s a sign that maybe this was the end of our relationship. I trudge up the stairs in my wet clothes and get into my bedroom where I see the rain hitting the window the same way it did that very night. I change into some pyjamas and get into bed. After 15 minutes of scrolling through my phone I hear a knock at my front door. No one else was home as my parents were still at work so I was forced to get out of my bed and answer the door. When I open the door there he is still looking handsome as ever even though the rain had soaked through his clothes. Before I can say anything he speaks.  

  “Please stay with me” “Excuse me?” “Please Y/n ……… I love you”. I can’t believe what I’m hearing thee Jughead Jones just told me he loves me.”What did you just say?” I ask in a state of disbelief. “I love you” he says quietly. “Jughead ….. I love you too” “I know you gave me a big speech back there” he says laughing nervously. “That you didn’t respond to might I add” I say slightly annoyed. “I was just speechless that a girl as wonderful” he takes a step forward “Gorgeous” he takes another step “ And funny as you could like me let alone love me” He says, now were standing face to face. I don’t know what to do so I just stare at him “Hey Y/n” he says smiling. “Yeah” I whisper back” “Can I kiss you?” I nod my head, he leans in and presses our lips together softly and the pulls away. “Damn Jughead all that for tiny kiss” I say sarcastically. He then smashes his lips against mines pushing me into the hall and closes the door. “I guess I’m staying then I say as we pull away “You’re damn right you are” making us both laugh loudly as we lean in for another kiss.

 Word count :1,409

This 90s ToyBiz Rogue doll, man:

I’ve been disappointed ever since I got her, when she was new (mail order from a figure dealer, so I never actually saw her in detail until she was paid for and in my hands,) because… well… look at her. The walleye. The eyebrows. The Cruella DeVille lips. How my favorite characteristic of hers is little more than aging white streaks rather than a legitimate skunk patch. Sigh. But I’ve been determined that somehow, some day, I would improve her. That was twenty-one years ago.

It started with a Made-to-Move body swap. Actually being posable was a huge plus over her bent-arm Barbie clone body. That head sculpt is still so unfortunate, though.

A few weeks ago, I found an 80s Teresa in a thrift store, with green eyes and the right shade of russet brown hair:

Her skintone’s pretty close to the MtM body, too–it’s the karate student, and the don’t come any more orange-caucasian yet–and although I want to change her eyebrows and lip color at some point, we’re off in a better direction.

Then a week or so ago, I bought some spare heads from @pandollop. Among the four was this Disney Faeries Periwinkle head, which was missing its paint but has a thick supply of nice, long white hair. Which is exactly what I wanted it for.

… Success?

A boil straightening turned her brown hair unbelievably soft and took out her original crimping, but it didn’t quite tame down her new bangs. So, I used some thread to tie them down to her suddenly convenient headband. It only took like an inch and a half of one row of hair from the faerie head, so practically the whole thing is still there to use on another doll. I’d kind of like the skunk patch to go back further on her head, but I don’t need to do it right away to be happy with her.

And now, the only part of the original Rogue doll I’m using is the outfit. But look! An age-appropriate face! With round cheeks, even! It’s a major improvement, and good enough for quite a while. This is how she should’ve arrived, back in 1996, man. What the hell.

One More Chance

Request: Y/n is a surgeon and she and shawn had broken up but then he gets into an accident and she sees his security at the hospital and they talk and it’s fluffy and a happy ending where he asks her for another chance

a/n: I don’t know much about doctor stuff and I don’t watch any medical dramas so any doctor-ish information is from a google search…And this is kinda fluffy? More fluffy towards like the end end 😂 cut me some slack it’s a hospital and I had to make it a little tense😂😂

Your name: submit What is this?

You never did understand the whole throwing yourself into work when something drastically changed in a person’s life.  Everything was fine and dandy with your life; you had an amazing boyfriend who was out living his dream, finished your medical school and almost done your year of an internship at a hospital so you were about to start your residency.

           You loved your job.  And one of the things you loved the most was how supportive Shawn was. On the nights he was home, he would be your personal study cheerleader, staying up with you drinking coffee into the early hours of the morning, and encouraged you through your doubts.

            But then one day, when you thought everything was fine, Shawn broke your heart and broke things off between you two.  Almost three and a half years together and he called it off because he felt like he couldn’t devote enough time to you.

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Pietro X Reader, Avengers X Reader

An AU where the Avengers are teenagers in a murder mystery/ slasher series. 

Summary: When a murder tape is found and a clue that would lead the investigation on the murder a different you and the rest of the Avengers plan on uncovering the identity of the masked murderer and give justice to your fallen friend, but would it still be worth it when your life is on the line?

Words: 1,891

A/N: So this is a new series I’m working on. I really hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed planning this and writing. Anyway I’m open for requests so just leave me a message or an ask! <3 

WARNING: DEATH, Murder, Fluff!! Mentions of Sex, Language


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It was like an arrow shot you in the chest. No, it wasn’t the good kind. It wasn’t cupid’s arrow. No. It was the exact opposite. Your chest hurt so much and your eyes couldn’t fight the tears any longer. A high pitched wail rings in your ears, you realize it was coming from you as tears streamed down your face. You look around to see your friends with horrified looks and his sister crying as much as you.

Your knees grow weak as the video progresses. How could someone do this? They even had the guts to send the video to you and your friends. It felt horrible seeing everything. Your stomach couldn’t take it anymore. You drop to your knees feeling weak but you couldn’t bring yourself to take your eyes off the monitor. It was straight out of a slasher movie. A masked murderer stabbing and torturing your boyfriend in multiple ways. It was too much for you, for everyone, to watch.

“That’s enough! Stop it! NOW!” Tony screams as Clint rushes to turn the monitor off.

“How could someone do this?” Natasha said as she tried her best not to vomit.

“It doesn’t matter. What matters is WHO did this?! Whoever did this to my brother is going to pay!” Wanda said in pure rage as tears still streamed down her face.

“This..this is all my fault.” You say through sobs. Everyone turns to you. Steve kneels down next to you and puts his hand on your shoulder to comfort you.

“What do you mean it’s your fault?” Tony asks with an eyebrow raised.

“I- I shouldn’t have let him go. W-we were together the night before he went missing. We were, you know, then after all the pillow talk he said he had to get home before Wanda realizes he’s gone again. I told him to stay with me but he insisted that he go home.” You said as you bit your lower lip anxiously.

“It’s not your fault, (y/n).” Natasha said as she pulled you into a hug.

“NO! If you never asked him to go to your house in the middle of the night, he wouldn’t have gone missing! He wouldn’t be dead!” Wanda said glaring at you.

“I never asked him to! If anything, it’s your fault! He went to my house to get some time away from you. You’re always so clingy and he never has time for himself and for what he wants to do. He always has to look after you like a child!” you glare back at Wanda.

“ENOUGH!” Clint shoots the both of you a warning look.

“This is nobody’s fault. What happened to Pietro was horrible, yes. But he’s not going to be alive again if you two keep pointing fingers and blaming each other. He’s gone. Just face it. What you should do is report this to the authorities and help find who did this to him.” Steve says as he crosses his arms on his chest.

After reporting the incident and showing the video to the cops you and your friends were given a week off from school due to traumatic experiences. You all needed to recover. You didn’t know what hurt more, losing him or watching him die. Your parents took you to a therapist to handle your trauma but you knew it was going to take more than that to get over your loss.

You’ve been dating Pietro Maximoff ever since he moved to your town two years ago. It was cliché actually. The pretty misunderstood popular girl falls for the cute mysterious new kid. As cliché as it was, your love story was straight out a romance book. The spontaneous dates, the romantic walks at the beach, everything was pure bliss. Until the night he went missing. He was gone for a week before you received the video. You thought it was something you said or did that made him leave, but now it’s all clear. The memory flashes in your head


“That was…Wow!” You say as pull the sheets to cover your bare top.

“Yeah? Well I do love making you feel good.” Pietro chuckles as he lies down next to you.

“Well I love you.” You say as you look up at him and place a chaste kiss on his lips.

“I love you more, Printessa.” He says as he pulls you back for another kiss, this time more passionate. You both pull away for air.

“After senior year, you plan on moving upstate no?” He said as he wrapped an arm around your waist.

“Yeah. I just don’t know which university yet. What about you? You never told me your plans?” You say as you look up at him.

“I’ll be wherever you are.” He says as he places a kiss on your forehead.

“You’re kidding right?” You say as you sit up looking at him with wide eyes.

“I’m not. I want to be with you. Plus the schools you applied to, have track scholarships. I applied to all of them too.”

“Seriously? Even if your sister plans on taking uni on the other side of the country?” You ask him as he chuckles from your excitement.

“Yes. I’m serious, Printessa! Like I said I want to be wih you.” He says as you pull him in for a hug.

“Oh my god! This is the best. No, wait, you’re the best!” You say as you kiss him again. He pulls away after moment.

“Speaking of my sister, I should get going. It’s late and she’s going to freak out when she doesn’t find me in my room.” He says as he gets up and starts putting his clothes back on.

“Do you really have to? I was kinda hoping I’d get to sleep in your arms this time.” You say with a pout.

“As much as I want to stay for another round, I have to go. “ He says as he kisses you one last time.

“Can I keep your hoodie for the night, at least?” You take his hoodie from the ground where he threw it earlier and slip it on.

“You’re already wearing it, Printessa.” He chuckles as he ties his shoes.

You watch him sneak out your window careful not to wake your brother up. Your parents are usually away so you could make all the noise you wanted, but it was your brother you worry about. He is a little over protective, even if he is half your age. He just doesn’t really like you dating anyone.

Once Pietro’s figure disappears from your sight, you retreat back to your bed and pull the covers over you. You think about having to live in with Pietro once you both get to the same university as you slowly drift into sleep with a wide smile on your face.

You feel a tear stream down your cheek and quickly wipe it off. You get back to reading your text book, reviewing for a quiz the next period. You hear the chair beside you move.

“Hey. How you holding up?” Bruce asks as he sits next to you in the library.

“What do you think?” You say as you look up at him from the book you were reading.

“I should say pretty good, but from the way you look I’d say the opposite.” He says as pulls his books out of his backpack.

“Yeah. I mean my boyfriend goes missing for a week leaving me worried sick. Then a week after I receive a video of some psycho slashing his throat out. How do think I’d be?” You say as you roll your eyes.

“Your boyfriend dies, but you’re still as sarcastic as ever.” Bruce says from behind his biochemistry book.

“You asshat.” You say as you stand up to leave. You bump into Wanda as you were about to leave the library.



“Look, I’m sorry for what I said. But it was what your brother was feeling. He never had the guts to tell you. He loves you, really he does. It’s just sometimes, he just wants to do stuff on his own.” You say you hesitate on bringing her in a tight embrace to comfort her.

“I…He was all I had after our parents died. I just didn’t want to lose him. But now that he’s gone and seeing it was somehow my fault makes me regret everything I did to him, to both of you. I thought that him being with you was, you taking him away from me. That’s why I hated you so much. Instead I should have seen it as having someone else I could call family. He really did see you as his world, you know? He enjoyed being with you. He used to think that I’d one day accept you and see you as a sister-in-law than some bitch stealing my brother from me. I’m sorry.” Wanda says as she takes your hand. You pull her into a hug as you try to fight off your tears.

“Hey, we’ll find who did this to him.” You say before you part ways.

It was the end of the day and you were headed to your locker to leave a few things. You pass by Pietro’s old locker to see it covered with flowers and a few candles. Your hand finds its way to the lock as you turn it to the combination he had set up. You had the same combination anyway. You feel your heart swell as you slowly open the locker. You nearly fall to your knees when you see a ripped cloth. It was a shirt. His shirt. The one he was wearing in the video. It was bloody and almost torn to shreds.

You immediately call your friends. Once they get to the locker, you step aside to show them what was inside. Tony takes a closer look at the piece of torn fabric and motions for Bruce to check it out. They both change weird looks as the rest of you look at them questioningly.

“What’s wrong?” Natasha asks as she kicks the flowers away.

“The blood on this shirt. It’s fresh?” Bruce says unsure of himself.

“What? How?” Wanda asks.

“I’m not so sure about this. I’ll have to get examine it in my parent’s lab once I get home.” Bruce says as he takes a plastic bag from his backpack and places the shirt inside.

“Shouldn’t we get the authorities to do that?” Steve asks as he motions for Bruce to stop.

“And give them the suspicions that it was us who killed Maximoff? Or let them think that we’re messing with them? I don’t think so.” Clint says as he pulls Steve back.

“Barton’s right. We can’t risk it. This could be fake or just a prank or something. But if it is real, well, whoever killed Pietro, didn’t really kill him.” Tony says as he looks to you and Wanda.

“What do you mean?” You ask biting your lip as you hug your arms to your chest.

“He’s not dead. Someone set this up to mess with you, or us. Whoever did this still has him. We need to find him before that psycho actually does kill him.” Tony says as he closes the locker door.