made this last night while my internet was out


Was going to make a video last night because I was actually dressed for once (went out to dinner with Trev) but I ended up not being in a good enough mood for it… So I just took some webcam pics and went to bed. It made me miss that website (I can’t even remember what it was called rn) where me and all my internet friends posted webcam photos everyday. That was a fun community while it lasted. I guess webcam photos have gone out of style because they’re pretty awful quality (this webcam, for instance, was $50 when I got it a few years back and it makes me look pretty wretched most of the time, lol) and everyone has cams on their phones these days. But there’s something fun about only being able to stretch your camera as far as your computer desk and just taking photos of whatever is around you. I kind of miss doing that. Maybe I’ll try to remember to do something similar, like daily photos, instead of always just taking pics of what is most interesting in my life atm and then not posting them for like 2 weeks because I get busy or don’t feel like putting in the time…. Could be fun?