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Things I Learned the Hard Way

When they say 젤리, they mean the chewy things (think gummy bears, jell-o, etc). If you say “peanut butter and jelly” you will get the most disgusted looks.

알바 comes from the German word Arbeit which means “job/work” but it is not the same as 일. You are still considered a 백수 even if you work part-time.

친구 doesn’t mean “friends” as in the people you are closest with; it means people who are 동갑. If you refer to a 후배 or 선배 as your 친구 it’ll cause at least minor confusion about everyone’s ages.

과자 just means “snacks” but many people include 떡볶이, 라면, etc in this category, things I originally thought were considered “meals.”

치킨 is used to refer to fried chicken (with sauce). It’s not used to refer to any kind of chicken dish.

The Courts National Desserts

So, in my SJM Accent Challenge, I mentioned that the Autumn Court’s national dessert would be s’mores. Thank you to @autumn03 for helping me with this. Couldn’t have done it without you. 

Night Court- Dark Chocolate Brownies (optional gold glitter)

Day Court- Banana Split

Dawn Court- Strawberry Cupcake

Spring Court- Lemon Cookies

Summer Court- Oyster Cookie

Autumn Court- S’mores

Winter Court- Blueberry Cheesecake

*on Ben's S4 Characterization*
  • Me: Benjamin Tallmadge is, like every other character, a flawed, human individual, and in all honesty taking his various quirks, responsibilities, and the amount of pressure he's been under from day one into consideration, his behavior is understandable even if not excusable. While I would prefer better from him, this does make sense for his character
[Shallan] was smarter than he was, but she didn’t make him feel stupid.  That was a large point in her favor.

Adolin, Words of Radiance ch. 50

1) this is a tidbit that says a lot of good things about each of their characters and about their relationship, and I love it

2) who has been making my boy Adolin feel stupid I will fight them with both hands behind my back

So last week my client got a new rug and a little edge of the side came up when I was vacuuming 

My client: I can’t believe you ruined my brand new rug! You have to buy me a new one! How could you do this to me.

Here’s what the rest of the rug looks like

But I ruined it? Ok.

i love alec so so much but yes, he did deserve magnus calling him out.

you can be a stan and admit your character has flaws and makes mistakes and needs to learn things in order to become a better person.

in a reality in which my white lion theory is true… 

the more i think about it, the more i realize how perfect the white lion would be for allura. 

the mural reminds us that voltron is seen as a beacon of hope to so many people, manifested as a ray of light. a combination of every color of light creates white. allura is attached to the quintessence of all of the lions. 

having the white lion separate from voltron would allow for allura to switch between the role of lion pilot and castle pilot as needed.

perhaps most importantly, this would allow allura the opportunity to be personally chosen by a lion whose quintessence most closely matches her own. 


picture this: the white lion does exist. allura feels drawn towards it. when it lets down her barrier, allura steps inside. she is greeted by the very last piece of her father in the form of a hologram. he tells her what traits a white paladin should have and that she fits them perfectly and that he’s very proud of her and that he’s so sorry he never had the chance to see her fly it. 

ok so october last year I was on this school trip to sarajevo, and while walking around town alone I ran into some guys from my school and they invited me to walk with them and I accepted bc y not, we were headed the same way anyway.

so we got talking, and they asked me abt my sexuality bc they’d heard from someone that I was bisexual, and I got sorta cautious and suspicious bc the last time my sexuality was found out/brought up by co-students (2 years prior or smth) I was immediately bombarded with questions like “does that mean you’ve had a threesome? have you had sex with a girl? would you have a threesome with me?” like honestly, it wasn’t a good experience.

but I tried to be optimistic, even if I was a bit anxious, so I said “yeah, I am” and still kinda expected the same questions as before. but these guys were so cool about it “that’s so cool! I love that- so if we point out that a girl is good looking (you know bc we were in a foreign country so when we spoke danish no one understood us) you can join in too!” and honestly it’s one of my fondest memories and definitely the most comfortable I’ve ever been with a group of people after sharing my sexuality.