made this in photoshop in like 10 minutes

doctorpatman  asked:

I love your icon so much! Do you have a large version of it so that I could use it as a desktop wallpaper?

Oh wow thanks so much!!! It’s not my best work so sorry about all the mistakes and the not not very good quality photoshop! I made two but the first one worked better for the avatar but I personally like the 2nd one so here’s both! Thanks again I’m so surprised I’m glad someone likes it haha!

    ( * how to easily make gif icons in just a few minutes !! )

i was messing around in photoshop one day and i found a way to make over 100 gif icons in less than 10 minutes using actions, so i thought i’d share because i know how tedious making gif icons can be !! this is so simple tbh even if you’ve never used photoshop before, you’d probably be able to do this. if this is helpful, please like/reblog !!

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