made this months ago it's been sitting in my drafts

Jean Grey saving everyone’s ass in XMA was the highlight of the entire movie

Other key highlights;
•The Cherik fanvid
•Magneto saying “Who t'f are you?” to Apocalypse
•Pietro saving almost everyone at the mansion…
•Charles’ hair
•Charles in that lilac/lavender v neck
•Charles punching Apocalypse in the face
•Erik’s Dirty Sex God Look™
•Ororo talking about how much she looks up to Mystique
•Charles’ nipples in the V neck
•Kurt saying “I’m blue” while being so cute

Lowpoints of the movie
•lack of Jubilee
•Pietro not telling Erik that he’s his kid
•Alex spontaneously dying
•Charles waking up on a cliff w/o his wheelchair
•How they killed off Nina and Magda
•How Erik was a bad guy in this one
•Scott only wanting to talk to Jean once he realized she was hot
•lack of Jubilee
•lack of Jubilee
•lack of Jubilee
•not enough footage in the theatrical version to detail and exhibit the way humans perceive mutants in the new timeline