made this like a month ago but gave up on it lol


On Wednesday, November 4th, 2015 I got the see my favorite artist perform for the 4th time, and I got the meet this lovely little angel for the second time. I purchased my VIP ticket way in advance, like in July before I even knew where I was going to be living in Austin, because I knew I would have to see her no matter what. So I made some friends with the people I was sitting in line with since about 9 am. Around 4:00 pm we were lined up and that’s when we got to have the meet and greet part of our VIP perks. They walked us into the venue and she came out and she looked so cute I 100% almost cried just seeing her lol Finally when it was my turn to meet her, she gave me a hug and I handed her a box of Candy that I had bought for her that said “Lucky Lights” on them about a month ago and said “I saw this candy and I had to buy it because they reminded me of you and I knew I would be seeing you soon.” and she said “That’s so sweet of you! Thank you, I love them. I’m going to keep them just like this.” I told her I saw her February in Orlando and said “I was the one who told you I hiked up the Cliffs of Moher and listened to Where the Fence is Low” and she said, “I remember! You’re the only person I know who’s done that.” and I was like omfg YEAH THAT WAS ME. And then I told her I graduated from college in the spring and she said “Congratulations!” and tbh it meant a lot lol then I told her that I decorated my cap with lyrics from one of her songs and I wanted to show her a picture of it if that was okay and she said “Yeah! Show me, I wanna see.” So i opened up my Instagram and showed her a picture of my graduation cap that had the lyrics, “It’s only Up We Go” on it with the Wonder Woman symbol. And she was like “This is amazing! I love this so much. Awhh.” and then she hugged me again. Then I was like “I have a bunch of tattoos with your lyrics but I’ve never gotten the chance to show you and I totally forgot to show you in February.” and she was like “What?! Show me one!” and so I showed her the cactus flower tattoo on my right wrist which is my most recent tattoo and probably one of the most meaningful ones that I have. She was like “This is so nice, the line work is amazing. It looks so good!” and I was like “Thanks! I got it because of your song Cactus in the Valley because that song means so much to me. And I went through some really hard times a couple years ago and this song and all your music really gets me through so much” and then I started bawling which I never intended to do lol and she just pulled me into a hug and let me cry into her shoulder while I mumbled things along the lines of “You just mean so much to me” and “I love you a lot”. And she was like “That’s really just the power of music” and I’m just nodding and crying at this point lol and then she said “These are the stories that keep me going. They mean so much to me and I’m so glad that I know a little bit more about your story” and I nodded again and said “I need to stop crying so I can take a picture with you.” and she said “That’s okay! I’ve cried a couple times in photos and they always came out great.” And we took two photos together and they were amazing and she’s so great. And then she told me that she hopes I enjoy the show and I said “Thank you! You’re gonna be amazing, I know.” And she hugged me one more time.

The show was amazing. She played From All Sides for the first time EVER and it was so amazing. It’s one of my favorite songs by her and I’m so happy I could hear it live. Then she played Meteorites acoustically which she’s never done before I cried through that. Definitely cried through Portal. She was so on point the whole night, oh man. And then I got the set list from the show!! It was the best day ever.

Lights was amazing. In concert. In person. Through her music. She’s literally one of the greatest people I’ve ever met and I’m so glad that she and her music are a big part of my life.